Me and My Fuckboys Ch. 01

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Day One

8 am

I wake up late, surprisingly, I had fallen asleep yesterday while watching Game of Thrones at 9 pm. I head downstairs to find out that my husband, Tom, has me made a cooked breakfast; bacon, eggs, sausages, everything I could possibly want. It’s probably cold by now, he had to leave at 7.30 for work, his unwashed plate suggests that he had been waiting for me to wake up before leaving.

8.45 am

I run into the central city, trying to get to my gallery before it opens at 9. I own and run an art gallery in central New York. We live in a nice penthouse apartment only a few streets away. It’s nice to be so close to work.

1 pm

Tom asks me out for dinner after I finish work. I agree, joking that’s its no coincidence that it’s his night to cook and the night that we’re going out for dinner

6 pm

I stay at work late, answering inquires, before racing back home to get changed for dinner. I always liked to look my best for my husband, we didn’t see a lot of each other during our busy lives – I was running this successful gallery and he was running his property development business.

8 pm

Dinner was amazing, Tom and I are so compatible. I immediately regret sleeping through my alarm, as Tom seemed disappointed that he wasn’t able to get breakfast with me. He tells me that my best friend and her boyfriend have invited us to a game night later in the week. All i want to do is get home and finally fuck the stresses of the day away

10 pm

We’re practically ripping each other’s clothes off in the taxi. He knows me so well: a mixture of red wine and champagne makes me the most horny. We’re always horny when we’re around each other, we’re both so good at fucking that we’re always waiting for a time to do it.

He starts by licking my juices off my leg. I’m already really wet from his fingering session in the cab and he finds it so satisfying for me to beg him to fuck me. He kept pushing his fingers deeply into the side of my vagina, wanting to see my face go red as the driver realised what we were doing. I can already feel my juices seeping down the side of my legs, ruining the cheeky lingerie that I slipped on before dinner. I sometimes wonder why I dress up for him like this, I know I’ll be soaked by the time I get back home we do this so often.

He only has to lick my clit a couple more times before I come, he’s knows my pussy better than I know it myself annoyingly. By then I’m so horny, adapazarı escort I start begging him to fuck me. He loves the foreplay, loves the tastes of my juices, but I prefer just fucking.

By then he’s so horny too. He puts my legs around his head and starts fucking me while he’s kneeling on the ground. This is his favorite position, I don’t know what it’s called. It means he penetrates me really deeply. He loves seeing my face as he thrusts hard. I’ve always been loud in bed, but while we’re in the position all I can do is scream.

He comes twice and I come again. Some people have trouble having multiple orgasms, especially women, but Tom and I fuck so much that we’ve both just developed the ability to come a lot, something that entertains the both of us.

He always lasts longer then me which annoys me so much. He’s always in the mood for sex which I suppose is a great thing. I’ve been laying back on it a bit more recently, but Tom always know how to make me want him.

By the time it’s over neither of us can be bothered cleaning up, we’re so tired, so we fall asleep

naked in each other’s arms, just another typical day in our fuck-filled fantasy.

Day Two

6.30 am

I wake up to Tom’s hard dick against my back, his hands suspiciously close to my pussy. His alarm’s just gone off, we should be waking up and getting ready for the day, but its clear that we’re both still horny.

He fucks me normally, missionary style, on the floor as the bed is still damp from last night’s trysts. This time he’s the only one that comes, but I don’t really mind. It’s my apology for sleeping in from yesterday.

Even this is so good. He’s so at sex, he’s always been good at sex, even back in high school. Tom and I met when I was in my sophomore year and he was in his senior year. Tom was more adventurous back then, he used to sleep around, but that changed when he met me. We’re each other’s first (and only) real partner.

I still have a great story about how I gave my virginity to him in high school. He singled me out at school after seeing me at cheer-leading practice and asked me on a date. Everyone thought I was mad for going out with a senior, especially Tom, but I didn’t care. It only took him two dates to get in my pants and we’ve been fucking ever since. I married him five years ago, they’d all been so wrong about him, in so many different ways.

We continue beylikdüzü escort making out, Tom still thrusting frequently, my juices and his cum mixed together. Some people hate the taste of their own cum, but I’ve developed an appetite for it over the years, my mouth loving the taste of the salty, yet sweet stuff.

