Maid to Share on Valentines Ch. 02

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(Authors Note: This is the second half of ‘Maid to Share On Valentines’. It picks up directly where chapter 1 left off, if you want a fuller story I’d advise you to read chapter 1 first. However I think this is much the better half, and if you’re looking for hot nasty sex, i think it’ll stand alone quite well. Happy reading!)

Alex is the first to move. After our 3-way fuck we all slumped in a pile, you sandwiched between us.

Alex is on top so he is the one to move; he stands up, his long but soft penis plopping from your pussy. It allows a glob of cum escape and it run down past your ass cheeks onto my own cock and balls. You feel it trickling, and shiver in disgust at your self, but even now so soon after your last orgasm you feel your pussy start to itch for more attention.

He drops into the nearest chair and looks at you, taking in the sight and memorising it. It’s not often that a guy comes across a slut like you, and as he studies your kinky costume, bare tits, and sloppy shaved pussy, he remembers every detail.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen you act like such a whore, I was ready for it, expecting it, and I also know that today you’re going to do much, much worse.

Sucking off an almost stranger, a man you hardly know beyond his name, and then fucking him and your Master at the same time – all while dressed as a maid – would be way beyond the perviest lifetime experience of any normal girl. Luckily you’re not a normal girl, and for you, this is only the start.

I decide it’s time to get out of this sticky situation and prepare for the rest of the day. Phase one in my plan is getting you hungry for cock again.

I begin by placing my hands lovingly on your body, first I hug you, and then start stroking your soft bare skin. My hands make their way to your tits, gliding over the tanned skin of your arms and shoulders before cupping your breasts. I don’t jump straight to your nipples, but instead I squeeze and stroke the pale skin of your tits.

I coax you back to arousal, not rushing, we have all the time we need to take things as slow as I please, and I love to tease you. Your super-charged reaction after a slow methodical teasing makes all the effort worthwhile.

Minutes pass before my fingers start to creep towards your tits; I occasionally let my fingers scrape across the darker skin surrounding your already rock-hard nipples.

You’re relaxed post-orgasmic breathing increases in intensity. You moan quietly from the sudden rush of sensations each time I flick past your nipples. You drift off in a world of your own, forgetting the situation – just enjoying the soft pleasure, as if you were a normal girl; that is until Alex coughs, jarring you back to reality.

You look at him, your eyes meeting, and you know he’s been staring at you all this time. You like it though, the feeling of being watched, it makes you feel slutty (your favourite feeling) and as you think of it you feel the sloppy mixture of juices and cum starts oozing slowly out of your pussy.

‘Master, my pussy is a mess, can I go clean it.’

I suddenly grab your nipples pulling hard, you moan in surprise and pain.

‘And how are you going to do that?’ I enquire.

‘Owwww, Um, I dunno. I um, was, ummm, gonna go to the bathroom and…’ you respond while in pain.

I twist your nipples, hurting them more.

‘I thought so, you’d waste all that lovely cum.’

‘Owwwwww, my nipples, please Master, please, what do you want me to do?’

‘Well what do sluts usually do with cum?’

‘They eat it?’ You tentatively reply.

‘Correct.’ I pull on your nipples even harder.

You’ve got the message, and you start to do as I want quickly, the throbbing pain in your nipples is more then enough incentive to be speedy.

You move your hands to your pussy, and scooping as much of the mess as you can on your fingers you bring it to your mouth – to lick and suck Alex’s cum off.

Under my painful encouragement you quickly get a rhythm going. One hand working at your pussy, trying to find and scoop up every last drop of mess, while simultaneously you’re slurping the cum off the other. You carelessly make sloppy noises, and you look and sound filthy as you hungrily eat the mixture of a stranger’s cum and your own pussy juice.

All the time he is watching you, engrossed. Remembering every detail of the time he met the cock hungry whore.

You make a good job of it; so I start to treat your poor nipples kindly, squeezing only hard enough to cause pleasurable feeling. I flick and play with them gently; it feels wonderful compared to the eye watering pain of the moments before.

You start to enjoy yourself, making pleasurable moans as if you are eating the tastiest chocolate cake you’ve tasted, which only adds to the effect of you sounding like a slut with each slurp of the cummy mess. With each hand full there’s less cum left, but always more juices; the thought of what you’re doing makes your pussy burn with desire.

You finally begin to slow down, running out of Starzbet cummy mess to eat, but instead of stopping you carry on pretending to scoop, hoping I don’t notice you’ve started to rub your clit at the same time.

