Luiz and the Party Boys Pt. 03

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To find out how we got to this point, check out Parts 1 and 2…


I had lost all track of time. The only thing I was even remotely aware of was the throbbing of my well-loved ass and the glow of my very well-used cock. As someone who had quite the open sexual experiences in college and used to travel quite often on business I had come to appreciate frequent sexual indulgence. Being a little bit older now, though, I wasn’t used to fucking all night long. Sure, when I was 23 and had enough testosterone flowing in my veins to fuck until 3am and then get up and go to work the next day, something like the evening’s events wouldn’t have been the least bit unusual. However, a little later in life, I was more likely to call it a night after only a couple hours of sex and enjoy some rest! Still, this was a rare opportunity to completely indulge myself in wanton, debaucherous, self-gratifying mansex and I didn’t want to miss any of it.

After drifting off in the warmth of the cocktail, I was roused by a knock at the door.

“Oh, zat must be ze… how you say? Room servees? I have taken ze liberty to order a light dinner so zat ve can rest and prepare for ze finish.”

Pierre got up, put on his silk robe, and opened the door. An attendant was there with a cart. She wheeled it into the suite and pulled out some bottles of fruit juice and sparkling water from the bottom of the cart and set them on the table. She also took some platters of fruit and croissants from the cart and set them next to the juice on the table.

“Merci, cherie! Here is a gratuity for you, my dear,” Pierre said, exuding charm as he tipped the attendant who brought us our repast. Damn! He was just charming and sexy with everyone.

She left the room and closed the door behind her. Pierre began fussing with the platters of food and preparing himself a plate. While he did, his robe fell open again and I could see his dick starting to get hard again.

“Mes amis, please feel free to help yourselves to our wonderful cuisine ce soir.”

I was getting seriously turned on watching Pierre stand there with his petite plate of fruit and pastry, dick swinging freely in front of him. There was something both incredibly vital and masculine about him in that moment and also incredibly sensual and irresistible. It’s moments like that when the true nature of sexuality is revealed. Sexual magnetism isn’t necessarily about labels or categories; it’s about the undeniable desire to respond to one’s urges. Those urges can be aroused in a variety of ways. For me, it’s as often the sight of gorgeous, soft, round breasts that gets my blood pumping as it is a hard, slick cock ready to fuck. In this moment, Pierre was just a bundle of everything sexy all wrapped up together: his tousled dark hair, his tanned face, his soft glutes, his hard dick. As much as those physical traits, his mix of kindness, caring, generosity, and sensuality were enough to drive me crazy and I knew exactly what I needed to do at that moment.

“Pierre, voulez-vous venir ici s’il vous plâit?” I said.

His response came with a beaming smile of delight, “Oui, mon cher. Je serais ravi!”

As he walked over to my side of the bed I silently thanked my high school French teacher and hoped she would never find out the circumstances under which I had finally applied Pendik Escort some of what I knew about the French language. As Pierre came over to the bed I turned on my right side and held my arm out to bring him in close to me. My hand slid around to his ass and started caressing his cheeks while I reached forward with my mouth to tease the head of his cock.

“O, mon Dieu! You have a… a… un langue angélique!” he stammered as I gently began loving the head of his dick with my tongue. I had taken him aback with my very forward move. Something deep within me compelled me to make love to this suave, beautiful Frenchman with my mouth—to engulf him in delicate pleasure.

I pulled him in tighter as I got more and more aroused at the silky feel of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head and licked up and down the shaft, giving him the deepest and most sincere pleasure I could muster. I kept at the teasing for several minutes as my hand caressed his soft ass. I felt so incredibly connected to him in that moment in the way that only oral sex can connect people. I was providing him with unfettered physical love and giving him the greatest indulgence.

After a few more minutes of that he had become completely hard and I was greedily sucking his dick. A great thing about sucking dick as a man is that I know exactly what a man wants and what feels good. After a few minutes I pulled off his dick and invited him to sit down on the edge of the bed, which he did. I got off the bed and knelt in front of him and started bobbing up and down on his cock for all I was worth, slurping and sucking and giving him the best oral stimulation I could think of. I trailed the tip of my tongue on the underside of his member every time I pulled my head back from his musky crotch. I was intoxicated with his scent and his beauty and his attractiveness and all I could think of was expressing that to him carnally with my mouth.

As soon as I felt the telltale twitch of his load about to shoot, I pulled him out of my mouth and took hold of him with my hands, guiding his cock to spray his load all over my face. Yes, it’s cliché, but there’s something very final about a man ejaculating on me after his ultimate pleasure. It’s like his offering of thanks in tribute to my oral skills.

“Sacre bleu! I had no idea that you were so talented with ze… sexe oral. Zat was… majestueux!”

I grinned and laid my head down in his lap next to his softening cock. I don’t know quite what had taken hold of me and compelled me to pleasure the Frenchman as I had, but I was glad I did.

After a few minutes of post-sex veneration I got up and checked out the food selection. There were platters piled high with sliced bananas, grapes, strawberries, kiwi fruit, triangles of watermelon, whole peeled mandarin oranges, cherries… it was a selection befitting of a luxury downtown hotel. I fixed myself a plate with plenty of fresh fruit and a croissant and returned to the bed with the other men.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, Pierre, but what is it that brings you here from France?”

“I am a project manager for a large, multi-national corporation. I’ve traveled to several countries evaluating zeir operations. Since I’m conversant in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese I get a lot of zese assignments Kurtköy Escort in the Americas.”

“I see. That makes a lot of sense. And how did you come to know Luiz? I know him through a girlfriend who sang with him in a choir.”

