Lured, Taken, Owned Ch. 04

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I peered into the mirror and took a deep breath.

I wondered how long I was out; two, three weeks, possibly more?

How could he do this to me?

What right does he have?

Maybe I should have fought off his advances…


Who am I kidding?

I’ve never been a fighter.

Besides, I had no choice…

He drugged me…

Raped me…

Forced me…

And made me his personal fuck toy!

Though it may be the best experience of my life…

It should have been my choice.

My thoughts… broken!

“I wish they all could be Cal…” the alarm sounded before I switched it off. I should have left the alarm clock on the nightstand.

Another deep breath; then I sighed.

Is that what he wants; for me to be another California girl?

A better question, is that what I want?

At this point I don’t really have a say in the matter.

Why, why would he go through all this trouble when he can find a transgendered girl on the internet?

Maybe I’m some sort of experiment…and when he’s done…he’ll kill me.

The news is filled with stories of kidnapping, rape, and murder; some… escape with their lives…some don’t.

All I need to be concerned about is staying alive at the moment.

“I wish they all could be California, I wish they all…” the alarm sounded again as I reached and turned it off again.

What the hell, how many times do I have to turn this thing off?

The alarm snapped me out of my negative thought to positive; though my mind thought negatively my eyes and subconscious mind found my new breasts appealing.

The more I looked at them…

The more I admired them.

I looked down and caressed them both.

They were perky, firm, and obviously beautiful.

I turned to the full length mirror and admired my girly shape; I never noticed my waist to hip ratio and my new breast augmented my figure.

Curious, I looked down and began fondling my nipples; it sent electrical tingles throughout my body.

My nipples hardened…it wasn’t long before my breathing sped up.

All of a sudden my hair was jerked hard.

“Argh!” it hurt.

“Fuck you!” he screamed as he dragged me out of the bathroom, through my bedroom, and into a large fitness room.

“Master…,” I started.

“On your knees,” he demanded as he forced me down.

He was very angry.

“Master…,”I began again as my eyes watered from the immense pain of being pulled aggressively by my hair.

He was naked and stroking his cock.

“Open your mouth bitch!” he yelled as his hands clasp my head.

I was frightened and opened my mouth to accept his stiff cock.

He rammed his member all the way in and into my throat…

Tears started to flow…

I couldn’t breathe.

“You like that, you like that, you slut?”

I was scared for my life.

I put my hands on his hips to try to separate us but to no avail; he was way too strong and I was way too weak.

When he finally withdrew his cock from my mouth

I began gasping for air.

The thought of perishing was real; I was mentally and physically drained. All I could do was open my mouth, put my hands on my knees, and take in as much oxygen as possible before he continued; which I was sure he would.

It seemed like he just removed his cock from my mouth before launching another attach.

“We’re going to do this 24/7 until you learn to swallow every drop of cum; do you understand cunt?” he raved.

I was still scared he was going to kill me!

I peered upward.

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

I started to hit him; palming his hips…but…to no avail.

“You hit like a girl,” he shouted then planted drove his rod deeper into my throat.

“MMM!” Bostancı Olgun Escort

“You like that?”

I couldn’t breathe…

I hit him with the bottom of my fist as my arms flailed about…

He was choking me…

Suddenly, I felt weaker…

Was this his sick plan?

Then…he withdrew.

Again, I gasped for oxygen, my gasping made a noise of a dying person; tears ran down my cheeks.

“Now, play with your tits!” he demanded.

I froze…

My body, oxygen depleted…

My lungs working overtime…

They craved oxygen…

And that’s all I could hope for…

Another moment of life.

“Play with your fucking nipples,” he screamed.

I responded to his demand as fast as I could; considering the circumstances.

“That’s it, milk ’em for all their worth,”

Does he really want me to produce milk?

My brain deficient from oxygen…

Did I hear him correctly?

Does he actually want me to produce breast milk?

He stuck his dick to my lips; I had no choice

if I wanted to live…I opened my mouth to accept him.

He started fucking my face violently…at least I could breath.

“Keep playing with your fucking nipples,” he screamed.

It was hard to think of fondling my nipples; my only thought was of shoving his dick down my throat and cutting off my air supply.

“Look at me bitch,” he yelled.

I looked into his eyes.

“You don’t like something?” he raved.

My lost puppy look must have draped my face.

