Massage Orgasm Ch. 11

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“Move your wet, beautiful self off of me,” April said.

“Hmm…don’t want to,” Mary France said.

“And I don’t want you to…but if you don’t, you will never hear about the new girl because we will be making each other come all night…and it’s still the middle of the afternoon!” April smiled up at Mary France.

“It’s still early. We have time,” Mary France said. She kissed her way up April’s neck to her lips.

“No…, please…” April said. Mary France traced her tongue along April’s jaw line and up to her ear. As she moved, her breasts brushed against the hollow of April’s neck. April sighed.

Mary France’s tongue stole its way into April’s ear. April clung to Mary France’s back as her need raced to her loins.

“Mary France…Mary France…stop…”

But Mary France’s fingers caressed April’s breast while her tongue played with April’s ear, and April surrendered. She grasped Mary France’s head and ran her fingers through her hair. Pulling her closer, April felt like Mary France’s tongue became one with her.

Mary France’s fingers lingered, cupping April’s breast. April, breathing heavily, gasped, said,

“If you don’t touch me soon, I am going to die,”

“Yes, come for me,” Mary France whispered in her ear.

Fingers caressing April in every crevice as she moved down her body, Mary France prolonged April’s torture. She let her fingers wander at the top of April’s sex hair, lifting her fingers and inhaling the aroma of April’s need.

April’s hips jerked as April held fast. Mary France moved her fingers over to let April breathe in the aroma of her lust.

“God…please, Mary France, fuck me…please…fuck me!”

Mary France, in no hurry, whispered, “Do it… yourself…do it…I want to watch…”

April groaned. Her voice a rasp, she said,

“Don’t make me do that…please, Mary, please,” Pulling on Mary France’s head, raising her hips, she cried, “Please, Mary…oh…please.”

“Put your fingers in your pussy,” Mary France said.

The coarseness of her words sent April reeling. Quickly she removed her hand from Mary France’s hair and reached down, her fingers finding her sex soaked essence.

April shoved her fingers inside, found her clit, pressed and felt her cum flow. Her hips thrust to meet her fingers again and again as she clenched her legs and shrieked as orgasms engulfed her.

She lay spent, her hands resting in her pubic hair. The aching did not stop. She pressed her hands against her pubic bone, the wetness of her hair spurring her on, her hips moving again, more slowly now but building her want as her fingers roamed down and entered again. Quietly gasping her release, she settled, brought her fingers to her lips and tasted herself.

Knowing Mary France was still watching, she reached and drew more wetness, brought it back to her lips. As she lingered on her lips, she offered her glistening fingers to Mary France.

Mary France took April’s fingers to her mouth and hungrily sucked, forcing them deep within her throat. She opened her legs and drew her feet toward her bottom. She grabbed herself between her legs, entered, and thrust her hips and groaned her relief. She took Aprils fingers out of her mouth and placed her tongue against the palm of April’s hand and pressed her tongue against it, sending an incredibly pleasant shock to April’s body. April felt herself shiver.

Mary France took April’s hand, guided it down to her pussy, said,

“Fuck me, April.”

Unable to resist, April trailed her fingers down Mary France’s slit and slipped one and then two fingers inside. Guiding her fingers, she pumped Mary France, in and out, curling and dragging them against the roof of her vagina. She watched as Mary France, eyes closed, clenched April’s shoulders and sought her lips. April pressed her lips to hers and Mary France’s tongue found its way through and met April’s, dancing the dance of lust.

Mary France reached down and entered April. Surprised by the sudden touch, April, her fervor now out of control, began screaming her orgasm, the sound blunted by being deep within Mary France’s throat.

Both Büyükesat Escort girls thrusting against one another’s fingers, kissing like this were all there would ever be, they screamed and groaned into each other’s mouths. With total abandon, they came, kisses now tender.

An hour later, they lay cuddling, twirling their fingers in each other’s hair, staring at the ceiling

April extricated herself from Mary France, sat up and caught her image in the dresser mirror. Her face was scratched, some blood still dried on her chin.

“I loved watching you,” Mary France said.

April looked over her shoulder, said, “I can’t believe you made me do that.”

“You made me come,” Mary France said.

“Watching me?”

“Yes…Look, look over here.”

April’s eyes drifted down to Mary France’s hair. Mary France dipped her finger inside, lifted her finger, and held it for April to see. The cum was thick, with a yellowish color.

“You didn’t see me. You had your eyes closed.” Mary France said.

“I needed you,” April said. “Couldn’t you see that?”

“I wanted to watch you,”

“I wanted you to fuck me. I begged you.”

