Luci’s Second Cleaning Job

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The stories of Luci are about a young girl, ‘me,’ who had to work to get myself through university. I did not have rich parents. The stories are also true … you might be surprised at what some girls have had to do to get a tertiary education.

To understand my ‘Luci cleaning stories,’ you need to read my first one too, hope you like them.

Once again, a huge thanks to The Big Bopper, who takes time out to help me by editing my stories.


Well, I had just left my last cleaning job, with Tom, and what a job that was. Just as well I was fairly broadminded, but I have to say, ‘I did enjoy myself,’ because I am a bit of a tease, and I’m proud of my figure. I work hard to keep in shape, for I hope to get into TV work one day. I have my degrees, in public relations, arts and media. I guess my natural blonde hair, down past my shoulders, my 34c — 24 – 35 figure, tall 5-9 height, slim fit body, would help, and what I have been told is a ‘killer bum.’

The owner of the cleaning business, Jean had told me about certain people we clean for, and how, if you wanted, you could earn extra money. God, how I needed it, by doing extra things for them, I didn’t, even in my wildest dreams, think that I would do some of the things that I did with Tom, at my last job. I was still surprised that I had done it, and still a bit excited, for I have to admit I did enjoy it. The extra money was great, that was my rent for the month paid, and what a huge relief that was. Now all I had to worry about was my fees, being due in 2 weeks time.

So here I was on the way to my second client, wondering if he had any kinks about him. If so, what kind?

Once again I marvelled at the size of the house, and grounds. I would love to have the money to live like this, I thought. Never mind, maybe one day.

I pulled up in the driveway that was big enough for 6 cars, making sure I was not blocking anyone. As I walked up to the front door, it opened, and a small elderly lady welcomed me. She was around her early 70’s, I guessed.

“So, you are the new cleaning girl? she asked.

“Yes, my name is Luci, how are you today?” I asked politely as she ushered me in.

We went inside, I just stood there in wonderment, it was so nice, you could tell they had money. Everything was so clean, and smelt so fresh.

“My name is Susan,” she said holding out her hand for me to shake, “don’t worry, you don’t have to clean everywhere,” she said, smiling, “we have other ladies to do all that.”

I looked at her puzzled.

“Look, why don’t we go to the kitchen and have a coffee. I will explain what you are expected to do … that is, if you want to, okay?”

We went into the kitchen, sitting down at the table, and she poured the coffees.

“So Luci, why are you doing this type of work? I would have thought a beautiful girl could get on doing modelling or something like that.”

I explained to her why I was doing it, that I needed the money to get through Uni, and that I had tried modelling, but they wanted me to do nude stuff, which would have gone further, and I did not want to do that kind of stuff.

“Good for you Luci, well at least you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to here,” Susan said.

“Luci, I will be perfectly honest with you, then you can decide what you wish to do. The reason that we have your company cleaning for us, is that your company is known in certain circles, to help us elderly people, or more so, our husbands. I don’t know if you know, but elderly men still get those sexual urges.”

‘If only she knew what I had done at my last one,’ I thought.

“Whereas some women can’t be bothered, and I am one of them, I still love my husband, but I just can’t do what I know he would like me to do. Now, don’t get me wrong Luci, it is nothing kinky,” she said smiling, “it’s just that they miss younger girls, as my husband will tell you. What he misses most of all, is the feel of a young ladies bottom. As you can see, mine has gone, it catches up to all of us.”

I could not help myself, I gave a little giggle, as Susan laughed with me. “I don’t know what it is with guys, and girls bums, but that’s the way it is.”

I smiled, “Yes, I agree with you there, they have a fixation about them.”

“Anyway, to get back to my husband’s wants, it’s nothing kinky.” Just then, her husband walked into the kitchen.

“So here you are,” he said looking at me, “so what do we call you?”

I stood up, seeing his eyes openly look me up and down, perhaps assessing me. I put a little smile on my face, wondering, ‘So, do I pass?’ As his eyes came up to mine, he smiled, and I swear he looked like he knew what I was thinking.

He was slim, looked fit, around 6ft, still had a full head of hair, but it was his eyes, they still sparkled, you could see the mischievous in them. You knew he would not miss anything, they were so full of life. ‘I bet you were a real ladies man when you were younger, then again, I bet you still are now,’ I thought to myself. ‘I would have to gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları watch myself around him, but at the same time I felt that I would be safe with him, I wonder what his likes are?’

