Meet the Girls Ch. 01

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I was never much good at chatting up girls and consequently now 39 years of age not had many dates, let alone relationships.

Here I was at a private function for a 40th birthday at a hotel for somebody I scarcely knew. I’d arrived alone and didn’t know many people so drank a lager and then moved on to have several brandy and cokes.

After going to the toilet, I inadvertently wandered into the adjacent function room and ordered another drink. Despite not recognising anybody or the fact that this was a smaller room, I remained there.

Taking a seat on a bar stool, the double brandy and coke was placed in front of me. I took a sip surveyed the room, noticing that there were clusters of small groups. They were comprised almost exclusively of women.

Across to my right a few feet away, a group of young women were stood drinking and joking around. They all looked 10-15 years younger than me.

I shifted on my stool so that I could get a better view. Taking little peaks, I checked them out one by one.

There were 7 of them, all wearing miniskirts or dresses.

There were; 2 black girls, 2 blondes, a brunette, a red head and a ginger haired girl. All of them were slim except the red head. She was a little heavier set although not excessively so and still attractive.

The two black girls and the red head were facing me and easier to assess as I continued to take furtive glances.

As luck would have it, one of the black girls caught me looking, leant forward and whispered to the rest of the group. The four with their backs to me glanced over their shoulders in my direction.

I coyly averted my gaze and sipped my drink until I thought it was safe to do so. That wasn’t the case; the same black girl caught me again. She was looking directly at me still, either in hope or anticipation that I would spy on them again.

This time she brushed through them and challenged me,” why do you keep looking over, you can’t have thought we wouldn’t notice”

“Suck my dick,” I said instinctively.

“You’d have to eat me out long before anything like that would happen you sad git. Clearly you aren’t acquainted with worshipping mistresses,” she retorted.

“Make me,” I baited her.

She took my arm and twisted it behind my back, then forced me down from the stool and to my knees.

“Enjoy the view and while you’re down there, lick this,” she said; hitching her skirt up to expose her bare pussy atop shapely chocolate legs.

I don’t know whether she expected it so willingly but I leant forward without hesitation and did just that, feeling the coarse black curly pubic hair around he slit. I licked her pussy lips up, down, left and right and inserting it inside as well.

The others moved forward to circle me and look down at me as licked and nuzzled their friend’s cunt

“Lick my pussy and suck my clit, you lecherous little dirt bag,” She said, as she looked down at me working her İstanbul Escort hole with my tongue.

“Yeah, go Chantelle, feed him your pussy, girl.” I heard one of them encourage her.

“Yeah, eat her out you pervert, slurp her pussy juice, and make her cum.” The brunette said, leaning into my face.

“Support me” Chantelle said.

The redhead and brunette stepped forward as Chantelle balanced herself on my shoulder and began rocking and grinding into my face so that I was tongue fucking her.

“That’s it you pathetic shrimp, take my pussy, lick my clit, get your tongue right in there.”

Lost in the moment, I didn’t notice the swiftness of the manoeuvre but my body was tilted back so that she was in a face sitting position. She’d eased off the grinding and withdrew enough whilst keeping her legs wrapped around, the difference was I was now doing all the work. I was loving this and so was she.

Chantelle said, “He’s got a good tongue, girls. My clit is completely sopping cunt juice and he’s swallowing every drop”.

“We should all get the same attention.” One of them said.

“Let’s go up to the suite so that we’re more comfortable. The event was a success, we have a got our slave.” The tall blonde said.

We both stood up and I was herded between them as we walked between the other congregations, out of the room, into the foyer and across to the lift.

The lift ascended quickly up to the 4th floor and we all got out, greeted by a board with the notice ‘Mistress Event guests only on this level’. It made sense why they were in groups now.

We walked swiftly down the corridor and into the suite. There were three spacious rooms with king sized beds and a comfortable seating area with armchairs and a settee. The customary en suite bathroom completed the arrangement.

I understood the expectation and headed towards the other black girl who stood in front of the first bed.

“He has a preference for black girls it seems, Tina enjoy.” I heard.

I lifted her flowy dress and disappeared underneath, pulling down a pair of blue lacy knickers just enough to get my tongue to work. Tina let herself fall to the bed and I widened her legs. I put my arms to the side and beneath each of them and lifted her glistening ebony legs. I dove in making long strokes from bottom to top of her vaginal lips. Tina wrapped her legs to encircle my head and tightened.

I alternated between licking her pussy and teasing he clit, nibbling gently.

“Ooh god; keep it there, oh yes. Oh, oh, oh, oh yes. Oh, oh, oh “she screamed.

I had no intention of stopping and continued until Tina grabbed my head and squealed with pleasure. Finally, she got up; keeping my mouth locked to her cunt and told me to lie on my back. I barely adjusted my knees but I was now flat against the carpeted floor with Tina rubbing backwards and forwards whilst screaming out “Take my cunt, lick Kadıköy Escort it, tongue fuck me as I grind my pussy and rock my body against your face. A, a, a, a” she whimpered until she slumped forward trapping my head as she panted and gasped in exhaustion.

