Married Guy New Experience Ch. 01

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This is first story to be submitted, I welcome any suggestions, comments, feedback, etc on either story, format, or anything else. If anyone would like me to go on please say so.


I’m a normal married guy, in my 50’s, married 25 years where the sex becomes mundane and predictable, eventually less and less and finally to none at all. That’s the way our marriage had gone until it changed over drink one night when I spoke to a stranger when away on business.

He told me how he had decided to go back to his student days when he enjoyed sex with both guys and gals, how he was enjoying new experiences as he got older, in particular role play with other mature people. Naturally he got my mind working overtime which I assume was his intention and I asked him more and more questions. Eventually he told me to just try new things sometimes and to stop overthinking everything.

That was it for that night but he started me thinking about what he had said. In my late teens I had a small number of drunken bi experiences, none too memorable to be honest, and I started to think about whether I would like to try some guy on guy action.

Gradually, I thought more and more and ended up asking a gay friend one night how he met people on the pretence that I was worried he had no one in his life. I’m not sure he believed me but he mentioned some gay websites that he used. I signed up to one and nervously started chatting to some guys online.

For many months I chatted to a lot of different guys, most of them messers to be honest. Eventually, I got up the nerve to meet with a married guy in another city who told me that he had lots of experience, especially with novice guys. Since I was going to be in his city on business the opportunity arose to meet.

We met in a bar near the hotel where we had a bite to eat and a number of drinks, chatting and getting to be comfortable in his company. He was of a similar age to me but a lot fitter looking. I should say at this stage I’m average build, 5’9, 83 kilos, baldish with what I thought was an average cock size.

After a number of drinks we headed back to my hotel room. In the lift he turned to me, grabbed my balls through my trousers and squeezed them hard. When I didn’t react he laughed and told me that he knew early on in our chats that I was a wimp and needed to be taken in hand by a strong man.

He then said, “From now on you only talk when I ask you a question, Is that clear wimp?”

I answered, “Yes.”

When we got to my room he sat in the chair and told me to get him a drink from the hotel bar. I did as he asked, poured it into a glass and handed it to him. I went to sit down and he asked me if I had permission to sit. I remained standing waiting for him to say something. gaziantep bayan eskort He remained silent for about five minutes just sipping his drink and looking me up and down.

Eventually he told me to step back and to take my shirt off, then my shoes socks and trousers. I was standing in front of him in just my white briefs and once again he remained silent for a couple of minutes. He told me to turn around and to spread my legs wide which I did. That lasted a few minutes, all the time I was waiting for him to do something, to touch me, slap me but all he did was remain silent. Eventually he told me to bend over and remain in that positon. After a period when I was finding it hard to stay in that position he slapped my ass hard and I jumped. He then told me to turn around and face him.

“Let’s see what I’m sure is your pitiful cock.” He laughed at me, pointing to my briefs and the floor.

I lowered them, stepping out of them and stood up. I was now naked with another guy for the first time since my teens and was very body aware as he just stared at me. Then he started laughing out loud. Telling me how he had seen small cocks in his time but that mine was the smallest he had seen in a long time; that it was no wonder that sex had dried up at home, that there was no way that cock could ever please a woman.

“HA HA HA,” he continued to laugh. He then asked me how I ever thought I had an average cock. He took his iphone and measured it against my cock saying,” Its barely bigger than a phone and barely thicker than a pen, HA HA.”

I must admit I was humiliated but I stood there taking his laughter and comments not saying a word or moving.

“Do you want to see what a real cock looks like?” He asked me.

I answered, “Yes.”

He said, “That’s not a particularly polite answer.”

I looked at him inquisitively and he asked me how much I wanted to see it.

“Do you not say please when you want something?”

“Please can I see your real cock,” I asked him, “I really would like to see what a real cock looks like”.

He laughed while standing, indicating with his fingers for me to take his trousers off. I went to him, took his shoes off, unbuckled his belt, opened his trousers and lowered them to the ground. He stepped out of them and pointed to his socks which I also took off. He took off his shirt himself standing in front of me in his black boxer shorts, his cock very evidently hard and big under it. He put his hand on my shoulder pushing me down to my knees.

“What are you waiting for, you WIMP?” He shouted at me.

Not needing to be told again, while on my knees, I lowered his boxer shorts and was confronted at head level with his large uncut cock. I was just staring at it when he slapped me on the head, waking me up to what was expected of me. I took his cock in my hand and started touching and stroking it, it felt so hard and big. I now knew what he meant by a real cock and how miserable I was in comparison.