“I am Luci,” I said holding out my hand to him. He took it, holding it firmly but not too hard.

“My name is Paul,” he said, still holding my hand, “so has Susan told you anything?” he asked.

“No, not yet, she was just going to tell me what my cleaning duties were, when you walked in.”

I looked across at Susan, she gave me a little wink of thanks, and she asked her husband, “Would you like to have a coffee with us?”

“No thanks, not at the moment. When Luci has finished her coffee, could you show her where I am, in my office, then I can show her what I would like her to do, please.”

“Well if you let go of her hand, we will,” she told her husband with a smile.

When Paul had gone, Susan said, “See, he is a lot to handle, and I think he really likes you. I have to say you are the nicest girl Jean has sent to us, what happened to the other girl?”

“I don’t really know, what I do know was she was into drugs, with her boyfriend, and they have gone away. Jean thinks they owed the dealers some money, that’s why they have gone.”

“Okay, let’s go and see what Paul is up to, he is in his games room, as we call it, so don’t be surprised at what you see,” she said smiling.

We went to the rear of the house, there was this big extension, it was huge, and at the other side was a big swimming pool, it looked so inviting, sparkling on this beautiful sunny day.

I could not help myself stopping, and admiring it, “Oh wow, I would love a pool like this,” I remarked.

“Do you swim, Luci? Susan asked, “I can see by your tan that you must do.”

“Oh yes, I love swimming, but at the moment I can’t get to the beach to swim.”

“Luci, when you come here, you can go swimming when you want, or if you have any free time, just ring us, I think Paul will like that,” she said with a grin on her face, “now let’s see what he is up to?”

Susan opened a door, it opened out to a huge room. There was the usual big TV screen, hi-fi, games, but most of all there were lots of pictures of scuba diving scenes, there was diving equipment hanging up, wet suits, the lot.

I stood there, gazing around, scuba diving was what I wanted to do. I found it so fascinating, being able to stay under water, and see all the marine life you would never see above water … all the beautiful coloured fish, coral. I had only seen it on a DVD, but it was something that I knew I would have to do, I wanted to do.

Paul came over to me, “So I see you like my diving exploits,” he said.

“Paul was a diver when he was in the navy, he still teaches them at the Navy Academy,” Susan said of her husband, “he travelled the world.”

“That’s ok,” Paul said.

“See, he never wants to talk about what he has done, and where he has been,” Susan replied, “its all hush hush, even I don’t know what he has been up to.”

I could see it was a bit of a sore point with Susan, but who could blame her, I would like to know what my husband was up to.

“Well, I will leave you both to it,” Susan said, turning around and leaving me standing there, alone with her husband.

“Sorry about that Luci, what I was doing was for the Navy … well, frankly I can’t say anymore. If I do, I will have to kill you,” he said laughing.

I just stood there smiling at him, I was starting to like this guy. He had, like me, a quick, weird sense of humour, I knew we would get on well together.

“So Paul, what do you want me to do?” I asked, looking around at all the equipment, and pictures.

“Well, as you can see, I have lots of pictures, and equipment, hanging around. It has to be kept clean,” then he sort of half smiled cheekily, “also, if you follow me, there is something else that has to be looked after.”

He took me into a darkened room, “Luci, just stand there.” The way he said it showed he was obviously used to giving orders.

He flipped a switch, ‘Oh my god, I felt as if I was under water.’ All the walls were made of thick glass, it was amazing, there were all sorts of fish swimming around, it was huge! They were even on the ceiling, fish swimming over you, now I knew why I wanted to learn how to scuba dive, to swim with all those beautiful fish.

“Well, what do you think Luci?” Paul asked smiling.

I just stood there, shaking my head in amazement, “Oh my God Paul, it’s so beautiful, that’s why I want to learn to scuba dive. I would love to swim amongst all those beautiful coloured fish, just the thought of it gets to me.”

He looked at me smiling, “Luci, let’s see what happens, if you get the bug, you will never want to stop. It’s a whole new different world down there, but it can be dangerous, you really need to know what you are doing. There is no second chance down there, that’s why you gaziantep escort bayan telefonları need to be so very careful, and make sure your dive buddy knows what he is doing.”