“Moan, moan like you’re enjoying yourself,” he demanded.

“Mmm…mmm…mmm,” I continued with his thrusts.

“Play with your fucking nipples before I break out the whip,” he yelled.

I can’t concentrate…

My eyes drain from tears…

I’m scared to death…

Is he going to kill me?

“Moan and play with your fucking nipples,” he demanded.

I am!

He still had a grip on my head as he continued enjoying himself.

“That’s it slut,”

His insults are hurtful!

After time his thrusts weren’t as forceful.

All this face fucking and fondling started to get me excited; though rough, I began to enjoy myself and turned his aggressiveness into an enjoyable blow job.

“That’s it; suck it bitch!” he said angrily.

He edged me on; sucking it passionately.

Time passed and he withdrew his swollen member.

“Mmm,” came out without thinking.

“On your back slut!” he demanded.

“Master…,” I heavily panted.

“Shut up!”

I obeyed, my heart raced, the tone of his voice frightened me, he was still mad.

The way he treats me…

I’m just a fuck toy to him!

He rolled me onto my shoulders, stepped between my legs then stepped on my hair, my body between his legs, his hand on my lower back, my knees over my breasts, and my ankles visiting my ears. Oxygen deprived, upside down, blood rushing to my head, wanting; I’m dazed and confused.

He grabbed his cock and guided it to my orifice; the head of his dick pressed against it.

“Ah,” I moaned in eagerness.

Though confused I knew I was about to be fucked.

“Play with your fucking nipples,” he demanded.

“Nipples,” I muttered.

I understood what he wanted and slowly found them.

My rose bud puckered with excitement as the head of his cock teased it.

“Ah…yes,” I moaned in anticipation.

Fright turned to excitement!

Finally, the dome of his cock pressed against me and he was in; I was just hoping my cavity was still slick from yesterday’s fuckfest to accept him.

“Ah…yes!” I exclaimed.

He took his time.

“Please…fuck me…please master,” I pleaded as I tried raising my body my ass upward.

He obliged and entered Bostancı Sarışın Escort me deeply.

“Yeah…giggle…giggle…yes…fuck me,” I went on.

He fucked me extremely slow; my pussy hugged him tightly, I was thankful I was still slick from my previous endeavors.

“Yes…giggle…giggle…yes…yes…mmm…mmm,” I continued.

“You dirty fucking whore,” he yelled as he jack hammered me.

Though my mind was still oxygen deprived; I tried to tune out his insults, concentrating instead on the sexual gratification I receive from getting a good fuck.

“Promise me something,” he insisted stopping the action in mid-stroke.

“Please master…your cock,” I begged trying again to extend upward.

“Promise me something,” he again insisted.

“Master…your cock…please,” I begged trying again to extend upward.

“Promise me,” he insisted.

“Anything master…please…just fuck me,” I pleaded; my mind lost in wanting him.

“Your testicles,” he dealt.

“Promise me,” he repeated.

FUCK ME!” I screamed in desperation, my arms flapping on the floor in desperation.

“What would you give up for a fuck?” he posed.

“Anything master…please…fuck me,” I pleaded; my mind lost in wanting him.

“Promise me your testicles,” again he demanded.

“FUCK ME!!” I screamed.

He spanked me hard.

“Ow!” I started tearing up again.

“Promise me your testicles,” he reiterated.

“Yes,” I lost my mind; I needed his cock…I needed it.

“Promise me your testicles,” he again reiterated as he spanked me again.

“Ow!” I began to cry.

He slapped my ass three more times in succession.

“I promise…please…I promise,” I wept delirious with want; not even knowing what I agreed to.

“Play with your nipples!” he yelled spanking me again.

Immediately my hands found their way back to my breasts.

He pushed deep inside of me.

“Yes,” I panted again and again.

I watched him take me as he started bouncing up and down, faster and faster, my fingers…wet.

“Tell me how much you love my cock,” he demanded.

“Huh…huh…huh…huh,” not hearing him I continued enjoying my pounding.

He slapped my ass again, hard.

“Tell me how much you love my cock!” he demanded slapping me a second time.

“Oh guawd…I …love…your…cock…yes…oh guawd…yes,” I rambled on.

Eventually, one arm fell back behind my head as my other hand continued playing with my nipple.

I could hear his balls slapping my ass, his grunts, my moans; all part of a beautiful sex act.

