Magic Fingers Ch. 11

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Carol gave a gasp.

There, stuck in a condom and held to his leg with surgical tape was his long hard dick. It was over a foot long.

I couldn’t stop myself, “Doesn’t it hurt taped to your leg?”

“Yeah, but if I don’t secure it and I get hard, I’m in real pain and the condom gives it some room to move, plus it saves me from getting a wet spot on my knee.”

I looked at Carol, “Please close your mouth and then give the man with the big dick your apology.”

Mark was pulling his pants up before Carol could be come herself again.

“I’m sorry Mark I was just afraid that you had a problem and I wanted you to face it so I could help.”

“Carol,” I said. “He has a foot-long dick, he has no problems.”

“Well, actually I do, but I’ll save that for some time when we are all having a family discussion.”

“Very good Mark, you’re really fitting in. And Carol; close your mouth again.

“Mark, can you finish up here? Carol and I have an appointment and we are running late.”

—– On the way to her mini-mansion, Carol told me that she had been on the phone with Melanie.

“She told me that she’s had a rough day and that she would have pizza and beer waiting for us.”

When we walked in, Melanie was sitting with a slice of everything-on-it pizza, in one hand and a cold beer in the other.

She looked up at both of us, “No: I’m not moving. I just sat down for the first time today. Grab yourselves a slice, a cold one and join me.”

We weren’t even seated when Carol could no longer contain herself.

“Melanie, you won’t believe this.”

I knew what was coming and I forced myself to sit there and keep my mouth full of food so I wouldn’t say anything.

“Melanie, I saw Mark’s dick today.”

Melanie seemed unimpressed until Carol went on. “John saw it too.”

That got her interest and her eyes narrowed as she looked at me. “And, exactly how did my John get to see Marks dick?”

Carol was getting frustrated with her.

“Melanie hear me out, his dick was taped down the side of his leg. Down to his knee.”

“Chew dear,” I said. “Don’t gasp or I’ll have to perform the Heimlich on you.”

“No way,” Melanie said with more energy than I thought she had and more excitement than I thought she should have shown.

“Yes, way. Way down his leg. Ask John.”

“Yup,” I said. “Our little Mark could make two of me and still throw a couple of inches away.”

“But he’s gay,” Melanie expounded.

“I know,” said Carol. “What a waste. Huh.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Gay or not. If I saw that thing coming at me I’d head for the hills.”

We changed subjects and before long, lost track of the time.

I tapped my watch. “Ah, think we should clean up before Ms. Helen Hindi arrives.”

“For the last time. You too Carol; listen up. Her name is Singh Hadi Siddhu.”

“Heard you! But I’m just calling her Ms. Siddhu,” Carol called out, as she came out of the kitchen with a large pot of tea.

“I thought we should imbibe, to get the smell of beer and pizza off our breaths.”

We were sitting there, drinking tea, enjoying each other’s conversation and company, when a black Lincoln limo pulled into Carols drive.

We all rushed to greet this new potential investor. She was dressed in typical female Indian garb with a ruby stuck in the middle of her forehead.

“How are you all doing this evening,” she asked, with a very heavy Indian accent.

She seemed to have a harsh wicked mother-in-law voice. And when she looked at anything, she seemed to be scrutinizing it, assessing its value. I did not have a very good first impression of her and was beginning to dread my part in this enticement of investment money.

We sat in the dining room, sipping tea and filling Ms. Sadist Shitsue, or what ever her name was, in on the business plan. When Carol and Melanie were done, I felt it was my turn to contribute.

As I started to explain female ejaculation, she became overly animated.

Waving her arms around, she said, “It is about time that you Americans started to learn the Indian ways of pleasuring yourself. In India, we are taught as young girls to expel our water as we are masturbating or at the proper time when having sex.”

Carol asked, “So you are familiar with female ejaculations?”

“Oh heavens yes. You Americans are very backwards about so many things. Here, I will show you.”

To everyone’s shock this small woman got up from her chair, hiked her surrey to her knees, squatted, flatfooted, reached up her dress and began to stimulate herself. Not to an orgasm, but to gushing puddles on Carols highly polished bamboo floor.

She was happily pumping away, while saying, “See how easy it is. All American women should be trained this way.”

Carol was running to the kitchen as her stern doctor’s voice cut the air. “You mean we should be trained to be as uncouth as you?”

