Marie’s Anguish Ch. 01

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This is part of a much longer saga I have written in my head but am only now getting round to putting to paper. This is a spin-off of the Funland series, I shall try and make it possible to read from here but it may make more sense to read Funland first (at least Chapter 1). Fair warning, this story involves female masturbation, a lesbian domination/slave dynamic, lesbian watersports and lesbian oral. If that’s not for you then feel free to find another story.

I would also like to note that the dynamic that is presented in this story is not meant to be indicative of a normal or even healthy BDSM relationship. My characters are flawed and this is where they and the story lead me. It is NOT meant to be used as a blueprint for a real life relationship, it is a fantasy.

Still with me? Good. Comments are appreciated even if you didn’t like my tale. For a writer, even hatred is better than indifference.


Dave drove slowly down the quiet street. This was one of the rougher neighbourhoods his company covered and while he had never had any problems personally he always liked to keep his wits about him when he got a fare here. Cracked pavements matched the cracked windows and every face seemed hostile to those that didn’t belong. He glanced in his rearview mirror at the young redhead in the backseat and frowned. She’d read the address off a piece of paper and sat sullen and uncommunicative since. This definitely did not seem like a usual trip for her. Her pretty face looked worried and he wondered at the heavy thoughts that lay behind those red-rimmed eyes.

Marie watched the houses go by silently. It had been three months since her trip to Funland and her encounter with Chloe. The weight of eternal damnation had fell on her as soon as she had placed the crucifix back around her neck. Chloe had told her that she had nothing to worry about. That Chloe would go to hell for what they had done, not Marie. But Marie knew she was wrong. She knew that she had allowed Chloe to drink her piss. To lap at her cunt. To make her cum. And worse still. She had kissed Chloe afterwards. She had followed it up with her tongue in Chloe’s mouth. She had felt her breasts and she had sucked on her tits. She had eaten the blondes hairless pussy and drank all her cum.

And she had been a willing participant. “If I regret it it’s on me.” She hadn’t been forced or raped. She had been given an out and she had went ahead anyway. She had even said please! She had begged to make that stranger feel good and brought about her own downfall. A dirty act in a dirty place had dirtied her soul forever.


One of the big seven. Murder wasn’t even up there. You could kill and be pure if it was for the right reason, but lust was different. There was no coming back from it now. She had desired that beautiful stranger and she had dived into temptation headfirst with her tongue out.

No, she could not blame Chloe. Actually she had lots to thank her for. She had awakened her to a pleasure that she had never even imagined existed. She had given her the gift of her first orgasm. Marie did not know how many she had had now. When she wasn’t busy worrying about her eternal soul she was busy getting herself off. The feelings and sensations that had been produced in that bathroom was a high that she had been chasing every night since. And while she had become adept at playing with herself, the pleasure was somehow less and the guilt somehow more.

She reached for the crucifix she still wore around her neck. It used to comfort her but now she felt nothing. She had always had the right friends, played safe, followed the rules and not got into trouble, but at the first real test in her adult life she had fallen. She was unable to resist and now her soul was tarnished. She had ignored her church’s teachings that day and now she was being ignored. Punishment came in the form of insomnia, she hadn’t had a full nights sleep since. Whatever sleep she did get was plagued by nightmares of burning. Her studies were suffering and even her parents had started to comment on how tired she constantly looked. She felt herself slipping and close to a breaking point. It couldn’t last, and that brought her to this rundown neighbourhood in the bad part of the next town. It was a last desperate shot, the type usually called a Hail Mary. The irony would’ve made her smile if she hadn’t felt so tortured.

Dave pulled in and glanced up at the single storey house. His SatNav had been muted while he drove but it indicated this was the right number. He guessed it was right as there was no visible numbers on the door. It was in the same state of disrepair as its neighbours, but at least none of the windows on this one had been boarded up. The small fence on the edge was still standing, though a new coat of paint was long overdue, and the small patch of grass was overgrown. It looked clean but still uninviting and no place for a young girl from The Hill.

“This is it.” İstanbul Escort he stated as he read off the meter. The redhead paid with crisp notes and even told him to keep the change. Definitely not usual for around here. He heard her take a deep breath as she seemed to be steeling herself to exit the car. “You’re not in any kind of trouble are ya?”

