Making A Queen Ch. 05

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Thanks so much for all the followers and nice messages. I got even more last time! Maybe that means I’m getting better? Here’s hoping!

I hope this takes your mind of the quarantine for at least a little while. 🙂


The night passed in a haze of passion and genuinely entertaining conversation when they stopped to recover for a few minutes. Isabella was witty, and she’d actually asked him interesting questions about his company. When he’d answered, she’d listened and asked him follow-ups, like she actually, genuinely gave a shit. It was a damn shame he had to get up early the next morning. Eventually, Isabella left, and Jack went to sleep.

His alarm went off way too soon, and Jack found himself hitting the snooze button. Twice. When he finally managed to drag himself out of bed, Jack did a blind stumble into his ensuite bathroom. Flicking on the light drew a curse from his lips, and then he went about turning on the shower and relieving himself as he waited for the water to heat up. It wasn’t until he had been standing under the pounding hot water for five minutes that the sleepy brain fog had started fading.

His eyes closed, his back to the showerhead, Jack had his head angled backward so that the steaming water beat down on the top of his head and shoulders. It was blissful, and he could of fucking stayed there forever. He didn’t realize someone else had entered the bathroom, he was so lost in his little fucking world. He didn’t hear anything as she stripped down, only noticing her presence as the door to the shower opened and that rush of cold air hit him.

Layla was so sick of people taking her time with Jack, interrupting it and getting in the way. Especially fucking Amanda. That bitch always seemed to be around, butting her way in. Yeah, they’d shared him because Melissa had told them to, hoping it would ease the tension between the two of them, but oh man it so hadn’t. If anything, it’s made things even worse because now they were threatened by each other. Okay, so maybe she didn’t know for sure that Amanda was threatened by Layla after watching her in action, but she was willing to bet the feeling wasn’t just a one-way street.

She wasn’t used to people not showering her with attention. Layla was always the favorite. She was blonde, busty, blue-eyed, and sweet as pie. She couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that everyone here didn’t fawn over her. Back when she was serving her time as an average caretaker, she was Jack’s favorite and everyone knew it. But now, it was like… He paid more attention to the fat girl with the glasses and the annoying Hispanic one than he did to her.

Layla knew she needed to up her game somehow, and she’d heard Melissa praising the chonker Emily for crawling under his desk and sucking him off. Initiative, that’s what Melissa had called it. Well, how was sneaking into his fucking shower for initiative?

Jack wasn’t just super fucking rich and powerful, the way he commanded a room was the hottest thing about him. That firm, commanding way he’d grab onto your head and just shove his dick down your throat even though you were a slobbering gagging mess was one of Layla’s favorite things about him. Of course, the money, power, lifestyle, and the way he fucking looked sure the hell helped in elevating Jack to the top of the hot guy food chain.

Layla often wondered if the shitty author who wrote fifty shades of gray had met Jack Stone to inspire the lead male in her books. Of course, Jack wasn’t so much into the tying up and smacking around with a whip thing as he was into the blow me thing. And, he needed the caretakers. If Jack ever narrowed himself down to one woman, Layla seriously pitied her throat.

Her first go-around, Layla had wanted that. The idea of Jack sticking his cock down her throat and realizing that she was feminine perfection and that he’d never need another and propose on the spot became a fantasy for a while. It didn’t last very long, however. Some people just weren’t meant for monogamy. If you wanted to be the most important woman in Jack Stone’s life, you had to be the Queen.

She had not thought that it would ever be possible to dethrone Melissa, but now that she knew it was, Layla was going to fight for it. Her first act of war on the other four girls was to sneak into Jack’s shower. His gaze hit her the second she pulled the heavy glass door open. She couldn’t help but hesitate as his dark eyes met hers, the intensity in them making her breath catch in her throat. Fuck, he was hot.

After taking a second to take in the wonder that was Jack Stone’s body, Layla’s gaze headed back up to his face, finally noticing the circles under his eyes and the exhausted look on his face. She’d never seen him with stubble before, but now it dusted his jawline, and only served to make him that much more attractive.

“Jack, baby, you look exhausted…” Layla said, her melodic voice holding that twinge of little girl sweetness that had always melted Jack’s heart just a tad.

