Lust in La Jolla Ch. 11

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Author’s note: This is a transition chapter that took me a relatively long time to write. There is some sex here, but more time is invested to set the stage for future chapters. For new readers, I strongly suggest reading the previous chapters. For continuing readers, I greatly appreciate your patience, and hope that I can increase the pace a little for the upcoming chapters. As always, I respectfully request your constructive feedback.

Chapter 11. Amorous at Amber’s

Amber has a plan for Kari.

When Becca and Beth left the table, Maddy was convinced it was because they were pissed at her. “Damn my big mouth!” she swore loudly, and started to get up to follow them, but Amber grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

“What are you doing?” she asked, confused by Maddy’s reaction.

“Well, I gotta go apologize for my fuckin’ big mouth again!”

“Oh, I get it. You think they’re mad at you.” Amber started laughing softly.

“What’s so funny?” Maddy asked, feeling peeved at the whole thing.

“Come here, I’ll tell you, but Jake doesn’t get to hear this … yet.” Whispering in Maddy’s ear, Amber explained how the spanking comment had added fuel to the fire for both Becca and Beth, and they had to leave because they were so hot and bothered that they needed to get themselves off.

“Omigod. And they’re doing it together? Omifuckin’god, what do you think they’re doing?” Maddy whispered back.

“I don’t know, but I’ll bet they’ll be all smiles when they get back!” Amber replied, and then to both Maddy and Jake, “Ummm … excuse me a moment, I need to use the ladies room.”

Maria had been watching ever since Jake had returned to the group. Now quite drunk, she decided that, with just Maddy left at the table with Jake, it was time to let him know just what was what. She ambled shakily over to the table, and stopped a few feet from Jake, looking at him as if she couldn’t remember what she wanted to say.

“Hey J-j-jake! Y-y-y-yer jus’ a … a BIG MEANIE,” she slurred loudly, “cuz … cuz ya jus’ wanna fuck THEM!” She shook her finger at him, like he was a naughty boy. Her voice dropped, now almost pleading, “How come I’m not good enuf? Cuz y-y-ya dunno, d’ya? Cuz I can do it too … I ain’t scared of tha’ big dick.”

Maddy had jumped up as soon as Maria had let loose, and was desperately trying to calm her down before the “outsiders” came over to investigate, “Shhh … it’s OK, Maria. Come on, just sit down and we can talk quietly. It’s going to be OK.”

“Fuck you, puta!” Maria snarled, pulling her arm away from Maddy’s hold. This was too much for Maria’s precarious balance, and she toppled over. Fortunately, Jake had risen also, and neatly caught her in his arms before she hit the concrete pool deck. “Oops!” Maria said, then giggled and twisted a bit in Jake’s arms so that he got a full handful of breast. “Mmm … thaz beddah,” she slurred.

Just then, Kari ran up and commanded, “C’mon, she’s so wasted she’s not safe here… let’s get her out of here!”

Jake set her back on her feet for a second, then re-positioned and picked her up, arms under her knees and upper back. She wrapped one arm around his neck, and leaned in to tongue his ear. “Mmm … lezz go t’ bed, ‘kay?”

He carried her inside the house, and, as directed by Kari, laid her on the couch, kneeling beside her to make sure she stayed put, holding her hands to keep them out of mischief and whispering reassurances to her. Kari came in with some brownies and she managed to get Maria to eat them. She silently cursed herself for not paying more attention to the fact that Maria was drinking margarita after margarita but not eating a bite – a guaranteed route to quick intoxication. OK, now where do we go? Kari thought, We can’t stay here cause I don’t want her talking in front of Ginger and those guys, I sure can’t take her to her house, and I’m not keen about her being around Jim like this either.

Returning from the bathroom, Amber came into the room and asked, “Hey, what’s up? Is Maria sick?” Kari pulled her aside and explained what had happened, adding that she was trying to think of a place she could take Maria to get her sobered up.

“Well, that’s easy – we can take her to my place. It’ll be perfectly safe. I think Jake will have to come to, I imagine she’ll throw a fit if he doesn’t.” Amber was the only one of the group who lived full-time in the immediate area, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the La Costa area,.

“Wow, that’d be great – I really appreciate it. OK, I’ll just grab my stuff, and Maria’s too.”

“Right. And I’ll get my bag and tell Nicky that we’re all leaving and ask her to tell Becca I left with you – she picked me up, so I don’t have a car.”

“Oh, right, forgot about that. Where is Becca anyway?”

