Luxury Rules

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“Wow,” Luxury thought. “Another beautiful day at the beach.” Luxury always loved the summer time, warm breezes, hot bodies, and cold margaritas. “Doesn’t get any better than this.” she thought with a smile. Luxury always loved soaking in up the sun on those long lazy days. She loved the feel of warm sand between her toes. She always loved the attention she got at the beach. Why shouldn’t she? She worked so hard to keep her body in shape. The payoff was a tiny white Brazilian bikini. She knew she looked hot in it. She could always feel the eyes on her as she made her way from her lounge chair to cool off in the water. She loved knowing that she turned men on. Not sometimes but always. She loved knowing they were undressing her with there eyes and fucking her in there minds. She always pretended not to notice, oh but she noticed. She lived for it even craved it. Women always hated her. Women knew Luxury was aware of her effect on there boyfriends and husbands. Women knew exactly what there men were thinking when they saw her.

Luxury enjoyed that too. . Luxury had no desire to talk to all men. So many men so little time. Most men were too intimidated by her looks to even dream of speaking to her. Men so often thought she was unattainable. They were right, she did not care for shy men. She liked confident men, the kind of men that saw her as a sex toy. Luxury never knew why but as far back as she could remember she had always been attracted to men that wanted to use her. She was always turned on at the thought of men desiring to use her body for there own pleasure. She was only attracted to men who wanted nothing from her but a chance to put her in her place. Let her know that she was an object put here for there amusement. Controlling men, the best sex Luxury ever had was with controlling men. They were the only men that could hold her attention. She wasn’t a whore, she just liked being treated like one from time to time.

Luxury put down the book she had been reading. Trashy romance novels were one of her weaknesses. The sun was burning bright and she needed to cool down. As Luxury made her way to the surf she felt the eyes on her. So far no one had really grabbed Luxury’s attention. Ok, there was one guy who did. Last night at the front desk she was retrieving her messages. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a guy looking her up and down. He made no attempt at a glance he just slowly let his eyes travel down her body and back up again. Luxury was quite turned on by his obvious admiration and turned to face him. He looked her straight in the eyes and said “My name is Alan.” Just as she was about to respond the clerk came back with her messages. She thanked the clerk and quickly started towards the elevator.

Luxury submerged herself in cool surf, she felt so good. Her nipples harden as her mind drifted to thoughts of Alan at the front desk. She wondered to herself if he was married. As the waves crashed around her, she forgot about her audience and imagined how it would feel to have Alan take her. He was for sure her type. Luxury could always tell when a man saw her as a sex toy. Alan was big enough to man handle her and she knew by the way he looked at her that he wanted to. At that thought she felt a surge of excitement rush through her body.

Luxury pulled herself back into reality and started back up the beach towards her lounge chair. Again she was aware of the eyes on her. As she approached her chair she noticed Alan, he was wearing dark sun glasses but Luxury had no doubt it was him. He was only about 30 ft away from her chair. Luxury was very happy to see him. As she got closer to Alan he pulled his sun glasses down to watch her. He wanted her to know he was watching her intently. Luxury smiled to herself. She just loved the kind of man who would try to rattle her with an obvious stare. “Too bad Alan,” Luxury didn’t rattle that easily, she truly enjoyed the attention. She flashed Alan a million dollar smile and continued to her little spot on the beach. She sat back down and struck a sexy pose for Alan. He was still watching her as were his two friends.

Luxury closed her eyes and let her imagination run away with her. She thought about Alan. She could see that bad boy glint in his eyes. Alan would love to tie her up and play with her. She imagined him backing her into a wall kissing her as he ran his hand into her blouse touching her breasts. Luxury was getting quite turned by her imagined scenario. Luxury felt herself getting wet.

“Oh god I want him” she thought. It had been quite awhile since she had run into a man that made her feel this stimulated. Alan looked so bad. To Luxury that was oh so good. She glanced over in Alan’s direction. Just as she thought, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She smiled to herself, as she imagined Alan grabbing her arm and pulling her into his room. She pictured him ripping the buttons from the fabric of her top in his eagerness to have and to her.

Luxury was very wet now. Her mind Starzbet was running wild when a strange thought ran through it. She thought about controlling Alan. She had never thought about controlling a man before. Why now? Surely Alan would not be easily controlled. Anyone out here would be easier to control than Alan. Her mind kept going there.

