Make This Last Forever Pt. 03

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This is my long-awaited sequel to “Remember This Moment Forever” which takes place ten years after the original story. What was originally intended to be one long story eventually grew so large that I decided to split it into four parts with a new story being posted at the end of each summer month (beginning with Part One in May and ending with Part Four in September). Each part is roughly the same length or even longer than “Remember”, so you can understand my need to partition them. If you’re looking for a quick fix in your erotica, this probably isn’t the story for you. While there is plenty of sex (hopefully very hot sex, in your assessment), this primarily is a story of love, loss, longing, hope, and fulfillment. Just so prospective readers know what they’re getting into, some of the tags for this individual story include lesbian sex, cunnilingus, sex auditioning and performance, foot fetish, pissplay, analingus, mature/age-gap sex, anal sex, strapon-sex, and prostitution. Also a fair warning that there is a scene that portrays coerced male/female oral sex and another scene that depicts a female/female sexual assault. This story also deals with drug abuse and addiction. If any of these subjects might offend you, I advise you to stop now before reading something that makes you uncomfortable and causes you to voice your displeasure all over the comment section.


Part 1: Dani returns to her hometown for her ten-year high school class reunion hoping to use this event to reunite with her old friends and lovers Ashley and Sam. Dani has just undergone a tumultuous breakup with her longtime partner Sandy and is still feeling lost and adrift as a result of it. Shortly after arriving in town, Dani runs into her former best friend Lindsey who had betrayed and exploited Dani by forcing her to make sex tapes and subsequently posting them online for the whole world to see. It is only several years later with Sandy’s help that Dani is able to overcome the trauma of this event. But now Sandy is gone and Dani is all on her own. Dani goes to stay with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in over three years after they had a falling out.

Part 2: Dani reunites with her mother and it goes about as poorly as she expected. At least Pamela didn’t try to disown her. Again. Dani starts to feel lonely as she pours over old photographs of her with Ashley and Sam and decides impulsively to go out and try to nab some tail. She finds the only lesbian bar within nearly fifty miles of her hometown where she meets a lovely younger woman named Tharisse. Tharisse drinks too much to drive home herself and Dani takes her back to her Mom’s house where kinkiness commences while Dani’s Mom is slumbering. Pamela and Tharisse meet awkwardly at breakfast the next morning before Dani takes Tharisse back to her car. The two lovebirds say goodbye and then it is time for Dani to get ready for her class reunion later that night. But there is one stop she has to make first.

Make This Last Forever: Part Three (of Four)


Dani exited from her vehicle and pulled her sunglasses down off her hair to cover her eyes from the glare of the morning sun’s bright rays. The late spring morning felt rather cool with the midmorning sun obscured by forming rainclouds. Despite the cloud cover, the day was absolutely glorious with birds chirping and singing happily from the trees while the droning buzz of insects hummed in the background.

Dani looked over the field of stone that hid behind the spires of a black fence surrounding the perimeter of the cemetery. It was hard to believe it had been three years since Dani was last here. Dani remembered that day so vividly it could have happened yesterday. It’s not terribly often that the entire course of your life changes within the space of a couple hours.

Dani trudged up the hill to her destination holding a bouquet filled with red primrose, purple-white lilies and baby’s breath in one hand and a single pink rose in the other. When she found the gravestones she had been searching for Dani noticed someone had recently laid a wreath between the two of them. Dani laid her flowers down on grass that was still in the midst of transitioning from drab winter yellow into summer green. She knelt next to the grave on the left and sat in meditative silence for a moment.

“Okay, fine,” Dani finally sighed to the stone before her. “Let’s talk.”


Dani seethed and grumbled to herself as she exited from the temp agency. Almost two hours in line wasted only to find out they hadn’t found anywhere to place her. The last six months since her college graduation had been rough. Dani struggled to find work in even the most menial of positions. She still had a mountain of student debt to pay off and was way behind on her utility bills. The electricity in her apartment had already been turned off last night after missing her last three payments in a row. Since graduating, Dani found work as an unpaid intern for a couple months as a newspaper bursa yabancı escort copy editor and spent a few weeks stocking shelves in a warehouse for an online supply store but otherwise that had been it. Dani applied for over a hundred positions and scored interviews for nearly two dozen but no one had yet hired her.

