Making It Right

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Double Penetration

CHAPTER 35: Making it Right

So many years had passed and so many memories still lingered in my mind. I wondered where he had been all his life since the last time I saw him . Did he finish school? What did he do for a living? Did he get married? Does he have children?

It had been almost 25 years and the memories of his face still haunted me. I can remember his gorgeous green eyes and thick dark hair. His muscular stature and the way he wore those jeans. Any girls fantasy! WOW…it must be warm in here.

I wanted him to make a move, but I didn’t know how to let him know. I was always a bunch of nerves around him frustrated and flushed. I knew in my heart he never looked at me that way. I was just a friend, someone to walk home with, a distant relative. I guess maybe that was part of it too, not wanting to get involved with a relative, even though, I just wanted to taste his lips as they pressed against mine and to feel his tongue as it made love to mine. I wanted to hold his hand and feel his body next to mine.

I was very young and naive and didn’t know what to do with the hormones that made me want to feel him inside me as he made love to me. I wanted him to taste me and make me feel good. I wanted him to love me. I wanted him like no one can imagine. I could only dream of what it would be like to feel him hold me and caress me kiss me all over and want me as much as I wanted him. I wanted to feel his hard dick inside me pleasing me. Making me its slave. I wanted to feel his breath as it got heavier with every thrust of his manhood. I wanted to see his eyes as they expressed the love and release as he came inside me. Oh what a silly dream!

I thought no one wanted me. I was just a skinny flat chested ugly duckling and no one wanted to be with that. Most guys look at a girl and look at her body and structure and her face. Well at that age I was tall, lanky, and clumsy. I felt like an ugly person, like trash. I didn’t think anyone had an interest in me at all, especially him. I didn’t think anyone looked at me like that. I thought they all looked at me as a friend, a buddy, or someone just to pick on and make fun of. I never thought in a million years that a fantasy like mine could ever come true.

The call came from out of no where. I knew I had been daydreaming and thinking of him just a few days prior to the call, but this was stranger than strange. But it was magic all over again. I got all nervous but kept my composure. I could feel myself getting flushed and the butterflies swarming in my belly. He sounded the same as he did all those years ago. I could picture him in my mind as we talked. I gave him the information he wanted and hung up the phone. I thought I was in school all over.

I sent him a few emails on the information I had promised. I felt like he was just down the street and I wanted to go and see him. The longing for him all came flooding back. The excitement of what I used to feel came pouring into my soul like it did all those years ago. Nothing had changed the way I had felt. I still wanted him, I still wanted to be with him, I still wanted to make love to him. It was all still there! Every bit of the wanting and desire had not disappeared. Time did not erase the feelings. I wanted him now stronger than I did back then. I had a better understanding of what those hormones were and what I should do with them. I knew what I wanted to do with them.

We sent a few emails back and forth and I mentioned that I didn’t think he would remember me. He said in a message that he did remember me, and in fact he had hatched a plan all those years ago! He would walk me home and when the time was right he would attempt to tell me how he felt and that he wanted to be with me, but chickened out. If only we had known all those years ago how the other felt. Who knows what could have happened between us. I told him what a crush I had on him back then and I told him why I didn’t say anything, and he had felt the same as me, unwanted and un loved.

I wanted to go back in time and tell him how I was feeling. I wanted him to experience what we missed out on all these years. The pain, the broken hearts, all of it may not have happened if only we had said or did something on that walk home.

I realized that now is not the time to think of what if’s. I told him how I felt and that I still feel that way. He too states his feelings. They seem to match mine. We just want to be together now no matter what. I long for his touch and I miss him. I think he has been what was missing from my life all these years. BUT what do we do about it now. We both live miles apart and we both have different lives. ONLY one time, maybe that would be enough. I won’t find that out until we can be together. I think deep in my heart I know once will never be enough.

He arrived at the door in the early morning. The sun was shining and the mornign doves sang a tune above us in the pines..he looked amazing. His dark wavy hair had grown long and his smile was still the same sweet smile. I always did love those dimples. His green eyes gazed into mine and I felt the energy. His stature was still very much masculine…that broad chest that I remembered so well. Time may have aged us but in my eyes he was the same.

