Lunch With Alexis

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Every man’s fantasy I believe includes the most erotic of all, which is to watch in person two women making love. This has been my fantasy ever since I was a teenager and I have always made it known to anyone when the conversations turned sexual in nature. My uncle actually gave me a lesbian xxx magazine once for my 21st birthday. So lets skip to the present in which I am married and in my mid fifties. My wife has known of this fantasy of mine for years and would sometimes while we are lying in bed turn the conversation to the fantasy and get an instant erection out of me. This was an ongoing joke between us if she wanted sex and I wanted to sleep. She would play with my cock saying just imagine two women doing a sixty nine. She would get me all horny and before you knew it I was going down on her.

Well about a year and a half ago I took the three days prior to Thanksgiving off as I usually do and during that time my wife and I plan to make love and fuck our brains out with no worry about waking our daughter up who would be in school during the day. Anyway on the first day of my mini vacation as I was going down on my wife she started saying wouldn’t I love to see a woman eat her out. No sooner did she say that when my imagination took over and I began eating her out with a animalistic passion. I dove deep into her pussy and got out every bit of sweet pussy juice as I could on the tip of my tongue and moved up to her mouth and kissed her passionately. She lapped up my tongue and moaned as we French kissed with her licking all of her pussy juice off my mouth. Afterwards I got her off by grabbing her clit in my mouth and driving my two fingers curled up into the upper walls of her pussy to give her a g-spot orgasm. She screamed so loud I thought the whole neighborhood could hear her even though the windows were all closed.

Later that day as we were driving around doing some shopping I asked her if she would let my fantasy come true of watching two women – but that one of them would have to be her. There was dead silence in the car as I said this and there was no instant “NO”. At that point I decided since there was hesitation in her voice that she may actually let this happen. Then she asked me that if she were to let this happen that she would not do anything. The woman would have to agree to go down on her not expecting anything in return. My heart started racing a hundred miles per hour and images of this flashed across my mind. I decided to not push my luck and get her to change her mind so I changed the subject.

Later that week I posted my first ad in Craigslist seeking a woman to seduce my wife. I told my wife I posted an ad seeking a woman and she was completely taken off guard because she really thought I was joking and would not go through with it. I calmed her down saying that she did not have to go through with this if she has second thoughts. The next day my wife asked me if I had gotten any response from my ad and told her not yet. This went on for three days and I knew I had my wife’s curiosity going. By the third or forth day I started getting some responses from women who were interested in helping me “Seduce my wife”. I went over all of the email responses with my wife. I had quite a few responses from Uzun porno women in their twenties which my wife clearly said they are old enough to be my daughter (since my wife had just turned fifty at the time) and that it would have to be a woman in her forties or older. One woman responded who was a real knockout but was a biker and sent a picture of her on a harley. I had images of her coming with a bike gang and quickly discounted her.

Then I got an email from a nice lady who was also married. Her husband worked in another state and she also had this fantasy of being with another woman. I replied to her using another email account my wife did not know about and we wrote to each other back and forth for about two or three weeks wondering how to make this happen. Since it was approaching the Christmas holiday we decided to wait until January to continue our planning.

Then right after the first of the year I received an email from a lady named Beth who by coincidence only lived about five miles from me and was wondering if I was still interested. I gave her my private email address and we exchanged emails. Beth said she only had one brief encounter with another woman at a party and it had left her unsatisfied and longing for a more. She told me she was at a sex party and a lady walked up to her and asked if she could eat her out. She agreed, whereas the lady lifted her dress and started eating her out. She said this only lasted five minutes and she was left unsatisfied. She thought the fact that it happened with a room full of people had a repressing effect on her and she did not reciprocate the action, but felt that she wanted to try it again.

I started concocting a plan with Beth to start emailing my wife to seduce her into being with a woman. She readily agreed to this and we set off to break the ice. In the meantime, I told the other lady about this new entry and she asked if we should try to do fulfill my fantasy with this woman first before we tried to do this with my wife. I replied that would be great idea and my mind was in paradise. She started emailing me every day asking whether I heard from Beth. I thought that if I could make this dream come true my lifelong fantasy would be right around the corner.

Beth started emailing my wife about how she would be gentle with her and that the touch and feel of another woman’s body on hers would be heavenly if she would only let it happen. My wife on the other hand was asking me daily when I got home from work if I heard from Beth. I told her I did not want to take any chances opening my private emails at work and that checking my email account would have to wait until I got home. That is when I knew I had my wife. She was on the verge of letting this happen because she was setting up some stipulations about what would/would not occur.

Just when I thought things were going better than I had ever imagined, Beth sent me a private email saying that she could not go through with this. She said she wanted to be fucked dogie style while going down on my wife and she knew my wife said that I would have to keep my hands off of her. Bang I had a letdown. I emailed her back telling her about the other woman who wanted to meet with her Öğrenci porno and I, but I never heard back from her. As the days went by and we had not heard from Beth my wife said the lady probably had second thoughts.

I could not get the first lady to commit to making this happen. She was indecisive about whether or not she wanted to pursue this and that fizzled just as fast.

