Lunch with Linda

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My wife Linda and I had been married for about three years. They had been, fun, happy years for the most part. Linda was a sweet, loving gal and I was crazy about her. In those three years I had committed just one tiny little act of infidelity. I never even intended to do it, it just happened one night when I picked Linda up after she had been to one of those naughty underwear parties. The girls all had plenty to drink while they tried on various pieces of sexy clothing, I hear they had a great giggle. Linda’s friend Marion was pretty sloshed, so Linda asked if we could drive her home. The route took us past our place, and Linda asked me to drop her off first, as she was pretty tired. Marion was a pretty thing, dark haired, nicely built. She came up front after Linda got out. She was exceedingly friendly as we drove to her place, sitting close to me, her breath warm in my ear, playing with the hair on the back of my head with one hand while she put her other hand high up on my thigh. Meanwhile she was rubbing against my arm with her tits, I could feel her nipple hard against my arm.

When we got to her place she kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, meanwhile stroking up and down my prick gently with her fingertips. She unzipped my fly and took my prick out. It was hard as a rock. She took it between the tips of her fingers, stroking it for a while, then she bent over and kissed the tip. She took it into her mouth, licking it along the underside. I kept telling her we shouldn’t be doing this, but she ignored me and kept on giving me this fantastic blow job, slow with a flickering tongue, then faster and deeper. When I finally came she took my load into her mouth, then she looked me right in the eye and swallowed it. Linda never would let me come in her mouth, let alone swallowing it, so it was pretty special to have this lovely woman give me this fabulous blowjob. Afterwards, Marion made it plain that that I could have more of the same, or for that matter anything else I wanted, anytime I wanted. I was sorely tempted, believe me I was, but I really loved Linda, and I never followed up on it.

I don’t know how Linda found out about it, but she did, and boy did she give me hell. I tried to explain that I never intended to do anything, that it was all Marion’s idea, but that didn’t seem to matter. She was real pissed off at me for weeks. I promised never to do it again, and finally she seemed to let it go. As far as I knew, Linda had never cheated on me. Until this particular day.

Now most guys consider Linda to be quite an attractive girl. She stands about 5’8″ tall, slim with long blond hair. She bounces and sways sweetly as she walks, and her tits do this lovely jiggle. Meanwhile she smiles at you with this sweet, innocent, open, friendly smile. Her face is not quite pretty, but pleasant, and she has a gay, outgoing personality, a good sense of humor, and I gotta say her figure is great. She has full ripe breasts with large brown aureoles and pink nipples that get big and hard whenever she is hot, which is often. She has a surprisingly skinny waist, and a beautiful heart shaped ass, which also jiggles when she walks. Linda likes to dress sexy, sometimes she goes without underwear under a tight outfit, just to get all that stuff jiggling. All in all she is a beautiful, sexy girl, and I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.

The day I am about to tell you about was without a doubt the most erotic, yet at the same time the most disturbing day of my entire life. It happened one day when Linda decided to try marijuana for the very first time. At the time I was working for an electric company, working on a line truck. I was a ground hand, what they call a grunt, the guy who passes tools and supplies up to the linemen who work on the poles. We were working on a job not very far away from the rental house where I was living with Linda. I suggested to the guys that we should stop by my house to eat our lunches. The guys on the truck were always talking about women, and I guess I must have thought that I would show off what a babe I was married to.

The crew of the truck consisted of Lennie, the foreman, a tough but wise old bastard, and chubby dirty-minded Cookie, the driver. Then there were two grunts. One was myself, the other was a young kid we called Popeye, on account of how his eyes popped out whenever he saw a pretty girl. And then there were the two linemen, the hotshots who worked on the poles. One was a guy named Luke, he was an OK guy. The other guy was Littlejohn, a wiseass, foulmouthed Swede. If I thought Cookie had a dirty mind, he was little miss innocent next to Littlejohn. When he was up on the pole, he was always trying to look into back yards and windows to see what he could see. The way he talked, he saw a lot. I tended to believe that all his stories were bullshit, but one time Luke said I would be surprised at what you can see from up there. Luke was a quiet guy, and did not talk much most of the time, although after a few beers he had some amazing tales to tell.

The guys thought it was a great idea to have lunch at my house. The house was out in the country back of town, where we could take a long lunch without being noticed. We pulled up to the house and parked Uzun porno the truck around back, and went to the kitchen door. I opened up and went in, calling to Linda.