I have noticed though, but I let it go on, I can wait for the perfect moment to intervene.

Alex, almost unnoticed by us, licks his lips; he’s watching each move of your hand intently, each flick of your clit, enjoying every moan you make, loving every moment of his personal peep show.

You slide your fingers into your slippery cunt hole. Two of them, straight in. You wrap them around and rub them roughly against the top of your pussy, quickly finding your g-spot.

Your moans turn to pleasurable sighs as you feel your g-spot being touched for the first time in weeks. You miss it dearly. You can’t stop rubbing, even though you know you should; I’ll notice.

You slowly drift back into a world of your own while you rub harder and harder, thinking of only how much you miss masturbating. You ignore every other sensation; sound, sight, smell – everything other then what you can feel from your cunt. You can’t help but rub faster with each passing second, caught in a wave of overwhelming pleasure.

You’re panting loudly, moaning sluttishly. You’re back to acting like a whore, exactly as I wanted.

Then I stop you!

I grab your arms and pull them away, ripping your fingers out of your hole. You shriek at me, desperate for the pleasure.


‘Are you disobeying me?!’

You’re frustrated but you know how cruel I can be and you look at me doe eyed.

‘Get up. NOW SLUT!’

You sheepishly get up, standing in front of me with tears in your eyes.

‘On your knees.’

You kneel quickly, there’s no point in saying a word because you could only make it worse – I prefer my maid to only speak when asked a question.

‘Clean my cock slut.’

My cock is semi-stiff, not hard, but not quite soft either. It just fell out of your ass as you stood up, and it’s covered in a nasty mixture, despite your enema earlier. It doesn’t look appetising.

You know better then to disobey me though. Especially when I’m angry. You wrap your lips around my cock without a second thought and start sucking on it, licking it clean.

You can taste your own ass – it tastes filthy – but you suck it down anyway, caressing my cock with your tongue. I slap your face as you do it, and I talk to you disappointedly.

‘You were a very naughty girl then, masturbating without permission. I let you out of your chastity belt, and give you a big treat, and that’s what you do? Maybe I shouldn’t let you out at all.’

I pause to let the thought of that sink in.

‘And not only that, but when I tell you to stop, you refuse. You’ve been a very, very, bad girl. I’m going to have to punish you, you know. You’ve made me do it.’

You look up at me, a pathetic look in your eyes, but you know there’s no way out of this, you just have to accept your fate. Such is the life that you desire, that of a sexual submissive.

You lick the last remnants of foul cum from my cock then let it fall from my mouth, glisteningly clean.

I pull you up and drag you to an armchair, pushing you over it. You just let me do it, putty in my hands. You’re stood behind the chair, with your feet still on the floor, bent over at the waist, ass high in the air, and head down towards the cushioned seat.

I kick your legs wider, spreading them. Leaving your pussy and ass both exposed. Leaving you completely vulnerable.

‘Don’t move slut, it’ll only mean more punishment.’

‘Yes Master.’ You reply in your most obedient voice.

I leave you for a minute, but while walking out of the room I turn to talk to Alex.

‘Alex, make sure the whore doesn’t move.’

‘Errr, yeah, I’ll keep an eye on her.’

‘I’m serious, if she moves, even a tiny bit, tell me.’

He watches you from behind, keeping both eyes glued to your naked ass. You feel them on you, and you lie there fantasising of him coming over and giving you another hard fucking.

You need a fuck, just as bad as you’ve needed one all week, the double penetration before didn’t come close to satisfying a frustrated whore like you. You need Alex – or any man – bad, and as he watches the juices trickling down your leg he is thinking of having you.

You hear me walking back though, too late, nothing’s going to happen now – and now it’s time for your punishment.

You hear me walk into the room, carrying something metallic, and as I chat to Alex you can hear my footsteps while I walk around the room; I’m up to something, but you can’t see what.

‘Did she move?’ I ask.

‘No, not an inch. Well, except her juices dripping down her thigh.’

‘Yes I see, she is very wet, she must be hoping for some pleasure.’

I finish whatever I am up to, and you hear me walk up to you, standing right behind you.

‘How do you usually punish her?’ Alex asks.

‘By hand.’


You Starzbet Giriş feel my hand slapping down hard on your ass cheek, and you let out an unprepared squeal. The pain splashes through the cheek, but quickly subsides, leaving a nice warm tingling sensation.