“When you go diving, you dive in pairs, so that if one of you gets into trouble, you can help each other,” Paul explained.

I hope you don’t mind, but I will digress a bit here, to give out a tip. If you ever go diving overseas, with someone strange, talk to them. Don’t be scared to ask what, and where they have dived, get to know if they are used to diving. Establish if they have only done one, or two dives, and where they have done them, how many dives, they have done, when was the last time they have dived, and what sort of dive. It could mean your life.

Right, back to my story.

“Okay Luci, could you just keep the glass clean, and the ledges, there is just one more thing.”

I followed Paul to another room, it had lots of keep fit equipment, weights, bikes, treadmills, this also had mirrors floor to ceiling, and a massage table over to one side, with scents, and towels lined up neatly.

“Luci, do you know how to massage?” he asked.

If only he knew, “Yes, I have done a bit,” I replied.

“Oh great Luci, I have a guy who comes here to massage me, because I have some nerve problems in my legs, and arms. If you would like to carry on doing it, I would rather pay you, would you mind? Tell you what, in return, I will teach you to dive, how’s that?”

I could not hold back the excitement, “Oh my God Paul, that would be great, so what if I massage you, and let’s call it even?”

“Luci, it’s up to you, but say, what if we start now? I will put some gear together, there are some clean bathing suits there, or what do you have on under your uniform?”

I looked at him, feeling a blush starting to come, “I don’t have any bra, but I have shorts on, so they will do, I just need a top.”

“Hey, that’s okay, there is a top over there, slip that on, and you can leave your shorts on, or change completely. There are clean suits there too, I will go and get the gear ready. I will be outside, we don’t need a wet suit in the pool, so I will be ready for you.”

I slipped off my uniform, putting it over the massage table, feeling my nipples starting to tingle … was it the prospect of the diving? Or was it thinking of giving Paul a massage? All I knew was that I was getting excited. I slipped the top on, it was a bit tight over my breasts, and my hardening nipples. I was about to slip my shorts off, pausing to consider whether I might as well leave them on. Then I thought they would be all wet, so off came my shorts, and my white thong. I put on a small bikini bottom, which was a bit tight around my bum, going into the cleft of my bum. Looking in the mirror, I thought, ‘Just as well I shave down there.’

I went out to the pool, Paul was already in there, waiting for me, “Oh God Luci, you are a vision for my sore old eyes,” he said smiling.

I dived in, ‘Oh God, I’ve lost the top.’ I came up looking for it, the water was only waist high, he would be able to see my breasts.

“Are you looking for this?” I heard Paul say, laughing.

I turned around and my top was in his hands, I could feel myself starting to blush, but at the same time I felt some excitement in my body. I covered my breasts with my hands, smiling at Paul, as he threw the top back over to me. It hit the water beside me.

“Would you like me to help put it on you?” Paul asked, as he walked over to me, letting go of the air tanks he had hold of.

‘Why not,’ I thought, “Yes please, I am not used to this top.”

I turned my back to him, as I felt his hands bring the cups to my breasts, I went to hold the cups, but all I did was hold Paul’s hands onto my breasts, feeling my nipples starting to tingle, and get hard.

I let him keep them on my breasts, for a few seconds, as I felt him give them a gentle squeeze. I pushed back onto his manhood, for I knew that men could not resist wanting to feel girls’ tight bums.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to excite Paul, with his wife saying he needed extra stimulation for his nerves, I wanted to see if I could arouse him.

I slipped my hands around my back, as Paul held the front of my bra over my breasts. I pretended I could not find the clasp, as I pushed back onto his manhood, letting him feel my hardening nipples. I heard a gasp behind me, as he held my breasts, then I let my hands drop, pretending, I was looking for the clasp to the top, letting them brush across his front, feeling him jerk as my hands slid across his shorts.

I was sure I could feel something there. I don’t know why, but I wanted to please this man. It must be hard, no pun intended, for older guys to express their sexual feelings to younger girls, when their wives do not have the same desire to have sex as they do.

Paul still held my breasts, I could feel his hot breath on my neck, as once again I let my hands gaziantep escort bayan videoları slide over his shorts. There was some feeling there, I thought, as I pretended to fumble around looking for the clasp.

I let my hand take hold of his semi-hard cock, I heard him gasp once again, and I said, with a laugh, “I have it Paul,” and I felt his hands tighten on my breasts.