“Hi, honey”, she called out, “what are you doing home so early”. She walked into the kitchen. It was a warm day and she was buck naked. She looked at me with that sweet smile of hers, then she saw the men following in behind me. She covered her tits with one hand and her crotch with the other and screamed. I pushed the guys back out the door, and closed it behind them. For sure Lennie and Luke had seen the show, probably the others too.

“You asshole” she screamed. “You call before you bring people home during the day” she continued. She went on raving at me for minutes, chewing my ass up one side and down the other. Then all of a sudden she broke into a giggle. Truth is, Linda is a bit of an exhibitionist. Like they say, she likes to show her stuff off. “Oh what the hell, bring the guys into the living room while I go put something on” she concluded, walking out of the kitchen with a wicked twitch to her ass, looking back at me with a naughty grin.

I ushered the guys into the living room, and we all opened our lunch bags. Linda came down in a little yellow sundress, low cut front and back, and short in the skirt. I should have suspected something right then, the sundress was her killer outfit, one she wore when she really wanted to be noticed. From the way her tits jiggled and her nips stuck out, I was pretty certain she had not bothered with a bra. She brought up some cold beers from the fridge in the cellar and passed them around. The guys all made approving sounds. She opened one for herself, which was unusual. We chatted and drank. Linda was paying particular attention to Luke and Popeye, which didn’t surprise me, but was also giving old Lennie a lot of her attention, which did. She was very animated and coquettish, I could tell she was kind of turned on by what had happened. The guys were pretty jazzed too, paying a lot of attention to her, which she was eating up.

We finished our lunches, and another round of beers. Lennie turned to Cookie. “Cookie, go get that baggie out of the truck”. Cookie left and returned with this big old baggie full of pot. It smelled very potent. Linda’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the weed. She had never done pot, but had indicated to me that she was curious to try it. Cookie rolled several joints, lit one up, sucked down a big toke and passed it on. When it got to Linda, she looked at me with a questioning look. Being the macho asshole that I was, I nodded yes to her. She shrugged and asked Luke what she should do.

“Just suck in some smoke and air all mixed together, then take it into your lungs and hold it there for a while” he answered. She did. She held it for quite a while, then let it go. She looked at me, her eyes got big and round. The first joint went around, then the second and then the third. I was feeling very, very spacey, I doubt I was the only one. Cookie’s jokes were getting funnier and dirtier. Linda became even more flirty and giggly. She asked if pot always made you horny like this. The men agreed that it sure does, doesn’t it. They were looking at her hungrily, which only made her strut all the more. She said she had some brownies in the kitchen, and went to get them. She came back with the brownies on a tray. She bent over and offered the brownies to each guy in turn. While they were helping themselves to the brownies, I could each guy straining to look down the front of her dress. Meanwhile her dress rode up in back so the others could almost see her panties. When she got to me I had to look down her dress also, and got a beautiful clear view of her naked tits hanging right there, looking like a pair of baseballs in soft leather sacks, the nipples hard as pebbles. I got a knot in my gut as I realized all the guys had been treated to the same hot view.

She put down the brownie tray and sat down on the couch between Lennie and Luke. She snuggled up against Lennie, talking softly, rubbing a soft tit against the back of his arm. I could see a flash of red between her not quite closed legs. I looked over at Littlejohn and Cookie. Their eyes were glued to her crotch also, a silly grin on their faces. Littlejohn laughed a loud “har, har, har”, just like a fucking pirate, I swear he did. I guess I was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on.

Lennie smiled a crooked smile at a whispered comment and took Linda’s face in one long fingered hand. He kissed her, I could see him working his tongue in her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind a bit. He reach down and gently squeezed a tit, then put his hand on her leg and began to rub up and down the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh. I was upset by this, and not a little scared, but to my surprise, I was also getting turned on. My prick was getting hard in my pants. This confused me, I did not know what to make of it. I started to get up to stop this from happening, but Cookie pushed me back down into my chair. “The little girl obviously wants this, so you just sit yourself back down. You just relax and enjoy it,” Cookie said.

“But this is my wife’ I said.