Dani graduated from college and found her life had become totally aimless. Art History and Critical Theory was her passion but it was next to impossible to find a job in that field. There was always the promise of grad school but Dani had no clue how to pay for it. Her parents had cut her off after she disappointed them one too many times and they no longer spoke to her. They didn’t even attend her graduation ceremony. Dani seriously considered just admitting her failure and heading back home to Cornwell with her tail between her legs to beg her parent’s forgiveness and plead with them for a place to stay. Dani joked that she’d rather be homeless.

Christ, I need a drink, Dani thought. There was no way she could afford one but Dani liked her odds of finding a lady willing to buy her a drink for some pleasant conversation and the possibility of a little bit more. Hell, I might even flirt with a guy for a free cocktail, Dani thought with desperate unease. Just as long as he understand that flirting would be the extent of our interactions.

When Dani arrived at the cocktail bar she found it mostly empty. Not exactly surprising considering it was the middle of the afternoon on a weekday before most people would be out of work. She had never been in this bar before. It was fancy and overpriced; far too classy for Dani but worth the challenge of finding a mark who could buy her several expensive drinks. Dani did a double-take when she noticed one of the patrons was a hot, young, petite Vietnamese woman sitting at the bar. Hey, I know that hot, young, petite Vietnamese woman sitting at the bar, Dani thought with excitement.

“Adina Nguyen,” Dani said as she sat on the stool next to Adina. “How the hell are ya?”

Adina turned warily but then smiled as she recognized Dani. Adina was a slim, beautiful woman with raven-black hair, dark eyes, and a pale face that perfectly contrasted her bold red lipstick. Her hair had been braided and curled into a bun, lending a classical, beauteous appearance to her strong, severe features.

“Lovely Danica Meadows,” said Adina with happy surprise. “How are you? Let me get you a drink. Order anything you want.”

“A Sidecar, please,” Dani requested. This is working out more perfectly than I could have imagined, Dani thought.

“Get this beautiful lady a Sidecar and a Manhattan for myself,” Adina said to the tuxedoed bartender. “Put it on my tab.”

Adina had been two classes ahead of Dani in college and also a prominent member of the LBGTQ club that Dani herself was vice-president of. Adina had leaned heavily toward the lesbian direction of bisexual. Yes, her and Dani had fucked. On numerous occasions, truthfully. Dani used to think Adina wanted her as a girlfriend but Dani wasn’t exactly into that whole monogamy thing. Especially when she was dating someone. Sorry ex-girlfriends,Dani thought.

Dani hadn’t seen Adina since the older girl graduated but she seemed to be doing quite well for herself. The red gown Adina wore looked like an authentic Dolce & Gabbana, her dangling earrings were made of sparkling sapphires, and Dani’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the diamond necklace resting between the curves of Adina’s very exposed cleavage. Adina looked incredible.

After concocting their drinks, the bartender set their cocktails on top of coasters at the bar. A Sidecar with a slice of grapefruit for Dani and a Manhattan with stems of cherry for Adina as requested. They each took appreciative drinks of their well-crafted cocktails before resuming conversation.

“So how have you been?” Adina asked. “It’s been what, three years now? Did you graduate in Finance like you’d planned? I figured you’d be CFO of a Fortune 500 company by now.”

Adina regarded the tears in Dani’s jeans and her wild haircut with suspicion. “Oh my God, you’re in disguise right now,” Adina kidded. “You’re in the midst of committing corporate espionage and here I am blowing your cover.”

“Yeah right, I actually switched majors the semester after you graduated,” Dani answered with a laugh. “I figured if I’m going to be in debt the rest of my adulthood I might as well study something I love. So I got a degree in Art History instead and now I’m struggling to find work of course. They turned electricity off in my apartment Monday. Water will be the next to go, I’m sure.”

“I’m truly sorry to hear that,” Adina said with an inquisitive eye upon Dani’s features.

Despite her troubles, Dani looked as beautiful as ever. That hint of desperation in her eyes was giving Adina some ideas.

“So even though you’re broke you still came to bursa sınırsız escort one of the most expensive bars in town for a drink?” Adina asked with disbelief.

