Lunch Break

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It’s finally here; Midday. You’ve been sat at your desk all morning, completely preoccupied with the plan for our lunchtime meet up. Every time you allow your mind to wander you find yourself subconsciously touching your sensitive body and fidgeting in your chair. And now the time to leave that mundane office and escape to our secret fantasy world has arrived. I texted you late last night with an address and room number of a small run down looking hotel not far from your work. The text message was simply “be here at lunchtime”. You know what I want. You’re wearing a tight fitting summer dress and some carefully selected underwear. You made a special effort with your hair and makeup before you left home. You feel beautiful and so sexy.

You’re soon walking through the small hotel reception, it’s impossible for you to avoid the gaze of the reception staff. You don’t make eye contact as you pass. You know that they know why you’re there and it gives you a slutty feeling that gets you so hot. You knock on my hotel room door and I open it after a few seconds. You’re the absolute image of sexuality. I invite you in and as you enter the room and close the door I push you back against it, kissing you roughly. My tongue slides into your mouth and meet yours. I pin your hands against the door above your head. I run my other hand up the front of your thigh and slide up under your dress. In one movement I use my knee to push your legs apart as I rub your pussy through your panties. My hand finds its way in to your underwear waistband and I slide my fingers down over your mound and along your wet slit. I slip two fingers into you and finger you hard, rubbing against your g-spot until I can feel your juices running over my hand. As soon as I release your hands, you grab hold of my wrist and try to stop me but I keep finger fucking you until your knees buckle and you sink to the floor, your back leaning against the door. I tell you that I’m in charge today. You don’t move, talk or especially cum until I say you can. I tell you to crawl into the centre of the room and on all fours. You do as you’re told, I walk around you a couple of times not able to take my eyes off you. You’re looking up at me in anticipation of my next move.

I pick up a silk scarf and tie it around your head covering your eyes. The tension and sense of excitement in the room is overwhelming. You can hear me walking around the room but have no idea where I am. Your breathing has become really heavy, almost panting. Suddenly I smack your ass firmly. You let out a little scream, than a moan. I slap again and again, one cheek then the other. Each time you respond with a gasp. Then I stop and watch you in silence for a while. You don’t know if or when I’m going to slap you again. After a minute I kneel down behind you and take hold of the hem of your dress. I slowly lift it up and for the first time see your sexy lacy black panties and stockings. In the excitement you’ve already moved your legs wider apart. I slap your ass once more then trace my fingers Tokat Escort from the back of your knees and up your thighs until I’m lightly touching and caressing your ass. I lean forward and lightly kiss and tease your ass cheeks with the tip of my tongue. I run my tongue over your pussy through your panties. You smell of pure lust and it just drives me mad. I pull your panties to one side and slide a finger into your pussy whilst lapping at it with my tongue.

You clench against it as I slide a finger deep inside you. All the time you’re moaning at my touch but I don’t want you to get too carried away. I stand up and walk round in front of you. I tell you to kneel up straight and I unbutton the front of your dress. The sight of your gorgeous breasts in your sexy black bra almost pushed me over the edge, but I stay in control. You’re still blindfolded, almost shaking. I pick up another scarf and tie your hands behind your back. I kneel back down behind you and start to kiss your neck. My hands reach round and find your breasts. I take them out of your bra and squeeze. I take your nipples in between my thumbs and fingers and gently roll them. I pinch a bit harder and pull at them to which you let out a another yelp. You can feel my rock hard cock pushing against your ass but you’re not allowed to touch. You’re now constantly whimpering as I continue to fondle your tits, lick along your neck and bite your earlobes. I hold my hand around your throat and gently tighten my grip pulling you back against me. You can’t help yourself and sigh the words “fuck me baby” as you breathe out.

You’ve broken the rules and I can’t let that go unpunished. I lift your dress back up over your hips and roughly pull your panties down to your bent knees. I give your bare ass cheeks two more quick sharp slaps. I softly rub my hands over the red skin to sooth the stinging. I can’t help noticing how wet and creamy your panties are. I tell you to remember the rules or I’ll punish you again. I stand up in front of you once more and admire what I see. You’re on your knees blindfolded, hands tied behind you. Your breasts are on show, nipples hard and red from my rough caressing, your dress up around your waist and panties down at your knees. I move my mouth close to one of your breasts, you can feel my hot breath against your nipple. I tease it with the tip of my tongue and suck it into my mouth, occasionally nipping with my teeth making you jump and gasp. I move to your other breast and give that the same attention until it’s obvious you can no longer stand it. Without warning I step back from you again and just watch you.

