Lustfull Night

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Big Tits

Hey guys, Robert here. This is Dave’s story about his first time having sex BDSM style with Tim and how Tim made him his personal Bitch. I guess Dave has always been a submissive little slut and has been begging me recently to get Alex and Tim together so that the three of us can do this to him. Also I’m currently working on part 3 of We all have the same thing (WAHTST) so this is just a little something to read and fap to while that’s being worked on. Plus there are some sex methods from this story that will be part of WAHTST. Also sorry it took forever to update but I got stuff in my life that’s eating up time and I write when I can so part 3 will come out but it’ll be a while till then. I’ll also make more individual stories like this to fill the gaps. Anyways enjoy his story.

NOTE: He said he remembers everything in detail and will be writing from a narrative perspective. In this story Dave is 20 and Tim is 21. Also in the story is an artifact from Egyptian times that brought women many great pleasures. Replicas of the sex toy artifact were made so that people can enjoy them equally as much. Apparently after competing and fucking many men, Tim won a replica through a male porn contest.

Sneak Peak: “You were very loud just then, David. You wouldn’t want the other roommates to hear us, would you? I think I’ll have to punish you for this.” Dave’s eyes widened at these words.

“Finally” Dave thought as Tim began to suck on his neck. The two men had been together for about a month. They were extremely close and in love and they have an equally high sex drive so they became inseparable. It also set fire to their lust.

Dave was beginning to feel all of his energy rush to a certain area down south, which Tim noticed right away. He chuckled slightly at his boyfriend’s reaction and slid his hand smoothly down and past his belt to palm his clothed half-erection. The contact caused Dave to moan in relief and pleasure, and he decided to give his boyfriend something in return. He moved his hand down to the waistband of Tim’s pants, undoing the button and zipper before reaching inside. He stroked him through his boxers before moving inside those as well and grasping his boyfriend’s cock. He moved his hand up and down slowly at first before hearing Tim’s moans which gave him the need to move his hand faster. Dave’s hand was starting to ache, plus he wanted to give his best friend the ultimate pleasure, so he slid down to the ground on his knees, taking Tim’s pants and boxers with him. Tim finally felt the heat and extreme wetness that was Dave’s mouth. He breathed around the shaft before pulling back, drawing his tongue along the underside, then circling it around the head. Tim let out one of the most erotic sounds Dave had ever heard, encouraging him to continue. Dave moved his mouth to engulf the entirety of Tim’s manhood once again, and began to suck and lick, loving the noises Tim was making. When Tim thought he couldn’t take it anymore, he tried to buck upward into Dave’s mouth. He wanted more, faster, but Dave grabbed his hips and held him down. He then pulled back and licked at Tim’s tip again, but this time refused to go any further.

“Uhn, David, stop teasing me!” Dave grinned at the fact that for once, he could make his lover squirm, and gave one last lick before he went back down on Tim. He swirled his tongue around his mate’s shaft in every way he could think of, until Tim couldn’t take anymore. The older of the two grabbed his boyfriend on either side of his face and began thrusting his hips back and forth, forcing his cock deep into Dave’s warm, wet cavern. Tim began to get bigger and faster as he heard the moans and gags from his lover. “Uhhhhh. David, you sound so good.” After a few hard thrusts, Tim came and Dave desperately took all of the seed that was offered to him.

Dave had experienced this moment so many times, but the thought of the feeling of Tim’s body flush against his own only got better each time. He felt Tim’s tongue against his lips, and opened his mouth to allow Tim entrance. But Tim’s mouth didn’t spend too much time on Dave’s. Ever so slowly, Tim began to move lower and lower down the other’s body, kissing and nipping the naked flesh. “Oh, Dave, you taste so good.” He smiled against his fuckboy’s skin. “And I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.” The older boy felt his companion’s member twitch against his stomach. “Oh Dave. Excited, are we?” The other boy answered with a moan as he moved his hips up into Tim, attempting to create friction. “Not so fast.” The shorter of the two pushed down on the hips that were trying so hard to reach up.

Chuckling slightly, Tim moved lower until he was breathing hot, steamy breaths on the beautiful boy’s shaft. Loving the look of Dave’s member struggling to get attention, he stuck out his tongue, still holding the other’s hips, and barely licked the tip of Dave’s leaking cock. “Oooohhh..! Tim! More!” Tim smiled gently before continuing his small, painful altyazı porno licks, soaking up the struggled moans and groans that were coming from his best friend. Later, when Tim would jerk off to the memory of fucking Dave, he would think about how much of a sadist he really was.

