Marco’s Adventures in High School Ch. 03

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Marcos spent the entirety of the next school excited out of his mind. He couldn’t wait for his plan to come into fruition. He had told Michelle to meet him at the same location, and he would finally be reuniting the lovers. He couldn’t wait to slip his cock deep into her folds again, and he knew she was the same. She wore another slutty outfit, one that he had specifically requested from her. She loved every bit of attention he gave her, and the tight sports bra around her tits, which were practically falling out of it, had the words ‘slut’ engraved again with a glitter pen she used. She wore matching shorts, long enough that it still fit with the school policies, but was so tight it showed off every curve of her ass, and because she wasn’t wearing any underwear, demonstrated how wet she was by the giant stain at the bottom of her at all times.

No one could believe this was the same Michelle as a few days ago, and rumours started to spread in the school, wondering who Michelle’s new daddy was, who was this mysterious person making her dress so crazily? To make her admit that she was truly a slut? And what happened between her and Louis? He was grumpy all day, demonstrating they did indeed break up, but it had happened so suddenly no one had a clue what was happening. Marcos enjoyed every second of the rumours, and his cock was straining in his pants the entire day, begging to be let out and do all the things his filthy mind was imagining. “Soon…” He whispered to it. Soon it would everything it wanted.

As soon as the last bell rang, he shrugged his bag on and walked towards the garage, unable to contain his excitement. He made conversation with the teacher for a bit while the class exited, talking about his interest in taking the course the next semester. A lie, but he wanted to stop him from wondering what Marco was doing there. When they all finally left, he stood there alone, wondering if Louis had the guts to show up. He did, appearing at the door leading to the school with a backpack on his back as well.

Marcos eyed him up and down, trying to gauge how the night was for him. “Did you enjoy the cock cage?” He asked, smiling.

“Marcos… I need to cum.” Louis said, looking down onto the floor with embarrassment.

“I wonder how many times you got hard last night… how many times you got today at school, thinking about how you wouldn’t be able to get off unless Marcos allowed you to. Did it make you feel like a little bitch?” It was a bold statement, but he could already sense the submissive energy coming out of Louis, and he knew he would be able to push him further today.

“Come on, I already learned my lesson. You don’t even have to do it, just release me from this.” He closed the door behind him and pulled his pants and boxers down, showing his locked dick, which was already growing hard from his shame. He clearly had a humiliation fetish.

“What if I said I lost the key somewhere?” Marcos grinned, torturing the man a little more.

“Stop messing with me!” Louis said, like a child that had his toy stolen from him.

“I’m not, I truly don’t know where it is.” He said. “Maybe I can find it if you suck me hard enough.” He looked down at his crotch, which was already bulging more and more from this interaction. Louis didn’t even hesitate this time. He walked towards where Marcos was standing and dropped to the floor in an instant. He pulled his pants and briefs down, and Marcos’ large dick sprung up, almost hitting Louis in the face.

“You look like you’ve been desperate to suck me all day. Couldn’t stop thinking about him, could you? Thinking about spitting on him, making me moan at your tongue. What a good boy you are.” Marcos said as he slapped Louis a few times on the cheek with his dick. God the things he could do with this guy. Louis didn’t say anything, but didn’t argue either. Marcos was spot on. He grabbed his dick like he really needed it, and put his mouth around it. He bobbed his head like a porn star, sucking Marcos away. As a dude, he knew how killer it was to have an orgasm ruined, or be denied one all together. He could see why Louis was willing to do anything right now to get off, he would be the same in that situation. He would be so horny that he would be unable Uzun porno to stop himself from wanting to fuck and suck anyone he could get his hands on just for a bit of pleasure. He was sure that was what was racing through Louis’ mind and body right now.

Michelle’s arrival was the perfect timing. She gasped when she entered the room, her eyes wide. “What’s going on here?” She asked, and Louis fell on his ass in horror, staring at her.

“Michelle! I… uh…” He started, unable to think of an excuse.

“Your ex-boyfriend here was just sucking my dick off. You know how addicting it can be. You shouldn’t blame him.” Marcos purred. This was so good. Even better than he imagined.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Michelle yelled. “What’s wrong with you? You’re not even gay!”

“What are you even complaining about? You cheated on me first!” He yelled.

“And you tried to get back at me by sucking off the guy I was cheating on you with?” She yelled back. Marcos could honestly stand there and watch the two of them bicker for the next few hours. “Also, what in god’s name is on your dick?” Michelle stared at it, and then stared at Louis in the eyes.

“Marcos put it on me, it makes it so I can’t cum, and it hurts when I get hard.” Speaking of which, he was already very hard from the few sucks he gave Marcos.

She finally paid attention to Marcos. “Good. He deserves it. He was a fucking terrible boyfriend.”