“Long night,” Samsun Escort Jack replied, his voice a drenched in that sleepy graveled tone.

“Well, let me take care of you,” Layla said, stepping forward into the huge, glass-encased shower and shutting the door behind herself, cutting off that uncomfortable stream of cold air.

Jack watched the stunning blonde step into the shower with him, her heavy breasts bouncing with every movement she made. Fuck, he’d forgotten how much he’d adored her tits. It was her nipples, he realized, as he watched them start to harden under the hot water. They were baby doll pink and just the right size, dead center on each gravity-defying perky double D. He’d call her Barbie doll perfect, but she was just a bit too thick to fit that category. Her thighs so didn’t have a gap between them, and that’s the way Jack liked it.

“Oh?” Jack asked, a sardonic little smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. “What, are you going to wash my back?”

Layla’s lips found a smile of their own and she gave him a little nod, moving around the huge shower easily. She snagged the loofah from where it hung, suction-cupped to the tiled wall. She faced him with a huge grin on her pretty face as she spun the black poof around.

“Mmhm. I’ll even wash your front, too. I’m very thorough,” Layla quipped, making Jack give an amused little shake of his head.

The scent of Jack’s body wash was distinctly masculine, the scent of it filled the steamy shower as Layla lathered the shower poof between her fingers. Her crystal blue eyes watching Jack as he went back to enjoying the feeling of the water beating down on his back. He turned around, his head falling forward as he gave her his back. Layla found herself melting a little as her gaze slid across all the tension he so obviously carried in his shoulders. Running a multi-billion dollar empire had to come with more stress than she had ever felt in her life, or would ever feel.

Stepping forward slowly, deciding that she was going to do her best to get rid of some of that tension, some of that stress from him. Her left-hand reaches for his shoulder and slowly slides down his damp skin, Jack’s muscles tensing under the touch before slowly easing back down. Her hand was cold compared to the hot water, but her touch felt good. She lifted the loofah and started rubbing it’s sudsy, rough surface over his back.

Jack made an involuntary sound, something between a sigh, a grunt, and a groan. The noise coaxed out by her gentle touch and the sensation of the hot water trailing down his body. Layla worked the fingers of one hand into the tense muscles of his shoulders, working at it with a bit of pressure while she ran the loofah over his skin, scrubbing away any remnants of sweat and sex from the night before.

Her hands were like magic, cleaning his skin and then rubbing away aches and tension that Jack wasn’t even aware he had until he felt it leave him. Muscle by muscle, her fingers pressed and rubbed and stroked until his shoulders felt languid and relaxed. Eventually, her soapy ministrations had thoroughly lathered up his left arm, and then his right, up the back of his neck and even down over his ass.

Eventually, Jack turned around and let the water beat down across his broad shoulders, washing away whatever slippery suds still clung to his skin while giving the beautiful blonde in front of his access to his chest. Jack had his eyes closed for the first few seconds of her hands moving over his chest, lathering him up and caressing along the contours of his chest. He couldn’t take it for long, however, and soon enough his eyes were blinking open to looking down at the beautiful woman standing before him.

Her features were delicate and full. Her lips were almost the same shade of baby pink as her nipples, the lower lip thicker than to the top, giving her a permanent pout. That button nose and her big, expressive blue eyes and there were just no denying that Layla was gorgeous. Despite being more relaxed than he’d been in days, by the time Jack’s gaze reached hers, his cock was achingly hard.

Layla’s hands trailed lower, the stupid shower poof falling forgotten to the ground at their feet, whatever soap had been on it long washed away by the constant stream of steaming water. The painted pink edges of her nails lightly scrape against the flesh of Jake’s abs, their eyes locked. Both of them knew where she was headed, her intentions were written on her heated expression. That didn’t stop Jack from sucking in a sharp breath the second her fingers made contact with his cock.

She wraps her fist around the thick base of him, her grip just tight enough to bow his spine. Her fingers stroke over his length slowly, the water doing the opposite of making things slippery. She was careful with him, her gaze on his, her teeth biting down on that full lower lip of hers.

