Loving Tori

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I open my eyes and I’m disoriented. I’m in my own bedroom but it feels different. I look down and see a woman sleeping on me. I can’t see her face but her blond hair seems familiar. It’s been months since I fucked a woman. The woman I want is off limits and my dick couldn’t seem to function for anyone but her. I’m glad I finally got over that. Makes sense that I picked up a blond since she probably reminded me of Tori. I wish I could remember what happened last night. I remember taking a strong pain killer just before I left work yesterday, one that my doctor prescribed, because I had a monster headache. It was a new prescription, so I didn’t know if they were any good. I remember driving home, but nothing after that. I must have had my usual glass of wine with dinner also. Doesn’t explain the woman lying on top of me though. Is she the new neighbor that moved in across the street? I generally don’t bring fuck buddies home.

I glance at the clock – six in the morning. I assume it’s morning. Tori is an early riser and I don’t want her to catch some random hook-up leaving my room. I run my hand down her back and cup her ass cheek. It’s firm and rounded – fits my hand perfectly. I give it a squeeze and my morning wood responds in kind. My hand slides between her legs and I run my finger down her slit. She’s wet and ready so I slip my finger into her. Nothing better than a tight, wet cunt. I just wish I could remember fucking this one last night.

I’m fully aware of what’s happening now though. “Listen sweetheart, we have time for a quickie, then you need to leave before my stepdaughter gets up.” I pump my finger in and out and her juices start running down my hand.

Husky, feminine laughter fills the otherwise quiet room. “Very funny daddy.”

I look down and stare into Tori’s sleepy blue eyes. She grins at me and bucks her hips against my hand, riding my probing finger. I’m in shock. I’ve been lusting for my stepdaughter since she became legal three months ago, though I had no intention of acting on it. But my bedroom reeks of sex and I woke up nude in bed with my girl. Apparently all it took to change my mind was a pill and some wine. Tori seems to be enjoying herself, so who am I to question a continuation of last night’s activities.

“Your finger feels good, but I know what would feel even better.” Tori raises up and straddles my hips. She strokes my dick a couple of times and runs the head up and down her slit, getting it good and wet. She settles over me and my dick pushes into her – a long, wet slide into heaven. Fuck she’s tight. I grasp her hips, holding her still. I need a couple of seconds to recover or I’ll embarrass myself and come too soon. I can’t remember anything in my life feeling this good. Nothing.

“Ok baby, you ready for a ride? Show me what you got.”

Tori’s hips gyrated, up and down, back and forth so that her clit rubbed against my trimmed pubic hair. This must have been one of our positions last night because she seemed to know exactly what she wanted and how I would react. I was mesmerized, watching my girl’s sensual moves, taking her pleasure from me. I thrust my hips in unison with hers, needing to get deeper inside her. “Mmm, that feels good daddy, fuck me deep, I need you deeper.” She spread her legs wider sisli escort and started grinding her clit against me. I buck harder and her cunt muscles contract around me. It turns me on to hear her call me daddy. The past couple of years she mostly referred to me as Derek. I’ll play along with her though because it’s hot.

“That feels so good baby, squeeze me hard. Do you like having daddy’s big dick inside you?”

“Yes, it feels good. You make my pussy feel so good daddy. I’m coming, ahhh…” Tori’s entire body shakes as spasms wrack her body. I reach up and flick my finger over her clit and her body jerks harder. “Daddyyyyy!!” I’m half afraid the folks down the street might hear her screams and think I’m killing her. But I love making her lose control. Her orgasm triggers my own and before I realize what’s happening I shoot my load deep inside my girl. It never even occurred to me to pull out first. It felt too good. Probably didn’t occur to me last night either.

Tori slowly pulls herself off my semi-erect cock and our combined cum drips out of her. So sexy. She leaned over and kissed me softly. “Join me in the shower.”

My mouth watered for a bite of those sweet, lush ass cheeks as she walked toward the bathroom. My need for her scared me. I married Lisa, her mother, when Tori was only two. Lisa was my world. We married within months of meeting and I was completely devoted to her until her death six years later. She was killed instantly by a drunk driver while on her way to pick up Tori from camp. I was devastated by the sudden loss of the only woman I ever loved.

Tori spent the two years following Lisa’s death with her biological father, reclusive billionaire Victor Hennessy. I gave the old man credit for trying to establish a relationship with his illegitimate daughter. Lisa’s fling with Victor and subsequent pregnancy ended his thirty year marriage. Victor realized after a couple of years with Tori that he wasn’t suited to raise a little girl. His two sons were grown and didn’t even acknowledge Tori, and he was too set in his ways to change, so he sent Tori back to me. Upon Victor’s death last year, we discovered that he provided a large trust for Tori that she would receive on her twenty-fifth birthday. So again, the old man did what he could for his daughter.

Tori and I were basically on our own now. I have no other family and neither does she. When she returned to me after living with her father for two years we didn’t really establish a father/daughter relationship. We just took care of each other and took things a day at a time. She calls me daddy now and then, as a show of affection, but more often than not I’m Derek. For the past year my dick has been reminding me that I’m not really her dad and I should go for it. Now I finally have what I wanted. Our relationship has evolved over the years and I can see myself falling deeper for her than I did for Lisa. But I need to know what’s going on in Tori’s head.

I hurry into the bathroom and get into the shower with Tori. “Soap me up Derek.” She hands me the bottle. I pour enough in my hands to make a generous lather and I run my hands over her shoulders and arms. I give her breasts special attention, pinching her already hard nipples. The round globes overflow my şişli esc large hands. I’m a tit man and my little girl doesn’t disappoint. I add more soap to my hand slip it between her legs. I lathered her pussy good, especially her slick folds, causing Tori to moan. The side shower head quickly rinsed her, revealing her soft pink lips. I can’t remember if I ate her last night, but the need to taste her now is overwhelming. I lower myself onto the shower seat and pull her to me.