After he pulls out he lies me down on the floor to play with my tits. They’re kind of tender, this week would usually be when I got my period, and they are glad to have the attention. My boobs are quite big now a size 32DDD. Tom got be a boob job for my eighteenth birthday and it was the best thing he ever got me. I love my oversized boobs, so much bigger than my body, they make me feel sexy and desirable. Tom loves them too, he loves rubbing his face in between my giant boobs and I give him a handjob.

7.15 am

Tom’s third alarm sounds and I know that our night of passion is over. He sighs annoyed, disappointed that he has to work again. I stand up, thinking that we’re going to resume our normal routines, but Tom has other ideas.

He throws me above his head, still naked and covered in his come and carries me downstairs. He forces me to make him breakfast naked while he showers and gets ready.

He eats quickly, enjoying the view, before kissing me passionately and leaving for work.

8 am

I watch him leave, annoyed that he has left me to clean up again. I strip the bed, throwing the sheets in the washing machine before using carpet cleaner to get the semen stains out of the carpet.

This is always the part of sex I don’t enjoy, the cleaner leaves me smelling like a new car

8.30 am

I leave work on time and clean. I have to walk kind of weirdly, Tom seems to have bruised my pelvis.

12 pm

My best friend, Holly, calls me during my break, asking me what I thought of Game of Thrones from a few nights ago. We gossip for a little bit before Holly reminds me about game night. She tells me she has brought a new role-playing game like Game of Thrones that she’s excited about.

5.30 pm

I make a cake for dessert tonight to surprise Tom, showing him that I had so much fun last night. I run upstairs and change into a new set of lingerie, these ones are dark red and crotch-less, giving Tom a tease of what he can have if he plays nice. The bra is slightly too small, i bought it that way so that my tits bulge out of the bra, making Tom even gebze escort hornier. I wait for him on the couch downstairs wearing this set, waiting for him to come home.

7 pm

Tom still hasn’t arrived and I’m disappointed so I bring out my vibrator. Instead of putting on some porn on the big tv and I masturbate thinking of Tom and everything I want to do with him tonight. Why does he have to be so late on the one day I’m so unbelievably horny?

7.45 pm

I start watching the new season of Supergirl without Tom.

8.30 pm

Tom wakes me up with my favorite order from Nando’s, flowers and the finished cake in his arms. He apologizes for being so late, but tells me how they managed to land a deal for work. I don’t care about his work, I’m just so glad to see him.

He complains about how irresistible dressed in my lingerie, and I sit on him, forbidding him from touching me in any way. His dick is already rock hard and he’s so hungry. He still makes out with anyway before we eat.

9.30 pm

We’re both full and horny, but neither of us can be bothered heading back up to the bed. Tom pulls out a new tub of blueberry lube from his bag and he uses it, fucking me hard several times.I scream every-time he thrusts, he’s making me pay for watching me walk around in these panties.

He asks me what the lube tastes like after finishing, licking it from my pussy. He then continues licking in and around my pussy, his tongue targeting certain areas as he makes his way towards my clit. He hits it and I spasm violently when he reaches it. He smiles, using his thumb to feel my clit as my orgasm builds. He stops fingering it, when I almost orgasm, annoying me terribly. He cocks his head, rubbing my massive tits instead of my pussy which is not what I want when he made me get so close. He likes teasing me like this, making me work before he lets me climax.

I beg him to let me finish and he continues rubbing lightly my clit annoyingly. I pull away, fingering myself until I finally come. He frowns, annoyed that I wouldn’t play along with his game.

He starts licking my clit hurriedly instead of fingering it, showing me that I will always orgasm better when he does it for me. I can feel my orgasm build, my body wanting desperately to cum. He continues until I climax, in his face. He compliments me on my large orgasm before applying more lube and fucking me one more time for luck, his annoying smile telling me that he knows I always cum better when he’s with me.

11 pm

He carries me up into the bed, half-naked, as I can’t be bothered to walk. He then strips me of my clothes but can’t resist my body, my come-covered erect tits and bare pussy so enticing, looking at me as he masturbates. He then climbs into bed with me and we fall asleep.

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