Mary’s Story Ch. 03

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Authors Note: This is the revised third chapter of a previously submitted four chapter original series.


The next morning I was suddenly awoken from my sleep by a hand forcibly grabbing me by my hair and by another grasping my right arm and strongly twisting it behind my back. Before I even knew what was happening, I was being dragged from the tiny room in which I had spent the night to find myself back in my Master’s bedroom. He then forcibly bent me over the side of his bed. Both my wrists were quickly secured behind my back using the leather wrist cuffs I still wore. Then Master spoke in an angry voice.

“When I tell to wait until I come for you I expect to find you on your knees waiting for me. Not still lying down asleep. You shall now be punished for this display of disobedience.”

It was then I felt the first hard slap of the crop on my right ass cheek, then followed quickly by another on my left and still another hard slap. Soon both my cheeks were reeling in pain from Master striping my ass. He easily landed ten to twelve heavy blows to each of my two ass cheeks. I knew from the pain that I felt it would not be able to easily sit without feeling some pain for several days.

When Master was finished with my punishment, my wrists were released. He then pulled me up to my feet by harshly pulling on my hair.

“Stand in the middle of the room. Do not speak,” Master said in the harshest voice I think I that have ever heard.

I stood as directed before Master again spoke to me.

“You have very much disappointed me this morning. Just last night I thought that you showed great promise. Yet you failed to be properly waiting for your Master this very morning as you were instructed to be just last night. For that reason you have been punished.”

Master continued to pace the room in front of me still holding the crop. Then he began speaking again.

“I will be going out this morning for several hours. When I return I expect to find you this time properly kneeling in the foyer awaiting my return. While I am gone feel free to remain within the house. You are free to use the bathroom if you have the need over there,” he said pointing to the door on the opposite side of the room. “If you are hungry help yourself to any food in the kitchen and fix anything that you find there. If you chose to leave you will find that all of your belongings are still in the closet below the stairs. The key to the lock around your neck is still on top of my desk. If I find that you are gone when I return I will not contact you again. If you decide to still be here I will expect that cunt of yours to be freshly clean shaven. From now on I will expect you to perform that task at a minimum of at least once every other day.”

With those words Master tossed the crop onto the bed and walked out of the room leaving me standing naked in the room. I stood there in the center of the room still reeling from the experience of the last few moments trying to decide exactly what I should next do. It took several more minutes of me just standing there before the realization of what had just happened began to sink in. I had been purposely set up for failure. The tiny room in which I slept had no windows to let in any morning light. There was only a single small mattress on the floor and a blanket. And without a clock or any other way of knowing the time I had no way of knowing it was even morning yet. And finally even if I had been given a way to tell time Master gave no specific time for which I was to expect him to come for me. It was then that another realization came to light. My new Master would not be making this easy for me. And his telling me that he was going to be gone again for several hours, but again not giving a specific time for his return meant that I was expected to be kneeling in the foyer for at least a couple of hours waiting patiently on my knees for his return. That would be an experience which I was not looking forward to.

I also realized that he was still testing my willingness. By telling me that all my belongings were still in the closet downstairs and I was free to leave if I made the decision to longer desire to be his submissive. I could just go and all this would be over. I knew I had some decisions to make. And with Master being gone for a while it gave me only a few hours in which to make them. But first there were some other things that needed my immediate attention to be taking care of. So I headed off towards the bathroom.

Looking at myself in the mirror I could see the results of last night’s handy work on my breasts. They were still very sore and swollen. The tops were red and slightly bruised. Turning to see my ass it had also turned to red and was quite sore. I started to search for some cream or ointment to rub onto my abused flesh and did not have to look very hard. There was a small bottle of analgesic ointment sitting right on top of the bathroom counter. I very liberally began rubbing it into my battered breasts and ass cheeks.

Once done Starzbet in the bathroom I made my way down stairs to the kitchen. At first I was a somewhat self-conscious about walking around a strange home completely naked, but I soon overcame that feeling. If I decided to continue with this journey I knew this would be something I would probably be doing quite often in the future. As I passed by the closet under the stairs I paused for a moment to think about my decision. Should I just take my belongings and go or was I still very committed to see this entire weekend through. Opening the closet I stared at my belongs still hanging there, but I could not bring myself to reach out for them. I just continued to stare at them for a moment like I as looking at my former life. With my decision made I closed the closet door. I found the kitchen to be very well equipped with several high end appliances and stocked with just about every little handy gadget a person would want in a kitchen. Just off of the kitchen there was a small breakfast nook and a formal dining room just beyond that. I could easily see myself cooking some incredible meals for my Master here in the very near future. For now I just found some fruit, juice, and toast to satisfy my hunger for a while.

After eating I decided that it would be very wise for me to find out a little bit more information about my Master. Even though we had spent several weeks communicating via email before we actually met I had come to realized that I really knew very little about this man I was giving myself to. So I decided to spend at little time looking around his home. Now I had never considered myself to be a snoop in the past, but I felt it was important that I try and learn a little more about the person I was hoping to give most of the control of my life to. So back upstairs I went with feelings of self-consciousness about the fact I was walking about a strange house nearly completely naked accept for leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a chain still locked around my neck now completely gone.