I felt all flushed, shy, like the awkward kid I was all those years ago. BUT I did know that I wanted him just as much if not more now. I felt the electricity run through me like a surge of power. My loins heated up and I could feel the wetness warm and flowing from me. I felt my nub throb wanting to have his touch. My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I could not breath. I could not move. I just stood there and gazed at him as though it were all a dream.I snapped into reality when he spoke. That sweet southern draw from the voice I remember all so well.

Once inside the doors I did it…I went to him and gently grabbed him and kissed him with all the hunger that had built up inside me all those years. I just let it flow. I kissed him with fury and passion. I wanted him to know I was not backing down this time. I was going to make it happen if not for him then for me. I led him to the spare bedroom where he would be staying. I sat down on the bed and motioned for him to join me. He spoke not a word and joined me on the edge. He began kissing me with the fire that I knew burned in him. As he kissed me and caressed my kskin and told me how much he had wanted this, he undressed me. He slid my skirt down to reveal a pair of lace crotchless undies. He immediately kissed my bare shaven lips and sucked on my nub. The juices ran from me and I felt like I was about to explode. Oh the hunger for that touch was so incinerating. I wanted more. I hadn’t noticed all the whaling and movement I had been doing. I didn’t care I was letting my passion my excitement my intense desires be known to him and to let him know he was very much pleasing me. His hands slid up my thighs to sneak under my blouse where my breasts were free floating. His hands cupped the mounds of flesh as his thumb flicked the nipples. I moaned and arched my back so to expose myself to him further. I wanted to give myself to him all the way. Totally. I was so out of control. I allowed my self to let go and lose myself in the moment, in the heat in the passion. I looked into his face the whole time he is pleasing me and he can see the satisfaction and pleasure in my face. I wante to taste him I wanted him inside me.

I removed his jeans and exposed a nice sized erect cock. I took it in my hands and massaged it for a minute as I looked to see at what angle I wanted to engulf it. I took it in my mouth and slowly teased the tip and the slit. I traced the edges with my tongue as I massaged his balls with my hands. I got in a position and went down as far as I could with my mouth sucking his cock the whole way. I pressed the tip to the back of my throat and massaged it with my tonsils. I sucked it as I moved up and down on it. I licked it like an ice cream cone. I wanted it more and more. I could feel it throbbing. I could hear him moaning of joy and pleasure. I was wanting to please him, .to make him addicted to me. I wanted him to be drunk in my love. I caressed his butt as I continued to engorge myself with his penis, moving him in and out of my mouth. Until he took the next move.

He laid me back on the bed and lifted my legs above his shoulders, exposing my bare cave. He looked into my eyes as he entered me slowly and deeply. I knew then it was too late to turn back. I was his. I felt his intensity quicken as he stared in my eyes with wanton lust and love. The passion was so great. The pace was so intense and he felt like I had imagined. He was so full of fury. It burned me inside. I raised my hips to get all of him inside of me. I wanted him all of him inside of me. I wanted to make him feel as much loved and wanted as I did. I didn’t this to end. I never felt so complete. The ecstacy was more than I could stand as he quickened faster and faster. Deeper in me I could feel him going. I could see the pleasure in his face. I could feel the love in his movements. He moved me around to enter me doggie style. I could feel him enter me and it sent chills of electrifying waves up me. He moved to cup my breast with one hand as he teased my nub with his fingers of the other. He moved with perfect rhythm. Before I could allow him to spill his seed…I moved him to sit atop his hard shaft as I rode him. I looked into his face and quickened the pace as I moved up and down on him. I held him and let myself go on top of his hard cock. I wanted him to see the way he pleasured me in my face. I wanted him to remember what kind of passion he invoked in me.

As I continued to ride his hard cock, I could feel his erection throb. I could see the fire buri=ning in his eyes as he grabbed me to pull me onto him harder and faster. I could hear his breath quicken…I felt the passion and love in his hands as he gripped me tight and spilled his fluid into my vaginal soul.

We just stayed in that position as we held onto each other and the moment. Both out of breath, weak in the knees and afraid to move. I was afraid this was only and dream. One thing for sure I didn’t want anyone to wake me if it was.

It was absolutely amazing…too good for words. Nothing like I had ever experienced in my life. It was just as wonderful as anytime I had ever fantasized. It was an uplifting spiritual experience that I never want to let go. I am so full now. I know that missing piece of my life has come back to me and I am afraid to ever let it slip away again. Who says you can’t go back and correct something that went wrong?!

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