Luxury pictured herself pushing Alan down on the bed and climbing on top of him. Using him the way he wanted to use her. She got more and more turned on by the thought. “Why not?” she thought. Luxury knew that tonight she would end up in bed with him anyways. “Why not make Alan my fuck toy?” Luxury could not stop thinking about it. Just the thought of it excited her. She could hardly wait to make Alan perform for her!

It was late afternoon and Luxury was getting hungry. She thought about a nice dinner with Alan as her desert. She tied her sarong around her waist, grabbed her beach bag then turned towards Alan. Alan was still staring at her. He had been staring at her most of the day. Luxury was a bit surprised he had talked to her. She knew he wanted to. “Well” she thought, “he will talk to me now.” She moved in the direction of Alan and his two friends. Alan stood up as she approached him. She moved in close, she stood only inches from him. Alan seemed surprised, as did his friends. Luxury looked Alan in the eyes and said “hello Alan.”

Alan shot Luxury menacing smile and said “hello, I didn’t get your name honey.”

My name is Luxury, honey” she replied. Alan’s friends laughed quietly, “Alan,” she asked. “How about you letting me take you out for dinner tonight?”

Alan looked a bit caught off guard but recovered quickly. “Yes , I would love to” he said. “What time are you picking me up baby?” Alan asked.

Luxury looked at her watch and answered “8:30 in the lounge on the lobby, Oh and Alan, don’t be late baby.” With that she slowly looked him up and down the way he had looked at her the night before. She gave him an approving smile winked at him and walked away.

“Yes, that was easy.” she thought to herself, as she headed for her room.

Luxury drew her bath and stripped off her swim suit. She so enjoyed a hot bubble bath. She began her seduction ritual. Luxury had to look perfect. She needed to feel her sexiest. She got out of the bath and dressed. Tonight she decided to wear a tiny white tight fitting with dress. The dress had spaghetti straps and a deep v cut in the front showing a very generous amount of her large breasts. It was quite short about 10 inches above her knee. Her dress looked perfect against her bronze sun kissed skin. “No panties tonight, wouldn’t want panty lines.” she thought to herself. She pulled her nylon thigh highs up. She didn’t need them, as her bare skin was quite a treat, however men seemed to really like this look. “I aim to please,” she thought to herself.

She applied her makeup while her hair dried. Luxury decided to go with smoky eyes. She wanted Alan to get lost in her eyes. The smoky look was so sexy, she knew he would be pleased. She finished applying her makeup and dried her hair. She twisted her blonde locks and clipped it up into a messy but elegant ponytail on top of her head. She put on her diamond hoop earrings and applied another coat of high shine lip gloss. She put on her white Mary Jane fuck me pumps. She looked in the mirror and thought to herself “Alan your mine tonight, poor boy wont know what hit you.” Off she went.

Luxury entered the lounge at 8:30 on the dot. She glanced over and saw Alan at the other end of the bar. She smiled, she knew he would be here waiting for her. Alan spotted her as she walked in all eyes were on her. Alan watched her intently as she walked along side the bar to the other side where he sat waiting for her. He was watching her close, more like studying her. She knew what this was about, he was trying to rattle her. So far she was in charge. A man like Alan would be working to gain the upper hand. Alan would try to take the wheel and drive. “Not tonight Alan,” she thought. Luxury walked up to Alan and slowly looked him up and down. She gave him an knowing smile to show him she approved. Alan seemed mildly amused by this. She sat down and ordered a gin and tonic for herself and another for Alan.

“Wow, Alan you are very hot.” she said.

Alan smiled at her, not all that surprised at her smart ass mouth. He liked her, “however she defiantly needed to be spanked he thought to himself.” His turn to look her up and down. “Damn but she was a hot piece of ass.” “All in white like an angel. Angel.” he thought and smiled to himself “she was anything but innocent.” He was going to enjoy having Luxury then leaving her when it was over. “Thank you Luxury, You are quite attractive yourself.” Alan said in his low raspy voice.

Luxury really wasn’t up for small talk and after a few minuets decided she really wasn’t all that hungry. She wanted to get down to business. She wanted to fuck, Starzbet Giriş she wanted it now. She took a sip of her drink and with her right hand reached over and grabbed Alan’s thigh. Her hand was very close to his manhood. She was sure she felt the heat from it. “Was he hard already?” “Yummy, he’s going to be delicious.” she thought.