“That’s why I wanted to watch you. You were about to come all by yourself. You were fucking the sheet, you were so hot. You don’t know how hot it was to watch you.”

April stood up, looked at herself in the mirror.

‘You’re even beautiful after you’ve been fucking all afternoon.”

“I thought we were making love.” April said.

“No, April, we were fucking.”

“What’s the difference?” April said.

“Remember Melissa?”

“Of course I do.”

“What do call what Melissa and I were doing? Would you call that making love?”


“Why not?” Mary France scooted up to the side of the bed.

“It was…she was…she…”

“She what?”

“I don’t know, she…she was dancing for you, modeling lingerie.”

“She wanted to fuck me,” Mary France said. “She made you come in your Capri pants…the ones on the floor there, with the wet spot.”

“Didn’t she?” Mary France continued.

“Yes! Okay? Yes!” April took a deep breath. This talk was turning her on and she didn’t want it to.

“Isn’t that what you wanted too? To fuck me, to come like you did in the Massage Parlor?” April didn’t answer. She looked in the mirror, saw Mary France stand up, walk closer to her. My God, she was beautiful.

“Isn’t it??”

“Yes, yes!” April turned toward Mary France, found her slowly walking toward her. April melted.

“Melissa is a girlfriend who calls when she wants to fuck, that’s all.”

“What am I?”

“You are a girl who makes me come.” Mary France said.

Mary France took her hand, led her back to the bed.

Mary France sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here.”

April moved into Mary France’s arms, felt them encircle her waist and Mary France’s face bury itself in her stomach.

April looked down at her, brushed Mary France’s hair back with her fingers.

“Come on, lay with me,” Mary France said. She scooted back to the head of the bed, pulled April with her.

April lay beside her, marveled at her body.

“Will you touch me now?”

“If you’ll tell me about the new girl.”

“You interrupted, if I remember right.”

Mary France smiled a wanton smile.

“You are right. I did. I probably will again.”

“Where did I leave off?”

“Somewhere around curves that went on forever.”

“And I was lying in bed…thinking about her…and I came…more than once.”


April closed her eyes. Her voice soft and low, she remembered.

“After that night, I would see her at school every day. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her eyes, they seemed to sparkle all the time. When she walked, I would catch myself staring. I always tried to walk behind her so I could watch the sway of her hips. My God, she was made for Levi’s. Wow.”

Mary France lay on her stomach gazing at the raven haired beauty and her milky white breasts. She watched as April’s breath hitched Beşevler Escort and her hand drifted down to her stomach.

When April spoke again, she opened her eyes and looked over at Mary France. “Her hair, it was so blonde, so thick, I was so jealous.”

“Why? Your hair is beautiful”

April reached over, caressed Mary France’s face.

“I would seek her out at lunch and try to sit at the same table. At first, she didn’t notice me. After a few days, I finally got a seat that was close enough to talk to her. I was tongue-tied. I kept looking at her and looking away when she would look over at me. Then she caught me.

“She stared at me and my insides melted. Chills ran down my through my stomach straight down to my…to my pussy.” April’s hand drew circles on her stomach, moved lower, past her belly button.

Mary France watched, fascinated.

“I didn’t know what to say. I finally asked her how she liked at our school. She smiled and I thought my heart would jump out of my body.

“It makes me wet just thinking about her smile. I remember she twirled her hair around her fingers while she talked and I thought how sexy that was. Everything she did was sexy to me.”

April’s eyes glazed over.

“Don’t stop now,” Mary France said.

“The next day, I sat with her again, this time right next to her. She kept on touching me when she talked, just little touches here and there. I loved it. Then she leaned over to say something and she put her hand on my thigh.”

“Where on your thigh?”

“She ran her hand fast, from the middle of my thigh to my upper thigh, on the inside. I took in a breath so sharply; I thought everybody in the cafeteria heard it! It took all my willpower not to come right there.”

April closed her eyes and let her fingers slide down to her wetness. Her hips moving against her fingers, she gasped. She lost herself in the pleasure of her fingers, forgot about Mary France watching her.

With the last wave of orgasm, she opened her eyes. “I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

“I love it,” Mary France said. “What happened next?”

“That was what took me over the edge just now. She asked me if I wanted to come over to her house for a sleepover.”

“What did you say?”

“Yes! What else! She said she would pick me up. She had her license already.

“Then she said some other girls were coming over and I almost changed my mind. But she said her mom would only let one girl spend the night. The others had to go home. She said she wanted me to be that girl.

“When I asked my mom that afternoon, she originally said no because she didn’t know her. But I was so excited about it, she eventually said yes. While I was packing and putting on some shorts, I looked in the mirror and saw my panties were wet. I touched myself while I stood there. I had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down when I came.”

