Mary’s Evolution: Book 04

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This is the latest installment in the story of Mary, the chubby and insecure teen whose life had turned completely upside down after her best friend’s father had deflowered her. After Greg Mullin had seduced her, it was as if he had awakened something that had been slumbering inside of Mary.

Suddenly, the girl who had managed to do without sex for 18 years had become someone totally different. After a month of unbridled and passionate lovemaking, whatever Greg wanted was fine by Mary, or so she thought.


Chapter One: Questions.

“What’s this?” Greg Mullin asked the girl heading toward the bed of the motel room they had been in for the evening.

He was holding the business card of the foundations shop where he had taken Mary to get fitted for brassieres, and when he flipped it over he saw that the woman had written her name and phone number on it.

“Oh – uh – that was the lady at the bra place,” Mary said as she climbed onto the bed and cuddled up next to Greg.

“Seems like she might want to get to know you better, or has she already?” Greg asked as he rolled over onto his back and surveyed the card carefully. “You pay her a visit on your own?”

“No, I swear,” Mary said, resting on her side with her elbow propping her up.

“Why not?” Greg suggested as he nodded over toward Mary’s breasts, which hung down onto the bedding. “You seemed to like the way she was playing with those jugs of yours, didn’t you? And she was kinda attractive for a older woman. A little butch looking maybe.”

“I just want you,” Mary said while groping between Greg’s legs for his cock, which was as limp as a dish rag.

“Easy!” Greg cautioned after Mary started to pull on his flaccid member, which had already been through a workout and was showing no sign of life. “It’s a little sore.”

“I’ll bet we can get this big boy up again,” Mary said with a wink, bringing her mouth down to his cock for a quick suck before leaning back. “We can do it anyway you want.”

“Why don’t we give him a rest?”

Mary shook her head impishly and began taking the puckered foreskin between her teeth and nibbling on it, darting her tongue underneath the hood to tease the tender opening of his glans in an effort to revive him.

“Want to fuck me in the ass? Between my tits? Under my arm? Anyway you want it, Greg. You know that I’ll do anything for you,” Mary said. “How about if I give you a rim job? That always gets you hard.”

“Three times already tonight, baby,” Greg reminded her.

“You used to be able to do it more,” Mary pouted. “Remember the first night? Six times! I think sometimes you’re getting bored with me.”

“Maybe you should call your friend Johanna,” Greg suggested.

“Would you like that? To watch her with me?” Mary asked. “I’ll do it if you want me to.”

“I thought you were straight,” Greg asked.

“I am, I guess, but if it made you happy I would do it.”

“Maybe,” Greg thought aloud. “You know, I’ve been thinking about something. Something you might like.”

“Really? What?”

“I have a couple of friends that would like to meet you,” Greg explained. “Want might not be a good choice of words. The one guy is driving me crazy, trying to get me to set up an evening where we can all get together.”

“To meet me?” Mary asked. “Why would they want to meet me?”

“What do you think?”

“You mean to watch you and me?”

“No. They wouldn’t mind watching but they want to do more than watch,” Greg assured her.

“You mean – and they would – and you would…”

“I’d be there, watching and playing along with everybody else.”

“You would want me to be with other guys?” Mary asked in a confused voice.

“You go out with that Kevin character all the time with Brianna and her guy,” Greg reminded her. “I don’t say anything about that, do I? Even though I’m sure you’re doing more with him than you say.”

Mary averted her eyes, knowing that Greg was right about that. Kevin still couldn’t screw worth a damn – not even close to Greg’s proficiency, but Mary figured it was better than nothing when Greg wasn’t available.

“What is it they would be doing?” Mary finally asked.

“The same things we do,” Greg said. “Only it would be better for you because it would all be geared toward you. Making you happy would be the only goal.”

“I dunno,” Mary whined. “Do they know what I look like? I mean, not every body is like you.”

“They are,” Greg said. “They have seen pictures of you and want very much to meet you.”

“Pictures of me?”

“Just one of you sucking my cock and another of you in your tank-top.”

“Omigod,” Mary said. “This is embarrassing. I’m going to be a laughing stock all over the city. A big cow sucking a guy’s cock for everybody to see.”

“Wrong on every level,” Greg corrected. “One is you aren’t a cow. Matter of fact, you’re getting as skinny as Brianna and my wife. What do you weight now? 120?”