I laid low for a month or so when I got an email from a lady saying she saw my posts and asked if I found anyone. I told her I had some contacts but the door was still open. She told me her name was Alexis and we exchanged a few emails through my private email and decided we could make this work out for both of us. I getting to see two naked women together and she enjoying the taste of another woman. We would go over what she would write to my joint email account set up for this purpose with my wife and my wife looked forward every day to an email from Alexis. This was going to happen I thought. Every night when my daughter went to bed at 9 PM on school nights my wife would head upstairs to her computer room and camp out there for a couple of hours. I in turn would go to my computer and vist Literotica to read erotic stories or chat. Alexis and I exchanged yahoo instant messenger id’s and stated chatting almost immediately. We got off to a great start with each other as we chatted freely. I told her I loved eating pussy and to me that was my ultimate passion. She told me her husband did not like going down on her although she quite regularly gave him a blow job. I told her that was not fair and that if she were my wife I would eat her out on a daily basis. Seems that just as wet as I made her in this talk my cock would be glistening with precum every time we chatted.

It got to the point where we would both bring each other to the brink only to go to bed horny as hell. Then one day I casually asked if we could meet and I could show her what my wife liked when I ate her pussy. I did not know if this would ruin everything when she said she would love to. It turned out that we both worked within a couple of mile from each other and decided that we would meet each other for lunch. I had a minivan and we decided we would go for it.

We had exchanged photos and knew what the other would be driving and met one day at a local fast food parking lot. She had a smile on her face that day that I cannot forget and she was so much calmer than me. We drove around and settled on a spot and parked. I had laid all of the seats of the minivan down and it was completely open to us laying there together. I was a little tense and I suppose Alexis was too but the ice was broken as soon as I pulled her skirt up and ran my hand up and down her smooth legs. She moaned and that encouraged me to continue the trip up and down her silky smooth legs. She was wearing a thong and as soon as I took her thong off an saw her bare pussy I knew I was going to enjoy this. I took her heeled sandals off leaving her barefoot as I just gazed at her nakedness from the waste down. I caressed her legs and fondled her breasts. I unbuttoned her blouse and began sucking on her breasts. I enjoyed the half inch nubs as they hardened in my mouth. I twirled my tongue around each nipple and probed her pussy with my hands at the same time. At this point I could not take any more and had to have a taste of her pussy.

I positioned myself between her legs and started to slowly move my tongue up and down her slit. I wanted to make her build up her enjoyment so I would slide my tongue all along her pussy then when I got to the top I would flick her clit. She seemed to like this and I knew I must be doing a good job because she was so wet I knew I was enjoying this as much as her. I was working my way feverishly with my tongue all along her pussy and clit and her moaning was telling me I was doing a good job. I started to probe my tongue deep into her pussy savoring the taste and then began searching for her g-spot with my fingers. I put first one finger in her pussy then two and curled them up and stroking her g-spot. She began bucking her pelvis up and took her foot and began stroking my cock. I unzipped my pants and let her foot stroke my cock freely as I went with wild abandon eating and munching on her clit. Then I began to see her pussy opening up more freely from her juices and I put a third finger in. She moaned louder. I asked if she could take another finger and she told me yes. By now I had four fingers in her pussy and was pumping in and out and diving down onto her clit and sucking like crazy. I tool my hand out of her pussy and it was soaked with pussy juice. I put it up to her mouth and she licked it clean. When I went to put my hand back in her pussy she was literally fucking my hand when I tucked my thumb inside and I could not believe what I saw as her hand took my fist. I was actually fist fucking her (my second fantasy by the way). She grabbed my hand and was guiding it in and out of her pussy and she exploded as she muffled her mouth as she came and came. I slowly withdrew my hand and let her body come down.

When she did she told me it was my turn, she took my pants off and oh so very slowly moved her mouth down to my cock. She was good – very good at being erotic as she engulfed my cock in her mouth. She asked me if I liked her to suck softly or hard and I told her she was doing fantastic as she sucked me like it was a feather touching my cock. The feel of her tongue so gently circling my cock made me feel like I was in heaven. When my wife sucks my cock it is more aggressive, but with Alexis it was like I was floating in air enjoying the soft sensations of her mouth and tongue. Every now and then she would look me directly in the eyes as she sucked my cock. She told me she enjoyed seeing my face as she sucked. Up and down she sucked and the feeling I had was pure ecstasy. She took me to the brink and when I shot my load she sucked up every single drop of cum I had. She continued to suck with her soft mouth letting me enjoy the best blowjob I have every had. My wife did not let me cum in her mouth and when she finished me off with her hands my cock was too sensitive to let her continue stroking. Alexis on the other hand let my cock shoot down her throat and the feeling was silky smooth. When she finished she took her finger and wiped a drop of cum off her lip and sucked it clean telling me she loved the taste of my cum.

We cleaned up in the van and I drove her back to her car. Later that afternoon I received an email while at work telling me that I did not exaggerate when I said I can eat pussy with a passion.

That was the first time we met for lunch….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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