Meena – Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 05

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Meena was very eager to try out more of the outside sex – she was now sold to it completely. Though she loved Rajeev for all his endowments – she also now was clear that sex was to be had with multiple men and advantage taken. She decided that Rami Reddy was her target and he would be consumed to get Dinesh his due and also decided to make quick neutralization of her adversary and Dinesh’s colleague, Mr Ramesh and Mrs Trisha Ramesh.

But then – to distract and take her into an orbit of sexual delirium entered Kavita – the elusive sexual armament in Rajeev’s armory. It was last Tuesday when she came and from the time she arrived it was a hell let loose in the colony, Kavita was a bomb.

She looked appeared and behaved like a well developed sexual animal. Rajeev introduced her to Meena and Dinesh – even Dinesh who normally would not flinch on such occasion had his eye brows twitching and one could see him squirming. That was the effect of Kavita on the general people. And – for the first time Meena realized that this was not her cup of tea. Her entire body was perspiring and vague heart beats up and down – only told a story yet experienced and not known till now by Meena, this was a start of a new era – world dis-order.

She became good friends with Kavita only to get into her snare – she visited her couple of times and Meena was surprised at how easily and suave was Kavita in handling the men – especially Ravi.

And one day – Meena could not resist her temptation for the forbidden fruit and also at the same time did not want Rajeev to be any where near them – she wanted Kavita for herself and the other reason – she was dreadfully sure Rajeev will be completed smitten by Kavita and will make a beeline for her which Meena was sure she could not digest nor accept. Jealousy is woman’s first ornament.

A couple of movies together, parks together, and of course restaurants together had made her sense and smell and feel Meena so well that Kavita wanted the woman for herself – she wanted to taste this grown lass and was not at all surprised in her own bisexual interests, Kavita was after all a lesbian convert to bisexuality. Her entire college life was spent as a slave to the head girl at school and later the same girl became her room mate at college only to lose her virginity to Rajeev much later.

So – this was not new to her- though Meena was not given to this part of erotic encumbrance and did not have any physical experience -other than pick up some idea from the movies given to her by Rajeev where she saw women making it out with other women.

As Meena was getting dressed to go meet her new found friend , she let her hand slip over her freshly shaved pussy,(Rajeev taught her how nice it is to shave out there), it felt so good to feel her clit and let a couple of fingers slip up into her hot moist cunt. She had been doing this quite often, as Rajeev and her husband were out of the city and while they were gone her hand and sex toys(a new addition from Rajeev) offered her a great sexual outlet. Though not as good as the “real thing”, she had got quite adept at getting great sexual satisfaction with her hand and sex toys.

Well elazığ escort enough of playing with her cunt there would be time for that when she got home tonight Meena got dressed, though not wearing anything to show how hot her pussy really was.When she arrived at the Club(a place she visited for the first time, it was a get together place for all employees in Rami Reddy’s organization) to meet Trisha, she found the hostess had not yet arrived from her beauty care appointment, so she found a couch close to the dance floor, though dancing was not on her mind at that time. She noticed Ravi and Kavita sitting at the table next to her.

Kavita was excited at her presence and was particularly keen to get nearer to Meena, she knew today was the day and her own dress did little to hide that prospect. She was wearing a gown tied at the nape and bare on the back – Black in color. Meena was not sure if there was a Bra inside but neither were bothered about it, that was not needed for any recognition.

As it turned out Roopa was not feeling good and was sorry she had to back out of their meeting together and that made these two to come over together leaving Kavita to pack and leave for her friend’s place. So it was just Ravi and Kavita – Rajeev had to rush to Hyderabad to meet a relative.

Meena made her way back to the table and as she was about to finish her coffee, Ravi and Kavita, next to her asked her if she would like to sit with them and since it was early she thought what the hay and said that she would enjoy their company and asked for another coffee. As the beverages came, Ravi asked her if she would like to dance, Meena indicated she would love to but that she had a physical condition that allowed her do only slow dances.

As they talked Meena mentioned her husband was out of the country and that she best be getting home. Kavita suggested she go home and take care and come over to their place sometime when she was free and since they lived next door Meena thought that would be a great idea since it was still relatively early and she got home and after some work went to their place only to find Ravi and Kavita were missing- most likely were out somewhere, Meena locked the house from inside and was about to go out of the front door when she thought of a time last year when she and her husband went to the Company get together and first time she noticed sex in public and started to feel tingling between her legs and a moisture creeping and she made up her mind that if that situation were to repeated she thought, she might make herself more prepared. So she removed her panties and put on a pair of crotchless garment and at the same time she frigged herself in rapid fashion as she reminisced all her sexual combats with Raj were to repeat itself she wanted to be ready. Because if it did she knew she would be royally fucked and ate out at the same time, and at this moment in time she was ready for that.

Later in the evening Meena casually arrived at Ravi and Kavita’s to be met at the door by Kavita who had slipped into a shift type dress. She was no sooner in the house when Kavita’s hands went right to Meena’s breasts, and Kavita started removing her top and in no time Meena stood there bare chested with Kavita sucking on her very erect nipples. Meena’s nipples were much more sensitive as she had been playing with them in a very rough manner in the last few months and this made them much more sensitive. She looked through the door towards the makeshift kitchen and here came Ravi with some food, and he had on only Bermuda shorts. Ravi set the stuff down and came over and helped his friend’s cousin work on Meena’s sensitive tits.