April’s gaze turned to Mary France.

“I’ve never told anyone that,” April said.

“Not even the new girl?”

“Not even her. I almost did though, when I thought I was falling in love.”

“You are getting ahead of yourself,” Mary France said.


“The sleepover, tell me what happened.”

“There were four other girls there, all of them upperclassmen, all of them beautiful.”


“I didn’t think so. I was interested in only one girl. I wanted the others to leave right away.”

“But they didn’t, did they?”

“No, and not only that, they all had brought overnight clothes, all of them! I wasn’t happy. As it got later and later, I began to think she had changed her mind, chosen another girl.”

“But she hadn’t.”

“No, at about 11:30, she told the other girls they had to leave, that her mom would let only one girl stay over.”

“And that was you.”

April took a deep breath.

“Yes, that was me. When she closed that door after the last girl left, I felt my heart race. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“Yes, you did.”

“I only knew what I hoped was going Cebeci Escort to happen.”

“So, what happened?”

“She turned from the door and walked over to me. Then she said it was time to get changed for bed.”

“Where were her parents?”

“They had gone to bed long before, around ten. I had brought a pair of pajamas and pulled them out of my duffel bag and put them on. She had gone into the bathroom to change. When she came out, I nearly fainted.

“She was wearing a see-through peignoir, her hair hanging down in tresses. She had on the tiniest bikini bottoms. My heart was popping out of my chest; I was so wet I felt it on the inside of my thighs.

“She strolled over to me and said, ‘time for bed,’ in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. Then she said, ‘I usually sleep in the nude; will that bother you?”

“What’d you say?”

“…I knew if I took off my pajamas she would see my excitement, my wetness. Before I could answer her, she started unbuttoning my pajama top.”

“And, of course, you let her.”

‘Yes, I did. She opened my pajama top so slowly, I could hardly stand it. When it was off, she stood back and looked at me. Then she kneeled and slipped my bottoms off. I was naked now.”

“No panties?”

“No, I had taken them off when I put my pajamas on. I had thought a lot about that, but I usually don’t wear panties to bed, so I took them off.”

“I was standing there naked and this outrageously beautiful girl is staring at me. I saw her lick her lips. Then she lifted her peignoir over her head. Her breasts were exquisite, her body so toned and firm, I knew my juices were visible on my legs.

“She began walking towards me and she said,

“Take my panties off.”

“I knelt in front of her and reached up to caress the curve of her hips and the fullness of her bottom. I began to take them down and then had a better idea. I would take them off with my teeth. So I did. When her panties slid to the floor, I looked up and she was as wet as I was.”

She looked down at me with the most loving gaze and brought her hands to my head and pulled me to her. I knew instinctively she wanted me to kiss her there. I put my lips to her vagina and tasted her. She pulled my head in more force and my lips were buried inside. I ran my tongue over the outside edges of her pussy and then buried my tongue inside, my hands on her rear, pulling her to me. She spasmed and I knew she had come. I felt this power over her at that exact moment.

“I kissed her legs and thighs and moved my mouth to her sex again and French kissed it. She caught her breath and said, ‘where did you learn that.’ I told her I had never done this before; that I had just done what I thought would make her happy. She couldn’t believe I had never been to bed with another girl. I asked her when the first time she had sex with a girl was. She said when she was twelve, on a sleepover.”

“Oh, wow,” Mary France said.

“Yeah, wow!” April said. “She had four years of experience on me, so she took my hand and laid me down on the bed. She saw my wetness flowing and she went straight in to my pussy and fucked me silly with her tongue. I came as soon as she kissed my pussy with an open mouth. I came again when she touched my clit with her tongue. My spasms were so strong, I thought I would pass out.

“We fucked until the sun came up. We were quiet about it but it was so sweet, I didn’t want to stop.”

“You said you fell in love. What happened?”

“She moved away. Her dad got transferred. She left the next school year.”

“So you had a whole year of making love to this girl.”


“So you lied to me.”


“Yesterday, at the Massage Parlor, you said you had never had an orgasm, that you had given yourself one, but had never had one with another person.”

‘Oops.” April said.

“Turn over,” Mary France said.

April rolled over and raised her ass toward Mary France’s face.

Mary France knelt up, brought her hand down on April’s ass. The shock of it brought a cry from April. Mary France continued the spanking, turning April’s ass beet red. Harder and harder, she beat her.

“Get out,” Mary France said.

“What?” April said.

“I said get out! You lying bitch!”

April slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. She looked at her ass in the closet mirror. Her ass stung, but it tingled too.

“You’re sure you want me to go?”

“Yes, I am sure. And don’t call me.”

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