Carol ran back with a hand full of dishtowels and dropped all but one onto the puddle. She handed that one to Samsun Escort Ms. Siddhu, saying, “Please stick this between your legs so you won’t drip any more on my floors as you leave. Come Ms. Siddhu. I’ll see you to the door.”

Melanie sat there in shock as I began to sop up the puddle with the towels, as Carol frog-marched our, would-be, investor out the door.

When Carol came back, she was still steaming. She softened when she saw me and said, “Thanks John, please just throw those in the trash.”

Melanie now felt guilty. “Oh my god Carol, I’m so sorry, if I had thought that she’d be this bad, I never…”

“Melanie, this is not your fault, there is no way you could have known.”

“But there is. I helped find her a home in San Diego, she was difficult to deal with and the seller of the house was brought to tears by her. At the time, I thought it was just her way when purchasing something.”

I interrupted. “You mean you had no idea that she was as crude and obnoxious as she is? Well, for me, I’m glad this happened, because if it had gone on much longer, I’d have stuck a knife in her, not my fingers.”

Carol started to laugh. “I wish you could have seen your face Melanie. When she yanked up that dress of hers and stuck, lord knows how many fingers up her pussy and started to deposit a flood on my floor. Good God; could you imagine her as an investor? We’d all be in prison for her murder.”

Melanie and I left Carols place late that evening. We were both to tired for any real fooling around. I slept in the buff while Melanie had on her, short, slip-type, nightgown. No bra or panties.

I snuggled up behind her, put by dick in the crack of her ass, put an arm around her and cupped her breast. Feeling her nipple in my palm and my dick softly cradled by her ass, we both drifted into a peacefull sleep.

—– The next three days were non-stop for everyone, including Mark who was progressing very well. Especially with the more normal women, from the college, who still had problems, but hadn’t been beaten down by a tough life. These women were the ones that found the bliss in the after-glow of their climaxes. I believe Mark was finding his new ability to be more satisfying.

I was drawing several rough layouts of how I wanted the rooms, where the clients were to have their ejaculating experiences or therapeutic sessions as Carol wanted it called. I wanted the rooms to look and feel relaxing, yet be functional. I was just sitting back, pleased with my work, when I got a call from Melanie.

She was excited, as she blurted out, “The twins just called.”

She went on to explain that they would be landing in San Diego in just four hours. They were on their way to Hong Kong. They had been asked to be present during the negotiations of a deal for one of the domains that they held so they could only spend the night before they had to leave.

“That’s great,” I said with excitement in my voice.

“John,” she paused before continuing. “There is a problem. There are two of them and only one of you. We only have them for a limited time. Can you work with one right after the other?”

“Ah, now I see the problem. Yeah, Melanie, two women in succession is not a major problem. Though, wouldn’t it be better to get them at the same time, so they can talk together about their experience? We could then talk to both of them, answer their questions and get a commitment from them.”

“That would be the ideal situation John, but how are you going to do that?”

“I think Mark could be our answer.”

“Is he ready?”

“I think so, but this is a great opportunity to find out if he will choke with high-end clients.”

“John, this is an expensive way to find out.”

“Melanie, I truly have confidence in him.”

“Fine,” she said. “I’ll make the arrangements to have them picked up and brought to Carols.”

“How about if we take them to a very small restaurant with good food, and not a lot of glitz. Some place where we can quietly talk before going to Carols. That should make it easier on us.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. I know just the place. Both these women like steak and Roy has the best.

“John, will you call Carol and tell her?”

“No problem, and don’t forget to include Mark in the reservations.”

Instead of calling, I went to Carol’s clinic. I didn’t have a long wait to see her.

“Light day,” she exclaimed as she walked up to me and gave me a kiss.

I told her of the twins, the restaurant and the roll I wanted Mark to play.

“Now, I have a personal question.”

“John,” she replied. “You know the answer to that, any time you have the urge, I’m available for you.”

“Carol, I love you, I hope you know that, but I need you to be there for Mark as well as me.

“Tonight, he is going to work his heart out. Just as I am. When we are both done, we will need release. Mark needs to be seen as part of this and he needs to be relaxed. As the twins are recuperating, would you take care of Mark?”

Carols Samsun Escort Bayan eyes brightened. “John, I don’t think he is looking for a woman.”

