Master and Sub’s Ute Trip

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Amateur Teen

This is my first attempt at story writing, I hope you enjoy it! Feedback and comments are appreciated.

A huge thank you to my editor fisteris, I couldn’t have done it without you.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in Australia or New Zealand, certain terms in this story might not be familiar to you. “Ute,” for example, is a utility vehicle with an open back. Think Chevrolet El Camino. A “tray” is what you call a truck bed. “Gaffa” is a type of adhesive tape. You’re welcome.

I’m tied down on my back in the tray of a four door Ute. My arms are spread above me and my legs spread to the corners of the tray. I’m wearing nothing but a sexy bra and a pair of panties. We have been driving for I don’t know how long. I know we are out of the suburbs and heading inland, because it was at the edge of the city limits that You put me in the back of the Ute. We’ve stopped along the way a few times but I don’t know what’s happening because You have put industrial headphones over my ears and no one has walked into my line of sight. The sun is starting to set and I can feel us slowing down. We turn onto what is a dirt track, the ride gets a little bumpier and dustier for about 20 minutes before we finally come to a stop.

The sun is nearly set as You walk above me. Smiling down at me, You reach down and run your hand along my side. It tingles. It’s the first time anybody’s touched me all day. You open the tray door and step up onto the tray so You are standing directly above me. Is this it? Have we reached our destination? You crouch down and stroke my face a few times before reaching back and untying my legs; You reach forward and untie my arms, pulling me up as You lean back. You pull me toward You, holding me in a sitting cuddle, before You take the headphones off. “Don’t turn around” is all You say as you give me a bottle of water and a snack bar. As I’m eating and drinking the water You rub my back and legs down, the stiffness that’s been building up over the drive slowly dissipating as You do.

?When I finish drinking You stand up and jump down from the tray holding your hand out to me. Taking care not to turn I start to stand. You grab my hand as You pull me down to You, catching me in Your arms, putting me down gently on the ground. “You’ve been such a good girl; everyone is so impressed” You say to me as You spin me around. I feel my stomach tighten and I know whatever You have in store for me will push my limits above and beyond where I think they are.

You tell me to keep my eyes closed, then take me by the arm and walk me maybe thirty feet across rough, grassy ground. “Stop, turn around, and open your eyes,” You almost whisper. The second I turn around, I’m suddenly blinded by ten car lights shining into my eyes, as if they were all instantly turned on by the same switch. I can’t see anybody. There’s five cars including the Ute all with lights shining in a semi circle around a slightly grassed area of about 30 square meters. How many people came in those cars? I know our car stopped at least five times; did someone get in each time or was that You trying to unsettle me? That’s potentially the five people who drove the cars here, which is more than I’ve ever had before at one time. Are they all men? What if one of them is a woman?

?My mind clears as You give me a little push toward the centre of the clearing and I start walking barefoot away from You. I’ve walked maybe 10 meters when suddenly someone grabs me around the mouth and the waist roughly. I’m forced to the ground, the dirt digging into my knees as I fall, hard, the person’s hands still on my body as I start to struggle. I feel another set of hands grab onto my flailing arms, pulling them behind my back. I start to struggle again and I try to scream but nothing comes out of my throat as I see someone, a complete stranger, emerge from behind the wall of the car lights with rope twirling between his hands. The stranger reaches me and he smiles a wicked, unpleasant smile when he sees me looking up at him, I know he can tell how scared I am, knowing I will be tied up with at least three strangers fondling and touching me. Is that all they will do? Will You stop them before they go too far, or is the plan to completely terrify me as these men, possibly more, fuck me?

?I can no longer see the stranger with the rope as he has walked behind me, and I can feel him grab my hands and try to tie my hands together. I keep struggling and suddenly I feel a slap on my ass, hard. “Stop struggling, slut!” a different voice says in my ear, followed by another hard slap, making me flinch forward. This gives the stranger with the rope the chance he needed to secure my hands tightly behind my back. The men quickly tie another length of rope around my ankles. I’m kneeling down with my hands tied Starzbet behind my back and my ankles tied together on the ground. I can’t move. I can’t move!! I can’t run away, I can’t even stand up. What is going to happen now? I can’t see You! Are You still here? I know the Ute is still here because the lights are still shining on my side. I start to turn my head to the side; two pairs of hands grab the sides of my head and turn my head back to the front. “Don’t turn around!”. The relief I feel at hearing your voice is instant. I relax and accept that You have organised this for me.