Alan could not believe the nerve of this bitch, but he was turned on by her. He didn’t have to work for this piece of ass. “The bitch is in heat.” he thought has her hand crept up and rested touching is cock. His hand grabbed Luxury’s hand and he pressed her hard on his cock. She gasped for air she was so turned on.

She looked him in the eyes and said “Alan, we both know what we want here, why not skip the foreplay and get down to business? You want to play with me Alan?” Alan was not at surprised by her anymore, what did he care if she was an aggressive slut? He only planned to fuck her once and be on his way. Alan smiled at her. Luxury stood grabbed Alan’s hand and nearly ripped him off the bar stool. She firmly pulled his arm and led him across the lobby and into the elevator .

When the door slid shut she put her hand on his chest and backed him into the wall. Before he could move or respond she kissed him hard on the mouth. She pressed her hips into his hardness and felt that familiar surge of excitement rush through her body. Alan’s hand traveled down her back and stopped on her ass, with as much force has he could he pulled her in harder against his cock. This excited Luxury so much, She had him, he was hers for her pleasure.

The elevator door opened Alan released his hold on her ass. She again grabbed his hand with a since of urgency. She pulled him from the elevator and down the hall to her room. At the door she pushed the key in and turned around to face him.” Want me Alan?” she said in a low turned on whisper. Alan said nothing , he instead reached behind her and turned the key and opened the door. Alan pushed her into the room ready to show her who’s boss.

“Damn I cant wait to fuck his bitch” he thought. Just inside the door he pinned her to the wall. He looked Luxury in the eyes and she felt his hand run up her dress and cup her pussy. Luxury felt her legs go weak.

Alan really turned her on, “if I don’t get hold of myself I’m going lose control.” Losing control crossed her mind, she let it pass. She pulled her hand up pushed him away from her. Normally Alan would not have allowed this bitch to push him off, however she amused him. He wanted to play her game for awhile. Luxury took Alan by the hand and led him to the bed. “Sit Alan.” Alan smiled at her more of a sneer as he complied with her order.

Luxury turned on soft sexy erotic music. She then began to light the candles she had placed all over the room. “Quite a seduction scene.” she thought. The candles were vanilla and raspberry. The fragrance always put her in the mood, she was sure it would for Alan as well. Luxury shut off the lights. She moved over towards the bed where Alan had been watching her every sexy move. He hated admitting to himself that he couldn’t wait to have her.. There was something about her.

“She’s a sexy bitch” he thought. Alan was sure she was not used to calling the shots. “Was she playing a game with him?” “Wow,” he thought, “if this is a game what a sexy game it is.” The stereo played Enigma softly in the background.. One of Alan’s favorite songs.

“Alan, do I turn You on baby?” Alan’s smile widened as he watched her in the candlelight remove her dress. Her movements soft slow. Luxury was very deliberate in her movement. She needed to weaken his resolve or lose the upper hand. The dress came off as gracefully as it had gone on. There she stood with nothing but her fuck me shoes and sexy stockings.

“Yes you turn me on, you know You do.” Alan growled. Luxury flashed Alan a satisfied smile.

“Alan baby, I showed You mine, I need see Yours.” her words so seductive. She moved forward and dropped to her knees in front of him. She gazed up into his eyes. And began the task of removing his shoes. Her touch was soft and sensual. Alan was rock hard, one at a time he removed his shoes and socks while never breaking eye contact.

Luxury was so turned on. She was so hot. She could feel her wetness running down her leg. She slid up his body and stood before him and slowly began the process of unbuttoning his shirt. “Alan touch my body baby.” Alan didn’t need to be told twice. His hand went straight to her inner thigh. She was dripping wet. He knew she would be. He wanted to taste her so fucking bad, she was starting to drive him wild.

“She’s fucking hot and calling all the shots.” Alan liked this game for change. She finished un buttoning his shirt just as his hand moved up and made contact with her hot pussy. Luxury felt Alan’s fingers move up inside her and it was all she could do to fight her building orgasm. She gently pulled open his shirt and rubbed his Starzbet Güncel Giriş chest. She could feel Alan’s heart beat he was so excited, this excited Luxury even more. She gently pulled at the hair on his chest, without thought had begun fucking his hand. Alan let out a groan, she was driving him wild. She reached down and touched Alan’s arm and pulled his hand out of her wet pussy.

