Mandy’s New Man Pt. 01

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Mandy tried her best to leave behind her old life 6 months ago. She deleted all of her fetish accounts, threw away her strapon, and informed all of her subs she hat she was leaving the lifestyle. As CEO of an active lifestyle app she needed that release of energy, but her domme lifestyle began to take over. She was no longer dating and had a list of submissive at her every beck and call. She wanted to eventually get married but didn’t see how her two lifestyles could mesh.

About a month ago she decided that she needed to be upfront and honest with whoever she was going to date. She was a domme that only liked to own white male submissives. She reached back out to her subs and bought a beautiful 8″ flesh like strapon. She was back in the game.

Mandy was a tall, fit black woman with long curly hair. Her signature look was a red lipstick and ridiculously high heels. She had a tiny waist and very voluptuous DD breast. Between her stunning looks and her smarts, she could have whatever she wanted.

She met Michael through a friend a couple of weeks ago. On paper, he sounded perfect. He was an anesthesiologist at a prestigious hospital, and did CrossFit in the mornings before his rounds. Physically he looked like your typical jock but with glasses; a black Clark Kent.

This was their second date and Mandy hadn’t told him about her BDSM fetish yet. It was a somewhat difficult subject to bring up…she didn’t know many black people in the fetish community. Mandy had devised a plan, she was going to attack this issue head on. He was either going to be intrigued or run for the hills. The sooner she found out his reaction, the better it would be for them both.

They met at 7pm at a nice restaurant that turned into a jazz bar later. She walked in wearing her signature look along with a short flowy dress that exposed her chiseled back, toned arms, and muscular legs. As soon as Michael saw her, his eyes lit up and a smile came across his face. He kissed her in the cheek and led her to their table.

Their dinner conversation was great. They even shared a kiss and held hands as they talked. Michael ordered them another round of drinks and Mandy excused herself to the ladies room. Starzbet She was gone for about 5 minutes when Michael started to worry. He noticed that she had a text that she said she had to send during dinner but besides that, they were fully engaged with each other the whole night.

Michael decided to use the restroom while he waited. As soon as he walked into the dimness he could hear muffled sounds towards the back of the restroom, but with the jazz playing on the background he couldn’t decipher what is was. He walked towards the handicap stall since it was open. What he saw next he couldn’t unsee.

There was a white male kneeling on his knees going down on someone wearing really high heels. He started to bring his gaze upwards and notice the heels belonged to Mandy. She had her dress hiked up, revealing her sexy legs and a large strapon. Her hand was pushing this mans head, making him gag on her strapon. He was at a loss for words; was she playing a joke on him?

His mouth was hanging open and she had to break the ice.

“Sorry I had to disappear for a bit. My sub was feeling to be owned. Michael this is Tom. He’s been my submissive for almost 2 years.”

“But I thought we were having a good time. I was really feeling a connection with you.”

Mandy noticed a bulge in his pants; whether he knew it or not, he liked what he saw.

She was expertly fucking Tom’s face and without missing a beat and she responded.

“We are having an excellent time but I needed to introduce you to my lifestyle and I figured I’d rather show you than tell you. I’m a domme who owns white males. Don’t worry they don’t kiss me or have sex with me in any way. They just come to me to be used.”

Tom now has a noticeable trail of spit that started at his mouth, trailed down his neck, and went down his baby blue polo shirt.

Michael didn’t know how to feel. Part of him was pissed but the other part was intrigued and even turned on but her dominating this grown man.

“So do you still want to date me?” Michael asked nervously.

“Of course I do. I really enjoy spending time with you.”

She was sweating a little and had a sexy glow on her face, her words were breathy, and he noticed Starzbet Giriş she was humping Tom’s face more aggressively.

She moaned loudly and pushed Tom’s head all the way to the bottom of her cock.

“Fuck, Good boy.”

She had obviously cum and Michael was struggling to conceal his hard on.

Mandy faced Michael and gently kissed him on his lips.

“I just needed you to know who I am. I would love to get to know you more but I had to be completely honest with you. You would have to accept this part of me too.”

Michael was intrigued and was definitely feeling a connection with her.

“There’s a first time for everything. Let’s try this out.”

Mandy pulled Michael close to her and passionately kissed him. The entire time Tom was kneeling below Mandy with spit starting to dry on his face.

As they kissed Michael couldn’t help but press his hard dick against Mandy’s thigh. Her cum was dripping down her leg and he could feel her warmness. His hand wandered down to her thigh and she moaned. He was inching his way up, it was getting wetter as he climbed. Right before he reached her spot, she grabbed his hand and pulled it towards her own mouth. She tasted her cum and moaned as his finger was in her mouth. She looked into his eyes and knew that she had him under her spell.

She took out a magnum XL from her purse and unzipped Michael’s pants. His cock almost hit Tom in the face as it sprang out of his boxers.

Mandy slowly kissed Michael and stroked his cock. He moaned into her mouth and was starting to leak precum. She swiftly slid the condom over Michael’s cock.

Since he met her, he’d imagined making love to her but he didn’t think it would be in a restaurant bathroom in front of a white dude he didn’t know.

Michael was feeling his balls tighten as Mandy’s tongue was exploring his mouth. She suddenly slid his dick into Tom’s mouth. He tried to protest but Mandy was firmly gripping the back of his neck with one hand as she kissed him while her other hand was pushing Tom’s warm mouth over his dick.

It felt so good that he just let the moment happen and relaxed.

Tom was sucking Michael’s cock like his life was depending on it. He was expertly deepthroating Starzbet Güncel Giriş and gagging with every stroke. Mandy grabbed Tom’s hair and pushed his mouth down her strapon. She played a game of switching Tom’s mouth between her strapon and Michael’s dick. He was kneeling there looking like a whore with a cock in one hand and a strapon in the other. His head bobbed up and down, side to side sucking cocks.

Mandy released her hand from Tom’s head and held his nose while he sucked Michael. His eyes started to water and he was choking on that big cock. She released his nose.

“See baby he does whatever I demand. Damn this is so sexy daddy, you’re going to make me cum.”

Mandy turned towards Michael and took one of his hands and placed it on her pussy. His knees almost buckled as he moved her strapon and thong to the side, pushing one finger into her pussy. It was hot, so tight, and was literally dripping cum down her legs.

As Michael fingered her, she bucked her hips. He was curving his finger towards her G-spot and she was close to another orgasm. Tom picked up his pace on Michael’s cock and was about to make him cum. He took one hand, grasped Tom’s neck and shoved his lips so far down that they touched his balls.

Michael grunted and his thick cum started to spill out of the condom. He pushed Tom away and took his finger out of Mandy’s dripping pussy, bringing it to his mouth. Right as he pulled it out Mandy passionately kissed him, tasting some of her cum.

Mandy strapped her cock down to her thigh and cleaned up herself. She got a wet warm paper towel and cleaned off Michael’s cock. She took the cum filled condom and poured it into Tom’s open mouth. Michael looked astonished and Mandy smirked.

Tom now has spit and cum noticeably dried on his face. His shirt had white trails around the collar and chest, it was obvious he had been sucking cock. He knew the rules, with any public play he has to walk out of the establishment dirty and used.

Tom walked out first so Mandy could see the looks that he got. Messy hair that had been pulled, a cum sticky face, and a white stained shirt. A few people looked stunned as Tom walked towards the door, proudly displaying his work. Mandy led the way back to the table holding Michael’s hand.

They both had a dewy, orgasm filled smile on their faces as their waiter came back to the table.

“Would you like another round of drinks.”

“No thank you. We will take the bill.”

To be continued…

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