I took hold of the clasp fixing it together, as I turned around, looking at him, “Oh sorry about that Paul,” I said with a grin on my face.

“That’s okay Luci, I was a bit surprised, I quite enjoyed it myself, I can see we are going to get along great, now where were we?”

He took hold of the air tanks, “Now Luci, this is very important, we can’t fool around, not at this stage. Scuba diving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. When you are down there, you do not get a second chance, that’s why you first train in a swimming pool, it’s surprising how many people can’t get used to breathing under water.”

He explained all the things about diving, which I still do, and still love the thrill of it, so I will skip that technical part.

We spent nearly two hours diving, I loved it, and Paul remarked “I think you have the diving bug, I would have loved to have you in my team, you take to it so easily.”

We eventually got out of the pool, going into Paul’s diving room, after washing the equipment, and hanging it up.

“Would you like to shower, Luci?” he asked, “I will make some coffee while you do.”

“Yes, that would be great,” I said as I walked over to the showers, suddenly realising that there were no doors on them. They were just open showers, I looked around, Paul must have gone to get the coffee, so I just stripped off my bikini, walking into the shower, and stepping under the stream of water.

I had my head under the shower when I heard “Oh fuck, Jesus.” I washed the soap off my face, turning around to see Paul standing there holding a tray with a pot and cups of coffee on it.

I did not know what to do, but he had already felt my breasts, and I don’t know why, but I already really liked this guy. Especially after he had introduced me to diving, and wanted to take me out in his boat next time.

“Oh sorry Paul,” I said teasingly, holding my hands away from my body, letting him get a good look, feeling his eyes burning into my body. Feeling all those tingles that we women get, running through my body. “Just let me wash off the soap,” I said, turning around, hearing him gasp as I let him see my bum. I had been told many times that my bum was to kill for, it was tight, hard, and nicely rounded.

I rinsed all the soap off myself, as Paul passed me my towel. I wrapped it around my body, thinking I would get dressed when I have had my coffee.

We sat there talking about diving, listening to all Paul’s tales, about the exotic places that he had dived in. I looked at my watch, “Hey, I had better get something done,” I said.

“It’s okay Luci, you can catch up next time,” Paul said. With that he stood up, “oh shit,” he muttered as he grabbed hold of the table, seemingly in pain.

“What’s wrong Paul, are you ok?” I asked curiously, going over to him, taking hold of his arm.

“Yes I’m okay, I just get a bit of cramp in my legs, when I have been in the water a bit, it will wear off soon.”

I looked at him, I could see he was uncomfortable with whatever it was troubling him in his legs. “Hey, would you like me to give them a rub for you?” I asked.

“Oh God, would you Luci? I would love that … you see, Susan can’t do them, so it will save calling my masseur out to do it, thanks.”

I helped him up onto the massage table, laying him down on his stomach.

“Now, for a start, where are your oils?” I asked, “I’m going to need some.”

“They’re over there, see that trolley. Just wheel that over, then help yourself. Some are scented, he uses them on Susan.”

I went over to the trolley, opening the top. There were lots of different oils, and scents.

“Which do you like best?” I asked Paul.

“It’s up to you, use whichever you like, I like them all.”

I picked up one of the oils, it had a beautiful musky smell, and Paul still had on his wet shorts.

“Paul, would you like to slip off your wet shorts, I promise I will not look,” I said with a laugh.

“Hey Luci, if you had been to the places I have been, you soon learn not to be shy.” With that, he slipped them off, revealing a nicely shaped cock, around average size, and thickness, with a foreskin. I could see he was still troubled with his legs, ‘They must be cramping up,’ I thought.

He lay back down on his stomach, his body was quite firm, with no fat on it, nice shoulders, with a lean waist. I poured some oil onto his calves, gently rubbing them just to get the blood back into his legs.

“Hey Luci, I think you have done this before,” he remarked, as I went from one leg to the other.

As I was rubbing his legs, he let one of his hands fall down off the side of the table. So when I bent forward, I could feel my legs touch it, for the towel just reached just around my knees, and being quite tall, there was a lot of leg to touch. I don’t know why, but I felt shivers running up and down my body. It was just as well I still had the towel wrapped around me, he would have seen my nipples getting so hard, but I found it quite naughty, and thrilling, to keep touching Paul’s hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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