“Just Öğrenci porno pretend like it’s a dirty movie, and go with it” I heard Luke saying. I sensed from the tone of his voice that he was actually trying to help me, and decided to try to take his advice. I lit up another joint, and sucked it down deep. This seemed to help. Soon Lennie’s hand had slid up to Linda’s crotch, he began to rub on the red panties. Linda slid down on the couch and spread her legs to give him better access. Her hips began to thrust up against his finger. We could all see the finger on her red panties. Meanwhile, Luke reached over and began to squeeze a tit, then started twisting her nipple. I could not believe what was happening. Before I knew it, Luke unbuttoned the top of her dress and reached inside. I could see his hand playing with the nipple under the cloth. Then he slowly pulled the straps off of her shoulders and pulled the top of the dress down. Everyone in the room now had an unobstructed view of her great big round tits. The nipples were swollen huge and hard.

“Wow” I heard Cookie say, “what a pair of knockers. I betcha’ my prick would feel great rubbing up between those titties.” Lennie started playing with other nipple, he bent over and took it in his mouth. Linda was moaning and squirming, her legs now wide apart showing her bright red panties. Lennie’s finger had slipped inside them and was massaging her very prominent clit. Linda moaned and squirmed around, obviously enjoying the attentions of the two men.

“Hey guys” I yelled, “enough is enough. Quit it.” Everyone ignored me. My cock was hard as a rock. I rubbed it a bit, realized what I was doing, and stopped. Linda kept taking turns tongue kissing first Luke then Lennie. She reached down and began rubbing their crotches. They unzipped their flies and took their pricks out of their pants, and she began to stroke their cocks with her cupped fingers while they went on sucking on her tits. Linda looked over at me and gave me a wicked smile, and I realized with a deep, sick, but strangely aroused feeling in my gut that this was not going to stop.

“Stay right here, guys” she said to the two men on the couch. She stood up and shrugged, letting her dress slide down to the floor. She was wearing nothing but red thong bikini panties. She walked over to Popeye, who was earning his name, his eyes huge and glued to her tits. She lifted up his hands to them and let him play with them, then pulled his mouth to them. He looked like a baby suckling his mother. “Do me a favor, honey” she said softly to him. He looked up at her. “Get rid of these panties for me, will you?”

Popeye looked down at her red thongs. He kneeled down and put his fingers inside the hem at either side, slowly pulling them down to the floor, grinning like an idiot all the while. Linda stepped out of them and stood in front of him with her legs spread apart. He stared openmouthed at her hairy bush, pale blond and curly. “Go ahead, honey” she said, “you can touch it.” He put a hand to her crotch, felt her hairy mound, then slipped a finger up inside. She lifted up on her toes and threw her head back, sighing a deep throaty sigh “Ooh, that feels nice” she said. Then she kissed him full on the mouth, shoving her tongue down his throat. “You wait until later honey, you’re gonna get a real good one in just a little while.”

Next she went over to Cookie, who already had his prick out in his hand and was rubbing it up and down the shaft. She took it from him, bent over, and planted a wet kiss on it, running her tongue around the tip. Then she went to Littlejohn, and did the same thing to him. He laughed his pirate laugh again. As she walked by me, she put two fingers to her lips and then touched them to mine.

“Baby,” I said, “I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“Let’s just say this is paybacks for Marion” she said.

“But this is a lot worse than what I did with Marion” I complained.

“Life’s a bitch sometimes, ain’t it” she answered with a crooked grin. She picked up another joint, lighting it and drawing the smoke deep into her lungs. She stared at the joint. “So this is what all the fuss is about. I could get to like this. I think maybe I like it already” she mused to no one in particular. She put the joint down and looked back at me. “Go down and get us more beer, baby. Lots more beer.” I looked at her dumbly. She didn’t usually drink much. But then she didn’t usually smoke pot and kiss strange men on the dick either. I didn’t know what else to do. I went and got the beer.

When I came back up with the beers between my fingers, Linda was down on her hands and knees in front of Lennie. Her ass was up in the air, facing toward the other guys. Her pussy lips were glistening with her love juice. As I watched, frozen, she took Lennie’s cock in her hand and began to lick around the tip, then up and down his shaft. She took his rather large cock into her mouth, and began sliding up and down, slow at first, then faster. His prick glistened from her saliva, I could hear the slurping sounds clearly. She looked me in the eye as she was doing it, I am sure that she was thinking of Marion as she did it. I had a sick feeling knot in the pit of my stomach, and my heart was pounding in my chest, but my prick was still hard as a rock. She made Lennie stand up. She unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. She continued to slide up and down on his prick with her mouth, while she took his balls in her hand, gently squeezing them, then reaching underneath she slid her finger up and into his asshole. Lennie had on a shit-eating grin as he grabbed my baby by two big fistfuls of her long blonde hair and pumped his cock into her face again and again. “Some hot bitch you got here boy” he said to me. “Real fine cocksucker.”