“Hold on to the bar Tori.” My voice was gruff and she immediately obeyed. I placed her feet on each side of me and spread her legs wide. I cupped her ass cheeks and bent down to the pretty pink confection I craved. She jumped the second my tongue touched her clit. “You ok baby?”

“Yeah, it feels amazing. It’s just no one has ever done that before.”

I moan. I’ll be the only man to do this for her. I run my tongue up her wet slit and savor the taste. “Watch me Tori. Daddy’s tongue will make your pussy feel so good.” I take one hand off her ass and use my finger and thumb to spread her lips, exposing her fully. I look into her eyes as I slip my tongue deep into her. Her heavy-lidded gaze stays on me as I fuck her with my tongue, in and out. Her hips bucked into me, meeting each thrust. I stop briefly to tease her clit – pulling it into my mouth, sucking deeply, alternately running my teeth and tongue over the hard nub. My tongue snakes into her tight hole again. My mouth works over her sweet cunt, licking, nipping, sucking – I alternate, exploring at my leisure, giving my girl a thorough tongue lashing.

“Ahhh, I can’t stand it daddy. I’m coming…”

I grab her ass again with both hands, holding her still while my greedy tongue works at her cunt, lapping the cream gushing out of her. “Sweetest cum I’ve ever had baby girl. Sweetest pussy I’ve ever eaten.” We’ve both calmed down now and I gently lick her soft folds, savoring the feel under my tongue.

“Sweeter than mom’s?”

She’s looking uncertain. She wants reassurance from me that she isn’t a replacement for Lisa. “Yeah baby, much sweeter than your mom. Can you come for me again baby? I’m still hungry.” I slip my tongue into her again. I lose track of everything except my insatiable need as I eat her out. I thrust my finger into her tight cunt, getting it good and wet before pulling out. I spread her ass cheeks and push my wet finger deep into her ass. Tori jerks at the unexpected intrusion and cream gushes from her pussy. I keep my finger inside her and continue licking as she rides out the orgasm.

Tori puts her feet down and we stand facing each other. I bend down and brush my lips over hers. “I love you Tori.” Her lips open under mine and I deepen the kiss. Our tongues tangle and explore. I need to fuck her again. My dick is so hard it feels like it will explode. I break the kiss. “Are you sore baby?”

“A little – but I can still take care of you. I want to suck you daddy.”

Tori sits on the shower seat and strokes my dick. She lowers her head and her mouth closes around me. I can tell she hasn’t done this before. I can teach her what I like, but this time it doesn’t matter because I won’t last long anyway. I’m about to come just watching her sweet mouth suck my dick.

“Hold escort sisli on Tori.” I gently cup her head and start thrusting into her mouth, careful not to push too far. “Does that feel good baby? Do you enjoy daddy fucking your mouth?” Her moan nearly sends me over the edge. “Fuck, that felt good. Moan again baby doll. I’m almost there. Do you want to swallow or should I pull out?” Her hands grasp my ass and pull me to her.

I shoot my load into her mouth and watch as she furiously sucks it down. “Um, suck me dry baby girl.” It’s so hot watching my girl’s sweet mouth working my dick. I reluctantly pull out of her and pull her into my arms. We finished our shower and worked together drying off, brushing our teeth and preparing for the day. It was a new facet to our already close relationship and it felt right.

“So tell me what happened last night baby.” Tori had just finished drying her hair and found a t-shirt of mine to put on until she could get her own clothes.

“Do you remember my friend Becca?”

“Isn’t she the pretty redhead with the strict religious parents?”

“Yeah, that’s her. Anyway, she turned eighteen yesterday and instead of a cool gift for coming of age, her parents give her a new bible and a family vacation to Jerusalem. Becca was less than thrilled, so I asked her to spend the night last night and I’d commiserate with her. She’s never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed. She talked about how hot you are and admitted she had a crush on you. Then you came home and didn’t eat much dinner, but drank a full glass of wine and you acted kind of funny. Almost like you were drunk but I knew you wouldn’t get drunk on one glass. Becca innocently flirted with you and you flirted right back. It made me jealous because you’re mine. So I started flirting too, but my flirtation wasn’t innocent though. At one point I pulled out your cock and you asked if I knew what to do with it. I said yes and you said prove it. So I took off my panties, climbed on your lap and started riding. I think we shocked Becca, but she seemed mesmerized as she watched us fuck. You carried me into your room afterward and we fucked a couple more times before going to sleep.”

“So Becca’s still here?”

“Yeah, she’s in the guest room. I feel really bad because she’s never even kissed a boy and I basically stole you away right in front of her.”

“You didn’t steal me baby, I’ve always been yours. And I don’t fuck virgins. If I’d fucked Becca last night because I was out of it, it would have been a disaster. You did us all a favor Tori.” Tori looked at me with an odd expression. “What?”

“I don’t suppose you’d want to kiss Becca, and maybe play around a little?”

“What happened to you being jealous?”

“I just feel bad for her. She’s never been with a guy, in any capacity. Now that you and I are lovers, I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I think I could share just a little of my good fortune with her. Are you game for it?”

“For what exactly?”

“Just some kissing, maybe play with her pussy a little. Give her an orgasm or two. It would be a birthday gift she would really enjoy. I want to watch though. I don’t like the idea of you being intimate with Becca alone in your room.”

“If that’s what you want I’m in. It’s never a hardship for me to pleasure a beautiful young woman. Let’s go find Becca.” This should be interesting. I start the morning fucking my amazing stepdaughter, then move on to pleasure her best friend. It doesn’t get much better than this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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