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Alexandra Daddario


I walk into the living room where I see you are standing by the sofa looking wonderful in a soft light gray tank top over a pink bra, (I can see those delicate straps) your favorite pair of pastel rose colored leggings and some tennis shoes.

I am going to walk over to you and pull you in for a long, deep, passionate kiss that will last for several minutes while I hold you in my arms. I might reach down and grab those fabulous cheeks of your ass, squeezing them and massaging the firm flesh.

When I can feel your heartbeat begin to speed up and I am sure that you are getting aroused, I am going to break the kiss and look deep into you hazel eyes.

Without warning, I am then going to spin you around and bend you over the back of the sofa, folding you over it so that your hands are on the cushions.

“Don’t move.”

I am then going to kneel down behind you and tug those leggings down off your hips until they are around your ankles, exposing the matching pink (hopefully those lacy ones) panties you are wearing.

Still kneeling down behind you, I am going to pull aside the fabric covering you. Then I am going to bury my face deep between your legs and lick, suck, tongue and taste you. When you are wet enough from the combination of your excitement seeping out of you and my spit, I am going to stand up behind you, pull my hard cock out through my fly and slide the engorged head all along the lips of your pussy, parting them and spreading your sticky wetness around.

When the head of my cock is slick with your juices, Şanlıurfa Escort I am going to quickly ram it into you all the way until I bottom out. I will start to drive into you with long, hard and deep strokes. All the way in until my hips slap your ass and then out until only the head of my cock is left in you. In this position, every time I enter you, my cock-head will be hitting your g-spot as I enter again. I am going to ride you until you come twice. The first one will be quick and you will scream out loud. The second will roll through your body until you are shaking and moaning.

After you come the second time, I am going to pull out completely and kneel down behind you so I can pull those obstructing panties off your ass and down to just above your knees.

“Reach back and hold your ass cheeks open.”

When your hands are in place and holding your ass cheeks open to me, I will lick your ass and blow on it so I can watch your sweet ass ring pucker tightly. I’ll stand up and jerk myself off until I shoot my hot cum on the cool skin between your spread cheeks, aiming at the twitching ring, covering your back passage that I so love with my seed. Then I am going to use my still hard cock to spread my cum all over your exposed flesh. When your ass and my cock are well coated, I’ll grab your hips and shove back into you, holding us still, allowing our cum to mix inside your body until I go soft and slip out.

Tucking my cock that is coated in your wetness and my cum back into my pants, I will admire that fabulous ass which Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan is now covered with our cum.

“Hands back on the cushions Sunshine.”

I’m going to kneel back down behind you and kiss each ass cheek as I pull your panties up, trapping my cum in the crack of your ass. Then I’ll press the cotton crotch of those pink panties up tightly against your pussy lips to soak up any cum that might leak out of you. Next I’m going to pull up your leggings and help you to stand up straight. Spinning you back around I’ll kiss you hard, reaching behind you to grab your cum covered ass and grind your slick wet pussy tight against my softened cock.

Now we can go to the clubhouse and play a game or two of racquetball, or maybe you can teach me to play tennis. But the entire time that we are out playing together today, I will be watching your ass knowing that it is marked with my cum, wondering if the other ladies around can smell me on you and warning the other men to keep clear of you.

With every step you take, you will feel your ass cheeks slide together and know that I have marked you with my scent and recall the two orgasms from this morning. My cock will be half hard the whole time watching you and thinking about the damp crotch of your panties that’s covering you and soaking up our cum as it seeps out of you.

When we get home later, I am going to strip you of all your clothes, and while i enjoy the smell of your sweat, the sunscreen and the earlier sex on your body, I am going to kiss and lick your Escort Şanlıurfa nipples as I finger fuck you until I bring you off again for the third time today.

After you regain your senses, I’ll take you to the private outdoor shower we built so I can clean every inch of your body under the open sky. When we are both clean, I’m going to take you into the cool house without drying off your body so I can watch the goosebumps spread across your skin.

Spreading out the soft cotton quilt that we keep on the end of the bed for these occasions, I’m going to lie you down and dry your body off with my lips. Licking, sucking and blowing every drop of water from your soft pale skin, warming you up in the process.

When you are dried off and wet again, I’m going to bury my face between your legs and suck hard on your clit, flicking it roughly with my tongue, wetting my lips and chin with your girl drool. I’m going to hold the backs of your knees in my hands and keep you spread wide for me, rolling your ass off the bed so I can then tongue your ass. I’m going to lick my way up, sticking my tongue deep into your pussy, tongue fucking it until your legs begin to quiver. As you near your fourth cum of the day, I’ll move onto your clit again and work it over until you finish cumming.

Letting go of your legs and straightening them on the bed I’m going to move up and kiss you, letting you taste your own cum on my lips. I love the taste and slickness of your sex and i want to share it with you.

After, I’ll lay down with you and pull you on top of me. My hard cock trapped between us.

Now it’s your turn babe. What are you going to do? How are you going to take control?

Tell your fuck-toy boyfriend what you want and how…….

I am now yours to use as you wish for you own pleasure….. And mine too I am sure…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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