Jack couldn’t help himself, he leaned down and crushed his lips against hers. His tongue shot out and flicked against Samsun Escort Bayan her lower lip as the pressure forced her teeth to release it. She met his tongue with a tentative flick of her own, and instead of the demanding, forceful clash of lips and tongue that Jack had expected to happen, the kiss turned… Almost sweet. Their tongues slid and glided across one another, exploring in an almost lazy way.

Layla always tasted so fucking sweet, like she’d woken up this morning and brushed her teeth with cotton candy. It was intoxicating, the slow-building passion, the way she pressed that soft, wet body against his chest as the water rained down above them. She hadn’t been nearly as wet as he was, but now they were both soaked, her fingers continuing their devilish dance up and down his cock.

Her lips finally peel away from his, but only because she had other plans to attend too. The woman kissed her way along his jaw trailing lower, down the side of his neck in a way that made him shudder and suck in a breath. Jack’s hands gripped her hips, sliding up her sides and them roaming back down, enjoying that perfect hourglass that made up her shape. She felt good in his hands, pressed against his body. The caring way her lips roamed down his neck to his collarbone was made all the more intimate by how she’d linger and suck or lick like he was a piece of candy and she wanted to savor every little bit of him.

Jack turned, taking her with him, angling them both so that the majority of the hot water was hitting his back and not pelting Layla in the face as that pretty fucking mouth of hers made it’s decent from his collarbone down his chest. She took her sweet ass time, Jack’s hands roaming up her sides, over her back, around her hips, only to slide back up and do it again.

Layla made sure to kiss and suck every bit of him she could on her way down, even stealing a second to nip at his nipple in a playful manner that’d earned her a little squirm from the stoic man. Ribs, abs, bellybutton, that sexy line of dark hair that trailed lower and lower, she paid attention to it all like she cherished every single kiss.

Layla’s knees hit the rough textured tiled floor as her lips slid down his hip. Jack would have said that someone taking their time to explore his body like that was being a fucking tease, but the way she was doing it… There wasn’t anything teasing to it. It was soft and sweet. Even when her lips were pressing a line of kisses against the side of his cock, he felt the affection behind every press.

Her tongue slid out, warm and wet, dancing across the thick ridge of his dick, making Jack suck in a sharp breath through his teeth as the sensation jolted through him. Layla didn’t rush to suck him down her throat, no, she lavished him with attention. Her lips sucked and kissed over every hard inch of his dick, her tongue sliding along his balls and slithering back up the underside of his cock until she reached the head of him with a little kiss.

Jack was enjoying it, surprisingly enough. Something about her movements was lazy and unrushed like she was perfectly happy to spend hours on her knees in front of him. She slid her hot little mouth down over his cock with a happy sound reverberating across his skin as it left her. Lola had a particularly sensitive gag reflex and she could only hold his cock down her throat for several seconds, but those few seconds with the walls of her throat squeezing around him, tight and wet and undulating with her convulsions as her body fought to breathe were fucking blissful.

When she eased her mouth off of him, Jack’s groans echoing around her, she wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock with an expert squeeze. Even as Layla started to get to the real work, her lips dragging off his cock before her head bobbed forward and her mouth slid back down to meet her stroking, twisting fist, she kept her pace fluid and relaxed. Jack wasn’t sure he’d ever had a soothing blow job before this one, but he couldn’t find another word to fit.

From the warm water to the lazy way she’d kissed down his body, he felt like he’d just spent the weekend at a spa. Normally, Jack would not have tolerated this slow, sensual pace. He’d of grabbed her head and started railing into her mouth with little to no concern for anything other than blowing his load across her tongue. He didn’t want to ruin the almost cozy vibe of what was happening, so he didn’t so much as shift his hips forward to meet her mouth’s lazy sucks.

Layla worked her fist over the last few inches of his dick stroking in time with her full pink lips as they dragged over his cock. She twisted her fist and squeezed down around him, her movements gaining a bit of momentum, but keeping everything at a steady rhythm. It wasn’t a fast, violent thing. It was paced, measured, and built up a little more by every suck, every stroke, every little sound she made as it vibrated over his skin.