“Are you kidding? You thought I weighed 130 or something Şanlıurfa Escort when we met, and I was about 155 or so then. I weigh about 138 now.”

“Guess I’ll never get a job guessing weights at the carnival,” Greg declared. “Well, you aren’t fat, and nobody is going to see the pictures either. These aren’t bums we’re talking about. These are professional men who will respect you like they hope you will respect them. Nobody wants anybody knowing about any of this.”

“We would be here doing this?”

“No, the one man has a cabin up in the mountains,” Greg explained. “Very nice place where we would have a lot more privacy than we do here.”

“This place. Have you been there?” Mary asked. “With – somebody else?”

“Yes,” Greg said without hesitation. “One of the other men had a young lady friend that he wanted to share with us, so this would be very similar to that.”

“What if I decided that…”

“If you meet these men, I’m sure you will like them, and if you don’t, that’s it. We go home and that’s the end of it.”

“Okay, on one condition,” Mary said, resuming her stroking of his weapon. “You have to get hard for me again. I need it bad.”

“Deal,” Greg said, crawling up on his hands and knees and sticking his ass in the air. “Get busy, woman.”


Chapter Two: Mary works wonders.

As she watched Greg arrange himself on the bed with his butt raised high in the air, Mary moved in behind her lover and surveyed the familiar sight of Greg from behind. She playfully slapped him on the right buttock, rubbing the spot where a bit of redness appeared almost immediately, before running her index finger down the crack of his rear end.

To think that up until about 5 weeks ago, she not only didn’t even know that what she was about to do had a name, but couldn’t imagine anybody who was willing to do it. Spreading his ass cheeks as far apart as she could, her eyes took in the taut balloon knot of his anus, where her tongue was about to go.

Below, Greg’s balls hung down low in their furry wrinkled sac, the left nut considerably larger than the right one. Mary took the dangling pouch in her hand and rolled his balls around a bit before really churning and twisting the orbs, causing Greg to let out a loud moan of approval.

Further down between Greg’s legs, his cock hung limply almost down to the sheets, with only the very tip of the crown peeking out from the puckered foreskin. Mary’s free hand took the rubbery tube and began milking it slowly, stretching his long cock as far as she could as she positioned her face deep into the crack of his ass.

Always so clean too, Mary thought as her tongue swabbed Greg’s anus with long and deliberate strokes, which made it a very pleasant experience for her. Judging by the way Greg always reacted to her rimming him, it was great for him too. She felt Greg’s cock begin to lengthen and thicken in her fist as she kept milking him, and she knew that he was not going to disappoint her. He would be hard in just a few minutes.

“That’s so fucking good,” Greg groaned, his backside grinding back into Mary’s face.

“I know you like me to do this to you,” Mary gasped as she pulled her face out for a minute. “You’re getting hard for me too, and when you get hard you’re going to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard as you can, honey.”

Greg moaned some kind of response, but he was too busy writhing and thrusting his lower torso into Mary’s hand to offer much more than that. Soon Greg was fully erect, and then rolled away from Mary and tossed her onto her back, thrusting his swollen tool right into her dripping wet pussy.

Mary’s face was strained as she wrapped her plump legs around Greg’s back and hung on for dear life as Greg began to thrust into Mary hard and fast. She came almost immediately, and Greg didn’t stop his rhythmic assault on Mary for a second as the soundtrack echoed around the room; the squishing sounds of Mary’s pussy that resonated with every deep penetration of her sex, the creaking of the motel bed and the thudding of the headboard against the wall all combined to keep him going until Mary came again.

Mary screamed this time as she came, her body thrashing about wildly underneath him while her pussy clenched his cock savagely several times, causing Greg to cum himself. Greg’s cock jerked inside of Mary, sending a number of volleys of his seed deep inside of her as he eased himself down on top of her.

“Oh baby, that was awesome,” Mary said as Greg eased his sweaty body down next to hers. “I knew you could do it.”

Greg was too busy trying to catch his breath to respond, but she was right. It had been really good, just like it usually was, and Greg wondered to himself how he was going to feel when Lloyd was the one screwing Mary, or Colin was the one she was giving head too.

This guy Mary saw when she double dated with his daughter Brianna – this Kevin kid – didn’t worry him. Greg suspected Mary was letting him ball her, but he was confident Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan that he was no competition for him. Even Lloyd was not a concern, as he was a pretty ordinary guy who was not interested in anything but satisfying his own needs.