“Carol; I still haven’t talked to Mark yet. His gender preference may not be the problem that you imagine. The facts are what they are. We need him to be relaxed as he plays his part in this.”

“Fine, I’ll do my part, but I want you to tell me what he said.”

I stretched to kiss her lips. And I whispered, “Baby, I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

Mark was my next stop. I told him of the twins, how important they are as investors and why I couldn’t work with both.

“Mark this is important, our image is important. You and I must be relaxed for the conclusion of the meeting, once the twins have recuperated. Melanie will be there for me and I want you to allow Carol to take care of your needs.”

He protested. “John, I can’t have an orgasm with a woman.”

“Mark, I am going to be very explicit. Carol will take you in her rectum. This may well be the only time that you have ever had total penetration, but Carol can and is willing to do this for you. Trust me on this. Now what I need to know is, will you let her help?”

“Well, I can try.”

“No Mark, I don’t want to hear, try. Carol will take you in her rectum and she will get you the release that will be required to be at ease when we conclude business with the twins. Once again, will you let her?”

“Yes, Yes,” he said. “I can let it happen.”

“Ok, now for some more pressure on you. I don’t want this to be a one-way street. While you’re in her, she will become very aroused. I want to extract a promise that you will make her cum.”

“But John, I don’t know what I should do for her.”

“Stop,” I said. “Mark you have a good heart, let her make you cum and you will feel what she needs. All I really expect from you is for you to use the care and compassion that you have. You will sense what to do to make her cum. Don’t complicate it, just let yourself feel it.”

Mark nodded, “I think I see what you’re talking about.”

“I knew you would.”

—– One of the differences between Melanie and Carol is that Melanie seems to instinctively know what the classy thing to do is. Carol has the good taste that comes with education, the desire to be better than yesterday and money. It was almost as if Melanie had been born into wealth and simply accepts that this is the way things are done.

The meeting with the twins is a prime example. They arrived at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Melanie had a limo waiting at the airport for them. It would take them from San Diego to the Four Seasons Hotel, so they could change and refresh themselves. This was not an over size limo, just your average run of the mill Lincoln. The room was not on the top floor. That would have looked like flash and pretentious glitz. This was simple and well-done.

She did have flowers in the room and made sure that room service contacted them to see if they required anything, from food to having their cloths cleaned and ironed. Melanie personally contacted them while they were in the limo, heading to their hotel, and filled them in on the agenda for the rest of the evening.

Taking into consideration the time lag, we were going to pick them up for dinner at 5:15.

We all agreed to meet at Carol’s Clinic. The now oversize limo would pick us up and we would get the twins.

The twins were not what I expected. My vision, had them dressed in identical high fashion dresses with high heals, perfect posture and maybe even a beehive hair-do. Oh yes; don’t let me forget big teats, long beautiful legs and gleaming smiles.

Carol, Mark and I waited in the limo as Melanie went out to collect our potential investors.

I felt a slight nudge in my ribs as Mark nodded at the window and said, “They’re lesbians.”

He saw the quizzical look I had and said, “Trust me I know.”

In facial features and stature, they were mirror images. One was dressed in a solid black skirt that came to her mid-calf, dark nylons, and black flats for shoes. At six feet, she did not need heels. She wore a plain white short sleeve, button up shirt, a thin gold necklace with a cross on it, a leather wristband watch and one ring. It looked like a Smokey quarts stone, about the size of a quarter. Her blonde hair was cut short and seemed to be sculpted around her head.

The other wore what I could only describe as a Palm Beach skirt. Big flower print and the skirt seemed to spin out from her body with every movement. She was wearing white one-inch heel, open sandals, no nylons and a wide collar white button shirt. She was topped off with a summery straw hat with cherries or some such thing attached to a wide ribbon that went around it. The hat rested on the top of shoulder length, stick straight, blond hair. She wore the exact same necklace as her sister but had a gold watch with matching band. She too only had one ring. It was a medium size, pink and white cameo of a cat.

They Escort Samsun had the same very pale blue eyes and long thin faces that seemed to add to their height. They were athletically thin, no excess weight anywhere, and it looked like their breasts were squashed tight against them.

Mark nudged me again and said, “It would probably be best if I took the dyke and you had the fem.”

