Loving My Straight Kendra Pt. 04

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** So sorry for the long delay, had some upheavals in my life, no thanks to Covid. Hope it was worth the wait **

My lips returned to Kendra’s quivering mouth as I watched so many emotions ripple across her face. I could tell she was overwhelmed by what she was feeling, unsure if it had gone too far, or not far enough, and some expressions I couldn’t even begin to interpret. As our kissing continued, I loosened her denim shorts and let them fall to the floor. To my utter delight, she didn’t have any panties on, though her taste in undergarments would have been pleasant to behold. Running my fingers up and down her back, I slowly took a step forward, and she took a step back in kind, as if her mind was on autopilot.

As we inched down the hallway towards the bedroom, I wriggled out of my jeans and left them behind on the floor, and broke our kiss just long enough to rid myself of the shirt I was wearing. I stroked Kendra’s cheeks with my fingers for or a few moments, wanting to settle her emotions before joining my mouth to hers again, and pulling her body into mine.

Kendra shuddered a bit as our bare breasts touched and then pressed together, her first time feeling my skin against hers, the delicious sensations of feminine against feminine. After a few moments of walking her body back to the bedroom door, I gently eased her back onto the bed, lovingly setting her head on the pillow. I lowered my face to her breasts again, slowly caressing them in circles, kissing the skin, sucking briefly, hearing her moans of satisfaction which just encouraged me all the more. I placed my palms down on the bed and put my weight on them, lifting my body just above hers, as if levitating above her. I could feel the heat from Kendra’s body as I slowly inches up towards her neck again, purposely letting my breasts drag across her skin, making her gasp. I let my nipples touch hers, grazing against one another for what felt like an eternity. After several seconds of this, I draped myself over her, breasts on breasts, hips on hips, lowering my lips to her neck. I didn’t need to rush; I wanted her to savor every sensual moment of this.

Once again I playfully exploited her weak spot, showering her neck with deep wet kisses, gently biting and gnawing at her skin, listening to a constant barrage of moans and “oh gawd” gasps from her pretty lips. After a few minutes of that I could feel how intensely pent up Kendra was; I felt she was finally ready for the literal climax of our encounter. I nibbled on her ear, and whispered, “You know what I want, don’t you baby?”

Kendra struggled for words, her mind clearly engaged in enjoyment rather than rational thought. “Y…yes.” she finally managed to utter.

I smiled and kissed her neck for several seconds before speaking again. “Mmmmm and what…do I want?” I asked, whispering and speaking slowly so I wouldn’t break the spell.

“To…to eat…my pussy…to…go down…on me.” She hissed.

I lifted my face and looked into Kendra’s eyes, seeing her desire and even expectation at what that meant. Smiling, I planted a kiss on the end beylikdüzü escort of her nose. “I ask just one thing then…I want your eyes on me…watching…” Honestly at that point I really didn’t care if she watched or not, I wanted to be between her legs, but with what little thought I could muster I realized that I wanted that image burned vividly into her mind, not her imagination wandering off into some encounter with a past lover. I wanted her to know it was another woman, me, her lesbian best friend, that was giving her the most intense pleasure of her life.

Once Kendra gave me a shy nod, I began kissing down her neck, to her collarbone, between her breasts, on her tummy, down to the place I most wanted to be. I nearly came as I felt her part her legs slightly, a clear act of surrender…Kendra was inviting, almost begging me to have her now. As I settled between her legs, I slipped my hands under her ass and drew closer to her womanhood. After slowing blowing on her petals, I drew in a deep breath to savor her aroused scent, knowing she was turned on because of me. I glanced up to see her eyes firmly on me, making me smile. I almost couldn’t speak from being overwhelmed, but I told her she was absolutely beautiful, my eyes dropping to her pussy as I confessed it to her.

My long black hair was spilled all over her legs as I gently kissed her lips, making Kendra’s body jolt from the sensation and following by a deep satisfying moan of pleasure. I nuzzled her once before planting a deeper, more insistent kiss as I tasted her for the first time. “Ohhhhh you taste incredible.” I said before sliding my tongue into her.

“Ohhhhh FUCK Jenna!” she moaned loudly, which just excited me all the more. I covered her pussy with my lips, letting my tongue lick and tease her interior, savoring her, drinking her in, feeling her body squirm and shudder as I began pleasuring her in earnest. Kendra’s fingers hand slid insistently around my head, her fingers snaking into my hair and holding on, pulling me into her all the more. Kendra was mine now!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss just like like…right there…eat me, fucking eat me Jenna!” she started shouting.

Emboldened by her cries, I redoubled my efforts, licking her and assaulting her engorged clit, teasing it mercilessly, pushing her toward a fierce climax. When I sensed she was close to orgasm, I slowed down and slowly licked between her labia, away from the sensitive spot, to allow her to subside a bit. I could feel her frustration, but to make the experience as memorable and pleasurable as possible I needed her to wait a bit. After a few moments I began to wind her up again, just to back off and let her calm again. After the third time I decided not to press my luck further and ruin the moment, so I wrapped my lips gently around her clit and began to suckle in a steady rhythm.

Kendra arched her back almost violently, her fingers yanking at my hair as an intense orgasm ripped through her body, the likes of which I would later learn was the most profound of her life. I expected loud shouts and bolu escort screams but all I could hear was a barely discernible “uh…uh…” coming from her as her body surrendered to the climax, lasting for a while, after which she crumbled back silently to the bed.