I began by looking around the octagonal room I was first brought into the previous night. My first curiosity was why this room had such an unusual shape. Upon closer inspection of each of the walls that were placed where the corners of a regular room should have been I discovered that each was really a door concealed into the wall. So there were really four secret small rooms that where adjacent to this oddly shaped room. Not surprisingly I found all of the doors to these secret rooms locked.

Next I went back into the master bedroom next door. My first stop was a closer examination of the small room I had spent the night in total darkness within. The room was very small. No more than about five by seven feet. The walls were painted black. What I thought had been a mattress that I had slept on was in fact really a large dog bed. My first thought was of how humiliating it was to have been made to sleep on a dog bed. But then remembered I had told my Master he was free to humiliate me.

After exiting that small room that was most likely once a walk in closet for the bedroom I began to explore the rest of the bedroom. The first placed I checked was under the bed remembering my first encounter with the man who had become my Master. Unfortunately for me nothing of real interest was to be found under the bed, just a few seasonal clothing items in under bed storage containers. The drawers in the dresser also proved to only contain clothing and other personal items. The only piece of furniture that held any real mystery was a large steamer trunk place at the foot of the bed. Of course, it too was locked.

There were four other doors to rooms on the upper floor. I tried each one and not to any real surprise again I found them all to be locked. So I headed back downstairs to continue my search for answers about my new Master.

The ground floor consisted mainly of four rooms. There was a kitchen which I had already scene, a formal dining room, a living room, and my Master’s office. The kitchen and dining room didn’t interest me so a first started in the living room. There was lots of furniture and places to sit. There were two large sofas that faced each other with a long table in between them and several other chairs scattered around the room. One wall had a very large fireplace. But overall the room just did not look like it was used very often and actually looked almost vacant for its size.

The office was a much different story. It was paneled in dark wood but still had a warm and cozy feel to it with a large fireplace on one wall. Also in the corner opposite the desk there stood a large grandfather clock. Looking through the desk I found all of the drawers to be locked and the computer on top to be password protected. The only thing of interest was the key to the chain around my neck lying right where Maser had left it. The walls were lined with built in book shelves. I expected to find mostly legal texts of some type or another which I did find on one wall. But on Starzbet Giriş the other walls I also found that my Master had a love for the classics. There were many books from authors I had either read or heard about in my college literature classes. There were books by Nathanial Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, Herman Melville, and Washington Irving were mixed in amongst the shelves. On other shelves books to be found included Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans. There were also just as many non fiction titles as well such as Charles Darwin Origin of Species, and Adam Smith Wealth of Nations. And many others that I had heard of and many that I had never heard of. There were all different kinds of books on a wide range of topics from world history to politics to economics to natural science.

Looking at the large clock in the corner I realized that my Master had been gone now for almost three hours. He said that he would return in several hours. I decided that I would end my search for answers and get ready for Master’s return. Back upstairs I went to use the bathroom while I could and give my cunt a fresh shave. Then I would go to the kitchen to get a little more something to eat and then begin my waiting for Master’s return.

I waited kneeling on the hard wood floor of the entry foyer for over an hour before the door opened signaling my Master’s return.

As he walked past he just said, “Follow me upstairs.”

Once upstairs Master began to change out of the clothes he was wearing while I knelt on the floor in his bedroom. When he finished he said, “Go to the kitchen and make me some lunch, nothing fancy just a sandwich and something to drink. Then bring it to me in the office.”

Back down stairs to the kitchen I went. Looking though the refrigerator I found some sliced turkey and cheese. After making a sandwich and grabbing a can of soda from the refrigerator I returned to the office.

While Master ate I again knelt on the floor awaiting his instructions. When finished he said, “There are a couple of matters that need to be taking care of before we begin this afternoons training session. First you have requested that you be given a safe word. For that I have chosen ‘auburn’ the color of your hair. You are free to use it any time that you want whatever is happening at the moment to stop immediately. In the event that you are gagged at the time you are to shake your head ‘no’ repeatedly. For the second matter in your declaration you consented that I could give you a name if I so choose. I have decided to name you Pet, from now on you will answer only to that name whenever the two of us are alone or whenever you are wearing your collar once it has been returned to you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And with your new name comes additional new rule. From now on when speaking you will only refer to yourself in the third person. Most importantly you are not allowed to use the personal pronouns ‘I’ or ‘me’. Is that understood.”

“Yes, Master.”

Then after a brief pause, “Remain here for one hour than come upstairs to find me.” Then Master left the office for the stairs.

For the next hour I waited on my knees thinking over the name my Master had chosen for me. Why Pet of all names? I kind of liked it but it was also a little humiliating. Then again I said I wanted humiliation.

After my hour of waiting was finished I ascended the stairs not sure what awaited me. Upstairs the only door that was open was the one to the octagonal shaped room. At the door way I waited.