Dani blushed and said, “I was hoping to find a beautiful lady who could buy me a drink. Guess who I ran into!”

“Very enterprising,” Adina commented. “I’m surprised no one’s hired you yet with the hustle you constantly display. Of course it’s all in the name of alcohol and sex.”

Willing to do what it takes, highly attractive, friendly, and feeling desperate, thought Adina. She could not be any more perfect.

“Is there anything more to life than booze and fucking?” Dani wondered. “If there is, I don’t care to know! But how are you doing? You look freaking amazing! Do you have a date later or something?”

“No date,” Adina said as she smirked over the lip of her cocktail glass. “I’m actually just killing time until I go to work.”

“You go to work dressed like that?” Dani asked incredulously. “Jesus, are you guys hiring right now?”

“It’s funny you should mention that,” Adina said as the trap was snared. “I could grant you a referral to my boss if you would like. I think you’d be an absolutely perfect fit for our organization.”

“What do you do?” Dani asked with great interest. She knew she was trying and failing not to stink of desperation. Dani hadn’t sniffed a real job opportunity for weeks.

“I work in a very old and very well-respected industry,” Adina explained while Dani sipped at her drink. “Our particular organization is highly organized and efficient, a truly professional operation. We provide a valuable service that caters to a very specific demographic of clients. A type of customer that I believe you are very familiar with.”

Dani carefully considered what Adina was telling her and arrived at a shocking epiphany.

“You’re a prostitute!” Dani blurted out.

Adina made a face as if she considered that particular word a vulgarity.

“No, I’m an escort,” Adina insisted. “At Companions, we only hire the most talented and beautiful women who then work exclusively with female customers. I primarily provide companionship and conversation to women who request my services, though yes if the customer and I both enjoy each other’s company enough then there is sex involved.”

Dani chortled and said loudly, “I don’t believe it! How much are you getting paid for this?”

“I’m not at liberty to divulge such information,” Adina said carefully. “Client confidentiality, of course. But as you can observe, I am doing extremely well for myself in this profession.”

“I don’t know, it still seems kind of sleazy,” Dani said with a shake of her head. “Sorry. But I mean… when it comes down to it you’re still having sex for money.”

“It’s not what it sounds like,” Adina tried to explain as best she could. “We’re helping women who can afford to pay for such an expensive service. Women who might otherwise never have the opportunities and experiences we provide them. Most of clients are older women, some of which have been in the closet for their entire lives. They’re horny and curious yes but also very lonely. So we wine and dine with them, talk to them, make them feel better than they’ve ever felt, make them feel special. Because that’s really what this is all about.”

Dani traced her finger around the rim of her glass and asked, “So what are you doing with your… customer tonight?”

Adina leaned back in her seat and said, “Tonight I’m meeting with one of my regulars. We’ve got the whole evening planned out already. I’m accompanying her to dinner at Daedalus and then we’re taking in an opera at the Palace. Carmen is showing tonight, if I’m not mistaken. Next we are planning to visit a private club that offers all-night ballroom dancing. She’s been my dance instructor the last few months and this will be our public debut together. Then I suppose we will go back to her mansion for a couple more drinks. After that I’m not certain but if past experience is any guide we’ll do some coke and then ravage each other until sunup. Once she’s satisfied, I’ll probably just go home to my luxury condo and sleep in until noon.”

Dani looked at Adina with surprise and admitted, “Not what I expected. A lot classier than I thought.” Dani smirked and added, “For the most part.”

“If you work with us, you would see the inside of unbelievable palaces,” Adina said enticingly. “Go to restaurants and clubs you’d never dreamed of being admitted to. Take wild vacations in Europe as long as your customer is willing to pay double-price for a week of your time.”

“You see this bling?” Adina asked as she held up her necklace and blinded Dani with the glare off one of the diamonds. “I didn’t buy it. Birthday gift from the client I’m meeting tonight. You wouldn’t believe the perks. Hell, we even get health insurance and a dental plan.”

Dani couldn’t believe her ears. Is this for real?she wondered. görükle escort

“Okay, you’ve nearly convinced me,” Dani said with her hands held up in surrender. “But what makes you think I’d actually be good at this?”