He felt the slow build-up of his orgasm, finally reaching that Escort Samsun spot where there was no way in hell he could stand still. The need to cum causing his hips to thrust forward to meet her mouth, driving his cock forward faster and harder, his breath catching and his eyes closing as he tilts his head back and lets the water cascade through his hair, hot and soothing as it rained down on him.

Layla picked up the pace, but not by much. She drew his orgasm out of him one sucking pull from her sinful little mouth at a time. It was almost like she was fucking edging him, slowly tugging him closer and closer and closer until he finally tipped over that edge. A thick rope of cum shot from the head of his cock, splattering across her tongue as she went to pull her mouth back. It coated her tongue with that salty, metallic taste before it hit the back of her throat and splashed against her lips.

Layla seemed happy with the mess, her gaze locked on his neck since she couldn’t see his face. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he groaned out his pleasure. She sucked his cock back between her lips, licking and swallowing his cum, letting him ride out his orgasm with shallow little thrusts into her mouth.

“Fuck, babe,” Jack muttered, finally looking down at her as she slid her lips from his dick and flashed him a sweet smile.

He couldn’t help but to reach down and push her hair from her face, the wet blonde strands clinging to her cheeks. She looked so fucking cute on her knees, her pretty pink lips swollen from working over his cock. She leaned into his touch like a kitten wanting more attention, so he rubbed his fingers along her jaw before he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, using the grip to make her rise higher for him while he bent down and brushed a kiss to those sugary sweet fucking lips.

“Do you feel better?” Layla asked, her voice holding this eager edge to it as Jack helped draw her up to her feet.

Jack gave a little chuckle, his strong arms sliding around her waist and tugging her voluptuous body against his, loving the feeling of her soft curves molding against him, their skin slick with the shower water. “So much fucking better. Maybe you should take a class in massage therapy. Give me a rub down before my happy ending?”

“Hmm… I think that might be the best idea, like, ever. I’m totally down,” She said, leaning up to nudge the tip of her nose against his. “But, we’ll have to go over the details later, or you’ll be late.”

Jack groaned as reality crept back in and reared its ugly head. Today was somehow going to be worse than yesterday was. Nick Williams was the CEO of Williams and Goldstein, a parent company that owned countless real estate companies. He was Jack’s only real competition, and the two of them were having a dispute over a property line between two buildings in prime locations in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Dispute was putting it lightly. It had turned into a knockout, hair pulling legal battle where both of them were unwilling to budge a fucking inch. Literally, neither man was willing to give up an inch of space. The dispute had gotten so messy, they’d gotten a few New York City officials, a moderator, and a surveyor who worked for the city assigned to their case. Add it both of the important men’s team of lawyers and their privately hired surveyors, and this meeting was going to be fucking jam-packed full of assholes.

But, Jack knew something that little dick Nick didn’t. He was right. He wasn’t just right, he was so fucking right that Stone Industries owned ten more feet than the two had been arguing for. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Nick’s face when he won this. He wasn’t sure than anything could ever feel any better. Of course, getting to the point where everyone agreed that Jake was, in fact, the rightful owner of that fifteen feet between their buildings, was going to be like ripping teeth out with a pair of rusty fucking pliers.

He let out a sigh and shoved his hand back through his wet hair as Layla flashed him a sympathetic smile and eased back. “It’ll be over before you know it, babe.”

It wasn’t over before he knew it. It took hours and hours of back and forth arguing between both of them and their lawyers. While Jack had hard evidence backed not just by the surveyor he hired, but the one that worked for the city had said the same thing. You’d think that that would be enough for them to get a decision. But, of course, in the air of fairness, Nick was able to argue his point.

Over and over again. From several fucking angles. A few of which were completely fucking out of this world impossible. They’d tried to twist this and that, building codes and violations, rebuilds, remodels, zoning districts, shit, he’d even argued that he’d had a water line that ran under that fifteen feet and that made his claim more valid than all the documents he had. Jack was exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed that he’d been allowed to go on and on with his absolute nonsense.

There wasn’t any end in sight. He was once again locked inside this stuffy conference room listening to imbeciles drone on and on, trying to shove bullshit down his throat as fast as they could pull it out of their asses. This time, he didn’t have Quinn’s hand wrapped around his cock as a distraction.

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