“Pet, enter and stand there,” pointing again to a spot between the two columns where I had been secured the night before.

Inside the room there were several pieces of furniture that were not there last night. I guess I now know what was in those secret rooms. One piece I recognized from my research was a St. Andrew’s X-Cross. Another looked like a padded saw horse. A third was a padded bar about eight inches in diameter and close to six feet long supported about three feet above the floor. The padded table from last night was also still there. Laid neatly out on top of it were several items.

The objects on the table included a riding crop, a small and large flogger, and a leather paddle. There was also a very long piece of cotton rope coiled up, two metal clips connected by a short length of small chain, and three small weights. The last object looked like an extra large fish hook with a metal ball on the tip instead of a barb.

First my wrists were secured to the top ropes on either of both the two columns.

Then he took the long length of rope putting the two ends together then ran his hands down the length until reaching where the lengths of the two halves made a loop. He passed the loop behind me on my right side then passed the two ends on my left then though the loop made by the two halves so that he rope went around my entire chest just below my breasts. Next he wrapped the two ends three times around my chest Starzbet Güncel Giriş below my breasts. Then three more times with the ropes crossing between my breasts in a figure eight pattern as he continued around my chest. Finally he wrapped the rope around the top of my breasts three times. Then he looped the rope around the center of my chest between my breasts pulling all the ropes wrapping around my chest tightly causing my breasts to squeeze together. Then he released my left arm and pulled it to my back and secured it behind me with one end of the rope, then repeated the process with the right arm. I was secured in such a way that if I tried to lower my arms it would just increase the pressure of the rope on my breasts. The result made my breasts stand out even more from my chest.

Next he picked up the short chain with the clips and attached one clip to my right nipple and the other to my left. Then he took the three small weights and attached one weight to each clip and the third he clipped to the chain in the middle. The result of the weights pulled my breasts down and together.

“Kneel down, Pet,” Master said.

Carefully I tried to lower myself to my knees without the use of my arms. It took a little effort but I was able to manage. Soon after I reach my kneeling position I heard.

“Pet, now stand up.”

I struggled at first to get a leg under me but once again with a little effort I was able to stand. Then I heard, “Pet, kneel.”

Master continued with having me kneel and stand without the use of my arms several times. After about the fifth time I was getting very good at it and it started to become much easier.

After several more repetitions of kneeling and then standing without the use of my arms it became quite easy. Then while standing I felt something very cold and hard pressing against my butt hole. Soon I felt it slide inside and my ass close around it.

“This is called an ass hook, Pet,” Master said.

Then I felt my arms being pulled down and pressure pushing up in to my bowels. Master had attached a rope to my arms behind my back to the ass hook and pulled it tight. The effect made me have to stand perfectly straight.

“Kneel, Pet.”

Once again I carefully tried to lower myself to my knees made much more difficult now.

Then once down on my knees, “Pet, Stand up.”

Master again repeated this five times until I could kneel and stand with little effort.

“Now walk around the perimeter of the room.”

Walking with a large metal hook in your ass is no easy task. The way that I was bound up forced me to walk with my back straight and my head held high. Each step had to be made slow and deliberate.

After several trips around the perimeter Master said, “Come back and stand in the center again.”

“That was very good. You should always walk like that. With your head held high. It shows that you are confident in who you are.”

When I returned to the center of the room, “Kneel and look up at your Master,” said David.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“My name is Pet.”

“Pet, who do you want to belong to?” said Master David.

“I want to belong to you, Master David.”

“Are willing to give yourself to him freely?”

“Yes, Master David.”

“Then show me.”

Master opened his zipper and reached a hand in and removed his cock. Opening my mouth wide I took as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could. Closing my lips around the shaft I began sliding my mouth up and down the shaft faster and faster. With my arms still bound behind me all I could do was bob my head back and forth. Soon it became easiest to bend at the waist moving my whole upper body at the waist as my lips and tongue coated my Master’s cock. Soon Master was grasping the back of my head forcing his cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth with his cock. In and out he plunged it until I was almost gagging on it before he finally began to come and filled my mouth with his semen. He then withdrew slowly from my mouth as I swallowed his load and then began licking and cleaning the shaft with my tongue. Making sure that not a drop was left to spare.

“Remain here. Do not leave this room. I will be back shortly,” Master said as he re-zipped his pants and left the room.

Master returned several minutes later.

“Pet, stand up.”

Once I was standing Master began removing my bindings. First the ass hook was removed then the weights and nipple clips. Then the wrist and ankle cuffs I had worn since last night came off. The rope wrapping around my breasts was removed last. All that was left was the chain around my neck.

“Pet, follow me,” Master said as he exited the room towards the master bedroom next door.

Once in the room I was told to stand in the center of the room. Lying on top of the steamer trunk at the end of the bed was a very peculiar looking object. It resembled a strap-on but for the phallus there was a butt plug slightly larger than the one I had inserted into me the previous night. What made it strange was that the plug was pointing in not out. Lying next to it on the bed were three additional plugs. Each one was slightly larger than the next. It only took me a second to realize what it was for.

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