‘You know Alex, I think she actually likes it. It means I have to spank her ass till it’s deep red before it becomes a punishment!’


A second one, the other cheek, and just as hard as the first; you moan quietly this time, not so surprised, but enjoying the tingling in your ass.

Again I whack your poor ass; I’m starting off hard, not building up slowly like I do usually – making sure it’s a punishment this time, rather then a sensual spanking. I slap you again, another hard one, and again, swapping cheeks each time.

The spanks start coming more frequently, first one ass cheek then the next. I beat your ass in rhythm, speeding up all the time. Your low moans are slowly becoming higher pitched. Less pleasure, more pain. How I want it.

You’re pussy reacts positively though. Juices run down your leg as if there’s an unquenchable supply. You’ve always loved a good spanking.

I start to tease your pussy between slaps, softly stroking the lips, knowing you’re so horny that it only frustrates you – that it’s not pleasurable at all.

You begin to sob, more out of complete frustration rather then the pain. I’m merciless, I just carry on spanking your ass and teasing your pussy as if I intend to do it all day.

You wonder if the punishment will ever end. Then I miss a beat, no wait, I’ve stopped. You sigh, relieved, your poor ass is burning hot. Your cheeks bright red. You’re glad it’s over, your ass couldn’t take much more, and your pussy is so hot, you couldn’t survive more teasing without simply going mad.

I walk across the room, you stay still, waiting to be told otherwise as you are desperate to avoid more punishment, but you strain to listen to my movements across the room, wondering what new cruelty I am up to. I walk back to between your legs.

I place a firm hand on your ass, then push something against your pussy – you don’t know what it is.

I work it around, and finding your hole I push it in. Not sexily, or cruelly, just getting the job done, I slide it in you. Inch after inch, you wish you knew what it is, but you can only guess that it’s a dildo. From the size of it, it’s Alex’s dildo. You wonder what I’m up to now, if I’m going to be kind, and let you cum on it again.

I slide it in deeper and deeper, pushing every last inch into your pussy, until you feel like you can’t take any more. One last hard push, it hurts from being so deep, and then I stop. It’s not going any deeper.

I walk off again, leaving you still wondering; you hear me pick up the metallic thing you heard earlier and bring it back to between your legs.

I have you lift up one foot, and then I place it down. Then I do the other, and placing it down closer to the other then before, inside something.

You have a sinking feeling, you know what it is, the chastity belt, is this also your punishment you wonder. To be frustrated and belted again, so soon after being let out. You hoped you’d have all day out of it, but to be made so hot like this, and then locked up again, it’s almost worse then nothing.

I pull the belt up you, lifting it up to around your waist, and have you stand straight so I can lock it on properly. You look at me pitifully, your eyes begging me to take it off.

The dildo feels massive in your hole, locked in you, yet you can’t move it – or get any pleasure from it. You wonder how I could be so cruel.

‘Aww slut, you look so sad.’

You have a pathetic look in your eyes.

‘Cheer up slut, the days not over yet. You could still get fucked some more, if you’re a good girl.’

You grin at me wildly; my words springing new hope back into your pussy.

‘Don’t be so quick slut, if you want out, you’re going to have to earn it. Alex, are you hungry?’

‘Well yeah, pretty hungry.’ He replies.

‘I’m sure our maid here could cook something up, a nice Valentines Day meal. What do you say slut?’

‘Yes Master, of course.’

‘Okay. Then that’s what I want; you to cook a meal for three. Go on, we’ll call you if we need you.’

You start to waddle off, walking as best you can with an 9 inch dildo locked in your cunt.


‘Yes Master?’ You reply hopefully – hoping for something sexual to do first.

‘Your tits are showing, do your top up. We’ve got company coming around later, and I want you to look decent.’

You look at me wide eyed and I laugh at you.

‘You didn’t think the third meal was for you, did you?’

I chuckle to myself some more, making you feel stupid. ‘If you want something to eat, you best eat it in the kitchen, well something other then cum that is, you’ll get some more of that yet I’m sure.’

‘Yes Master.’ You look like you want to Starzbet Güncel Giriş ask who else is coming around, but you know better. You linger for a second too long.

‘You want something maid? Oh wait, your butt plug, is that what you’re waiting for?’

I don’t wait for an answer, despite it being obvious it wasn’t by the annoyed look on your face. Annoyed at yourself of course.

‘Good thinking. Bring it here to me. You can be such a good girl sometimes.’