Your pussy looks so good, swollen and very wet. I finally take my cock out and let the tip touch your lips. You can’t see it coming and jump when you feel it and taste my pre-cum on your lips. I tell you to open your mouth, I want to fuck your throat. I put my hands on the back of your head and start to work your head back and forth. I sink a little further in on each stroke until my balls are bouncing Tokat Escort Bayan on your chin. You gag and pull back letting a load of saliva drip from your mouth on to my balls and your tits. I do it again, fucking your face whilst holding your head still. Your mouth feels so warm and wet I can’t hold off any longer and I start pumping my cum into your mouth and throat which makes you gag and gurgle again. Some cum dribbles down your chin and you use your tongue to clean up. I take a step back and I can see the juices running from your shaved pussy down to your stocking tops. I’m still so hard and want my cock in your pussy now.

I lie on the floor next to you and tell you to straddle me. You’re a good girl and follow my instruction, my cock slides between your sensitive lips and deep in to you. I tell you to ride my cock harder and faster than you’ve ever done before. You start to furiously bounce up and down, and grind forwards and backwards rubbing your clit against me. You keep going for several minutes until I can hear by your load moaning that you’re close to cumming. But I don’t want that to happen just yet. I tell you to stop and make you climb off me. I can see you’re so desperate to cum but you need to remember that I decide when thats going to happen. I tell you to kneel again. Your hands are still tied behind your back but I take the blindfold off now. I tell you to rest your face is against the floor and keep your ass is high in the air. You only move when I move you. I’m so turned on I can hardly get my words out but in a low whisper I tell you that I’m taking all of your holes today. You’ve completely surrendered yourself to me, powerless to resist anything that I choose to do to you.

I force your legs apart as far as they go and spread your ass cheeks. I bury my face into your soaked pussy and lick my way up to your asshole. My tongue is pushing in and out of your tight asshole. It’s soaking with spit and juices from your wet cunt. I put a finger against your asshole and push it in past the first knuckle, then the second knuckle. I start to work it in and out, you gasp each time I fuck your ass with my finger. I slide a second finger in and one in your pussy and finger you some more. You’re ready. I pull my fingers out and tell you to lick them clean. You’re so hungry for my fingers you almost choke on them. I put my cock against your asshole and tell you to push back. You push slowly at first, the head of my cock disappears then the rest of my cock slides into you, stretching you. Then you start to speed up sliding forwards and backwards. Your tight ass is squeezing the life from my cock. I can see you’re losing control. I slap and rub your ass to bring you back whilst still fucking your asshole.

I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back so I can fuck you harder. I reach around and play with your clit as I fuck you. Then I give you permission to cum. Within seconds you fucking explode, screaming with the most intense orgasm. Your entire body is gripped Escort Tokat with a total loss of control. Your pussy is dripping juices and your ass clenching me like a vice. I come again, this time deep in your ass. We both remain still for a few seconds gasping for air as we regain our senses. I pull my cock out of your asshole and bend down behind you to lick your pussy dry. You can barely stand the touch of my tongue on your pussy lips. I untie your hands and you collapse on the floor still panting, but I’m not done with you yet. Without any words, I help you up on your knees again and make you lick my cock and balls clean whilst you rub your pussy. I tell you that I release you and give you permission to cum at will. And you do, twice more with my cock pounding your mouth and your fingers deep inside your cunt.

Our game is nearly over. As you start to regain your composure, you notice the time and realise you should have been back at work 10 minutes ago. You pick up your soaked panties to put them on but I take them from you. I pick up your bra from the floor too. I’m keeping these so I can use them to think about you and taste you when I’m wanking over you later. You’re going back to work with no underwear and stockings that are still wet with our cum. We get dressed. I can see your still hard nipples through the tight fabric of your dress. You straighten your dress, hair and makeup in the mirror before we leave.

We walk back through reception, you’re slightly ahead of me. As we pass the same faces on that judged you earlier, I grab your arm and firmly pull you backwards in to me. You stumble and put your hands on my chest to steady yourself. I give you a deep passionate kiss and rub the top of your thigh with one hand. I’m still holding your panties and bra in the other hand like a trophy for all to see. As we break our kiss I instruct you to approach the reception staff, thanking them for the use of the room and apologise for making so much noise. You saunter over to the desk and obediently do as you’re told. They all just look at you without saying a word. Your heart is beating fast and the feeling of being my lunchtime whore makes your pussy wet again. On the way out of the door, I tell you in voice loud enough for those nearby to hear that there must be no touching or playing with yourself for the rest of the day. And, if I found out you had broken this rule, then this would be the last time you would enjoy my cock inside you ever again. You nod in acceptance of my terms.

You arrive back at your office, your cheeks and chest still flushed. There are still feint red marks around your wrists where you were tied. You can tell by the looks and the quiet conversations that everyone knows what you’ve been doing, but you don’t care. You can feel the cool air-conditioned draught against your exposed wet and sensitive pussy and as you sit down you have to clench your thighs together to prevent another orgasm right there in the middle of the office. The rest of the afternoon is a write off as you constantly struggle to keep focused on your work, and prevent your hands from wandering between your legs.

As home time approaches, you start to wonder how you’re going to explain your missing underwear to your husband when you get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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