Meet the Breeders Pt. 01

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“Happy Birthday to you and you,” Wendy started singing as she carried a birthday cake, complete with flickering candles, into the dining room.

Wendy is a stunning woman for any age. She has a slender figure with the perkiest of curves shown off by the perfectly fitted short red dress she wears. She has long, straight black hair that almost reaches her backside and warm brown eyes. Wendy is smiling from ear to ear. Today clearly is a very happy day. She looks around the dining room table as she continues to approach and sing.

Singing loudly along with Wendy is her boisterous older sister Jodi. Where Wendy has petite curves, her sister is the complete opposite with an hourglass figure she wears perfectly. Her low cut sun dress with its muted yellow and pink colors shows off her ample cleavage that you can’t avoid looking at even if you didn’t want to, and you definitely do. She has short blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. You can tell by the way she’s singing, Wendy is always the life of the party. She’s seen and done it all. Though she is quite beautiful, the years have worn her down a bit. As she laughs and sings, she looks next to her.

Happily but quietly singing along is Jack, Wendy’s hunk of a husband. With his ocean blue eyes, perfectly coiffed blond hair, and fit, chiseled body, he is the definition of hunk. In fact, he could go toe to toe in the look and strength department with guys half his age. He’s wearing dark jeans and a black button down that fit like they were made just for him. With all his good looks though, Jack is a humble and clean cut type father which brings us to his and Wendy’s twins.

First up is Michelle who has very similar features to her mother. She has shoulder length chocolate brown hair and innocent brown eyes that can make anyone smile. She’s the epitome of the girl next door. She wears a cute pink midriff tank top and short black skirt. Like her father, Michelle is reserved, some might even say shy. She’s clearly one of the people everyone is singing to and though she’s happy that it’s her birthday, her cheeks are a little flush with embarrassment.

When it comes to personality, Michelle’s twin brother Michael is on the other side of the spectrum. The fact that it’s his birthday doesn’t stop him from singing and laughing along. He’s the type of guy that’s always in a good mood and tries his best to spread that feeling. In fact, he puts his arm around Michelle and sways from side to side trying to get her more into the celebration. Michael has short dirty blonde/light brown hair and like his father, amazing blue eyes that you can’t look away from. He is very fit also like his father, but more muscular. He’s not some gym rat. He just has a broader build. He wears black jeans and a tight black t-shirt that shows off every definition of his chest.

Finally, at the end of the table is Liz. We’ll soon come to learn that this is Michelle’s best friend. She is a curvy, some might say a little chubby, green eyed beauty with dark hair and blonde streaks that end just above her chest. Liz is the sweetest and friendliest person you’ll ever meet. A little on the short side, she’s wearing a powder blue tank top henley with the first couple buttons open and the rest nearly about to do the same thanks to the enormous size of her natural bountiful breasts. She wears very short jean shorts that not only show off her sexy thick thighs but the bottom of her round ass cheeks as well. She’s singing with a big smile as she looks over at her friend.

As the song concludes, Wendy places the cake on the table right in front of her two teens.

“Happy eighteenth birthday!” she says bittersweetly, her eyes tearing up a little, “Make a wish!”

Both Michael and Michelle close their eyes to think what they dream about and will wish for. Each smirk in their own way before opening their eyes and blowing the candles out together while everyone else cheered.


Later in the evening, plates are in front of each guest, some with only crumbs, others with a bite or two left. Everyone is chatting and enjoying each others’ company.

“Well, now that you two are eighteen, I think your Mom and I can finally tell you the story of how we met,” Jack says.

“Jack!” Wendy exclaims as her cheeks go crimson with embarrassment.

“Yes! C’mon Mom,” Michelle pipes in, “you know how long I’ve wanted to hear this story. I bet it’s so romantic.”

Jack, Wendy, and Jodi all give each other knowing looks.

Jodi can’t help herself, “I don’t know if I’d call it romantic,” she lets out a small chuckle.

“Wait, Aunt Jodi, you were there?” Michael asks.

“You could say that,” Jodi replies with a smirk.

“She wasn’t there, there,” Wendy exclaims, “plus it was very romantic,” she pauses, “just not in the traditional sense.”

“I know I’d like to hear it,” Liz chimes in.

“I bet you would!” replies Michelle with a laugh.

Everyone joins in the laughter mixed in with pleas for Jack and Wendy to tell the story.

“Okay, okay!” Wendy quiets Girne Escort everyone down, “we’ll tell it.”

A hush immediately falls over the room as Wendy, somewhat nervously, begins the story.