Luke watched them going at it for a while, then dropped his pants and shorts and walked around, kneeling behind her. He began to rub the tip of his cock up and down her cunt lips, which were juicy with her fluids, and against her swollen clit. I could see from the look in Lennie’s eyes that he was about to cum. This had gone too far but I didn’t know what to do to stop it. I yelled to them to stop this, but no one, not even Linda listened. Before I knew what was happening, Lennie had pulled his cock from Linda’s mouth and began to pump his semen all over her face. He hit her on the face and it just kept coming. It ran down her checks, into her mouth and dribbled off her chin. He pumped I don’t know how many squirts of cum onto her, then he finished off right into her waiting mouth. Unbelieving, I watched her wipe the semen off her face, and lick it off her fingers, swallowing it. Linda never would swallow for me, but here she was swallowing the cum of a total stranger.

About this time, Luke pushed his cock into her pussy and began stroking in and out of her deep and hard. She looked back at him and yelled “yeah baby, fuck me baby, fuck me hard, fuck my brains out”. I was shocked, I had never heard her talk dirty before. Her tits swung back and forth in time with the motion of Luke’s strokes. Cookie took Lennie’s place at her face and began to get his thick dick sucked off. He also grabbed her by two big fistfuls of hair, and began driving his fat cock deep into her face, pushing it in all the way as far as it would go. I heard her gasping and gurgling as the big cock filled her throat. I yelled to him to stop, he was going to choke her, but he didn’t stop. He kept pounding and pounding, and somehow she didn’t choke. His face screwed up and he blew his load into her throat with a roaring scream. With horror I watched the swallowing motions of her throat as my sweet, shy Linda swallowed all of his cum, then licked his cock clean.

From the look on Luke’s face, I began to worry that he was going come in her pussy. This concerned me because Linda was not on the pill. It didn’t seem to matter on this day. She told Luke to “come in her fucking horny cunt”, and I knew in minute he was going to accommodate her. I yelled to them not to do it, but it didn’t help. I saw his face tense up as he drove his cock deep inside her and began shooting his seed deep into her vagina.

Linda stood up. There was cum running down her legs, and dripping off her face and down onto her tits. She staggered across the room and collapsed face down onto the littered coffee table. She was panting. As she lay across the table on her belly, catching her breath, Littlejohn came up to her. He shoved his finger roughly into her pussy to lubricate it, then he spread her ass cheeks with one hand while he rubbed the wet finger up and down her crack then slowly worked it into her asshole. She complained at first and tried to pull away, but Lennie and Cookie held her, while Littlejohn forced first one, then two, then finally three fingers up her ass. After a while she stopped complaining and began to moan, pushing back against the fingers. She had never been buttfucked, once when I suggested it she gave me a very firm and indignant no. But today she was no longer saying no. She was making a stream of quick little grunts, sounding for all the world like a steam engine working up hill. Littlejohn withdrew his hand. He bent down to her ass and licked the rim of the little round hole with his tongue, then jammed his tongue deep up into her asshole. Her moans became cries, “oh, oh, oh!” Finally he took his cock, and after shoving it roughly into her pussy a few times to lubricate it, he placed it against her butthole and began to push. Linda was gasping and making a little whiny sound, but she didn’t ask him to stop. He pushed harder and harder, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Suddenly he took his huge hand and gave her a vicious hard smack on the butt. The loud cracking sound resounded off the walls. “Relax, bitch, relax Goddamn you!” he shouted. He hit her again, even harder. She gave a strangled little whimper, then a gasp, and all of a sudden Littlejohn’s prick was sliding in, deeper and deeper until he was in her ass all the way to the end of his amazingly long cock. Linda whimpered with pain at first, but as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her ass, the whines soon turned to moans of passion. She started going crazy, yelling and driving back against his cock and shouting the most vulgar obscenities. Littlejohn held her hands behind her back, and pounded into her ass for what seemed like forever. Her tits jiggled with each thrust. He called her every kind of dirty name, and she agreed to every one. Finally, they came together, and made so much noise that I thought for sure that the neighbors half a mile down the road must have heard it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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