I’m still thinking about what might happen as I see a piece of black fabric being lowered in front of me. It’s pulled over my eyes and suddenly, I can no longer see the cars around me; I can only feel the heat of their lights, still shining onto my body. I feel somewhat calm and ready, but for what? Another piece of fabric is pulled over my head, and pushed into my mouth and what I can only assume is gaffa or duct tape is pulled along my mouth to keep me quiet. I can hear things being dragged along the ground and the unmistakable sound of beers being cracked open. Then their voices start up. Conversations start, men talking about the footy, the cricket, work, and life in general. What!!?! There is no mention of the practically naked girl, tied, silent and immobile kneeling on the ground in front of them! Bastards!

This goes on as more voices join in conversations. I can’t tell how many there are, 10, 15 an even dozen? This is driving me insane! The drinking continues, more beers cracked, drunk, and crushed against the ground and even as the talking gets rowdy and loud, nobody mentions me as I kneel there on the ground.

I have little choice but to keep kneeling on the ground, squirming, silently begging to be noticed, mentioned, touched, anything!! I suddenly realise how wet I am. Knowing that everyone can see me and how uncomfortable I am is quickly turning me on to the point where I am soaking through my panties.

Then, I realise that this is your plan. Completely ignore me as I become insanely turned on and wet and ready for whatever You have in store for me. You know me well and the anticipation is killing me when, apparently at an unseen signal, everything falls silent. All I can hear now is the night, the crickets, the small amount of wind rustling through the trees that are behind the cars and the occasional shuffle of feet on the ground.

?I hear slow footsteps getting closer and closer, then as the unseen person reaches me, stops, and leans over, I can feel his breath in my ear. “Good slut”. It’s not You! It’s a stranger. A man. “Isn’t she a good little girl?” the stranger says louder. There are cat calls and jeers and laughs from the crowd, it must be at least fifteen people!! “Sitting all pretty and quiet and on show, waiting for someone to notice her.”

“Look! Look how wet and ready she is already.” He leans back down and I flinch a little as his hand touches my pussy through my panties. I blush a little, knowing he can feel how excited I am. “You good little girl, all ready to be fucked” he whispers in my ear. Suddenly he rips the panties off, exposing me to the crowd gathered around. His hands travel up my stomach to my chest and his hands grope me through my bra which was flimsy to begin with. I know he can feel my tight, hard tits through the material, which he suddenly grips and rips apart. I am now naked and wet in front of people I don’t know, watching me being humiliated by this stranger who is still feeling my tits and breathing loudly in my ear.

His hands slowly assault my body, all over. He moves his hands across my back, gently rubbing between my shoulder blades. His big hands feel good against my skin and he soon moves across to the front of my chest rubbing and pulling, teasing me. He’s making me squirm as his hands slowly move down my body, lightly tickling my stomach making me squirm even more. I hear chuckles from the people around us. He does it again, harder this time and when I squirm around I know my tits are bouncing. He laughs out loud this time, tickling me again and again, my breasts moving freely when suddenly a new hand slaps down on my breast. “You’re not meant to enjoy it, whore,” a voice says very loudly. “You’re meant to entertain us”. I stiffen immediately, but it’s impossible not to move; the first person is still tickling me and I can’t resist moving a little. As I’m moving, there are four slaps to each of my breasts. They sting, but it doesn’t stop there, it’s followed by four more slaps to my ass. These hits are harder and I know it is You who has hit me this time. You wouldn’t let anyone else hit me that hard. I know it shouldn’t, but it makes me even wetter.