He took my head in his hands and forced it towards his cock. I knew what he wanted and started kissing his cock and taking its head into my mouth. It felt so thick and I had trouble taking it in my mouth. He told me to be careful as it must have been obvious to him that I was inexperienced at sucking cock. I tried taking more, gagging a bit as it filled my mouth.

“We will have to train you to be the cock sucker you were meant to be,” He said laughing, “Don’t worry, before long you’ll be taking it all easily.”

I couldn’t believe there was any way that I would take all his cock in my mouth, that it was even possible for my small mouth. He told me to stand and grabbed my cock and balls, asking me if that felt good.

I answered, “No.”

He laughed and said, “Good because it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, do you understand that?”

I replied that I did, that I wanted him to be happy with me. I was stunned by what I was saying as I had never had submissive thoughts before but I was aware that it was exciting me a bit.

He told me that, if I was serious, he would take the time to train me to be the sub guy I was born to be, and that he also had friends in my home city that would assist him in his training. I thanked him telling him that I would like to learn more.

He then surprised me by asking me, “What about your wife?”

I enquired what he meant. He asked if I thought that my wife might like some fun in her life and asked me to describe her. I pleaded that I wanted this to be discreet, that she would never forgive me if she knew I had sex with anyone else, that there was no chance that she would want sexual contact with anyone else. He said that he has asked me to describe her and that he was waiting. I told him that my wife was very good looking, 51, 5’5, size 10 with a little bit of a tummy but still in good shape.

“Bra size?”

I answered, “32C.”

He asked me if I had any photos of her with me which I did not.

“Next Time,” He said telling me that husbands never know what their wives are capable of.

I again pleaded to leave her out of anything and he assured me that he would never put me in danger, that I had to trust him or this would never work. I told him that I would trust him and wanted to learn more.

He then instructed me back onto my knees and to suck his hard cock slowly which I did willingly. He told me that all true subs suck their masters to completion making sure to not spill a drop of their masters cum.

This had never crossed my mind. My initial thoughts of the evening was to meet the guy, have some drinks, mutual touching and wanking and then leave; yet here I now was talking about Masters and Subs, telling a guy I wanted to learn more, talking about trust and other guys being involved. None of this had arisen in our online chats and I was beginning to wonder just why or how the guy had seen me as a submissive guy, yet this would appear to be what I wanted to be.

I eagerly continued to suck his cock softly, slowly trying to take a bit more into my mouth each time. He was enjoying it as I sucked with him telling me that I had promise, that he knew I would be a natural cock sucker who was born to please other guys. Eventually he started groaning, holding my head tightly as he came in my mouth filling it with his hot cum, spurt after spurt after spurt. I am not a big cummer and the amount of cum he put in my mouth and down my throat was scary. I tried swallowing it all but some spilled out of my mouth. He expressed his dissatisfaction but said that as it was my first time that this would be forgiven but would not be the next time.

All of this time while sucking his cock I had myself gone erect. When he saw this, he laughed and asked, “Is that as big as it gets.” I was humiliated now looking at my fully erect cock.

“Wank for me you wimp,” He insisted.

Of course, I did not take long to spill my insignificant amount of cum. I was again humiliated and embarrassed as this was the first time I had wanked as a man in front of anyone and to be honest I totally felt small and insignificant compared to him.

He asked my name which I told him was Bill.

“Your wives?”

I pleaded again to leave her out of it.

“Telling me her name is not involving her, tell me”

“Olivia,” I told him.

He told me that if I truly wanted to learn more that I had to be prepared to answer questions, to undertake tasks without question, “You ready for that?.” When I answered that I thought that I was, “We’ll see, won’t we,” was his response.

He told me that he was going to leave now but that I was to set up a new email address, to get a new private phone, to send him the details of both and to await hearing from him. I agreed to his requests just pleading with him that I needed to keep all of this private and discreet. Laughing, he said I had to trust him or he would walk away and find someone who appreciated the time he was prepared to put into my training. I thanked him for his time and efforts and told him that I wanted to trust him. I asked him his name.

“To you I’m just Sir, but others call me Jim.”

He then left the room, leaving me wondering what I had done, what I had agreed to start, whether I could trust him, and so many other thoughts.

I awaited the next steps with a lot of fear but also looked forward to learning …

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