Marital Escapades Pt. 02

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A married couple’s excursion into ever wilder sexual adventures.

A message from Jayne – if you have read Part 1 ignore this message.

After being married for over twenty years we had done most of the usual husband and wife stuff. Lots of vanilla sex in the early days, a little experimentation as time went on, some great relationship building but also some disillusionment then drifting apart and sex between us becoming rather mechanical and often boring. But then luckily, we found something new, something different, we found marital escapades and it totally revitalised our marriage.

It all began when Kevin took a photo of me topless asleep in our garden and we had ‘finger sex’ in a chauffeur driven car. After those events we got even more adventurous.

Slut Nights

I am not sure how or when it began but we had both started using dirty language as we made love. Being naked or just in my underwear in his arms kissing, I loved hearing my husband tell me what he was going to do to me. I thrilled to telling him to get his big cock further up my cunt and hearing him say what a great arse and tits I had. Name calling had also moved on and now I liked being called his slut, his tart and his bitch. Going further, I also liked dressing up for him or, more accurately perhaps, dressing down for him as more often than not that meant leaving my bra and or my panties, off or wearing more overtly sexy underwear or outfits though I didn’t go as far as crotchless knickers or half-cup bras showing my nipples!

Being fairly heavily breasted I only very rarely went braless and until we started these escapades, I had never gone commando. But now I did and I found it, what can I say, uplifting maybe, I certainly enjoyed it.

Seeing a dress in a shop window gave me an idea and immediately I knew that Kevin would go for it big time. Several times he’d asked me to dress more sluttish by wearing very low-cut tops or ridiculously short for my age skirts. He often asked if I was wearing knickers which, of course, until recently I was and a couple of times he’d asked me to take them off when we were out at a restaurant or bar. And, inevitably I suppose, he talked me into going braless a few times which when you are carrying around D going on DD cup boobs is not the most sensible of dress options. For some reason, he liked seeing men ogle my tits and the bumps made by my nipples that even when not aroused are rather prominent. And I can’t say that I didn’t like the attention, because I did.

He often used terms like. ‘My slut,’ and ‘You really can be a slut can’t you?’ especially when he had his hand up my skirt in a place where it was rather public.

So, I was thinking as I waited patiently for him to return from a business trip to Germany, why don’t I be his slut when he gets home. That’s why I ordered online a similar dress to the one in the window.

I felt so excited a day or so later when I unpacked the dress and stood before my full-length mirror in the small almost square entrance hall. I undressed and stood there naked just wearing heels which have become my obsession holding the skimpy dress in front of me and imagining what it would be like to wear such an outrageously sexy garment in public.

It was made from a thin, black material that was slightly shiny and felt lovely against my skin. It had a halter neckline that plunged deeply between each of my boobs with a tie on the back of my neck. I could imagine Kevin undoing that and pulling the merest slithers of material that covered each areola and nipple away from them. I knew that we would both so enjoy that. As we would the view before the neckline was undone because the material was thin enough that even unaroused my always rather prominent nipples made quite a show. As I modelled it to myself, I knew that shortly I would masturbate and that Kevin would want to photograph me in it and removing it and probably when masturbating as well! Our photographic sessions had become more frequent and had moved on.

So, I slipped it on, God it was so flimsy.

It was somewhat unflatteringly tight across my tummy and thus my slight ‘mumtum’ was rather emphasised. That was a shame but couldn’t be avoided and was, I hoped, compensated for by being, hopefully, erotically tight across both my hips and my bottom. The skirt part ended about a foot above my left knee with the scalloped hem being cut at an angle so on my right leg it came down to about six inches above my knee. Both the cut of the halter neck and the shortness of the skirt meant that not only would I be ‘flashing’ a lot of flesh but also that I could not wear a bra or stockings or tights, but then in such a dress who would want to!

Seeing myself in the mirror I felt that I looked appropriately sluttish so, effectively right up Kevin’s street! It would be a perfect outfit, I thought, to wear for the first shots of one of our now regular photo sessions where I would gradually strip off as he took shots of me for us to perve over later.

“Fucking hell Jay what the bloody eskort topkapı hell is that?” he asked when he came into the lounge where I was standing wearing my new ‘slutdress.’