“I first came to zis city about six years ago. Being new here, I went out to a dance club to have some fun. I saw him out on ze dance floor and he was très sexy… ze way his tight bluejeans stuck to his legs I was just compelled to know him. We went back to his apartment and made beautiful love and became friends. After zat, I would call him when I came through and we would meet. Eventually I told him how I enjoy multiple partners—menage à trois as you say. Zis time I told him I wanted another ami to join us and he brought you.”

“I’m very flattered, Pierre, first, that Luiz would remember me, and second that you would welcome me so warmly into your love making.”

“I have a question—you said you met Luiz through a girlfriend. Do you love ze ladies as you love ze men?”

“I suppose you could say that. I’ve always been very open sexually. I used to be very experimental in college and it opened me up to the possibility of pleasure with anyone—male, female, trans, any combination thereof. As long as a lover is willing to give freely of themselves for my pleasure, I’m willing to reciprocate.”

“Ah! A very liberated life! I envy you for zat. My interests are mostly with ze men, although at times I have been known to pleasure a woman. Mostly, I enjoy ze freedom to experience pleasure from ze men of ze world as I travel. I have my favorites like Luiz whom I come back to, but mostly I sip ze nectar of young men from across ze globe.”

There was something undeniably charming and attractive about Pierre. I started to feel like I was developing a strong emotional connection with him. In the heat of the moment it’s hard to know whether that’s just the flush of fresh sex or a true sentiment of attachment. Meanwhile, as I had been chatting with Pierre, Luiz and Pedro had taken advantage of Pierre’s generosity and eaten some of the fruit and croissants. They were both still glistening with sweat as they had been working hard on their sexual adventures for the evening.

“Luiz, dear, I can’t stay all night,” I said. “I should really get home some time soon. Let’s think about wrapping things up.”

“Let’s have one last tryst before you leave, ma cher,” Pierre said lovingly. “I would love for all of us to come together and… how you say? ‘Baiser le cul…’ fuck ze ass. It sounds so crude en Anglais but it is such a beautiful expression of love from one man to another.”

I was immediately into the idea, having had some rest and libations to fuel me for a little longer. I started caressing Pierre again and he reached his hand down to my head and started stroking my hair. I felt the warm glow of affection wash over me as we shared this beautiful moment.

Luiz and Pedro, younger and hornier, joined us on the bed. Luiz started kissing Pierre as Pedro began stroking both of their chests. Since I was still in Pierre’s lap, I began softly kissing his hardening cock. He regained hardness rather quickly with all the sensual attention he was getting.

I pulled away from the pile of men and said, “OK, guys, how do we want to do this? Kartal Escort Pierre, what was your idea?”

“I would love for us to all be united in love. One of us should lay back on ze bed and be the first partner to receive. The rest will insert into ze man in front of us. We will all move together in one giant plaisir de cul.”

Pedro jumped off the bed and volunteered first. He laid back down on the bed on his back grasping his ankles and presenting his beautiful ass to us. I stood up and grabbed yet another condom from the end table (I was glad we had a *LOT* of those and plenty of lube) and ran it over my shaft and then poured copious lube over the shaft. I walked up to Pedro’s ass and easily slid my cock inside like it had been waiting for me his entire life.

I paused while I was inside Pedro and Pierre came up behind me.

“Mon ami, I will now fill you with ze love only one man can give to another.” He gently kissed the back of my neck and I genuinely shivered in response. I was falling hard for this Frenchman!

He grabbed a condom and put it on and then lubed himself up. Just like Pedro’s, my ass was more than willing to accept the gift of Pierre’s cock. He slid lazily into me and I felt that familiar, amazing fullness inside of me while he was leaning against my back. I was melting away into a pool of pure sensuality.

Luiz was the only one left not participating and he got the hint quickly. Just like the rest of us, he put on a rubber and lubed up and came up behind Pierre to make his love insertion. Pierre gasped as Luiz entered him, no doubt losing himself in the moment of carnal bliss.

Despite what is depicted in the movies, four men all fucking in unison, dick-into-ass, doesn’t just naturally happen. The kind of vigorous, primal fucking that can happen between two people is quite different than what happens when we’re all connected together like that. It took quite a bit of coaxing, communicating, trial, and error for us to eventually build up to some kind of rhythm for our four-way butt fucking. For me, it was pure, unbridled passion and ecstasy as my cock slid in and out of Pedro’s beautiful, tight ass while simultaneously my ass was making love to Pierre’s beautiful Gallic cock. The slow pace of our rocking back and forth kept us from achieving too strong of an orgasm. Instead, we were able to build up slowly to a very sensual climax.

Pierre came first, his cock swelling as it plowed into my ass. That set Luiz off who then shot his load deep in Pierre. Pedro came next, spraying my chest with his sticky man love. I came shortly after that but my orgasm wasn’t a thunderous, crashing experience. It was more of a warm, loving sensation as my seed flowed into the love tunnel of my male partner.

We uncoupled and took turns cleaning up and having a little more to eat and drink. I eventually—reluctantly—put my clothes back on. Luiz and Pedro were still playing kissy-kissy and grab-ass as they got ready to leave. Pierre was splayed out across his bed, limp dick laying softly on his thigh, with a look of bliss on his face. I sat down next to him on the bed and stroked at his chest.

“Pierre, this whole night was incredible. I’m so glad you asked Luiz to invite me. I hope that next time you’re in the area you will hit me up and we can be together. You’re a beautiful man and sensual lover.”

“Mon cher, I would be most honored to share ma chambre with you again.”

I leaned over and kissed him gently. We exchanged that sensual embrace for what seemed like several minutes before I pulled away.

“Au revoir, Pierre, and merci.”

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