Amber grinned, “Let’s just say she is currently indisposed – I’ll explain it all later. Actually, I’ve got quite a bit to talk to you about.”

A few minutes later, the four of them left the party in Kari’s car, heading to Amber’s apartment. bornova escort As Nicky watched them drive away from her front window, she thought back over the amazing turn of events that day. Pondering what lay in store for all of them, she briefly considered checking on Becca and Beth upstairs in her bedroom, but decided to just let them be. With a smile on her face, she turned to go back to the small remaining group by the pool.

The ride only took ten minutes, and Jake carried Maria from the car into Amber’s apartment. A bit of quick whispering between Kari, Amber, and Jake and a plan was set: Jake said that he needed to rest a bit, and asked Maria to come lay with him on Amber’s bed, which she of course agreed to. Based on how drowsy Maria now seemed to be, Jake expected her to fall asleep in the dark room. Kari wasn’t too sure, however, that she wouldn’t catch a second wind and then more or less molest him, but this was a perfectly fine outcome from Kari’s viewpoint.

After the couple went into the bedroom, Amber sat next to Kari on the couch to fill in on her discussion with Maddy, Beth, and Becca and the agreement they had reached with Jake. She also told Kari about how Maddy’s off-hand comment about spanking had affected Becca and Beth, and how they had then disappeared into the house together. Kari started imagining Beth and Becca together, her mind painting an erotic picture of Becca spanking Beth’s smooth ass cheeks. Her nipples tightened and that familiar tingle in her pussy returned and, strong and insistent.

Amber interrupted her revelry, “How about you – are you in with us?”

Kari had already been plotting to set up another session, and was taken by surprise that the others beat her to the punch. This put her in a bit of an awkward situation, however, because her “we’re cousins” cover story wouldn’t hold up if she expressed eagerness to join them. “Ummm … I don’t know … I mean, he’s my cousin, you know.”

“Step-cousin, isn’t it?” Amber reminded her with a smile, “You didn’t mind watching today, did you? Maybe you could … I dunno, take pictures, or shoot us on video … wouldn’t that be fun?” Amber watched Kari closely, and wasn’t surprised to see her face flush, and her breath come a little faster and shallower.

“Well … ummm …I guess, I could,” Kari stopped, swallowing the lump in her throat, “ummm… help out with that, if you want.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s good,” Amber continued, “imagine hot that video could be – Jake doing us one after another, maybe even two at a time, one riding that big beautiful cock, the other sitting on his face, cumming on his talented tongue. And the rest of us waiting patiently nearby for our turn, getting ourselves nice and wet and ready for his thick prick. You can be the director – you know, tell us what to do to make sure it looks as sexy as possible!”

Amber’s description hit every one of Kari’s buttons: her face flushed and her nipples strained against the thin fabric, and she squeezed her legs tightly together in a futile attempt to quell the intense throb in her pussy. She closed her eyes and whispered desperately, “Ohhh jeezusfuckinchrist, stop … talking like that! I mean, fine, OK, I’ll do it.”

“I’m so glad!” Amber purred. She patted Kari’s thigh reassuringly, then left her hand there. To Kari, her hand seemed to radiate heat, heat that shimmered up her leg and lodged in her groin, melting her insides, causing hot wetness to seep out. She kept her eyes closed and concentrated on keeping her legs closed, despite the almost overpowering urge to open herself to Amber’s hot touch. “I should tell you,” Amber continued softly, ” I told the others that I thought you were hiding something, that I couldn’t believe you had spent last night alone with Jake and not … ummm … taken advantage of him, so to speak.”

Kari’s eyes snapped open, and she stared wordlessly at Amber, not knowing how to respond. Amber lightly ran her fingers a few inches up her thigh, and then back again, her delicate caress causing Kari to shiver. “Actually,” Amber continued, “I’m not sure it’s true, but now the others believe that you might have, so it’ll be no big deal now if you do. After all, why shouldn’t you get to enjoy that gorgeous cock as much as the rest of us do?” Her green eyes locked onto Kari’s brown ones as she slid her hand higher and deeper between Kari’s thighs. Kari’s eyelids fluttered a little and then closed as she opened her legs to Amber’s soft touch, and she pleaded unconvincingly, “Ohhh, no…please, stop … no more, plee-eez.”