She smiled slightly. “No, just nervous, that’s all.”

“Well here, take my card. The firm’s number is there but on the back is my mobile. Text me directly and I can be back here in fifteen minutes to pick you up if need be. And if it’s real trouble, there’s a store two blocks away that’ll look after ya until I get there. I’ll also wait till I see the door open too.”

“That would be great, thanks.” she took the proffered card and climbed out of the taxi. Sliding it into her back pocket she slung her backpack over her shoulder and set off through the gate and up the small path to the door.

The bag held her college books. Her father had dropped her off at the library earlier that morning and she had wandered around the stacks for half an hour before calling the cab. She hated lying to her parents but they would never have allowed her to come to this area. And they would have been furious and hysterical if they knew whom she was visiting, nevermind why. It had taken her a month to come up with this plan, and another to find the correct address. Her salvation or damnation lay behind this door, in the hands of the one person least likely to help.

She mentally shook herself. She had come this far. She couldn’t back out now. She knocked.

Footsteps sounded on the other side and a number of heavy deadbolts were drawn back before the door could be opened an inch. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“My name’s Marie. I, I don’t know if you remember me…”

The face in the doorway widened in recognition before twisting into hatred. “Remember you? Marie, you ruined my fucking life. Of course I remember you, you fucking idiot!”

Dave saw the door open and drove away down the street. He couldn’t hear what had been said but it looked like the two knew each other. At least it was a young woman that had opened the door. The redhead would be fine, he assumed.

Marie heard the car leave behind her and knew she was all alone. She had to make this work out herself. “Look Bethany, I know what you must think of me. I just want to talk, just five minutes, please. I… I need your help.”

Bethany saw the stress and toll of the last few months play on Marie’s face and heard the raw desperation in her voice. Her own tone softened slightly in response. “Damn, you do need help, don’t you? Well you’d better come in then. I just have to hear how you need my help.”

Marie entered the house as Bethany moved aside and found herself directly in a small dining area. There was a small table and two chairs that looked uncomfortable at best. Bethany closed the heavy door and showed her into the living room instead. Like the outside it was tidy, but sparse. There were no ornaments or even any pictures on the walls or mantlepiece. “Nice place.” she said politely.

“No it isn’t. It’s a shithole.” Bethany cut her off. “Now, what do you want?”

Marie put her bag down and thought. She had been so worked up about finding the address that she hadn’t thought of what came next. “I want to say sorry.”

“Sorry?” Bethany sat down in the single chair and motioned Marie onto the couch facing it. It was a start but she wasn’t going to let her off that easily. “Sorry for what?”

Marie gestured at the room. “For all of it. I’m sorry for going into the music room. I’m sorry for catching you with that girl. I’m sorry for outing you as a lesbian. I’m sorry you got kicked out of school. I’m sorry you live in a shithole. I’m sorry for ruining your life!”

The words had just tumbled out. She hadn’t realised it, but she was sorry and she had spoken from the heart. She glanced at Bethany whose face had frozen. A single tear making it halfway down her cheek before being wiped away in embarrassment.

“Six years I’ve been waiting to hear that… Six years and I never thought it’d be you…” she was almost murmuring to herself but now she wiped her eyes again and turned to her guest. “Thank you for that Marie. The school and my family’s reaction wasn’t your fault to be honest, you didn’t really ruin my life.”

“I was only twelve, I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I should’ve thought about it more. I…”

Bethany interrupted, ” *I* should’ve locked the door. *I* shouldn’tve been eating out Stephanie Morris in the music room. If anyone’s to blame, it’s my own damn self.”

Marie’s face relaxed at this. She had survived the initial exchanges and Bethany’s initial coldness seemed to have thawed a little. She still had a chance at getting what she wanted here.

“Stephanie Morris.” Bethany mused, pensively. “That’s another name I haven’t said in a while. You remember that Kadıköy Escort joke of an inquest? Giving evidence?”