Deciding it was time to quit all of this, Tim pulled back from the other and smiled darkly down at him. Dave finally opened his eyes to find Tim not moving a muscle, just looking at him. “T-Tim..?”

“Dave..” The older boy said the other’s name so sexually, Dave’s penis twitched violently, causing the younger to moan once more. “David… Fuck yourself for me.” Dave’s eyes widened once he registered what the other boy had said.

Of course he was hesitant about this, so he started off with sitting up and slowly stroking his shaft as he tried to resist the urge to look at Tim, feeling extremely embarrassed and ashamed, which was something that turned him on even further. Groaning as he began to move his hands faster over his aching cock, Tim licked his lips as he watched his boyfriend. Resisting the urge to make any move to relieve himself of the hardness his own penis was now undergoing, Tim decided he could distract himself. When Dave’s face was scrunched up due to the pleasure he was giving himself, Tim got off from his bed and went to the drawer he kept his brand new lube he got just for this specific occasion. And on top of that drawer lay a 9 inch long golden dildo that Tim competed so long and hard to acquire.

Quickly grabbing the cold, golden 14K replica, Tim hid it behind his back as he strutted back to the bed. “Dave.” Still moaning as he pumped at himself, Dave looked up to see his boyfriend holding up a tube of lube in his hands. “Stretch yourself.” Tim got back on the bed, the dildo still behind his back, and handed Dave the small bottle, which he took without question. Slowly leaning back against the headboard of the bed, Dave gulped nervously before he popped open the container and squirted the slippery substance on his hand. Not noticing his boyfriend’s hands behind his back, he threw the bottle to some unknown location and moved his fingers to his tight hole. Slowly, he rubbed the lube around the opening, occasionally slipping a small finger in to get his insides nice and slick. Before he could get a single far enough in to actually stretch himself efficiently, he felt a hand on his.

“Don’t use your fingers, David.” Dave looked up with a dazed and puzzled expression.

“Then what do you want me to use?” Tim smiled softly before finally pulling out the Gold penis. David’s eyes widened as he bit his lips. The rod itself was a bit thinner than Tim’s girth, but the tip of the rod was probably as wide, if not wider than his boyfriend. The young adult took the fake cock from Tim with shaking hands, not wanting desperately to fuck himself with it as ordered, even though he was too embarrassed to admit that out loud. The gold was cold to his touch, which frightened him a bit, but he dealt with it. Tim looked around the bed to find where the lube landed and retrieved it. Once he quickly applied lube to the rod, Dave looked back up to his lustful boyfriend then back at his entrance. Lining up the gold metal to his asshole, he took a sharp breath in as he felt the cold width of the rod.

Before he could get anywhere, Tim interrupted once again. Dave shuddered as his boyfriend’s naked body crawled over him, their cocks accidentally brushing. Tim moaned almost inaudibly in the other’s ear before talking just as quietly. “Remember now Dave, if you make yourself cum, then I will have no reason to fuck you. I have to allow you to cum, understand?” Tim licked the outside of David’s earlobe and moaned just to turn on his companion even further then pulled away to give his boyfriend a reassuring smile. David nodded nervously then looked back at the rod that was so close to real penetration.

Spreading his legs as far as he could without assistance then closing his eyes, he took a deep breath before slowly pushing the curved tip of the trophy further inside of himself. Tim sat back as he intently watched his boyfriend’s ass swallow the Golden Dildo, ignoring the painful erection that was now leaking with precum. “UUUHHHNN…!” Dave moaned loudly as he finally got passed the tip of the rod as was now slowly pushing the metal object in and out of his hot, tight ass. The outer flesh was now only stretching to accommodate the width of the rod’s length, but the inside of Dave was being constantly stretched in different areas. “It’s so cold, Tim!” The tip of the Steel Cock was being engulfed by the walls of Dave’s asshole, causing the smaller male to make extremely high-pitched noises. The thrusting began to go faster as David leaned back further to gain better access to himself. His face was now an unbelievable red as he felt Tim’s eyes on him as he fucked himself with a replica of an ancient Egyptian artifact.

Dave amatör porno resisted the urge to beat himself since he was not allowed to cum. But as the speed increased, so did the need to cum. “Tiiiimmmmm!” He screamed as he pumped the rod into his ass again and again.