Amber continued as if she hadn’t heard, “Hmmm … I just wonder though, what you actually like better – the feel of his hardness sliding deep inside you, filling you up? Or to watch him with us – his thick throbbing rod slipping so deep into Beth’s throat, or stretching Becca’s tight little hole, or … mmm-mmm … his hot thick cum spraying all over my face and tits so Maddy could lick it off. Tell me, which of those really gets your kitty purring?” buca escort

She slowly ran her middle finger up the remaining few inches of Kari’s thigh, and then, with her fingernail, barely grazed the outside of Kari’s suit right over her swollen clit. It felt like a electric shock to Kari, and she twitched in response, breathing hard but saying nothing. Amber slowly ran the fingernail up to her bare belly, tracing a line up the center of the opening in her suit, the tickling sensation sending shivers through her.

Amber’s fingernail continued its journey, tracing the edge of her suit where it cut across her right breast, making the nearby nipple ache with a need to be touched. “I also wonder what gets Jake hot. Do you think he likes to see his cock sluts play with each other?” Amber hooked her finger under the edge of the fabric, and deftly pulled the cup out and down to place it under her breast, leaving the round globe of flesh fully exposed. Amber’s fingernail now began a slow spiral, centering around the pink knob, teasing mercilessly.

“Would he enjoy seeing my full red lips wrapped around a hard nipple … my soft tongue flicking back and forth?” As she said this, Kari’s mind filled with the image of Jake watching his sister suck Terri’s tit by the pool, imagining him stroking his thick cock, slippery with his own precum. “Yes, oh god yes … he likes to … watch them …” Kari panted, thrusting her chest out and her head back, offering herself to be taken. Suddenly, Amber leaned over and placed her lips around her nipple, sucking and nibbling and licking. At the same time, her hand slid over to the other breast, sliding under the suit and pinching the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Incredible jolts of pure pleasure ricocheted through her, taking her higher and higher towards a peak. Her eyes tightly closed, the image came to her: Jake furiously pumping his cock as he watches Amber suck her, he suddenly tenses and stops as a huge jet of jism spurts out, splattering her face and chest. Kari grabbed the back of Amber’s head and pressed her hard into her tit, shuddering and groaning “OHHH FUCK yesssss” as her orgasm – surprisingly intense for only nipple stimulation – washed over her.

After her shudders subsided and she released Amber’s head, Amber pulled away but stayed turned towards Kari. She whispered close to Kari’s ear, “Mmmm, that was nice … I’m glad he likes to watch, ‘cuz I wanna make him so hot and hard … and it’s fun to play with girls too. When we all get together again, will you let me play with you for him?”

“Yesssss … play with me for him,” Kari murmured. Despite her climax, Kari still felt charged, pulsing with arousal, nowhere near finished. Her pussy twitched with need as her mind played back the image of Jake cumming all over her. Amber’s hand had returned to Kari’s leg, her fingers lightly trailing up and down over the smooth skin on her inner thigh. Amber left her suit top pulled down under both breasts, and Kari made no move to cover up, wanting to be deliciously exposed to Amber’s gaze. Looking down at Amber’s hand, Kari opened her legs wide, all her resistance now gone. Still unable to vocalize what she wanted, she mentally urged Amber’s hand to move higher, to slip under moist fabric there and into the source of the wetness, into the place of her need.

“And while I play with you,” Amber continued softly, letting her fingers briefly graze Amber’s wet crotch, “who will play with me? Maybe Maddy will want to play too – I bet that sharp tongue would feel so good on my clit. Would Jake like to watch her lick my bare pussy?”

“Ooohhhh yeah … so hot! Watching you …” Kari panted, “while Beth sucks him… so deep … oh shit, I’m so close, I need … to cum again …”

Amber was absolutely delighted that she had Kari at her mercy and was ready to make her next move when the sound of Jake loudly clearing his throat from across the room startled them – with a gasp, Kari instinctively covered her chest with crossed arms and closed her legs, trapping Amber’s hand between them momentarily.

“I … I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Ummm … Maria fell asleep.” He took in the scene – Kari’s tits hanging out of her suit, and Amber’s hand between Kari’s thighs, “Oh Jeez, I didn’t mean to … uh, I should go …”

“Wait!” Amber said, “You just startled us. Actually, you came at a perfect time – I need to go take a warm bath, I have some really bad cramps and a bath is the best thing. I’m absolutely sure Kari will prefer your company right now to mine. Come sit here in my spot.” She rose and guided Jake over to the couch, and Kari’s eyes drank in his shirtless body. After Jake sat, Amber quite deliberately placed Jake’s hand in the exact spot her hand had been, high on Kari’s thigh. Wearing a huge grin, she turned towards the bathroom and walked away without saying another word.