It seemed in no time everyone was out of their clothes and on the floor groping at each other. Meena found this much more satisfying than her hand and Raj gifted sex toys at home. She already knew that Ravi had a massive cock and she could not wait to get her mouth on it and then let it find its way to her very moist pussy. When Ravi and Kavita found Meena’s shaved cunt they about both creamed right on the spot.Kavita immediately went down on her, although Meena did not have much experience in lesbian love making she found it very exciting.

About this time Ravi had his big cock ready to enter Meena’s mouth and she was willing to accept it. She had a fair experience with sized cocks of Rajeev and her husband, but Ravi’s was by far the biggest she had ever experienced. It was all she could do to really get her mouth working on this monster. Also Meena’s attention span was not all that great as Kavita was really giving her cunt a great work out. Meena had never had her cunt ate like it was being ate now, she started to cream in Kavita’s eager mouth and as she did Kavita began eating her at a more rapid rate. As Ravi was watching this he could not hold off any longer and gave Meena the load of her life in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed most of Ravis cum. In a surprise moment, what she couldn’t swallow, Kavita suddenly came up and helped her with what was dripping from her lips. The smell of her own pussy juice on Kavita’s lips and Ravi’s cum once again put her over the edge.

From her experience with her husband and Rajeev she was sure she would be going home in a few short minutes, but little did she know the fun had just begun.

As they sat on the floor, leaning against the couch sipping juice, all three were quite relaxed, but that didn’t last long. Just as Meena was about to get up and put her clothes on to go home, Ravi laid her on her back and lifted her legs to make a table so he could begin supping on her still wet pussy. As Ravi’s long tongue lapped at her cunt, Kavita sat on Meena’s face and Meena eagerly licked and ate at Kavita’s very wet pussy. Meena could not believe how far up her cunt Ravi’s tongue could go. She thought he must surely be able to lick his eyebrows, as the saying goes.

This lasted a few more minutes, and then Ravi rolled Meena over and got her on her hands a knees and prepared to enter her from the back like a dog in the kennel. As Ravi was doing this, Kavita got underneath Meena and positioned herself so as to be able to lick Meena’s pussy and Ravi’s balls at the same time. This also presented Kavita’s pussy for Meena to suck on as she was about to take this big sausage up her pussy. She had never taken a cock this big, but some of her toys at home were quite big and she had handled them, and at this time she was as wet as she could ever remember.

She could feel the head of Ravi’s cock at the entrance of her sopping cunt, with one huge lunge Ravi’s cock invaded her cunt. As this happened, this forced Meena’s mouth deep into Kavita’s pussy, as both women felt great pleasure from this entry. Ravi began making long strokes with his huge cock in Meena’s pussy. Meena came almost immediately, and Kavita also came as Meena’s mouth was very active on her cunt. With Kavita also licking on her pussy and Ravi’s cock, Ravi was about to come and Kavita was eager for Ravi to come in her pussy.

So Kavita and Meena traded places, with Kavita on her hands and knees and Meena underneath so as to be able to lick Kavita’s pussy and Ravi’s huge cum filled balls.

As Ravi began making deep strokes into his room mate’s pussy, he indicated he was not going to able to hold off much longer. At this point his partner said give it to her, so he pulled his cock out of her very wet pussy and dropped his load in Meena’s wide open mouth. It was all Meena could do to swallow this huge load of cum, but she hardly let a drop slip of her lips. In just a few short seconds all three were a wasted heap on the floor. They gathered themselves together and finished another bottle of cool soda based Coca Cola with a tinge of gin.

They sat and talked for a while, then Kavita gave Meena a long shift type dress to put on, so she would not have to fight to put on all her clothes before going home. This would work fine as she was just a few steps from home. They finished the Cold Coke and Meena was about to leave, Kavita grabbed her tits under her dress and gave them quite a tug on the nipples. This hurt for a moment, but as was said earlier Meena’s boobs were able to take more pain as each day passed. Kavita slid the dress over Meena’s head, and Kavita became quite rough with Meena’s nipples but the roughness sent a quick spasm through her still wet cunt.

Seeing this Ravi’s cock sprang to attention. Kavita said to Meena, “There is one thing Ravi would really like before you go home and that is to cum all over these hot tits”. As they laid Meena on her back on the floor Ravi straddled her stomach and began stroking his big cock. He had it where Meena could just barely touch the tip with her tongue. As Ravi stroked his cock at a faster rate, Meena could see he was about to cum and she was looking forward to having this load over her very sensitive tits. As Kavita backed off from working on Meena’s nipples, Ravi exploded with the first great burst of cum hitting Meena on the face and the next few jerks going all over her tits. With this Kavita began lapping at Meena’s tits and nipples to get as much of her husbands love juice as she could.

After this Meena put her shift back on and was ready to leave. At this point all three hugged and kissed passionately, but it was getting late and time for everyone to go to bed.

As they were saying good-bye Meena was about to go out the door when she saw her father in law getting out of the Auto along with her brother Ajeet in tow – she rushed to her house and luckily for her – she had kept the door open.

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