“Ah!” I screamed as my little one dribbled cum on my midsection; then giggled.

“That’s not acceptable,” he slapped my ass again for my mishap.

“Ow!”I yelled and then giggled with pleasure.

I continued leaking cum on my midsection; and again he slapped me.

“Ow!”I yelled again and then giggled with pleasure.

Time passed, he held himself tight against me as he came deep inside of me.

I was beside myself; I was involved and wanted him to keep fucking me.

He pulled out once he came to his senses.

He mounted me and kissed my lips…

Then my neck…

Then my breasts…

Eventually he turned to my nipples…



And sucking…

He spent a lot of time on my nipples which was well appreciated.

I took a deep breath…then…

I giggled with excitement as my legs moved about…

My body was in a state of euphoria.

I ran my fingers through his hair; I wrapped my legs around his back so he could gain access to to fuck me again.

“Oh gauwd…fuck me,” I pleaded softly.

He lifted his head and kissed me.

“Fuck me,” I begged once more as our kiss broke.

He Bostancı Şişman Escort threw my legs over his shoulders and moved forward opening access to my black hole.

“Yes…do me…giggle…giggle,” I panted heavily.

I grabbed his member and guided it to my opening.

He pressed and was in again.

“Ah…ah…ah…,” I moaned as he humped me.

His breathing immediately got heavier as he sped up.

“Fuck…yeah…yes…oh guawd…fuck me,” I pleaded.

His balls slapping my ass, his grunts, and my moans again filled the room.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation as he continued his attack.

Time, what is time when you’re getting your brains fucked out.

Ultimately he came again; deep inside, he collapsed on top of me.

I kissed him and pulled his head down; we were now cheek to cheek. Our panting was in unison; it was beautiful.

We laid there until the blood left his manhood.

Once he was completely deflated he withdrew his cock, stood, and left the room.

What just happened?

Again, I wanted to say it…

But I didn’t…

I didn’t.

The door was left open.

Why would he leave the door open?

Was it a trick?

Will I be punished if I try to flee?

Am I free?

Am I finally free?

I waited a few minutes before walking toward the door; I cautiously peeked around the corner.

I was free…

I walked to the left…

The way he went…

I walked up a set of stairs…

It led to a morning room…

There was a formal dining room to my right…

I stopped and listened…

It was quiet…

I went left…

I made my way through the kitchen…

It was a large house with an open floor plan…

He was in a large family room watching ESPN, listening through headphones.

The front door, the door I first entered the house was wide open.

There was a dog between me and the door; the dog wasn’t a calming sight.

I was scared it was a trap but it didn’t really matter; I was naked and the closest house was probably one-hundred yards away with a tall fence on the property line.

There was no chance in hell I was escaping my captor today.

“Leave!” he said.

He must have seen my reflection in the screen.

“You’ll find clothes that fit you in the upstairs bedroom; up the steps and to the left,” he told me.

I was totally confused.

“Get out before I change my mind,” he said.

I turned, walked up the steps and entered the bedroom. There, I found a huge walk in closet bigger than most two bedroom condos, complete, with a complete marble topped vanity; definitely a females closet.

Huge closet doors hide clothing from the eye making for a clean look.

Curious, I opened each closet door. I tried a few items on from bikinis to formal gowns; everything seemed to be my size.

Something didn’t add up; he didn’t do all this just to let me go…or did he?

Maybe it’s a game, a hunt of sorts, to let me go and then hunt me down.

I made up my mind!

I took a really quick shower, grabbed a gaff from the gaff drawer, panties and a bra, sat at the vanity in what appears to be my dressing room and did a quick makeup job, dressed in a black club dress, and accessed with gold jewelry; necklace, clip on earrings, wrist bracelets, a watch, and an ankle bracelet.

I slipped into my light brown four inch open ankle strapped sandals and grabbed a matching purse which already held a makeup kit for touch ups.

I made my way downstairs.

The volume on the television was on. He was squatting at the left of the couch with a beer in one hand and giving the dog a treat with the other.

“Click Clack”…my shoes sounded as I made my way towards the he and the dog.

I stopped, “Do you want to say anything to me?”

“Get out!” he replied.

No matter how morbid this may sound…

There was a connection…

I wasn’t going to say it…

Neither was he…

He didn’t care…

Fuck this!

I sighed and headed toward the door.

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