Luxury again dropped to her knees. She looked Alan in the eyes again. She pulled his hand glistening with her juices to her lips and began sucking her cum from his fingers. With her other hand she unbuckled his belt. She continued fucking his fingers with her mouth, never breaking eye contact. She unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his zipper. She slipped her hand inside almost touching it but not quite. She removed his now clean fingers from her lips.

“Alan, stand up baby.” As if in a trance Alan stood at once. Luxury began pulling down his trousers. Alan allowed her to remove them and then his briefs. As soon has Luxury had removed his briefs his big hard cock sprung out to greet her. She could see the drops of cum on the top and could not resist a taste of him. She licked her lips and pulled his cock to her eager mouth. She could smell him this made her so hot, she tasted him. She could no longer hold back and she came right there on her knees with Alan’s cock on her lips.

Alan felt her tremble it was all he could do to resist the urge to grab her by her hair, pull her up, and throw her on the bed and fuck her like he owned her.

She was making him crazy with her fuck me eyes. Her touch was burning up his skin. He had never been with a bitch like her. He was so fucking hot she could do with him as she pleased, he didn’t care anymore. Luxury slowly stood up. She moved in and kissed him hard on the mouth. She tasted so sweet. She backed up and pushed him down on the bed.

“Alan want to taste me baby?”

“Fuck yes, I want to taste you,” he thought. “Yes Luxury, baby I want to taste you.” She straddled him and moved up higher and slid herself down on his mouth. She felt his warm tongue licking her then drilling up inside her sweet pussy. He was so gifted, no one had ever eaten her this way and she found herself grinding down on his mouth.

“Fuck” she shouted. She began to moan. Her hands had found there way to his hair, she was pulling him into her further. “Oh God I’m in heaven,” she thought. “Heaven is riding Alan’s tongue.”

Her moaning was loud and turned Alan on even more. He knew she was about to cum and drilled in her further. Just as her orgasm shook her, Alan began sucking her. Luxury’s pussy was so sweet. He needed to drink her in, all of her letting nothing escape his lips. She screamed almost breathlessly she shook uncontrollably from her orgasm.

Luxury felt herself release his hair. She had not been aware that she was pulling it. She slid back off his mouth. He was smiling up at her. She felt herself smiling and leaned down and kissed him again. “I own you,” she thought satisfied with her performance. Even more satisfied with Alan’s performance. Without another word she turned herself around towards his beautiful hard cock.

“Alan do you mind if I take You for a ride?” She could feel his smile widen as she lifted herself up and lowered herself down onto his manhood. She heard him groan. She was excited at her effect on him She was going to fuck the hell out of Alan now.

Luxury began moving herself up and down in slow controlled motions. She wanted to feel every inch of him moving in and out of her tight wet pussy. She could feel the control she had over him and it drove her to the edge quickly. She could feel Alan’s hands around her waist. She was riding him so good he didn’t need to give her coaxing. She knew what she was doing . Alan just laid back and enjoyed the ride. He knew she was controlling him he didn’t care she was so fucking sweet, he needed to feel her cum on his cock. He never wanted anything more than to be bathed with her juices down his cock and onto his balls.

Just then Luxury reached her hands behind her and placed them on Alan’s chest. She leaned backwards. “Fuck he’s good in bed.” He never flinched.

Alan pushed himself up further and further as she slowly moved up and down. She felt his cock deep inside her. It was touching her in away that was pushing her over the edge. She kept moving slowly up and down.

Alan was ready to explode he couldn’t take much more. She was making him crazy. He needed to feel her juices on his cock. Just as she reached to point of no return she moaned loudly he felt her juices, her hot sweet cum submerge his cock.

“Cum in me Alan.” The words escaped her lips while she shook and trembled. That was all it took and Alan lost all control and shot his hot load up deep inside her.

Luxury was spent and smiling. She was dripping from the heat. She gently slid off Alan’s cock and collapsed next to him on the bed. This was where she had planned to tell him to dress and leave, she instead fell asleep next to him.

Alan was a happy man. He let Luxury have her fun. He himself enjoyed her very much, He was going no place tonight. “In the morning I’ll show her who was really in charge.”

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