“Yes, Dave?” Tim responded calmly, giving his boyfriend a small smirk.

“I need… I need you…!” Tim nodded and decided to comply. Crawling back over to Dave, he touched his hand that he was using to fuck himself with and slowly pried his fingers from the rod. He looked up at his boyfriend and gave him a small peck on the nose before turning his attention back to the problem at hand. Tim grasped the head of the rod and violently shoved it into his boyfriend as deep as he possible could, forcing the tip of the item to stretch the innermost regions of Dave’s ass. This action earned the loudest and sexiest cry Tim had ever heard. The older boy smiled as he slowly but directly began to pump the rod in and out of the other boy, forcing it to hit the slut in places he thought could never be hit.

“Uhhhnnn, oh Tim! Faster! Faster!” Dave reached his hands around to tug on his boyfriend’s yellow as the sun hair as he tilted his head back in ecstasy. “Ahhh!” The ripped jock let out yet another cry as Tim started to give Dave’s cock the attention it was dying for. Pumping his boyfriends cock as he shoved the Egyptian replica into his ass as fast and deep as he possibly could, Tim bit his bottom lip as he smiled at the sounds that were filling the room. Dave couldn’t take it anymore. Tim groaned as white cum splattered across both his and Dave’s body as Dave came in Tim’s hand with the loudest scream. Dave collapsed on the bed as he huffed and moaned softly as he felt the Dildo leave his body. Tim held his prized replica that was now covered with the warmth of his boyfriend. Dave heard the item fall on the ground then opened his eyes to look at his boyfriend who gave him a mischievous smile.

“Oh, you’re not finished just yet, Dave.”

Tim took Dave’s wrists and held them together above his head, then groped behind him on the floor for the clothes they had thrown off earlier. He found David’s blue jock strap and brought it around so David could see it. “W-what are you going to do?” the younger boy timidly questioned.

“I think it’s only fitting that you be restrained by something that belongs to you.” He answered, smirking. He wrapped the red cloth around Dave’s small wrists and then once around one of the poles on the headstand of the bed. Dave’s face reddened at being treated this way, but he let Tim go along with what he was doing, finding this whole situation somewhat arousing. The blue-eyed boy moved his way down Dave’s body with his mouth once again, teasing around the base of his cock but never giving David quite what he wanted. He moved lower, and licked and sucked at Dave’s balls before pulling back and grabbing the already open tube of lubricant. He slicked two of his fingers and moved towards Dave’s body. He pushed his legs further apart and reached down to his entrance.

Because of the stunt earlier with the replica of the Dildo, Dave was already fairly stretched, but Tim wanted to prepare him just a little bit more. He rubbed one finger around the tight hole, causing Dave to shudder in anticipation and Tim to be filled with adrenaline at the quivering, knowing what he was about to do. He pushed the two lubed fingers into his boyfriend, Dave groaning at the sensation of the other boy inside of him. Tim began to scissor his fingers, then started to thrust them in and out, looking to hit the spot inside Dave that he knew would make him giddy with pleasure. After a minute, he inserted a third finger and thrust again. Dave’s hips jerked skyward as Tim finally hit his prostate. “Oh god!” Dave yelled lustfully. Tim began thrusting harder and swiveling his wrist every time he would push back in. Dave’s cries became louder and more unintelligible as Tim met with that spot again and again. Just when it seemed like the nerd-jock slut was going to lose control completely, Tim stopped his movements and pulled his hand out of the tight channel. “Uhn… Tim…” Dave groaned at the loss, and Tim was about to burst with the pleasure he was getting just watching Dave, but he had one more thing to add to the beautiful display in front of him.

“You were very loud just then, David. You wouldn’t want the other roommates to hear us, would you? I think I’ll have to punish you for this.” Dave’s eyes widened at these words.

“What do you mean – punishment?” Dave asked?

“You’ll see. But first you’ll have to turn over.” Dave gulped but tried to obey Tim, twisting awkwardly onto his side. The older boy grabbed Dave by the hips and lifted his body, helping him to turn over onto his stomach. He then helped him to get down so that he was leaning on his elbows and knees, his ass up in the air. Tim admired the view for a moment animasyon porno before agilely climbing off of the bed. He found his silk scarf crumpled on the floor and brought it back to Dave with him. When Dave felt Tim’s weight on the mattress again he whimpered a bit, not being able to see what his lover was doing. Tim moved up to the right side of Dave’s head and, holding one end of the scarf in each hand, lowered it around Dave’s head until he reached his mouth.