“Don’t you like it Kev?”

“Don’t be daft of course I like it, you look er, um well fucking sluttish.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No it’s brilliant, come here,” he went on dropping his bag on the couch.

Then I was in his arms deep kissing him. I felt him grasping the hem of the dress and pulling it up and his hands sliding up my legs to grip and squeeze both bare cheeks. Bunching the dress around my waist he continued squeezing and fondling my bottom with one hand as the other pulled at the front of the dress and eased my tits out. Kissing and licking both in turn he pulled my thong down a little and away from my lips uncovering them and my entire pussy and clit.

“You really are a dirty bitch, aren’t you?” he growled into my ear. “You’re so fucking wet.”

“And what the fuck’s that make you?” I replied entering into the dirty talk that we both enjoyed and got turned on by. “Remember what you did in that car on the way home? And I’m not a bitch that’s for sure. Maybe a cunt then like what you finger-fucked in the car,” I said as he turned me around so I was facing away from him.

“Yes, maybe a cunt, yes a cunt Jay, just like the cunt I’m going to fuck right now,” he went on pushing me towards a table and bending me over it going on to say. “Just thank your lucky stars I want to fuck a cunt tonight and not a big ass,” as he pressed hard on my back squashing my bare breasts against the cold surface of the table.

“Fuck off you prick I don’t have a big ass.”

“No, but it is a very fuckable ass and next time I fuck you I’m going to fuck it,” he said as I felt his cock pressing against my lips. He knew full well that I was not very keen on being fucked up there.

“No way, not a fucking chance that was the one and only time.”

“You reckon, do you?”

“I know, not reckon,” I retorted feeling the head of his dick opening me up.

“Then slut you’ll have to change your fucking mind won’t you,” he muttered just as he shoved his cock right up me so that I felt his balls slap against my clit. And then like that he fucked me hard, fast and dirty just as we both wanted and needed.

“Phew that was something love,” I said smiling at him after he pulled out of me and I straightened up from being face down on the table, turned and kissed him.

“Enjoy it?” he asked as I went to roll my dress down.

“No leave it, stay like that as we have a drink.”

“What like this?” I said surprised at what he was suggesting.

“Yes, you look great like a real slut, check yourself in the mirror.”

Walking over to the full-length, loft mirror by the front door I saw that he was watching my every step. As I reached the mirror, he came up behind me and fondled my ass as he whispered. “See what I mean?”

I did and I’m ashamed to say that what I saw in the mirror turned me on. It was almost as if the reflection was not me but someone else.

The neck of my dress was beneath my breasts. The skirt of the dress was bunched around my waist and the thong was down around my upper thighs so that my newly bald, pubic mound with my glistening lips was on show. And to complete the gorgeously, sordid reflection, my legs were bare and shapelier with my feet being in the strappy heels.

Again, I went to pull the neck of the dress up but he stopped me and said. “Stay like that until we go to bed.”

“Why?” I asked rather unnecessarily.

“Because I want you to and Jayne and be honest here, you do too, don’t you?”

My first thought was to lie and say something derogatory about the situation but something stopped me and that wasn’t just that his finger on one hand had wriggled between my legs and on the other was squeezing my bum. There was more happening to me that I didn’t like to admit. But I had to accept that looking at myself in the mirror was turning me on.

“Kevin this is daft,” I murmured my glance taking in my hardened nipples and the glistening wetness of my lips.

“Oh no baby it’s not daft, not daft at all,” he told me reaching around me and cupping my breast and going on with. “Nice slut, do you like that?”

Grinning I replied. “Yes of course I like it but don’t start something you won’t be able to finish,” I croaked.

“Oh don’t worry babe, I’ll be able to finish it, and by that you do mean fucking you again don’t you?”

As it happens, he was true to his word for we made love beautifully an hour or so later when we went to bed. By beautifully I mean long, languid and varied foreplay with lots of oral both ways and some tongue and finger anal stuff by him on me; unfortunately, I didn’t get round to returning the favour. Then we had a long, slow fuck that must have lasted fifteen or twenty minutes. For part of that time Kevin was buried in me as far and as deep as he could be and he stayed almost rigid like that for what seemed an age bayan escort before starting to move again and that was magic.

