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After a busy week all I really wanted was a relaxing massage, so I booked into the college where I knew I could get a cheap massage from one of the students. Normally I always get one of the girls however this time luck was on my side.

I lay on the table with a towel covering my naked body, the smell of the all the different oils filled the room and although most people like the relaxing sounds of whales mating or something new age shit like that, I put on my cd I had in my bag. A mix out dance, rock, lite n easy and punk all this is what helps me relax.

Let this be a good ending to an overall crap week, mixed with family and work stress, friends in need, men issues and a credit card bill from hell. Escape the outside world, the trains packed with sweaty grumpy people, crying babies and endless delays. I am going to enjoy my hour of paradise, pamper myself or as it may be have someone else do it.

The door closed and Josh came in, mmm tall, dark, blue/green eyes and a killer smile. “Ok, firm but gentle is how you like it” he chuckled. I didn’t bother replying as by the time I was about to answer, he was already pouring warm oil from the top of my spine, slowly down to the base. The warmth of the oil and the way he poured it felt good, I had a feeling this was going to be just want I wanted.

His large firm hands work the oil into my skin and with each motion of his hands I felt more relaxed, almost sleepy. The smell in the room had also changed from intense sweet smells to a musky, exotic smell.

“Do you mind if we lose the towel?” he ask “I think you çeşme escort need some attention on your lower back but the towel is in the way”

I didn’t mind “that’s fine”…. I don’t have the hottest body in the world however nothing to be ashamed of either and the towel dropped to the floor. He walked over to the cd player and turned it off “Now we don’t need music, silence is far more relaxing” he said “I will be able to pick up if I’m doing t to your liking by the sounds of your breathing and the way your body feels” mmm my mind said.

Silence it was then as he continued to work wonders with his hands, I felt my body totally relaxing as I drifted into a day dream. This is just too good I could stay here for hours I thought, please don’t let this end.

I drifted into a semi sleep however I woke from this slumber when all of a sudden I heard myself sigh almost moan, I turned my head around and I felt something in my pussy. Josh leaned forward whisper in my ear “do you want me to stop?” before I knew it I had said “don’t stop”. He had placed his hand between my thighs and was gently inserting his fingers while his other hand was slowly stroking my back.

Fuck that feels good.

He moved his lips down, kissing my back until he reach the top of my ass, parting my cheeks he licked all the way from my ass to my hot juicy lips, his tongue felt so good. I moaned as he began to lick my pussy. His long moist tongue not neglecting any part, I could feel myself on verge of cummming.

He stopped, moved around in front of başakşehir escort me lifted my head so I could see him, beautiful tanned body, ripped abs totally naked. He bent down kissing me deeply; I took his tongue into my mouth tasting the juices from my pussy.

“I’ve never done this before” looking directly at me and I believed him, cupping my hand around his neck pulling him towards me. Our lips met, glued together in a passionate embrace.

The natural light that was beaming through the windows at the start had gone and the room had become dark, the only light coming from the lamp in the corner which gave josh a golden glow to his skin. How did I get so lucky after the week I had I thought, I don’t care really lets just enjoy it. For all I know I could be dreaming, good dream though.

He took my hand and motioned me to come with him; he sat down on a chair that was near the window. Standing before him he placed his hands on my hips pulling me down onto his lap. He took one of my nipples into his mouth, gently nibbling it as his tongue flicked the tip. I could barely control the pleasure I was feeling at this point for as he did that his hand had slipped back down to my pussy, fingers inside massaging my juicy secret garden.

His mouth moved to my other nipple and I also slipped my hand down between us feeling his thick cock grow even harder in my hands, pulling myself away from his amazing hands and his enticing mouth I dropped to me knees.

Hungry for his cock in my mouth I licked his pre-cum from küçükçekmece escort the tip so sweet mm tasty and wrapped my lips around the head slowly taking his cock into my mouth inch by inch, I tease him with my mouth, my lips, my tongue. Moving up and down then off, I do this until he groans and pushes my head down with his hands. His throbbing cock is deep in my mouth and he doesn’t release me until he is about to cum.

Pushing me back onto the floor he crawls down between my thighs and begins to eat my pussy making me moan so loudly that he places his hand over my mouth, so no one can hear. Turning me over he pulls me on to my hands and knees, with his cock in hand he thrusts his cock into me, so hard I almost lose balance. He grips my hips with his strong hands fucking me harder and deeper…

“is this what you meant by firm but gentle” he growled “I think you would like it harder”

And with that he slammed into me harder, I tried not to be too loud however the harder he fucked me the more moaned but this so did he , we were so far gone we could care if the whole world heard us.

I met each of his strokes pushing back onto his cock, his balls slapping against me. Our bodies joined together sweaty and intone with each other needs.

“fuck baby I’m going to cum” he growled “I can feel you griping my cock with your pussy; I need to cum in you now”

I could feel his cock pulsating inside me with hot shots of cum filling me up as he pulled me back onto his cock, my pussy exploded sucking his cum into me and covering his cock with my juices.

Laying in a heap on the floor still inside me the alarm went off, meaning the massage was over. He got to his feet, went over turned it off and smile saying that massage was over before it began. Taking my hand pulling me to him he pushed me up against the wall asking if I wanted to continue this at his place.

I said yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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