Trying to make sure she was ok, I pulled back and looked up at her. Kendra’s eyes were closed, her head was back a bit, mouth open, chest heaving, and body trembling. After what seemed like forever, I heard her finally say, “That was…fucking…incredible.” She seemed so spent physically that nothing else came out of her mouth after that. Wanting to make her feel even closer to me, I moved up next to her and turned her body toward me, with her head on my shoulder. Unsurprisingly, she either fell asleep or passed out a few moments later. I closed my eyes and after my own body finally calmed down, I fell asleep as well.

I woke up about an hour later, all tangled up with Kendra, making me smile, since that just served to confirm how connected I felt in that moment, and certain she would feel the same way, well, when she finally awoke as well. As if suddenly realizing we were in bed together, Kendra blushed a deep red and hid her face under the sheet for a moment, which I found adorable. I cupped her cheek and pressed a light kiss on her lips. “Hi there, babe.”

As I pulled back, Kendra pulled my lips to hers insistently, and I gladly began kissing her in earnest, rolling her on to her back and playfully pinning her shoulders to the bed. I sat up, straddling her as if preventing her from escaping. Looking into her eyes, I felt closer to her than I ever had before, and I could see the same in her expression. This was her first time with another woman, and I could tell she was delighted at the depth of our intimate connection, as if she saw me in an entirely new way now.

Kendra giggled as I broke our kiss, and her eyes dropped to my breasts which were about eye level with her, giving a curious look. While not as full and magnificent as hers, I am proud of them, and I took her hand and placed her palm on one, followed by the other. I saw her eyes widen as she felt my nipples harden. “Just…caress them the way you like to be caressed.” I said encouragingly. Kendra began making slow circular motions, feeling the flesh move against her hands, fascinated, and yet becoming aroused as well. After a few moments, I pulled her face into them, making her sigh with delight. Wet kisses followed soon after, leaving sensual moisture all over the skin, until her lips bumped into a nipple. Kendra stared for a moment before wrapping her lips around it, sucking gently. My straight best friend was tasting my breasts and loving every minute of it. “Ohhhhhhhh that’s it…just like that…suckle me, love.” I moaned, causing her to do it all the more.

Kendra’s attention to my breasts aroused me intensely and I started squirming as I got very wet, my scent became evident to both of us. I pushed her back on the bed and began to gently grind my pussy on her hip as we kissed deeply once again. Her hands grabbed my hips, bursa escort pulling me back and forth, inviting me to press into her even more. “Fuck me…fuck me, Jenna.”

Hearing her begging me like that instantly shot my excitement up and I started increasing my gyrations, moaning and smearing my juices oh her hip like a woman possessed. I was so caught up in the excitement that I found myself cumming far sooner than I anticipated, moaning Kendra’s name as I trembled and shook from the sheer intensity of it all, falling at her side once I finished riding it out.

Kendra watched me as my breathing began to calm, looking at my body, as if studying me. Leaning over a bit, she stared at my soaked pussy, with an expression mixed with fascination and trepidation, like she was peering over a cliff and afraid she might fall. I started to worry that the reality of what we just did was too much for her and that she was about to pull away from me literally and figuratively. “Kendra, I’m not…expecting you to…you don’t have to…”

Surprisingly, Kendra reached out slowly and just touched the outside of my wetness, pulling back all at once like she had burned her hand, but then tentatively reaching back, running her fingers up and down my slit. Bringing her hand back toward her, I could tell she smelled me on her fingers, fascinated but like she was conflicted too. Finally, I watched her taste her fingers.

“Oh…my gawd.” I blurted out, totally shocked.

Kendra stared at her fingers again, as if deciding what she wanted to do next, and then just started sucking my taste off her fingers, clearly enjoying it. Her eyes met mine, a look of hunger in them, I was afraid but decided to give her a nudge, parting my legs slowly. “Come taste…from the source.” I gasped. It was a huge risk, if I was misreading her it could wreck our friendship which would be devastating. I watched in disbelief as my straight best friend settled between my legs and lowered her face to my most intimate spot. I had fulfilled what I thought was an unattainable fantasy as I felt her pretty pink tongue swirling around my pussy, tasting me…eating me.

“Ohhhhhhhh gawd eat my pussy baby, taste me. Just do what feels good to you.” I stammered with what little ability to speak I had left. Kendra gave herself over to the task, as if the most important thing she had ever done. “You belong to ME now, love.” I screamed as her tongue brought me to a deep orgasm, powerful and long lasting, uttering her name as I rode it out. I knew all along that I was in love with her, but this made that feeling even more all-encompassing. The rest of the day was filled with lovemaking, and she took to it rather quickly.

When we got back to the “real world” Kendra became distant, as if either shocked or regretting what happened during our weekend away. I was pretty heartbroken about it but hoped that she was just trying to process what she was feeling; I gave her space, I owed her that. Out of the blue she showed up at my door about two weeks later, greeting me with a huge kiss and apologizing profusely for going dark on me. Kendra explained that she had felt some guilt and confusion but quickly figured out she was in love with me and had been longer than she realized. I still give her a hard time for not calling herself a lesbian but as long as she calls me hers I really don’t care!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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