Maid to Order

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“Here’s your toast and orange juice, sir.” She said as she set the tray in front of him.

“Oh, my!” His attention was suddenly drawn away from the report he was reading. “What have we here?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” She said as she fidgeted with her uniform. “I washed the dress last night. When I took it out of the dryer it was… smaller.”

Indeed it was. His eyes popped out of his head almost as much as her breasts were popping out of the dress. Her breasts were nearly spilling out the top and her ruffle-panty covered rear end was only half covered by the hem of the dress.

“You’re not supposed to put that material in the dryer. But you know that now, don’t you? I’ll have to get you another one, but you’ll have to make due with that one today.”

“Yes, sir.” And she went back to her cleaning.

He now watched her instead of reading his report. And watching her made him thirsty. She would reach up to dust a shelf and the dress would raise up to completely uncover her ruffled panties. When she bent over to pick something off the floor, her breasts would nearly fall out of the top of the dress and the panties stretched tight across her butt. Before he knew it, his glass was empty.

“Could you get me some more orange juice, please?”

“Of course, sir. Just a moment.”

She went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with a carafe of orange juice beaded with condensation. She leaned over in front of him to fill his glass. Just as she was tilting the carafe to pour he briefly slides his fingertips up the back of her thigh.

“Sir!” She jerked upright, nearly spilling the juice. “Please. I’m trying to pour your juice.”

He just smiled. She went to pour the juice again, and again his fingers raced up her thigh. She turned to face him.

“I can’t pour for you if you’re going to interrupt that way.”

She turned back to the table and went to pour one more time. This time he touched her just above the knee. She flinched but didn’t stop this time. As the juice flowed from the carafe to the glass his hand slowly moved up her leg. She normally only half-filled his glass, but as his hand moved upward she kept pouring. He felt her tremble as his fingers moved to the inside of her thigh and his thumb slipped beneath the elastic of her panties.

As the juice neared the lip of the glass, his fingers brushed against the narrow strip of cotton at the juncture of her thighs. Then, just as the glass was filled and she should lift the carafe away, he pressed his hand against her and rubbed her panties. The glass overflowed before she caught herself enough to set it on the table. She leaned on her hands and moaned as he massaged her sex. He slowly rubbed her vulva and her lips until he felt the heat and wetness of her rising passion.

“I’ve changed my mind about the toast. I think I want to eat you for breakfast.”

With that, he cleared away the table in front himself with one hand and turned her around with the other. He leaned her back onto the table and moved his chair between her legs. He slipped her panties from her legs and placed her feet on the back of the chair to either side of his head.

He gently caressed the outside of her legs as he softly kissed the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Ever so slowly, his kisses inched lower and lower. He could smell her musky love scent and it pulled him closer to her womanhood. She spread her legs wider for him as his lips brushed hers as he moved from one leg to the other.

He stopped the kissing and stuck out his tongue. He gingerly flicked it across her lips, up and down her yoni. She sucked in her breath and reached out to grip the edges of the table. His tongue continued to tease her and his hands caressed her waist. She moaned and gripped the table hard as his tongue sank between her love lips, gently massaging her clitoris.

He ran his hands slowly up her sides, across her breasts and back down her stomach. Her nipples were now straining against the fabric stretched tight across them. And she moaned every time his hands slid across them. With every caress of her breasts she thrusts her womanhood against his tongue. And with every thrust of her hips his tongue slides down between her lips and over the opening of her sex. She squirmed more and more, only adding to the movements of his tongue.

He covered her breasts with his hands, feeling her nipples press into his palms, and opened his mouth and licked her sex from bottom to top. By the time his tongue was at her clit she had arched her back, forcing her womanhood into his mouth. He covered her yoni completely with his mouth and ran his tongue up and down and across her lips. Her hips undulated beneath his mouth. He was no longer guiding his tongue around her sex; she was guiding her sex around his tongue.