Adina tucked Dani’s hair behind her ear and gave her a look that made Dani’s heart go all aflutter. Adina had always been pretty but back when Dani knew her she only ever saw Adina wearing college sweaters and jeans. Seeing her dressed to the nines gave Dani a whole new appreciation for Adina’s exotic beauty and her slight, yet perfectly-formed body. Dani couldn’t help her cheeks feeling warm and flushed when Adina caressed the side of her face.

“Because you’re gorgeous, Dani,” said Adina in a sultry voice. It almost seemed like she was trying to seduce Dani. Dani was okay with this. “And so kind, and smart, and funny. Because with that body, you’re every gay woman’s dream girl. Because I seem to remember you having a thing for older women. And also because I’ve never had a lover so eager to please as you were.”

“Whatever could you mean by that?” Dani joked.

Adina raised an eyebrow at Dani and asked, “Oh, so you don’t remember the night you made me come nine times in a row and wouldn’t let me do so much as touch you until you delivered me to number ten? I still get chills thinking about it.”

“Oh, that,” Dani said bashfully.

“You’d be a perfect team member for Companions,” Adina stated. “I’m kicking myself that I never thought to consult with you before.”

“So what do I need to do?” Dani asked, breathlessly.

This was all happening so fast, Dani felt herself being sucked deeper and deeper into this whirlpool of debauchery and decadence without fully understanding what was happening. Dani’s inhibitions, biases, and assumptions were draining along with her willpower and resistance.

Adina reached into her handbag and pulled out a business card and her billfold. Adina opened her billfold and Dani’s eyes widened when she noticed how many hundred-notes were tucked inside it. Adina counted out six bills and handed the cash to Dani.

“Here’s $600,” Adina said as if it were nothing. “Pay your damn bills, Dani. Then find a photography studio and have them take a couple head shots for you. You’ll need to have a complete health screening and STI test done as well. Compile your photos and test results and then write a cover letter with something about why you love women and why you’d be good at this job, blah blah blah. You were always a good writer Dani, this should be simple for you. Then take your photos, your tests, and your letter to the address on this card.”

Dani couldn’t believe Adina had enough spending money that she could hand out over half a grand just like that. She could hardly conceive of having such funds. Dani looked down and read the business card held in her hand:


Women’s Dating and Escort Service

M. Bouffant

The main phone number and address for the business were typed below what Dani presumed was the owner’s name.

“Give all your documents and photos to our receptionist Mindy in a manila envelope and she’ll provide you with a formal application to fill out,” Adina continued. “If Madame Bouffant likes what she sees (and I know she will) you will receive a phone call to schedule a personal interview with her.”

“What happens at the interview?” Dani wondered.

Adina shook her head in disbelief at Dani’s naivety and asked, “What do you think happens? Madame is not going to let just any hooker off the street come work for her. She has a reputation to maintain among the female elite of this city who expect only the finest of things, whether they be wine, jewelry, or women. Think of it more as an audition than an interview.”

“Oh,” Dani said simply as the truth of what was required to earn the job dawned on her. “So then you…”

Adina nodded and replied, “Of course I did. Believe me, I passed that test with flying colors.”

Dani grinned mischievously and said, “Of that, I have no doubt.”

“So are you interested?” Adina asked. “It’s a tremendous opportunity.”

“I’ll at least try to score an interview,” Dani said with a shrug. “Why not?”

“Good, I’m going to need the money I loaned you back after you’ve completed your first few assignments,” Adina said. “I do make good money but I’m not an idiot with it.”

“Of course,” Dani said. “You seem very confident that I’ll be hired.”

“Honey, you are going to blow them away,” Adina said as she ran her hand up and down the back of Dani’s thigh.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Dani. She had been drowning the last few months and now felt like she had just been extended a lifeline. “How can I ever repay you?”

“Oh, for my referral I get a percentage of your first three months of earnings,” Adina said with a laugh. “Don’t think I’m being totally altruistic. But for now a kiss and a ‘thank you’ should suffice as payment.”

Dani leaned in and whispered ‘thank you’ before pressing her lips against Adina’s mouth. Adina slipped her tongue inside Dani’s mouth and they made out for a minute at the bar uncaring whether anyone might be watching them.

Dani broke the kiss and said with a wink, “I should go. Wouldn’t want to keep you from your important work.”

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