“It was 19 years ago,” looking to Michael and Michelle, “your grandfather had just remarried, this time to Aunt Jodi’s mother. Now, Aunt Jodi and I, had nothing in common back then.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” says Jodi, “I was the life of the party and your mom was the life of the library.”

“Oh, hush,” Wendy replies.

“It’s true,” Jodi retorts as the two step-sisters playfully bicker.

“In fact, my mother really wanted to help your mother come out of her shell, so she asked me if I could set her up with one of my friends, and I did. That friend was your father.”


The year is 2003, and twenty-something Jack walks nice bar/lounge type place in the city. Not too fancy and definitely not a dive bar.

Jack is looking sharp in black pants and button down. He scans the bar area and sees the back of a young woman with long black hair. He approaches.


The young woman turns around. She wears business attire that includes a long grey pencil skirt, white top, blue blazer, and glasses. Though it is a very conservative outfit, twenty-something Wendy wears it perfectly.

Jack is taken aback. He had no idea what to expect (remember, this was before social media and camera phones) and there sitting before him was a woman he immediately fell for. He couldn’t place it, but there was something different and unique about her compared to other women he’s dated.

As good as Wendy looked in that dress, it was clear right away that her confidence could use some work.

“Hi! I’m Wendy. I mean, you’re Jerk, Jack. I’m so sorry. Nice to meet you.”

As Wendy fumbles with her words, her cheeks became completely flush with embarrassment. She’s usually awkward, but not this much. The sight of Jack has her fully flustered.

“The hottest guy ever is here meeting ME for a drink?” she thinks to herself as she holds out her hand.

Jack takes Wendy’s hand and flashes a comforting smile.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve been called worse.”

Jacks little joke seems to calm Wendy a little as he takes a seat next to her.

“I take it you don’t do this often?” Jack asks.

“No. Definitely not.” Wendy replies with a soft laugh.

“What are you drinking?” Jack asks.

“The house red.”

“Oh no. Excuse me,” Jack calls out to the bartender, “can we have a bottle of the Gold Estate Cabernet.”

“Thank you, Jack. That sounds delicious,” Wendy says. “So tell me about your work.”

“Well, I work in real estate. Until recently, I was an admin to the president of the company. Last week, though, I got my license and today, we just closed on my first sale. My boss tells me it never happens that quickly. Beginners luck I guess.”

As Jack talks, he never loses eye contact with Wendy.

“That’s amazing! Congratulations!” Wendy exclaims. “Something tells me it’s not beginners luck. I can tell you are a very charming man.”

“I try to be when there’s something I want.” Jack didn’t mean to respond like that, but he did. The two paused for a second.

“How about you Wendy? What do you do?”

“Oh me? I work in an art gallery. It’s like one of the only jobs that I can do with my Art Theory major,” she laughs. Her chuckle is cute, high pitched.

“Wow, that’s really impressive. Maybe one day, I can come by and you can tell me what I’m actually looking at.”

“Sounds like a date.”

The two are heavily caught up in each other. The bartender comes over to pour their wine in two large wine glasses.

“A toast,” Jack starts to say before being interrupted.

“Actually, I’d like to make the toast, please.” Wendy surprises herself with her confidence.

“To Jodi,” she says.

Jack smirks.

“Yes, to Jodi.”

The two clink glasses and take a sip from their glasses.

Around the rest of the bar, every stool, every table is occupied and there, sitting by herself at a small cocktail table in the corner is twenty-something Jodi, spying on her step-sister and friend.


It’s getting late, and the bar is shutting down shortly. The wine bottle is empty and its clear that it’s was finished a while ago as both Jack and Wendy are drinking waters.

It’s also very apparent that the two of them have not stopped chatting, laughing, and flirting. Jack’s right hand rests on Wendy’s leg and Wendy playfully pushes Jack’s chest when he cracks a joke.

The two can stay there for hours if not for the bartender calling out, “closing time!”

“You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!” Jack and Wendy sing in unison.

“I love that song!” Wendy exclaims with delight.

“Me too!” Jack replies.

“So, are you good to drive home?” Jack asks Wendy.

“Actually, I took a cab here,” Wendy replies.

“Would you like a ride home then?” Jack asks.

“If Magosa Escort you’re up for it,” Wendy says, smirking at the subtext of her reply.

In the back alley of the bar, a few cars are parked. Jack and Wendy come out the back door, still laughing and flirting. The two hold hands as they approach Jack’s jeep.