“And what the hell are you wearing?” Louis yelled, staring at her up and down. Her breasts were almost completely out of the sports bra. “How is this even okay at school?”

“I studied the regulations, it’s all legal.” Marcos said, smiling.

“Marcos told me to wear it.” Michelle blushed, feeling embarrassed.

“Don’t be shy.” Marcos cooed. “I think you look fucking gorgeous. Look at that tight ass of yours.” He approached her, and twirled her around. Right in front of her boyfriend, he bent her over and pressed his dick against her crotch, which was separated from him with a thin layer of fabric. She moaned out loud, and wasn’t able to stop herself from grinding back against him.

He did the same thing to her as he did to Louis the day before. He gripped onto her wrists as he ground his body against her, holding her still so she couldn’t do anything except feel the length of him. He could feel her swollen folds already. He knew she was thinking about getting fucked by him all day, and was probably desperate to cum. All Louis could do was sit there on the ground and watch them, completely speechless. His dick was pulsing against the cage, and it probably killed him from how much it bent in it, the skin pressing against the metal bars.

Marcos looked down at him, finally paying him some attention. “Look at how fucking hard you’re getting from watching me grind against your girlfriend.” He smiled. He moved Michelle around along with him for her to be face to face with Louis, and she closed her eyes from shame, unable to take him staring at her. “Open your eyes, baby girl.” He said. She listened, and opened it, her eyes completely glazed and filled with lust. “Look how horny she is for me, for my giant dick. How desperate she wants me to fuck her. I bet you’ve never seen her look at you like this before.”

Louis’ face was now showing a plethora of expressions. Shame and embarrassment from seeing his girlfriend being man-handled by another guy, anger in her enjoying it so much, anger at Marcos for doing this to her, intense horniness from seeing something so… so fucking hot… and the pain in his groin with his dick trying to escape the cage.

Marcos knew all the things Louis was feeling, and wanted to spur it on. He pulled the slutty shorts off of Michelle, leaving it at her ankles. She was beyond wet. It was dripping down her thighs, and her cunt was swollen, her clit practically pulsing from needing to be touched. Marcos loved his girls needy like this. He couldn’t wait any longer. He pressed his dick against her crotch, right at the entrance of her hole.

“Ask for it.” He demanded. He would be patient, he had all the time in the world to make them suffer.

“What?” Michelle said, wanting to look back.

“I said… ask Öğrenci porno for it.” Marcos repeated.

Tears started to form in her eyes. She still cared for Louis, and didn’t want to hurt him like this, even though she had done worse in the phone call the day before. Her mind was filled with lust then, though. And now… she was still more sound minded than when she was being pounded. “I can’t.” She shook her head.

Marcos would have to take things to the next level. He slipped inside her. It was difficult to stop himself from going all the way. It wasn’t that he had no self control, but she was so damned wet that it felt like she was sucking him in with her cunt. He stopped after the head though, and existed again. Her cunt started to pulse from the lack of his dick inside of her. “Marcos…” She moaned, needing it desperately.

He did the same thing again, just the tip, and then out again. The hole looked so empty without him being inside of it. She moaned again, and clenched hard against her control. He continued to hold her wrists behind her back as he did the same thing over and over, and the two lovers stared at each other, both driven by their humiliation and lust. “Marcos, please.” She moaned. The next time he did it, he played with her clit with his free hand, it was so large that it was so easy for him to access. He twirled it between his fingers, pinching it.

She gasped out loud and humped back against him, unable to stop herself. God, this was so fucking hot. Marcos couldn’t help but imagine fucking her with wild abandonment, his hips were so ready to do so. “Please, what?” He asked, keeping his cool.

“Please fuck me! Please, I need it!” She said, finally telling him exactly what she needed from him.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier?” He said, and then slammed into her so hard her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” She screamed out loud. He felt even larger than before with her swollen slit, and he reached the end of her cunt so easily, pressing against her G-spot as he pounded her over and over again. All Louis could do was watch his girlfriend get exactly what she needed in life. She rocked back against him, over and over again, her mouth in a wide ‘O’. The fact that her boyfriend was staring at her being mauled like that, that he was watching a man give her pleasure he could never give her himself, it was beyond anything she’d ever experienced. It was so good.

Marcos didn’t even care about what his plans were or what he wanted to do, he just wanted to fuck her until she forgot everything, knowing only that she was being pounded by him, only remembering his name. It worked, in just a few minutes, she came around him, her pussy squeezing him so hard he grunted loudly multiple times from the sensation. How can she still be so tight? Louis was still watching them without a word, though precum was oozing out of his dick again, lots and lots of it. He pulled out of her after she was down from her high, the wetness she created now falling onto the floor. She fell when he let go of her, just like Louis did last night. He strutted towards Louis now, and he knelt down in front of him on one knee. “Would you like me to let the cage go?” He asked, looking down at the gooey mess he created. Louis merely nodded, wondering what Marcos had planned now. It was good he realized there was always a catch.