Suddenly, every hand touching me stops. I feel bare, left Starzbet Giriş alone. Will they start ignoring me again, or will this be it? A hand suddenly touches my head, pulling my blindfold off. I am momentarily blinded by the car lights, which are still shining brightly. You grab my hair and pull my head up so I’m looking up at You. Leaning over, you whisper in my ear, “You are making me so proud. Look how they are all enjoying themselves.” You push me down off my knees onto my stomach, holding my hair as you make sure I can see as I start to make out figures standing around me. 1, 2, 5, 10, 18! Eighteen people standing around watching, some with their cocks out, stroking them slowly as they watch the show.?

You rip the duct tape off my mouth and it stings, a lot. You pull the fabric out of my mouth and You slap my ass, hard. Very hard. So hard I cry out it’s so unexpected. “That’s good man, I wanna hear her scream,” someone to my left says, loud enough for me to hear. “You like that?” You ask as You slap my ass again and again. I’m crying out now, unrestrained and loud as You rain the blows down before You push me to the ground. “Ok, who’s first?”

?I can see the dirt cuff up as several people stride forward quickly, then they are right on top of me. There are hands touching me everywhere, pinching and twisting my tits, rubbing their hands down my back to my ass, slapping me lightly and not so lightly. I’m so turned on by this I start to squirm and wriggle on the ground, the dirt and grass rubbing into my skin. Some of them start laughing. I shouldn’t be enjoying this. I am just their play thing, a toy to be used and discarded. But I can’t help it, I am only just short of begging them to fuck me. “Look how she wants it,” someone from the crowd of people calls out. Other people join in, taunting and humiliating me as I lie on the ground. “She’s dripping”. “She so wants it. She wants it bad.” “Beg for it, slut”. “You’re such a whore, writhing around on the dirty floor beneath our feet begging to be used like a little slut”

“Beg for it you slut, come on, scream for how you want that cock!”.


“I want it.” I say weakly.?

“Louder!!” Someone above me screams, “I wanna hear you go hoarse begging for all these cocks to fill you!”

?”I want it!” I scream. Facing upwards and trying to beg the men with my eyes. I see You walk into my view crouching above me leaning in close as if to whisper to me,

“Since when does My pretty little girl not say please?” You say loud enough for everyone to hear.

?”Please, please, please” I yell frantically trying to please You, make You forgive me. But I should know by now, I can’t make You do anything.?

You roll me onto my back so I can now see all the hungry faces above me, staring down at me. Some already rock hard and stroking their cocks as they stare greedily down at my exposed body. Out of no where You suddenly force two fingers into my pussy. “Oh my god!” I yell as your fingers slide in fast and deep with almost no resistance because I am so wet. The men all chuckle as they see your fingers very quickly disappear.

“How wet is she?” “Yeah, describe it to us.” The men start to ask You but You just ignore them and start to jackhammer your fingers into me fast and hard. Your fingers are pressing up and You know when I am worked up like this, I will cum in seconds. I start to moan and groan and move around as much as I can even though I’m still restrained and just as I am about to cum, You stop moving Your hand, only just lightly massaging my insides with your fingers until I come away from the brink of an intense orgasm.

?”No, no, please, please” I start to beg as your hand starts to move hard and fast again. This time I am about to cum almost instantly and again You stop, only just keeping the tips of your fingers moving in little circles. ?I start to pant and moan even loader, “Please, please, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” You start to move your hand a third time and again You stop right as I am about to cum. By this time I am screaming at You not to stop. You look up at the other men and say “Flip her, she’s too loud.” In no time I find myself on my knees, face down in the dirt with my hands behind my back, unable to support my torso. I hear You issuing instructions to the other men but your hand has started to move again and I can’t focus on anything other than the fast and deep motions it is making, now with even more pressure, on the front walls of my pussy.

?You take me to the brink two more times, with me yelling incoherent nonsense as I am continually denied and I hear You say, “I think she’s too loud, don’t you?” There are several murmurs of agreement as my hair is pulled backward by two pairs of hands and a cock is presented to me to suck. I open my mouth Starzbet Güncel Giriş without a second thought, knowing it will please You, and if You are pleased, You will reward me, for which I am beyond desperate.