Colin though was another story. Not only was he a bit of a celebrity, but he was an attractive man in the manner of Robert Redford, and definitely had a way with the ladies. Could he steal Mary away? Hard to say. Mary was still very devoted to him, but Greg had begun to sense a bit of independence creeping into Mary’s personality.

“Can I then?” Mary said, obviously repeating something that Mary had just asked.

“Sorry baby,” Greg admitted. “I was zoning out for a minute there.”

“I asked you if it was okay if I got rid of this?” Mary asked, lifting her arm and running her hand through the thick spray of hair that had grown there since Greg had asked her not to shave under her arms.

“Why?” Greg asked, letting his fingers rake through the damp fur a couple of times. “It looks so sexy.”

“I don’t want these men to think I’m – you know.”

“They know all about you,” Greg said. “That’s one of the reasons they want to meet you, the one man especially.”

Colin wasn’t particularly moved one way or the other by the armpit hair, seeming to be primarily interested in big breasted women, but it was certainly Lloyd’s main interest.

“Tell you what,” Greg announced. “After we get together with the three of us you can shave your armpits. Okay?”

That seemed to please Mary, and after Mary snuggled up next to him, she fell fast asleep. Good thing too, Greg thought as he wiggled his dead dick around, because there was no way to get the thing to rise again. It would be all he could do to keep her away from it during the next week so he could get it recharged for the meeting at the cabin next Saturday night. That would be no time to come up limp.


Chapter Three: The Friday before Saturday.

“He’s wasted!” Jeff declared as he watched his friend Kevin try to walk to the van with Mary’s help.

They were walking sideways for the most part, with Mary trying to keep them going straight but without much success.

“You shouldn’t have kept filling his glass,” Mary said, having noticed that Jeff had been eagerly lacing Kevin’s cola with Jack Daniels, and Kevin had been lapping it up as fast as he could.

Now Kevin was, for all intents and purposes, dead to the world. No way was he going to be screwing her tonight, Mary thought ruefully as they poured Kevin into the back of the van and closed to the door.

“He’ll sleep it off,” Jeff said. “But that leaves you without a date, doesn’t it Mary?”

“I guess,” Mary replied, and started to walk back to the club, but Jeff cut her off by stepping in front of him.

“What about me?” Jeff asked. “Maybe I could take Kevin’s place. I don’t think you would be disappointed. I mean, like you’ve checked out my stuff before, and I’ve sure checked you out lately.”

Mary backed a step away and shrugged. She had watched him and Bree go at it in the back, and he sure seemed better at it than Kevin was, but this was wrong.

“What about Brianna?”

“The three of us, you mean?” that would be so cool. I mean, I really dug it when you and Brianna made out on the dance floor that time.”

“Well, you better talk to her about that,” Mary said, but when she tried to walk around Jeff he stopped her and gently but firmly eased her against the van while his hands came up to Mary’s breasts.

“Oh man, your tits are so big,” Jeff mumbled while he kneaded them roughly. “When I saw them in the van last week I just about shot my load right then and there. Damn, your nipples are almost ripping through the blouse.”

It was true, Mary knew it by the way they practically throbbed under Jeff’s crude handling of the huge globes, and as much as she didn’t want to admit it, Mary was getting turned on by all of this.

“Can’t Jeff,” Mary pleaded, trying unsuccessfully to pry Jeff’s hands off of her breasts. “Can’t do this to Brianna.”

“She’s making out with the bartender.”

“Bree’s just trying to get him to serve her booze,” Mary explained. “She doesn’t like him at all.”

“But what about me, Mary,” Jeff whined. “I’m like dying here. See?”

Jeff had his cock out, and the erect staff was pointed right at Mary. Jeff grabbed Mary’s hand and forced it onto his boner, sighing as her chubby fingers squeezed it tightly.

“That’s it. See how hard I am over you?” I’m bigger than Kevin too, ain’t I?” Jeff asked. “I could fuck you really good.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Then just suck my dick then,” Jeff pleaded. “Kevin says you give great head. That’s not cheating, and besides, Brianna has sucked Kevin’s dick before. A couple times.”

“She has?” Mary asked, and when Jeff put his hands on her shoulders, she didn’t protest and instead let him ease her down to her knees on the gravel, where his cock Escort Şanlıurfa waved inches from her face.