“I’ll only do it if you admit how fucking turned on you are by a true alpha-male fucking your girlfriend.” He smirked as he said.

Louis closed his eyes, not bothering to argue with Marcos anymore. “I…”

“I won’t take anything else.” Marcos said, his dick springing a bit as he moved closer to him.

“I’m super fucking turned on by you fucking my girlfriend. I wish I could satisfy her the way you do.” Marcos would’ve felt a little bad for reducing him to such a mess if he wasn’t still rock hard, even harder than before, from admitting such a thing.

“Good.” Marcos said, and took out the key that he had in his jacket pocket. He unlocked Louis with a single ‘click’, and Louis groaned out loud as his dick was finally released from its cage.

“Oh my god.” His eyes rolled back, and he moved his hand forwards to touch it.

“Nu-uh.” Marcos said. “I didn’t say you could touch it.”

“Please.” Louis said, his eyes hungry with desire. Marcos stood up and helped Michelle up as well, and then pushed her forwards, so that she was in a puppy-dog position with her face right at Louis’ cock.

“Look how fucking hard your boyfriend is from watching us, isn’t he such a slut, just like you?” Marcos asked, pushing her neck so she was even closer to him.

She nodded. “He is a slut.” She said. “He should be the one wearing this.” She looked down at the bra she was wearing, with the glittery word she had written on it still very obvious.

“I agree.” Marcos nodded, and positioned himself behind Michelle. He grabbed her waist, the thin ass waist that expanded into that beautiful curve of hers, and slipped back into her cunt. She moaned out loud, and her head dropped as she pushed back against him, feeling him dip into her slowly.

“Oh… Marcos.” She said. She was even more sensitive than before, now that she came. She was pulsing uncontrollably around him, milking him like a cat in heat. He wouldn’t be able to last long with her doing this to his dick.

“Why don’t you finish off your poor boyfriend with your pretty little mouth?” Marcos said. “You were the naughty one that made him this way.”

Louis stared at him, completely incredulous that he would finally be able to get off and to the fact that Marcos was willing to share. “Good boys get good rewards.” Marcos winked. Michelle complied, doing something she had done a million times before. She grabbed Louis with one hand, still using the other arm to balance herself in her position. She put Louis in her mouth slowly and he thrusted into her. He had needed something to touch his dick for an entire day now, and he thought he would combust just from the mere sensation of her lips on him.

Michelle was trying hard to suck him off properly, but she couldn’t do it while being fucked like that, especially by a dick as large as Marcos’. Most of the time, all she did was moan into his dick, but Louis didn’t mind. He found a lot of satisfaction in watching her move forwards and backwards, being sawed back and forth between two dicks.

“What a good girl, knowing where you belong.” Marcos cooed. This was beyond what he had imagined his high school experience would be like, it was like some sort of dream. Something he would never want to wake up from.

No matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to last for much longer. How could he, when she was milking him like that and sucking another guy off at the same time? He wanted her to cum at the same time as him, though, and he started to play with her clit as he pounded her, and she was no longer able to focus on Louis’ dick. She let go of it, and fell to the ground, like a doll that was being played with. With one large thrust, he came inside of her, his balls emptying as he thrusted into her very hard a final few times. Those last hits against her cervix was too much for her to handle. She came as well, moaning his name over and over, her mind completely blank from the pleasure. Louis, on the other hand, was watching the other two with his hand on his dick, and came as well, his cum drenching Michelle’s hair as it spurted out. It was two days worth of cum, from him getting hard and then soft an impossible amount of times. It came out over and over and over again, a never ending stream of sticky white goo that coated her body.

Marcos popped out of her with satisfaction, and she fell onto the ground. Marcos, feeling exhausted as well, fell back on his ass, sighing out loud. “God that was fucking amazing.” He said. “I’m sure you’re glad I let you cum.” Marcos laughed, opening his eyes to look at Louis. The man almost seemed disappointed it was all over.

That was when Marcos came up with another idea. He used his remaining strength to crawl over to Louis, and he touched his limp dick, looking down at it. He then picked the cock cage from the ground, and locked Louis back up again. “I think that looks great on you.” Marcos said. “From now on, you’re not allowed to cum unless I say so, do you understand?”

Louis nodded, his dick getting hard from Marcos’ harsh words. “Yes, sir.” He said.

“Hmm… I like that… sir.” The words sounded nice on his tongue, and he knew he would want other people to call him that from now on.

Now, time to see who he should be fucking next.

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