The cock is pushed immediately into my mouth. It is a decent size, not as long or wide as You, but I doubt anyone else here would be bigger than You, as You would want to be the one to stretch me, not let anyone else have that privilege. As the cock is thrust in and out of my mouth, your fingers start to move again. Immediately I gag on the cock in my mouth and I hear a voice above me “If you put your teeth anywhere near my cock you little fuck whore, I will beat you with my belt until your ass is blue all over”.

With that threat in mind I try to only concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but You make it impossible. Taking me again and again to the edge of release as I try not to choke on the man’s cock, You make it almost impossible and my teeth nearly graze his cock “Open wider slut, your mouth better not be getting tired, you have a lot more cock to suck before we’re done with you!”? As the man’s thrusts get wilder and more erratic, I know he is close to cumming and as he does he pulls out, leaving me confused. But I don’t have long to think about it as he cums all over my face. My mouth is still open and I get a load in there as well as all over my lips and chin. A lot of it is running down my throat and over my tits. ?”Spit it out” You say urgently, “don’t swallow any of it”. “Of course, I never swallow any other cum, just yours” I think as I spit the man’s cum out, dripping obscenely off my chin and running it over my chest with the help of the saliva that was building up in my mouth from the fucking it just had.?

“That’s such a pretty, pretty site” a man in the crowd remarks. And before I can look around to see who said it, another cock is shoved roughly into my mouth. This cock is as long as yours but not as thick but the man is shoving it in and out of my mouth so hard I’m continually gagging, even before You start to move your fingers, harder this time. The second man doesn’t last nearly as long as the first and we are ready to cum at the same time. However, as I am nearing my climax, You pull your fingers completely out. I open my eyes wide in protest to start to beg You for more just as the man starts to cum all over my face. He aims straight at my face and I get a huge spurt over my eyes and in my mouth. It starts to burn in my eyes, and some tears start to flow, my body trying to wash it out. I spit this load out without being told before You punish me for forgetting. There are choruses of “Good girl!” “She’s such a cum slut!” And “Move, it’s my turn!”

As another man’s cock pushes past my lips into my mouth, your hands start to touch, tease and rub my clit. Now I know what You are doing. You want me to build up and up and up and make me get all these men off before I am allowed to cum. You know that touching my clit is the quickest way to get me to cum, and because I can’t move You start to tease and tease me, keeping me constantly on the brink of an intense orgasm that just keeps building and building. The man with his cock in my mouth cums over my face again but I barely notice because of the magic way your fingers are moving. “Pick her up,” You say to the crowd of people. I feel hands on both of my shoulders lifting me up and then two people grab my knees and pick me up off the ground so I am now suspended in the air facing everyone around me.? Your fingers are back in my pussy and your other hand is rubbing my clit. I throw my head back and start to scream, asking You over and over again if I have Your permission, because without it or not, I will cum. Hard.

“Yes, my good girl, my good little slut, cum!!” You yell as your fingers move even faster and I let go, cumming all over your hand and wrist, the men laughing enjoying the show, one even sucking on my tits as I writhe around in their grasp.

With your fingers still moving I am still riding out my first orgasm when another one hits, even more intense than the first one, and I momentarily lose focus on the world around me. I can only feel your hands on and in me and my own intense feelings that are making me delirious. Everything suddenly grows quiet, and dark.

? As I come around, I notice that You have moved away from me and before I can say or do anything, still being supported by the same four men above the ground, a cock pushes forcefully and roughly into my pussy, pounding hard and fast. Almost painfully. I scream and gasp louder and louder as the man’s thrusts get faster and harder. The blindfold comes back over my head and I am lowered onto my back on the ground. The man who had to temporarily pull out as I was lowered to the ground is back inside me, and he continues his rough assault of my pussy. I can feel someone’s weight on me as they straddle me and they force my mouth open and press a cock straight to the back of my mouth.?

As both men thrust and fuck my holes I know that the night for me has barely begun.

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