Mary quickly unsnapped Jeff’s jeans and worked his underwear down so she could get at him easier. His cock wasn’t as big as Greg’s, neither in thickness or in length, but it certainly was more substantial than Kevin’s. Mary had no problem taking his member all the way down to the stump as Jeff leaned forward and moved her skull back against the van door.

“That’s it, Mary!” Jeff grunted as he held Mary by the sides of her head and began fucking her face, thrusting all of him into her mouth. “Suck that cock! Damn, you are good!”

Mary grabbed Jeff by the hips and started going down on his cock with an intensity that startled Jeff, sending him back on his heels for a moment. Now Mary was the aggressor, going up and down Jeff’s fully engorged member as hard as she could. Jeff cried out as he came, sending a blast of sour tasting cum down Mary’s throat.

Mary didn’t even blink, and kept on sucking Jeff’s cock even after it went limp, forcing him to almost tear Mary away from his dick as he pulled his jeans up just in time to avoid getting seen by a couple walking though the parking lot.

“Damn, that was amazing,” Jeff said as he helped Mary to her feet and kissing her on the cheek. “Don’t tell Brianna about this, okay?”

Then he was gone, trotting back into the bar and leaving Mary by the car, horny and alone. Mary started to go back into the club, but happened to glance into the van where Kevin was sleeping on his back.

Looking around, Mary undid her jeans and tugged them off before climbing into the van and closing the door. Her panties were drenched, Mary noted as she peeled them off, and so was the mat of pussy hair that surrounded her sex. Climbing over Kevin so that her pussy was directly over his face, Mary lowered herself until she could feel his face buried deep in her bush.

Mary held onto the headrests of the front seat as she began slowly rocking her pussy on Kevin’s face until she felt something slide in and make contact with her clitoris. His mouth, his nose? Mary couldn’t tell and didn’t care after she felt the nice feeling begin to warm her.

“Use your tongue,” Mary said while grinding her pussy into his face harder, the feeling of what was probably Kevin’s nose against her clitoris doing more for her than his dick ever had. Kevin was so out of it that he probably didn’t know what was going on until the every end.

Mary came while Kevin was gasping and choking while fighting for air, and Mary finally got off of his face after her orgasm waned, leaving Kevin mumbling and gasping as he struggle to sit upright.

“Wazzup?” Kevin slurred, looking around the darkened van. “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Mary said while putting on her panties as Kevin tried to keep himself sitting upright. “You couldn’t get it up but you said that you wanted to eat me out to make up for your limp dick.”

“I don’t eat pussy,” Kevin said to the spinning walls and he droned on in an almost unintelligible manner. “Especially yours. Yours – too hairy.”

“See ya,” Mary said, saying goodbye to Kevin now and forever.

Kevin was too immature and childish for her anyway, Mary decided as she slammed the van door behind her. She was going to stick with guys that knew what they were doing and who accepted her just as she was from now on.


Chapter Four: Back at the ranch.

Brianna was quiet on the way home, and for a time Mary thought that it might have been because she had found out what she had done to Jeff, but as it turned out Jeff had gotten pissed off because Bree was flirting with the bartender when he got back inside. There would be no threesome that night, and Mary was just as glad because Mary wanted Greg.

After Brianna fell asleep, Mary tip-toed down stairs to the darkened den. When she walked in the room, she heard a humming sound from the couch, and as her eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, she saw Greg sitting on the couch holding something.

“I missed you,” Mary said, walking toward her friend’s father and pulling her night shirt up over her head as she did.

“What did you do with your boyfriend?” Greg asked. “Did you screw him?”

“No,” Mary said. “Didn’t do anything with him. he got drunk.”

“Too bad,” Greg replied, letting Mary kiss him but moving her hands away from his crotch. “His loss. I’ve got something here to tide you over until next weekend.”

“I want you,” Mary said, glancing over at what Greg had perched on the cushion next to him, and then did a double take as she got a better look at it. “What’s that?”

“A present for you,” Greg said, holding up the contraption, which was a glowing pink and was switched on, emitting a barely audible humming sound. “Something to get you used to what you’re going to experience next weekend.”

“That thing?”

“No, not this, but when we get together with the other men we’re all going to be doing everything to you,” Greg explained. “All of us will be in your pussy and in your ass and of course in your mouth, and sometimes I suspect two of us will be inside of you at once. Maybe even all three of us. Get up on the couch for me.”

“But I want you,” Mary whined in protest, her eyes fixed on the undulating device.

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