Mass Effect: Seduction

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The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

– – – – – – – – –

“Damn it… what is it now?” I ask to no one in particular as I hear the familiar beep at my cabin door signifying to me that someone is requesting to enter.

I’m currently waist deep in reports on the status of the war against the reapers that I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to complete for the past few hours. I take a deep breath and stand up from the desk to make my way over to the door. Being Commander of the crew does have certain responsibilities and so I suck it up and say, “Come in.”

The door slides open with a hiss and out steps Liara from the Normandy’s crew elevator and without a word she makes her way up to me with a slow sultry walk. Right away it’s obvious what is on her mind from both her stance and that look on her face.

“Liara this isn’t a good time… I’ve got a crap load of work to do.” I say to her with an exasperated tone as she puts her arms around my shoulders.

She presses her lips against mine, kissing me softly before pulling back. “Mmm… what makes you think you have a choice?” She whispers in my ear.

Her arm snakes around my back until her hand is resting on my ass, giving it a squeeze, and I can feel her excitement through the material of her pants as she presses her hips against me. One feel of what she has hidden between her legs, grinding against me, and all of my resistance flies right out the airlock. My tense expression softens and my muscles loosen. She is looking at me and a smirk forms on her lips.

She knows she has won.

Liara motions with her eyes and places a hand on my shoulder, pushing downward with gentle force. I never could resist her and drop to my knees without further effort from her. She has her hands on her hips as she watches and waits for what’s expected of me. We have done this many times and she has just kind of naturally taken up the dominant role in our relationship without us really verbally discussing it with each other. Being Kartal Olgun Escort the Commander of the Normandy and having an incalculable amount of lives weighing on your shoulders every day is a ton of responsibility, to say the least, and it has come as an enormous relief letting Liara take control.

Licking my lips I reach up and unfasten her bottoms. With almost an explosive force, her member springs out of the constrains of her clothing before me. I always find myself mesmerized every time I see it. Her blue-hued ten-inch monster is twitching in front of my face and leaking with excitement. I waste no time and grab the base of her cock with my hand to steady it so that I can take the head into my mouth. “Mmmmm….” groaning now with lust for her I suck on the thick flesh and start slowly sinking deeper onto her pulsing shaft as my tongue swirls around, coating it with saliva. Liara places her hand on my head and applies slow steady pressure, forcing me to take her ever deeper. The inches continue to sink into my now well trained mouth and before I know it I can feel the head pushing at the entrance to my throat.


Regardless of my training I always gag after taking her thick dick so deep into my mouth. Calming myself and steadying my breathing, I take a moment and then swallow the head inside. My hands are supporting myself on her thighs as she continues to push down on my head, so many inches of her cock now lodged inside me. Then the sinking stops as my nose crushes against her stomach. She simply holds me there as all ten inches of her member rest deep inside me. My airway is cut off but I don’t fret. Liara lets go a minute later and I pull back to gasp for air.

“Good boy, you’ve got me all nice and wet… now you know what’s next.” She says to me and motions with her finger toward the bed. I smile up at her and stand giving her cock a quick squeeze with my hand. I walk over to the bed and she follows close behind me. I turn around and briefly let out a gasp of surprise as I’m suddenly shoved backward onto the bed on my back. I can’t help but let out a laugh and look up at her.

I can tell that Liara is in no joking mood right now as her lust is about to boil over. The look in her eye lets me know that I need to get ready to hang on for a wild ride. Kartal Sarışın Escort She quickly climbs onto the bed and grabs me under the knees, spreading my legs and pushing them up against me as she crawls on top of me. She groans loudly as she crushes her lips against mine and forces her tongue inside deep.

“Mmmm… ahhhh!” I moan and then gasp out loudly as I suck on her tongue. Being quickly assaulted by the powerful sensation of her swiftly thrusting her saliva coated cock balls deep inside my eager ass. She lets go of her grip under my knees in order to support herself, pulling her cock out of my stretched hole to the head and then thrusting into me again hard, eliciting another loud moan of pleasure, and faint pain, from my lips. My legs wrap around her thighs and my arms around her back, fingers digging into her skin, as she sets into a steady rhythm of pounding the hell out of me. Her heavy ball sack is slapping repeatedly against my ass as we rut like wild beasts on the bed. Her aroused nipples are hard little nubs grinding against my chest and my own cock is painfully erect and grinding between our stomachs as we fuck. My eyes start to roll back in my head as I let the sensations fill my world.

Liara finally pulls her tongue out of my mouth and looks down at me, both of us breathing hard as she continues to pound me. Her eyes fixated on me as she watches the expressions of ecstasy run across my face. She is experiencing pleasure too but for her it is more dulled as she has experienced such sensations for many years before. Even though Liara is still a child in the eyes of the Asari, one-hundred and eight is still more than a lifetimes worth of sexual experience as far as a mere human is concerned. Sex with an Asari is the ultimate experience of pleasure for any human as their several lifetimes worth of sexual knowledge, and superior telepathic abilities to deeply connect with any mate, easily overwhelms any man or woman.

That is exactly what is happening to me now and I am a gibbering and groaning mess of ecstasy as she fucks my senses into oblivion. She knows that my pleasure is quickly building to my climax and as soon as she has the opportunity she gets my attention and locks eyes with me, preparing to make use of those telepathic abilities of hers, to meld Kartal Şişman Escort out beings into one. I ready myself for what is to come and focus on her eyes, which have now become solid pools of shimmering obsidian.

“Embrace eternity…” she speaks just above her breath.

And then it happens… our bodies become as one. Our sensations are shared and amplified a thousand fold. There is suddenly an overwhelming ecstasy shooting through every nerve in my body. This is something that her own body has become quite accustomed to but for me it is as if I have briefly died and gone to heaven as my whole body sort of locks up and goes slack at the same time. Fireworks are shooting off inside me across every inch of my being and I can do nothing but ride the tidal wave of mind numbing pleasure.

“Fffuuuhhg… ahhhhg… uhhhh” Only the smallest of grunts and moans escape from my writhing body as I’m currently incapable of forming anything more coherent. Liara looks down at me with content, happy to be bringing her lover with such satisfaction, as I start to finally come down from the sensations of the connection. I’m still completely out of it and hardly notice when she pulls herself from out of the depths of my bowels and straddles across my chest. She is still on the verge of exploding over the edge of her own orgasm and my senses finally come back to me right in time to feel her gripping on to my head tight and holding me steady as she jerks her cock in front of my face.

“Ahhhh!” Then with moans of her own Liara releases and sprays my face with her abundant seed. She continues to stroke furiously as the strands of her cum cover nearly every inch of me. I simply close my eyes and bathe in her ejaculate, still breathing hard and trying to gather myself from the earlier experience. With a final gasp and stroke of her withering cock my now exhausted Asari lover collapses beside me on the bed.

“Now that was much better than some boring reports wasn’t it?” She asks as she looks at me and smiles at the sight of my drenched face. I grin back at her and nod, silently thanking her by kissing her softly. Now totally and completely exhausted from both our coupling and the tiring reports earlier I can’t help but allow my eyes to slowly droop closed, falling into a deep sleep. Liara kisses my forehead, tasting some of her own seed, and wraps an arm around me, sighing happily. She runs a finger down her stomach and licks up some of the spent cum that I myself released as she thinks to herself.

“Hmm I wonder if I can get him to delay his work another day for some more fun tomorrow?”

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