But all too soon of course we had to finish the fuck and he built up the rhythm slowly until he was surging into me with long, deep thrusts and I was writhing on the wonderful thing that was buried inside me. After he ejaculated, we remained in the missionary position though I unwound my legs from around his waist and, as he slowly softened, he slid out from me and his dick rested on my thigh as we told each other how wonderful it had been. As we chatted I could feel a wetness on my thighs but couldn’t work out whether that was from his cock or my own juices seeping out from me. It was, though, a nice feeling.

Those few minutes after a woman has an orgasm are so special and with Kevin that night was no exception and as always, I felt so loving, loved and tender. He had given me something so special and wonderful and I loved him for that. After having fucked me in the lounge almost fully dressed and bent over a table, we had satisfied our aggressive desires for sordid sex with each other and later in bed, both now naked, we had, revelled in each other’s body and had made wonderful tender and gentle love. I felt sated, emotionally happy, sexually lovely and at peace with the world.



‘I am pleased that you enjoyed the dress. I loved wearing it for you and enjoyed your reaction. It and you made me feel so wanted and so feminine. Also, like you and the camera, the pair of you made me feel incredibly dirty, so much so I think that I would have done anything you wanted.

Is there anything else you want me to do?

email, Kevin’s reply.

Lovey, I want your ass, can I have it please?


“Now on all fours and look towards the door,” he told me clearly aiming the camera at my bare buttocks. I did as he directed and heard the shutter clicking away as he captured my bum and my puffed-up lips for our later ogling.

Over the years, he had asked me several times but I had always refused. I was ok with him licking me there and was happy to return that favour and to finger him and let him push one up me but I just couldn’t take his cock going up there. The thought of the tearing feeling scared the life out of me.

Now though, with our more enlightened and adventurous approach to sex when he pressed his finger right on the hole then turned me onto my front, pulled my legs open and licked the length of the crease and pressed his tongue into it a little way, I was thinking differently.

Yes, of course I was still worried that the pain would prevent me relaxing, that my body would tighten up and it wouldn’t work but his softly asked request.

“Can I Jay? After all you did ask didn’t you?” as his finger slid into the hole that he had lubricated with a combination of his spittle and my womanly juices took on a different meaning and I whispered.

“Be gentle darling and promise to stop if I can’t take it,” I said laying flat

“Of course,” he replied, kissing me on the cheek and running his fingers up and down my spine.

“Want me like this?” I asked.

“Yes, if you’re ok in that position.”

“It’s fine.”

“Maybe just this,” he said pushing a fairly thick pillow under my tummy thus, lifting my rump up a little.

I felt his weight on me as his arms came around my body and cupped my boobs with his fingers on both hands pinching my nipples. His cock was nestled neatly along the crease between my fairly full cheeks and that felt lovely. He slid one hand down the front of my body and found my pubic mound which it cupped and squeezed gently before using a finger right on my clit, he’s so good at that.

“Ok Jay?” he whispered right into my ear.

“Mmmmm lovely,” I replied as I felt him lift up as his hand brushed across my right cheek to, presumably grip his hard dick.

“I meant this,” he went on as I felt him pressing it right against the hole. I panicked a little but his soothing voice and gentle tone reassured me. “Don’t worry lovey I’ll stop at once if you say so, ok?” he asked as I felt the pressure on my anus increasing.

“No, it needs more lubrication,” I moaned.

“From this?” he asked rubbing the end of his cock along and just inside my lips. “Or shall I get some KY?”

“That feels nice,” I managed to grin adding. And that should do.”

“What no need for the lube?”


I felt it again pressing right on the puckered darker skin of the entrance to my anus and my heart pounded with a combination of fear and excitement but also there was something else causing it. I couldn’t work out just what it was at first but then it dawned on me, it was pleasure. The pleasure I was beginning to get from giving my husband something he had wanted for so long, my arse. I was about to let him fuck me up my bum for the first time for so long.

And then it was going up me. Slowly and surely it opened me up and slowly and surely the stretching pain was so fucking escort mecidiyeköy awful that I almost stopped him. It was like childbirth all over again and I wondered if like during that I would tear and need stiches. That scared me even more as I couldn’t face the prospect of going to hospital and explaining how my anus had got torn!