Marie nodded. It had been the day after she had caught the pair. She had been given the day off classes, but summoned to the headmaster’s office to tell what she had seen. The room was filled with the schools governors as well as Bethany and Stephanie with their families. Her parents accompanied her but despite their reassurance she had been absolutely terrified. With a shaky voice she had told how she went to the music room as her teacher had asked to get a hymnbook for a lesson. How she had opened the door and saw Stephanie lying on the floor with her skirt raised and her legs spread. About how Bethany had been naked and between those legs. At this point both the accused mothers had burst into tears, the fathers faces had turned purple, and the headmaster had told her she could go. Her own mother had cried in the car home and together they had prayed when they got home. Not for the two girls no, Marie’s mum had prayed that her daughter would not be tainted by the evil she had witnessed.

“I remember. What happened? There was so many rumours?”

“Well after you left l admitted it. Told them that we were lesbians and in love. Only Stephanie denied it. She said she was straight, and I had blackmailed, coerced and raped her for weeks! Nevermind the messages and lovenotes I had saved from her. That manipulative little bitch got down on her knees and prayed for my soul in the middle of her testimony! I tried telling them what really happened. That she had suggested the time to meet, she picked the room, everything! But truth never mattered to those judgemental pricks! I cried and begged for her to tell them the truth. I told her I loved her and d’you know what she did? She looked me in the eye and said ‘I forgive you.'”

The hurt showed in Bethany’s eyes as she looked into the past and recounted that fateful meeting. She dabbed another errant tear away with her sleeve as if annoyed at herself before squaring her shoulders and continuing.

“Stephanie graciously said she didn’t want to press charges but of course I was expelled immediately. My dad made some donation to the school to keep everything quiet and then drove me straight to an adoption agency. Told their receptionist that he couldn’t have some dyke slut for a daughter and if I tried to come back he’d shoot me. They dropped off a bag with clothes the next day and said they burnt everything else I’d ever owned. So there I was, dumped, heartbroken, outed, expelled and disowned all within 48 hours. Some fun eh?”

Marie was stunned. She had guessed at part of the story but having it laid out really drove the point home. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been to go through all that alone. No wonder Bethany had hated her! “I’m sorry, I had no idea!” she offered lamely.

Bethany just shrugged and gave a wry smile. “I was put in a home with thirty others and ignored until I was kicked out three months later when I turned 18. By then an uncle had found me and started quietly sending money every month. I couldn’t move in with him, my aunt would explode if she knew he’d been in contact, but it was enough to start renting this place till I got a job.”

“I’m so sorry” Marie apologised again. It was all that she could do.

Bethany leaned back in her chair and studied the redhead, taking in her appearance from head to foot as she continued. “Those first few weeks at the home was when I really hated you. I had a great life, big home, money, friends. I was about to go to college. Sure I was in the closet, but I could’ve come out on my own terms. Having lived! *You* took that away from me. And now you say you need my help. What could a pampered snobby rich girl ever need from a minimum wage shunned lesbian like me?”

Marie avoided eye contact while she tried to think of how to begin. “I… erm…”

“Well come on then!” Bethany’s tone was harder now as she became impatient. “This has been the first time I’ve been able to talk about it so I might’ve overshared, but this little trip down memory lane isn’t exactly fun for me. What the fuck do you want?”

Marie still couldn’t look at Bethany in the face. Her problems seemed so small and petty compared to what the older girl had gone through. How could she ask for help after all she had put her through? And yet, she couldn’t just leave either. Her troubles were big to her, and her immortal soul was in peril. She had to at least ask. Closing her eyes, she steeled her nerve and spoke the words she hadn’t dared to utter aloud before. “I think I might be a lesbian.”

Bethany’s face turned from annoyance to confusion. Did she really just say that? “You… What?!”

“I think I might be a lesbian.” It was easier the second time. She opened her eyes slowly and peeked around the room. It was still the same. Still here. She had dared to voice her fears and the world had not ended. The only change Ataşehir Escort was Bethany’s facial expressions, now showing a mix of shock and disbelief.

Marie took another deep breath and began her tale. She did have to look around at the walls when she got to the most embarrassing parts, but thankfully there were no interruptions. She described every sordid little detail from the most pleasurable afternoon of her life, ending with her frequent bouts of masturbation and intense regrets.