Chantelle replaced Tina whilst I still lay there. She was wet from watching her friend it seemed as she positioned her gaping pussy over my mouth as she pinned my shoulders to the ground with her legs.

Fresh from her domination previously, she wasted no time repeating the grinding pussy experience I’d just endured from Tina.

“I’m Smothering you, enjoy my dirty cunt again, here I’ll let you have some air. Lick my clit.” She taunted.

I lay there after two black pussies had well and truly left their scent on my face.

“Nikki, you’re next.” I heard as the ginger girl just took her skirt off completely and her hairy ginger muff covered my face. She effectively used my face to fuck her pussy with her long, slim creamy white legs either side she went to town with a loud series of whimpers, sighs, squeals and a final burst as Nikki worked herself up completely to a crescendo.

Next up was Sophie, the taller blonde. Whilst the most beautiful, she was wicked and kicked my balls before opening her bum cheeks and making me lick her wet hole before I had to switch my attention to her lovely shaven, wet pussy lips. “Stick your tongue out to tongue fuck me as I meet it with my gaping cunt hole” She ordered.

I complied, feeling inside her as she moved rhythmically, fully controlling me as I gave her ultimate pleasure. A few minutes later she’d worked herself up to a huge crescendo of screams of “yes, yes, yes, oh yes, take my cunt slave.”

“Lorraine, you’re up,” Sophie beckoned to the brunette.

She came forward, undid her dress buttons and let it fall, leaving her completely naked. Her full breasts and shapely figure left me in awe of the perfection of the female form as I saw her perfect long legs with her Brazilian shaved pussy.

I lifted my head and body sufficiently to grasp her bum cheeks and pulled her pussy to meet my grateful mouth, then slid my tongue in, parting her pussy lips.

I continued for a couple of minutes before Lorraine took over the proceedings as she lowered herself deftly, again pinning me to the floor.

“You’re so lucky to have my pussy aren’t you” I heard.

“Mmm, yes” I managed as I savoured her pussy scent and juices. “Thank you!” I said once she’d cum.

Still two left and the next one was on the bed. “Come to your mistress, clean my bum and pussy,” the other blonde named Daisy said.

I got off the floor for the first time since the face sitting began.

“Yes, certainly, my tongue is eager to please,” I replied.

Her legs were wide open but I wanted to really go deep so I lifted her legs over my shoulders and opened her butt cheeks to lick her arsehole thoroughly. Ataşehir Escort Having licked the whole length of her crack, I continued straight up to her pussy and commenced eating Daisy out greedily. As with the others, I licked every inch of her pussy’s circumference and inner vaginal lips. I felt her spasm and hold my head in place, then she released me and told me to lie further up the bed.

She straddled my head and rubbed her clit over my mouth and tongue sliding back and forth before turning so that she had her bum smothering me. She opened her cheeks so that I would lick her crack, which I duly did.

She then turned around again so that my mouth and nose were covered by both of her holes and rubbed back and forth.

“That felt good slave.” She said as she dismounted.

“It was my pleasure, any time.” I responded.

The last of the girls was the thicker set than the others as I mentioned before but very attractive with it. Her name was Carly and she was in the toilet.

“Come in here slave.” I heard echoing from the bathroom.

I walked the few feet and entered to find her sitting on the toilet and pissing. She wagged her index finger beckoning me then pointed downwards. I took the hint and knelt before her, watching. When the stream of amber fluid subsided she arose, grabbed my head and pointed her vagina at my mouth before releasing the final bit of her pee into my mouth, pulling my mouth to catch all of it saying “Swallow it all and dry my cunt slave.”

I gagged a bit on the acrid amber nectar but complied. I grabbed her ass cheeks having swallowed then started to lick her pussy lips and whole length noisily slurping her with gusto.

She turned and placed her hand palms flat against the wall. “Open my crack and lick my bum,” She ordered.

Fortunately she hadn’t actually shit so there wasn’t anything to clean although it was sweaty and did smell. I licked it all clean until I couldn’t sense any of the smell.

She then said. “Now get on the bed, I want to smother you whilst you eat me out.”

I returned to the bed and into the position I had been with Daisy for Carly. She got on the bed and knelt forward up my body until she reached my head then covered my mouth with her pussy. Carly writhed back and forth over my tongue, pausing occasionally. I licked her.

Again as with Daisy, Carly reversed and placed her considerable backside with opened cheeks over my nose and mouth to repeat what she’d just done with her cunt.

She again reversed and face sat me with her pussy. I then felt one then two others lower down. Carly got off and slapped my face. I looked up to see the other two were Tina and Nikki who both shifted forward so that Tina was now straddling my face and Nikki shuffled up so that a third girl joined us on the bed.

Following Tina and Nikki was Sophie then; Lorraine, Chantelle, Daisy and Carly like a conveyor belt until all seven had competed a second round of face sitting and enjoying me performing cunnilingus.

I received a heavy slap on each cheek and a spit in my open mouth after each of their face sitting stints and they would ask. “What do you say slave?”

My response was “Thank you lovely mistress.”

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