“This is yours?” Wendy asks as the two stand in front of the vehicle. Wendy’s back to it.

“Yep, this is mine,” Jack says quietly as he faces Wendy, getting closer and closer to her.

The sexual tension is palpable, and its cut right through as Jack goes in for a kiss. This is not just any kiss. This is a deep passionate kiss filled with hunger and desire that Wendy returns in kind. Their tongues dancing within each others warm mouths as their hands start to explore each other.

Soft moans escape both of the lovers’ mouths as they continue to kiss, nibbling each others lips. The kissing becomes more and more primal.

Jack pulls Wendy’s blazer off and quickly works the buttons of her shirt. Wendy is on the same page, quickly undoing Jack’s shirt button my button.

“Fuck,” Jack exclaims as he takes in the sight of Wendy’s perfectly perky breasts, covered in a thin powder blue bra that he quickly pushes down to expose the bare flesh of Wendy’s breasts. Her nipples are so hard, so aroused by Jack and waiting for his touch which happens right away. Jack soon has his tongue flicking one of Wendy’s nipples while his fingers tease the other.

“Oh god!” Wendy screams out from Jacks touch, loud enough for anyone in the area to hear. She places her hands on Jacks chest, digging her nails into his pecs.

As the two make out with pure abandon, we see someone in the shadows of the alley. It’s Jodi and she has her black dress lifted up to her waist. Her right hand between her legs, stretching her panties as she circles her clit with her middle finger. Her other hand is squeezing her breasts over the dress. Her eyes are locked on Jack and Wendy. You can tell she just wants to scream from the pleasure but knows she can’t.

Back at the car, both of the lovers have their shirts completely open. Jack is now sucking and nibbling on one nipple while pinching and squeezing the other. His hunger for Wendy almost overwhelms him not knowing which nipple to suck and which to pinch. Its a very good problem to have.

Meanwhile, Wendy is trying her best to concentrate as Jack stimulates her over and over, the sensation from her nipples running through her entire body. She loves it, but she has something she wants and she wants it right now. She reaches down to unbuckle Jacks belt, followed by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants which fall to his knees. Wendy reaches in to Jack’s black boxer briefs to pull out the biggest, thickest hard cock she has ever seen. The perfectly shaped mushroom head glistens with pre. Wendy is in ecstasy as she wraps her fingers around the shaft, barely able to get even half way around it. She starts to stroke the cock, hand twirling as it slides up and down.

The feeling of Wendy’s hand around his cock causes Jack to growl as he releases Wendy’s nipples and arches his back. His hands go to Wendy’s cheeks, pressing against them as the two kiss once more. Its a deep but short kiss as the two lock eyes, both knowing exactly whats going to happen next.

Wendy drops to her knees. With one hand still holding Jack’s cock, she guides the shaft towards her lips that are partly closed, Slowly those lips part as the cock disappears deep inside her mouth. Her eyes wide as she nearly chokes on it, gagging and covering it in her saliva. She then takes a deep breath and really goes into action, swallowing Jack’s cock again and again. Her head, Jacks hand placed on top of it, bobs back and forth. Each time Jacks cock slips from her mouth, Wendy makes sure to do it slowly, creating a trail of saliva from her lips to the mushroom head of the cock.

Back in the shadows, Jodi is doing everything possible to herself. Her big tits are out and being squeezed and fondled by one of her hands. Meanwhile her panties are at her knees as her other hand has three fingers deep inside her dripping cunt. Fortunately for her, there’s a wall behind her that she can lean against. Otherwise, she’d have fallen at this point. She fucks herself furiously, not being able to take her eyes off her friend and new step-sister.

Jack now has his large strong hands on the back of Wendy’s head, fucking her throat hard with his big, thick shaft, stabbing the back of her throat. Wendy is definitely not used to having her mouth fucked, but she’s taking it like a champ and enjoying every second of it. Her mouth drips with saliva as she gags over and over again, letting Jack use her mouth as he pleases. He then moves his fingers through Wendy’s hair to grab fistfuls of it and pull her head back. He looks down at Wendy with burning desire, a look that Wendy returns with her mouth a mess, her eyes watering, mascara smeared.

Wendy’s hair gets pulled Kıbrıs Escort a little harder by Jack, forcing her to her feet. Once again, he clasps her face with his hands and kisses her deeply, tasting himself on her. He breaks the kiss, slips his hands behind Wendy, grabbing her tight ass cheeks and lifting her up onto the hood of his Jeep. He pushes her skirt up above to her waist, leans down to bury his face between her legs. He takes a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of Wendy’s pussy through his flaring nostrils. He exhales with a loud growl before pushing the thin fabric of Wendy’s panties aside to reveal her stunning, immaculately trimmed pussy. He leans forward, his tongue slips out and starts stabbing and flicking the swollen clit between Wendy’s lips. The sensation causes Wendy to scream loud enough for the whole city to hear.