“Open up.” Tim purred seductively.

Dave decided not to question it and simply opened his mouth, wanting to please his lover. Tim slipped the cloth between Dave’s lips, pulled it back behind his head, and tied it in a tight knot. The green-eyed boy tried to ask Tim what the point of this was, and found he wasn’t able to form coherent words. “Imph-” he tried to get his boyfriend’s name out, but to no avail.

David turned his head as far as he could to glare at Tim, but the boy just gave him a self-satisfied smirk and said “Prepare yourself, Dave.” He tried to relax his body for what he thought was coming, but was very surprised when he felt Tim’s hand come down sharply on his ass. Dave shrieked into his gag, mostly out of shock rather than pain, and tried to shout at Tim again. All that came out of his mouth was a string of noises, and he was cut off by another sharp slap to his right butt cheek.

“Dave, I love seeing you like this for me. Spread and submissive, it’s very appealing.” Tim hit his backside again one more time before taking a break to massage the abused flesh. The tension left Dave’s body as his boyfriend’s soft hands rubbed tenderly at his ass. He sighed as he felt Tim’s cool tongue press against the burning flesh. He licked the reddest spots and then moved his tongue in between his ass cheeks to tease at Dave’s slightly stretched opening. All too soon the tongue stopped its motions and a few seconds later Tim’s hand came down on him again, harder this time. David cried out through his gag once more, but this time it was a moan of pain and pleasure. David actually found himself enjoying the harsh treatment, and his member grew harder between his legs. Tim, on the other hand, had never been more turned on. He was astounded that he’d been able to hold on this long, as his cock was now rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Seeing his boyfriend bent over and spread out in front of him like this, his ass now a bright red from his actions, and hearing the groans and yells coming from his gagged mouth was almost enough on its own to push him over the edge. He gripped the base of his cock and squeezed just a bit to hold himself back a little longer. Tim pulled his arm back one more time to bring it down for one final, sharp slap. Dave yelled, pulling against his bindings, but Tim could tell he was enjoying it by the erection bobbing between his legs.

Tim leaned forward to whisper in the boy’s ear, “Are you ready, David?” Dave shivered at the tone of Tim’s lustrous voice, but managed to nod his head. Tim moved back to his position behind him, and gripped David’s hips to steady both of them. This was always Dave’s favorite part: being tied to some unmovable object on his elbows and knees as he waited for his boyfriend to fuck him senseless. He took a deep breath and tried to relax his body. Tim smiled down at his prize before moving his hands down to Dave’s cheeks, groping and massaging each of them before calmly spreading them apart to widen the well-prepared hole, the sight making Tim groan. The paler man’s poor cock was almost about to explode due to its’ lack of attention. Tim had been so turned on from the very beginning, so now his erection began to twitch as it was rubbed against Dave’s opening, making the two men moan in anticipation.

A relieved groan ripped its way from Dave’s throat once Tim quickly sank his whole length into his submissive lover, filling him to the brim with his cock until his balls were pressed against David’s ass cheeks. Finally feeling his boyfriend’s heat and tightness around his pulsing erection, he stopped and allowed Dave to get used to the intrusion to his body. “Uhhnn. You’re so hot and tight, Dave, it’s almost impossible after all that stretching we just did. It’s like you’re clenching your asshole on purpose.” After a while, Dave’s breathing slowed and Tim started back up. He pulled all the way out of the submissive boy’s body and then slammed back in. This time Dave’s cry was one of complete ecstasy. He was used to the pain; he relished in it. Tim moaned at his reaction and the feeling of David’s channel walls squeezing his dick. Beautiful sounds that consisted of moans, sharp inhales, and skin on skin contact filled the bedroom.

After Tim slammed in and out a few more times Dave began to push himself back against Tim’s thrusts. “You want more, Davy?” The boy obviously nodded desperately, and Tim began to push harder and faster into Dave’s body, the tight heat driving him wild. “Of course you do.” He moaned through his teeth as he decided that David deserved some special treatment. He reached down to grab his cock and stroke up and down the hard length. He smeared the pre-cum that was dribbling out all over the shaft and made sure his strokes were in time with when he thrust into Dave’s ass.

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