You waddle over to a shelf, to pick up the buttplug, then uncomfortably move your way over to me; first passing me the buttplug, then turning around, presenting your ass to me.

‘Bend over a little, and spread your ass cheeks for me.’

You lean forward, lifting your skirt and pulling your ass cheeks apart.

‘Wider. I need to be able to see your asshole.’

You force the cheeks wider, blushing with humiliation at the thought of what this must look like to Alex. I press the buttplug against your asshole, lightly, so the tip sinks in. I wait a second, and then to catch you off guard I push it all the way in, in one quick movement. It slides in smoothly, since your ass is still slippery with lube and cum.

‘You can go make us some dinner now slut. Don’t take too long, I’m getting hungry, and our other guest will be arriving in half an hour or so.’

You walk off out of the room, wondering who it could be. You have no idea, Alex was a complete surprise, the next guy – that’s if it’s a guy – could be anyone.

You start preparing a meal, you’ve got enough food to cover 4 people, you just wish you knew who number four was. You occasionally strain to listen, seeing if you can hear what we’re saying in the living room. It’s no good, you can only catch every other word, and from the sounds of it, we’re not talking about you anyway. You give up, and get on with making the meal.

Minutes pass, Alex and I chat, irrelevant small talk, then finally Alex starts to talk quietly, like a conspirator.

‘Do you think she’s listening?’ He says.

‘Maid?’ I say slightly louder then we’ve just been speaking. If you were listening you’d come to be at our service. You don’t.

‘Doesn’t look like it, why?’

‘Well, um, I was wondering what’s the plan for the rest of the day. Will I get to have her ass? That’s why I agreed to come, I really want to fuck a girls ass.’

‘Yeah that’s fine, you never fucked ass before?’ I ask, surprised.

‘No, well, I’ve tried – my cock’s just too big. I’ve always wanted to do it. Tried a couple of times. It just won’t go in an asshole, the girls say it hurts them too much. I didn’t want to hurt them.’

‘My slut likes pain. You can fuck her ass. I’m sure she’ll love it being stretched.’

He grins at me, the cat that’s got the cream.

‘You um, sure?’

‘I’m sure, she’ll love it. She’s got a nice ass too. I fuck it all the time because of the belt.’

‘Okay, cool. So, when’s um, Joe right? When is he coming?’

‘He said he’d be here before 5, probably about quarter to. Gives us another half an hour.’

‘Right, what’s he like?’

‘Different. Nice guy, but he’ll be in character when he comes around though – don’t worry, he’s a pussy cat really.’

‘In character?’

‘Yes, he’s an experience dom, it’s his thing. Loves to be a cruel Master, he gets quite mean you see. Anyway, we’ve got some time to kill, want to have some fun of our own with her?’


‘With the dildo, the remote’s in that draw next to you.’

Alex reaches over, and pulls it out.

‘Does she know it’s remote controlled?’

‘I don’t think so, she probably didn’t notice.’

‘So shall I, um, try it?’

‘Yeah, go for it. On medium I think, give her a shock, but not so high that we don’t have something more up our sleeves.’

‘Sounds good.’

Alex lifts up the remote, and as if in a grand opening ceremony, or perhaps more aptly, detonating a large explosion, he slowly pushes the button; the light on the remote blinks.


The sound of pots falling, a clumsy cook dropping something – it must have worked.

‘MAID?’ I shout. A couple of seconds and then you appear, bent over as you walk, almost crouching.

‘Yes Master?’ You say, while shifting from one foot to another, unable to stand still.

‘What have you broken?’

‘Nothing Master. I just dropped a couple of pans.’

‘No mess then?’

‘No Master.’ You steady yourself with the wall and starting panting, the sensations in your cunt from the dildo vibrating are overwhelmingly strong. It’s not just big, but powerful too. Such a wicked surprise – you never even suspected.

‘Okay slut, no punishment this time, but you better be careful, I won’t be so merciful if you’re clumsy again!’

‘Thank you Master.’ You say, breathlessly, as if every word is a struggle.

‘Slut, aren’t you being a bit rude?’ I ask.

‘Master?’ You reply, your expression changes from one of pleasure, to worry.

‘Alex has been very kind to you. First he gave you his big cock and made you cum with that. Now he’s pleasuring you with that large vibrator. I think you owe him.’ I say. Talking down to you as if you’re a naughty schoolgirl. ‘Alex, if there’s anything you want from the slut, you can have it. So, what will it be?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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