Master Ahaz

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I was born in a country where the third born son was sent off and raised as a servant for the men of wealth. Often, these servants would be used for sexual acts of deviancy. It wasn’t seen as unfaithful to their wives or homosexual. No, it wasn’t frowned upon at all.

In fact, men who were elite enough to have a servant boy were viewed highly in society. The servant boys weren’t viewed as people but a form of catharsis for their masters, as these masters could do whatever they so pleased to the servants and walk away unjudged.

As it were, I was the third born son in my family and was raised at a government facility learning all of the fine details of servitude. My name was Euandros, befitting a proper servant. My auburn hair flowed down my back in a natural silkiness and my ice blue eyes were framed by long, dark eyelashes.

By the time us servants-in-training were fifteen, the prospective masters could watch us take our lessons. Due to my effeminate looks, I was always popular. One man in particular, though, was determined to have me as his servant. On my eighteenth birthday, the day we go up for sale, he made it so.

I served dinner to his family that night. They were welcoming and kind, insisting that I sit and eat with them after I had finished serving. My master, Ahaz, was quiet and stiff, always appearing serious and stern. His wife was a beautiful woman with canlı bahis a gentle and serene face. Their four children, three daughters and a son, were all around my age. Besides the color of my eyes, a shocking contrast to their chocolate brown ones, I could easily pass for one of them.

After dinner, I retreated to my quarters for the night. It was a quaint room furnished with a wardrobe, an oak desk, and a bed. All was simple except for the bed, which was grand and dressed in silk sheets with numerous pillows decorating it.

I laid upon it and tried to calm my restless heart. It wasn’t long before light splashed the bed as the door opened and quickly closed with a quiet click. I could tell by the steady thuds of the footsteps that it was my master, but I was too afraid to move to acknowledge him until his hand gripped my arm and he pinned me beneath him, planting his lips on mine.

I couldn’t breathe, but it wasn’t until I let out a muffled whimper that he released my lips from his. “I have desires,” he nearly purred out softly in his deep, gruff voice, “desires that I cannot pursue with my wife, for fear of hurting her. But that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it?”

The amused tone in his voice at the end of the rhetoric made any response from me escape my grasp, as I froze with intimidation. He continued, as if ingratiation was needed, “You are quite 3d slot oyunları lucky to be taken in by a family so soon.”

“Oh, yes,” I tried not to stutter, answering obediently, “this home is lovely. I’m happy to serve you.”

I heard a soft chuckle escape his mouth, “I’m glad to hear.”

Next thing I knew, my clothes were off and my knees were to my shoulders. My ankles were tied to the headboard and I was left completely exposed, vulnerable, and shaking. “S… sir…” I managed to squeak out.

He ignored me, instead grinding his hard bulge against my backside. I gasped in surprise. A cap snapped in the darkness and then his fingers were teasing against my rear entrance, cold and slippery with lubrication. I began to shake even harder from embarrassment but I was too obedient to deny him.

My ankles ached in the ropes. He slipped two fingers into me without hesitation, causing a flash of pain to ripple up my spine. I yelped and reflexively gripped his arm with my free hand, clenching the sheets with the other. My entrance stung in defiance as he continued massaging my prostate until I was panting quietly with pleasure.

He shifted then, resting a hand on my thigh. I felt the unfamiliar sensation of his member rubbing against my entrance and I tensed in anticipation of the pain to come. The stinging pain intensified klasik slot as he pushed himself into me. He worked the head all the way past the opening. It felt as if he had ripped me open as the rest of his shaft began to enter and I cried out loudly.

My cries only seemed to excite my master more, as he began to thrust into me fervently. The searing pain continued to ricochet up my hips. I gripped his arm firmly as I tried to swallow the screams. He ripped my hand away and held both wrists down firmly, leaving me completely helpless to his whim.

“Master Ahaz,” I pled.

“You’re only exciting me more,” he grunted, pushing his entirety into me and sending a shock of pain through my body, causing a scream to escape from my diaphragm and tears to roll down my cheeks. My wrists were bruising under his grip and my hips were screaming from the tension. It felt as if he was going to rip me in two.

Through the pain, an unwelcome and alien pleasure began to build up, causing my own member to stiffen. I began to moan between the cries as he continued relentlessly. The rushing, delicious pain seemed to engulf my whole body until, without warning, my master cried out softly.

I arched my back and gasped as he pulsed inside of me and a warm fullness spread through my hips. He had emptied himself into me and all of the pain erupted into an unfathomable rush of sheer pleasure. My entire pelvis felt like a warm mantle.

I whimpered out from the pleasure and released upon my own stomach, twitching helplessly under his grasp. He chuckled happily and untied me. He left me there, panting breathlessly in my own mess, bruised and unable to move.

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