Lunchtime Drive

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You call me at work one day asking me to meet you for lunch. Wondering what you have in mind, I leave a few minutes early and drive to your place. When I walk in and call your name you call me to the kitchen. Entering, I find you behind the counter closing a basket and looking at me with a strange smile. I ask you what the plan is, and you tell me not to worry, you’ve taken care of lunch today…

With that, you walk from behind the counter, passing me on the way to your garage. I watch you pass in amazement – you have on a skimpy top, tied just below your breasts, and a short skirt with a slit up each side. From the way they cling to you as you move, I can tell you’re not wearing anything else. A pair of sexy heels completes the outfit, and your long hair is drawn back in a ponytail.

I follow you wordlessly out to your car, where you’re just closing the trunk on your picnic basket. You toss me the keys and smile as you ask me to drive – you want to lean back and relax. I come around to open your door and watch as you step in; the skirt riding up just enough to give me a tantalizing glimpse of your inner thigh. I continue to watch as you sit down, and am rewarded with a view of your cleavage as you settle in. You look up at me knowingly as I close the door, and I can tell you have more than a simple picnic in mind.

As we pull out of the drive you ask me to put the top down so we can enjoy the fresh spring air. We continue with some small talk as you direct me through town, soon reaching the main highway. I ask where we’re going, but you just smile and tell me it’s a surprise. I find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the road as I’m distracted by you. You have the seat tilted back and your eyes closed as you enjoy the road, but I’m attracted more to the way your skirt has ridden up on your firm thighs. I swear I can almost see all the way up it, if only the wind would catch a bit more. My eyes are also drawn to the way your halter is cupping your breasts, bringing them up so prominently and with the bottoms in clear view. Watching the other cars and trucks pass, I know a few of them can see you too…

After a few minutes of this, you start to draw the conversation towards more sexual topics – asking me what I’ve liked about our times together recently, telling me about particular moments and acts that you’ve enjoyed. I wonder what you’re leading up to as you continue to become more graphic with your descriptions; telling me how you’ve enjoyed my tongue on your clit, or the way my cock fills your pussy when we’re together. All the while, your hand is moving slowly up and down my thigh – the combination of your words and touch already making me twitch.

The next time I glance over, I’m even more shocked. You’re telling me how much you enjoyed the last time we had sex in the shower, with the windows open where the neighbors could see. I look at you to see you with your legs spread even wider, the skirt bunched around your hips and your free hand caressing yourself. I can see even more than normal, as your pussy is shaven completely bald. You have a finger slowly circling your clit, and I can tell that you’re already excited by the juices glistening on your swollen lips. I continue to watch you touch yourself as you describe how hot you were to me, only looking at the road enough to keep from crashing.

As I look back at you again, I catch your eyes watching me in return. Smiling that special smile, you ask if I like what I’m seeing. Of course, I reply – you know how much I love watching you touch yourself. You continue to smile as I watch you slide two fingers inside yourself, moving them back and forth as I watch them get slick with your juices. Then you pull them out and meet my eyes as you bring them to your mouth, sucking them deep and letting me see you clean them. I’m speechless as you describe how much you love tasting yourself on me after I lick you, or on my cock after it’s been deep inside you.

A passing truck honks and draws my attention back to the road. You laugh as I jerk the car back to the center, while trying to keep one eye on you. Your other hand has moved to my groin now as well, rubbing on my already-stiff cock through the fabric of my jeans. At the same time you spread your legs wider, fingers back inside yourself as I hear you wonder aloud if any of these trucks can see what you’re doing… Your hand smoothly pulls down my zipper, and you reach in to pull my hardness out, stroking up and down in time with the fingers in your pussy.

All I can do is lean back and try to concentrate on the road. You hear me groan with your touch as you continue to stroke, and my eyes dart between the road and what you’re doing. After another few moments, you pull your fingers out of yourself and ask if I’d like a taste of my own. Wordlessly, I nod yes as you bring them to my lips. I suck them in greedily, your musky yet sweet taste filling my mouth. Mmmmm – you must be soaking wet, your fingers are almost dripping. As you pull your hand back, you use it to untie the knot holding your blouse together. It falls to the side, and now your breasts are revealed for all to see as they pass, tanned from the sun with hard nipples pointing out. I can see passing drivers stare in wonder; and I know at least one trucker passes and can see down at all that you’re doing.

I don’t know how much more of this I can handle, when suddenly you lean over. As your mouth descends, all I can hear is you telling me you have to have me now; you’re so hot you can’t take it. With that, I can feel your lips surround me. I can’t help myself, the touch is so wonderful that I thrust up, filling your mouth with my thick cock.

Your mouth starts moving up and down in a steady rhythm, while your tongue continues to slide its way around me. At the same time, your hand strokes the base of my shaft up and down in time. Now it’s my moans that fill the car as I feel the wonders of your mouth working on me. Then, you surprise me even more – placing your knees upon your seat as you improve your position to suck me – while at the same time reaching one hand back between your legs to finger your wet pussy. There’s no pretense at all now – anyone driving by can see what you’re doing in the small car – your head bobbing up and down in my crotch, while your bare ass is in the air, hanging over the side of the car with two fingers deep inside yourself. I can see the passing drivers turn to watch, either in shock or appreciation at our actions, and one truck even gives us a loud blast of his horn!

God! I cannot believe how hard you have me; the image of your lips wrapped around my stiff cock as they work up and down, and at the same time your fingers moving in and out of yourself for all to see. You’re so wet I can hear the sounds they make as you rub yourself. As you continue to stroke me, you take your mouth away for a moment, telling me how hot you are today, how much you enjoy doing this with everyone watching, seeing you suck me and finger yourself. How much you want to drink my cum and then have me take you here in public. Then, your mouth is back on me, sucking me deep inside while your hand jerks faster, milking me. I can barely keep control of my driving, the combination of sights and sounds overwhelming me. Hearing you moan deep in your throat as you bring us both closer and closer, the sounds of your lips wrapped around me and your fingers in your wet pussy; all are combining to bring me closer to the edge.

Finally I can’t take anymore, and warn you that I’m about to cum. Yes, you tell me, give it to me; fill my mouth. At the same time you start moving your hand even faster on the base of my cock, jerking it into your lips sealed tight back around my swollen head. Your tongue circles quickly, and I can hear you moan even more as you bury your fingers inside your wet hole. The view finally brings me off and I start to shoot, filling your mouth with jet after jet of thick, salty sperm. Your hand continues to milk me as you suck harder, cum dripping past your lips as I continue to erupt. I can feel your body shake as you climax yourself, getting off on the public display and my own pleasure. I concentrate as much as possible on keeping on the road, reveling in the feel of my cock deep in your mouth as you continue to suck, and looking at all the people driving by watching your ass in the air and your fingers glistening with your juices.

You pull yourself away finally, taking a moment to lick up the drops which escaped your mouth. Then you come up and softly kiss me, as you bring yourself back to a sitting position. I’m speechless as you settle yourself back into your side of the car, still naked and idly rubbing a finger over your moist pussy as you direct me to continue to the park…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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