“Wow! Who would’ve thought it? A cute little thing like you is secretly a deviant…” Bethany mused when the tale had came to an end. Suddenly her eyes narrowed with suspicion. “IF I believe it. You and your friends aren’t trying to set me up are you? Not trying to prank me? Cause I’m out of the church forever and I don’t need any shit from anyone from the past. I swear if I find out you…”

“No! No no no no!” Marie pleaded. “It’s the truth! I did all that stuff and I came here for help! I swear on my life and my whole family’s. Honest! You have to believe me!”

Bethany calmed slightly. Her experiences had taught her to always be skeptical of people, but the pretty redhead’s face just screamed honesty. The look in her eyes of the truly tortured would be pretty hard to fake outside of Hollywood. “Ok, say I do believe you… What? You came here because I’m the only other lesbian you’ve met?!”

“I… I guess” Marie shrugged. “I can’t exactly tell my friends or parents or else I’ll end up…”

“Disowned and living in a shithole like me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

Bethany waved it away. “Yeah you’ve said that. I get it, you know? If you’d given me a choice I’d have stayed in the closet too. So, how do you expect me to help?”

Marie shrugged again. “I don’t know exactly. I feel so guilty and ashamed of my thoughts, of what I’ve done, of what I still want to do! Every time my orgasm fades I feel like I’m being pulled closer to hell. That I deserve to burn for my fantasies. But cumming is the only thing that gives me peace, it’s a neverending cycle. I can’t sleep, I barely eat, can’t think straight…all I know is I can’t go on living like this!”

Bethany thought for a moment. The redhead really did look desperate for guidance. She studied the younger girl in the quiet of the room. The little shit that had brought about her downfall had blossomed in the years since. Although she was dressed casually in jeans and a sweatshirt, there was no hiding that Marie had a really great body underneath. She had long legs, a slim figure and perky tits that were noticeable through her tshirt. ‘They’d probably stay in place even if she wasn’t wearing a bra’ Bethany mused. Plus Marie was undeniably pretty, and her long red hair really suited her. Bethany wondered if she shaved, and if it was the same vibrant colour as her head. She wondered if she could find out…

Marie began to feel uncomfortable under Bethany’s scrutiny. She didn’t have anything to hide, but the intense gaze was unsettling in the quiet room. She began to wonder if she had made a mistake in coming here. Why should Bethany help her, she didn’t owe her anything? There wasn’t some lesbian code that swore to help all who were confused! No, she should just leave. She had apologised for the past and maybe that was enough. She’d have to find another way to live with her torment.

Marie shifted forwards on the couch and reached for her backpack. “Look, I think this was a bad idea. I wasn’t trying to trick you, but you can’t or don’t want to help me. I’ll leave you alone now, and once again I’m really sorry for how your life turned out.” Grabbing her bag, she stood up.

“Wait!” Bethany stretched out a hand and was pleased to note that Marie had stopped immediately. Her mobile phone had been resting on the couch, she unlocked it and swiped through a few screens before locking it again and rising from her seat.

Bethany was around an inch taller than the younger girl and she made sure to stand straight as she drew closer. The imbalance would naturally make Marie feel more submissive towards her and she would take any advantage she could to make the most of this opportunity. “Maybe I was a bit hasty. I think I might be able to help, but I do need a few things from you.”

The relief Marie felt was instantaneous and obvious. “Oh thank you, thank you so much! You don’t know how…”

Bethany cut her off, “I want you to do whatever I tell you to do.”

Marie didn’t even need to think this through, she was so desperate for help. “I will. Of course I will.” she nodded.

“Without question.”

This made Marie pause. She looked at the older woman inquisetively. What exactly was she signing up for here?

“Without. Question.” Bethany repeated. Her voice was hard as she emphasised each word and let it be known there would be no compromises.

Marie thought about it. She had a choice, but in her mind it was not much of a choice. Sure, she could leave, but that would put her back to square one. Worse, actually, as she would now have no plan or hope to end the torment. If she wanted help she was going to have to accept this deal and whatever terms came with it. She bowed her head submissively and repeated back, “No question”

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