Wendy digs her fingers into Jack’s scalp. Her legs wrap around him, the back of her high heels digging into his back. All of this encourages Jack to dive deeper into the treasure between Wendy’s legs. He captures her clit between his teeth, gently nibbling and suckling on the tender flesh, while he slips two of his fingers deep inside her. His digits go right in thanks to the fact that Wendy is soaked from Jack’s pleasuring. He curls his digits, pressing that soft flesh inside that drives her wild. Jack grunts and growls as he feeds, the beast within him unleashed.

The two bodies are intertwined. Their clothes are half on. Sweat glistens from their exposed flesh. Jack’s face is barely visible between Wendy’s legs while Wendy could fall off the hood any moment if her fingers and heels weren’t so deeply dug into Jack’s head and back. Her breaths get shorter and shorter. High pitched whimpers escape her lips. Her body tightens.

While all this happening, Jodi is furiously fucking her own pussy. Her entire hand deep inside. Her body covered in sweat. Her dress sticking to it. Her other hand is now between her teeth. She bites down to hold back any screaming unlike Wendy who screams as she orgasms against Jack’s face. She has a look of shock on her face as if this is her first orgasm. Her eyes open every wider as she squirts, covering Jacks face and head in her sweet juices. Jack loves all of it and continues to feed, riding Wendy’s orgasm with her.

Slowly Wendy starts catching her breath, “Fuck..Jack….I….oh fuck….that was amazing…I’ve never done that before. You’re amazing…you,” Jack cuts her off as he leans over the hood of his car to press his lips against hers, giving her a taste of her own sweetness.

Jodi can’t help herself and cums as well. She now has her panties stuffed in her mouth to quiet the moans that escape her lips.

Jack whispers against Wendy’s lips, “Wendy, you’re amazing.”

The two smile at each other having fallen so hard.

“Jack?” Wendy pants.

“Yes?” Jack quietly replies.

“I want you to take my virginity.”

Jack is taken aback by Wendy’s words. “How can a beautiful, charming woman like this be a virgin at her age,” he thinks to himself, but he then looks at it from a very different perspective.

“Wow, this amazing, beautiful, funny and smart woman has chosen me to give her most precious gift away.”

“It would truly be my pleasure and honor,” Jack replies softly.

Jodi, who is still trying to just stay on her two feet, can’t believe what she just heard. All she was supposed to do was set her step-sister up on a friendly date and now, she’s about to lose her virginity! This makes Jodi even more turned on, hotter than she’s ever felt.

Jack wraps his hand around his cock and starts teasing Wendy’s lips with the perfect mushroom head of his cock. Soft cries escape Wendy’s lips. Michael looks at her.

“You tell me how slow you’d like to go. You set the p-.”

Before Jack can even finish his sentence, Wendy grabs the back of his head and growls, “Just fuck me now!”

That’s all he needs to hear. Jack thrusts the full length of his cock deep inside Wendy. Jack is so big that his tool rubs up against her cervix. Wendy’s pussy grips the cock and starts milking it. She lets out sounds of cries, whimpers and moan as she pulls hard or on Jacks head.

Wendy’s back is flat against the hood of the cover. Jack towers over her as he starts to pound away at the Hungry and wet pussy. Their eyes never leave each other as Jacks cock slips in and out of Wendy. Each time he thrusts it back in, it’s rougher and rougher.

“Oh fuck Wendy! You feel so good!”

“So do you Jack, keep going!”

Jack find a rhythm that Wendy matches. He fucks her harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Wendy’s pussy lips pulse and quiver with each thrust.

Jack puts his arms around Wendy and lifts her up so she can ride his cock. Jack’s hand slips down to Wendy’s tight ass, squeezing the cheeks to keep her up.

Wendy bounces up and and down on Jack while she buries her face into his neck, kissing, suckling, nibbling the flesh as Jack grunts and growls.

Wendy cries get shorter and shorter as her body rights.

“Jack, I’m going to cum again!”

“I’m going to cum with you babe, right on your beautiful tits.”

Wendy presses her forehead against Jacks. She looks deep into her eyes. Her demeanor is all business as she softly cries against Jacks lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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