He eased a hand off her chest and felt around the table. His fingers found the bowl and he pulled it to him. He lifted the spoon from the bowl and brought it in front of his face. He lifted his mouth away from womanhood and tilted the spoon on its side. The glob of jelly slid off the spoon and landed on her vulva. He took the spoon and then spread the jelly all over her lips. The heat of her passion quickly softened it and made it ooze down between her lips.

He let the spoon drop into the bowl with a clink then attacked her sex with his mouth again. He pressed his mouth hard to her lips. She arched her back to force him deeper but he kept her pressed to the table. His tongue snaked inside her and he licked the soft walls of her love tunnel. He reached around and rubbed her clit with his finger as his tongue moved in and out of her love well.

Her button was hard with arousal. His finger slowly drew circles around it as he began to help her towards orgasm. She was now thrusting with the rhythm of his finger. As she pushed with her hips, he sank his tongue deeper inside her. He started licking her lips, savoring the taste of her nectar mixed with the sweetness of the jelly. His tongue ran wild around her yoni as licked up the jelly, across her lips, down her lips, between her lips. He sucked and licked as she drew closer and closer to cumming.

His tongue was at the bottom of her sex and he still tasted jelly. His tongue went lower, licking the very sensitive skin just below her lips. She gasped and exhaled with a moan as he pressed his tongue to massage her perineum. He moved his tongue in time with his finger. Her breath was coming in pants and gasps now. She let go of the table and reached up to grab her legs behind the knees. She then pulled her legs farter apart so his tongue could roam unhindered throughout her entire sex.

He licked and sucked the jelly from her skin. His fingers teased her clit. She cried out and orgasmed with a fury. She grunted as his finger rubbed her love button and squealed as his tongue tickled her where the jelly had dripped. And her nectar flowed out and down to his tongue. Her body convulsed at the new and total sensations she was feeling. And it seemed she was cumming forever.

Her body finally started relaxing and she felt the sexual exhaustion come over her. Her breathing returned to normal, almost. Her hips stopped thrusting. But her body still shivered as his tongue still ticked her. She could stand it no longer. Her brain needed recuperation time. She let her legs drop to the table and he took this hint and lifted his head. The look that passed between them was more love than words can describe.

He stood up and gripped her legs beneath her knee in the same spot her own hands had been. He backed up a couple steps, pulling her to the edge of table as he did so. Hooking her legs under his arms, he pushed his boxers to the floor, and then he lifted her legs and rested her calves on his shoulders He stepped forward and pressed the head of his shaft to her still hot lips. With almost no exertion, he slid easily inside her. He sighed and just held himself there for a moment then slowly pulled out. But he knew he couldn’t hold back the inevitable, but he wanted to enjoy this feeling as long as he could. In and out, with a slow rhythm he loved her, pausing for a moment each time he was completely inside.

She lay there, still recovering from her orgasm, rocking against his thrusts, as they got stronger and quicker as he neared his own orgasm. He no longer paused at the end of a thrust and he pushed back in quicker. Soon his hips were smacking against her butt cheeks as he thrust deep inside her. He held on to her legs to keep from pushing her back onto the table. Faster and faster he pounded, grunting now with each thrust.

He moaned and rammed his shaft deep inside as the orgasm swept through him. He jerked out and thrust deeply inside again. “Unnggh!” He felt himself explode inside her. Again and again he felt the cum surge through his shaft to spurt into her deepest sex. Now as he was on the downside of the orgasm, he once again paused momentarily at the end of each thrust.

As he recovered, he reached down, around her back, and helped her to sit up, being careful no to let his staff leave her yoni. Then he kissed her. And she returned the kiss with equal passion. And he accentuated his kiss by moving his hips ever so slightly.

“I do believe,” he said after pulling his lips from hers., “that that was the best breakfast you’ve ever put on the table in front of me.”

“It was fun, wasn’t it?” She replied. “This is a fun little outfit you got me. We’ll have to play with it some more.”

And as the husband and wife kissed again, his hips began moving in bigger and bigger motions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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