“What?” As another questioning look crossed my face.

“John, you need to get out more.”

Carol finally spoke. “Mark is probably right, you work with Miss Flowers and let Mark take Ms. Executive.”

When they got in, they were both extremely pleasant and easy to talk to. I got no sense of the one dressed in the harsher clothing style as being masculine.

Once again, Melanie had class. We pulled into Roys. There was a sign, closed for the day, will reopen tomorrow. The owner greeted us at the door, he held out the chairs for the twins as Mark, and I did the same for Carol and Melanie.

Roy was Greek; I tend to doubt that Roy was his real name. However, he had a reputation among the steak lovers in Pine Valley for serving only the best steaks.

He looked at the sisters and said, “Don’t tell me. You are both steak lovers and,” he paused, “I think you,” he was now talking to the flowered skirt, “like yours done rare, and your favorite cut,” he paused again, “you’re a tough one. I’m not sure, is it filet mignon or rib eye?”

She smiled and laughed. “Both,” she said. “And yes I do like them rare, but with the burn marks very crisp.”

“Ah,” he smiled. “You are my kind of customer. I will pick the best cut I have of both, just for you.

“And you,” he looked at the other sister, “You are easy. It’s T-bone or nothing. Am I right?”

She too laughed and smiled. “You are very good, but I like my steak…”

“No, no, don’t tell me, let me guess. You like it, medium to medium well. Yes?”

“Yes. How do you do it,” she asked.

“It’s a gift from God,” he said casually.

“You three I know, but you, why have I not seen you in my restaurant before.”

He was almost glaring at Mark, as if it were a sin that he never had steak here.

Mark looked up at him and said, “The important thing is that I’m here now. Yes?”

Roy smiled and patted him on the back. “Yes, Yes,” agreed Roy. “But you would rather have a hamburger than steak.”

Mark looked up. “Sorry, but I’m not much of a steak eater.”

“No matter, I’ll fix you something that you will eat, don’t worry. Trust old Roy.”

We talked as we ate. The sisters seemed captivated by Mark, who had spent several years living in Palm Beach and was able to relate to the things and places they were familiar with.

By the time we finished our meal, I thought the twins had a better understanding of who we were and what we were going to offer the ‘Rich and Famous’ as a remedy for what ailed them.

“Well,” Carol said. “It looks like our driver has finished his meal, so we should be free to go.”

It was a twenty-minute ride to Carols. Everyone was too full to talk. Once we arrived in the privacy of her home, the conversation definitely took on a vocabulary I hadn’t expected.

“Now, let me see if I fully understand,” said Robin Banks, the one dressed in black and white. “Because I just don’t see this working.

“One of you two,” looking at Mark and I, “shoves, whatever it is that you shove into a woman’s cunt, basically fuck the shit out of her, make her sing the Halleluiah Chorus and she coughs up a grand.”

Carol sat calmly through this, but I could tell, she was forcing herself to stay that way. Melanie was getting red faced, and not from embarrassment, she looked like she was going to clock the vulgar Ms. Banks and poor Mark had no idea of what to say or do.

Before I could let Melanie have at her, I spoke very slowly. I put a smile on my face, one of those Cheshire grins.

“Afraid to try it yourself. Aren’t you.”

I didn’t give them the time to answer, “If it is true that twins have a bond and feel the others emotions then you two would probably sound like a choir. But, to get back to my question, and you have been told of my perceptive abilities, so of course you can understand my curiosity. Why are you afraid?”

Everyone seemed to go paste white at my audacity, as I shut up and stared at the sisters.

Rose, the flowered dress one, cracked first. “It’s not that we are afraid, we just don’t want people delving into our personal lives.”

“So if we assure you that there is not a soul here who cares if you have nightly satanic rituals with goats, or any other personal choices, neither of you would fear experiencing a female ejaculation?

“You do understand, that to experience this is the only way that you will know what this really is and why a woman would gladly hand over a grand as you so eloquently put it.”

I stood and looked at both of them. “Yes or no, it’s that simple.”

They looked at each other, no emotion crossed either of their faces and suddenly, not to be out done, the dyke stood.

“Fine, please explain exactly what is going to happen.”

When I was done explaining, in a considerably more pleasant voice than I had earlier used, Rose spoke.

“Can you both do this if we lay side by side in the same bed?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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