The moment Jake’s hand touched her leg, burning need raced through Kari like a wildfire, replacing the cold karşıyaka escort edge of momentary fear that had possessed her when she had been startled. Her body relaxed with a shudder, and she lowered her arms from her chest but did not pull her hands away, instead cupping a hand under each breast, lifting them in offering to Jake’s hungry stare.

In a husky whisper, Kari declared, “Oh God help me, I … I can’t wait anymore, I need you now.” She moved into him, pushing him onto his back on the couch, crawling on top of him, pressing her lips against his, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His hands moved to her tits, and she moaned as he fondled them. She positioned herself straddling his hips and began to grind her cock-hungry cunt against his now hard rod, growing rapidly frustrated at the offending suits in the way of her pleasure. She moved down his body and quickly pealed off his suit first and then stood and removed her own. She hesitated as she looked over his nude frame, eyes fixing for long seconds on his magnificent member, unsure of what she wanted to do now. My pussy needs a cock so bad, but he’s so fuckin’ big … and I also want him in my mouth … and I just want to look at him, mmmm yeah, watch him jerk off that big prick, like when he watched Gina …

“Hey, are ya jus’ gonna stand there lookin’, or are ya gonna get busy?” Amber called with a laugh from the hallway entrance, making Kari jump in surprise. “I … uh … brought out a blanket for you to use, ’cause I know from experience that cleaning that couch after fooling around is not easy. ” She was just as nude as they were, and unselfconsciously sauntered across the room to hand the blanket to Kari, who was stunned into silence. “Or you could use it on the carpet, your choice.” Propped up on an elbow, Jake took a good look at Amber’s body to fill in the remaining little that had been left to his imagination by the bikini she had worn earlier. Her breasts were full round globes, C-cups that were a little too firm and high – enhanced by plastic surgery – but, topped with perfect light-brown nipples, they looked fantastic on her tall frame. He also noticed that her pussy was completely smooth-shaven.

After Amber handed Kari the blanket, she paused to look at Jake herself, feeling the magnetic pull of that beautiful body despite her resolve to leave Kari alone with him – for now. After, that is, she had made sure Kari understood that her cousin cover was completely blown, which Amber had cleverly accomplished through the ploy of bringing the blanket out. Come on, girl, stick with the plan she told herself, and, with a small sigh, announced “OK, I’m running my bath, so I’ve got to go,” and turned to leave the room once more.

Jake got up off the couch to help Kari spread the blanket over it. Standing at each end of the couch, completely nude, they looked at each other a moment and then Kari’s smile widened until she was laughing softly.

“What? What’s so funny?” Jake asked.

“It’s just so … so fuckin’ amazing! I can’t tell you how happy I am, Jake! And no more pretending around my friends, either.” She walked to him and hugged him, her face against his chest. She reached between them where his semi-hard cock pressed against her belly, the tip almost reaching her tits, and grasped the shaft, “Just think, only 24 hours ago we were just picking you up at the airport … quite a day, Mr. Hotty!” She looked up then, and they fell into a passionate kiss as Kari began to pump Jake’s shaft, feeling him get bigger and harder in her hand.

After a long kiss, Kari pulled back and murmured, “Mmm … so big … I’m getting so wet remembering how it felt inside me, and how it looked when you fucked Becca and Beth … omigod, sit on the couch, I need to be fucked like that … right now.”

As soon as Jake sat, she straddled him, facing him. Kari thought back to being in this same position in the car last night, almost exactly 24 hours before, and the incredible rush when he penetrated her for the first time. She lifted up and guided him to her oozing pussy, then lowered herself slowly, driving the thick prick into her depths and savoring the excruciating pleasure of being filled absolutely and completely. Bottoming out, she stopped for a moment, her eyes closed as she murmured, “Oh fuck yeah, it’s so good …”

Jake said nothing in reply, savoring the look of bliss on Kari’s face and silently reveling in the wondrous sensation of his entire manhood being tightly sheathed in hot wetness for the fourth time that day. He moved his hands up from her hips, slowly trailing up her sides and then to her tits, cupping and squeezing until the nipples were firm nuggets ready to be nibbled. As the heat growing in her breasts connected to the fire in her groin, she began to ride up and down on his cock, but quickly was reminded that she was still sore and sensitive from the session that morning.

“I’m kinda sore still, so I gotta go slow,” she whispered to Jake. She settled back down, and began to rock her hips back and forth, which created wonderful friction on her clit with no pain. Jake continued to enjoy her tits, now rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he lowered his mouth to lick and suck the other. She arched her back, giving him better access to them, and moaned, “Oh yeahhh … your mouth feels so good …”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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