“Oh fuck Kev, fuck, fuck fuck,” I groaned loudly and he stopped going any further.

“Too much Jay?”

“Just stop a moment.”

We lay there with him on top of me with his just over average sized cock buried in my most private place. I got used to the pain and whispered.

I think it’ll be ok now,” as he kissed the top of my head and stroked my breast.

“You sure?”

“No, I’m not sure but we’ve gone this far so we might as well finish,” I sighed.

We lay still for a few moments with his dick only just inside me which I realised later was when the thickest part of his it was spreading my bum.

“Ok go on but easy,” I whispered as his hand found mine and squeezed it comfortingly.

I felt him pushing gently as he went further into me. The rotten stretching, almost tearing sensation was still there but it didn’t feel as bad and a different tingling had started.

“Ok darling?”

“Yes, yes Kev it is ok,” I was surprised to hear myself saying as he went up me even more.

“You sure love I can still stop.”

“No it’s ok, in fact it’s not too bad at all now,” I told him honestly.

He was now, or so it seemed right up me and I could feel his scrotum against my lips. That actually felt quite good.

“I’m going to move a bit Jay, is that ok?”

“Yes but take it easy none of the slut night type fucking.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be careful,” he told me as he reached around me with both arms and cupped my tits. That also felt good particularly when he pinched my nipples as well. Then I felt him starting to move up and down a little and although there was some pain that was at least matched with pleasure. It wasn’t quite like when his cock was up my front passage but then, I reconciled there are not all the sensual nerve ends up your bum as there in your pussy.

“OK Jay?”

“Yes, Kev it’s fine, it’s ok.”

He started making longer and deeper thrusts and amazingly the pleasure and pain seemed to merge together into sensations the like of which I hadn’t experienced before. One sensation was playing off against the other and as pain built up so more pleasure erupted.

But it wasn’t just the physical aspects that were building my orgasm. I was also emotionally in a turmoil with the fusion of the pain and pleasure merging with the feelings of giving Kevin, my husband and lover my most precious sexual gift at the same time as which he was so dominating and, in a way unconsciously maybe, demeaning me. With my bottom impaled on his rigid cock I was totally under his control and direction. It was a unique and so new to me set of feelings.

Nevertheless, they were feelings that were taking me slowly and very purposefully towards an orgasm that I knew somehow was going to be really big bang. And by fuck was it!

“Oh my God Kevin,” I groaned as I eventually stopped shaking and the strong tremors stopped, well nearly, roaring through me.

“Was it ok?”

“Ok, bloody ok? It was fucking marvellous,” I groaned giggling as I went on. “Or even marvellous fucking, remind me why we haven’t done it much before?”

“So can we do it again?”

“Yes, but not today!”

Pain and Pleasure.

“So, you enjoyed the anal did you?” he asked after we had started having sex a couple of afternoons later and were lying in each other’s arms on the couch in our sitting room. He wasn’t in me but his erection was pressing into my stomach and he had been sucking my nipples for some time.

“Yes, but not as much as what we usually do,” I replied smiling and kissing him.

“Why’s that?”

“Well, it’s a totally different sensation both physically and emotionally,” I told him going onto explain how giving your bottom was the most intimate thing a woman could do and how it was really more for the man than the woman. I also explained that a woman has far less nerve ends and sexual stimuli up her anus than the front passage.

“So, what was it that you liked so much?”

“I didn’t say I liked it so much, just that I enjoyed it, like I enjoy our slut fucks,” I told him using the term we had agreed for them and adding. “But there was something new, something very different about it.”

“What was that?”

“It was the pain. No not the pain itself but how it sort of fused with the pleasure.”

“Yes, I have heard that can happen.”

“And particularly as I got near my orgasm. The pain then seemed to accentuate the sensations,” I told him as he slid down between my legs that I spread to give him more room.

He pressed the end of his cock against my lips that inevitably were soaked and they opened a little way so that the head of it was just inside them opening them more.

“Yes love, want it” he asked as he slid one hand down my back and grabbed my arse that he squeezed quite hard.

“Of course, do I ever say no?”

Then I had that delightful sensation as my husband’s cock slid slowly all the way up me until his balls slapped against my bottom.

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