Meeting Carol Ch. 01

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Your college classes are finally out for the day. Your rehearsals were done and your last meeting was over and it is dark as you head out the door. You got to drive your new truck and that was exciting. Classes were busy and the day went flying by but it was lonely since you had not heard from me. You hated days like this. No emails, not on line chatting. You assumed I was probably busy and you understood but still it did not make for a very happy time at school.

It is dark in the parking lot as you fumble for your keys. The burnt out streetlight hums, teasing you with a promise of light and safety that is cannot provide. As you reach the key into the door of your truck, you feel two arms tighten around your waist. Fear runs thru you until you hear a voice whisper into your ear, “Happy Birthday Carol. I brought you a present.”

Without looking, you know it is me. I had told you I would visit on your birthday but you really didn’t believe me. You can feel your heart racing and try to turn around to see me. “Not yet, my love,” I say softly. The hands around your waist loosen and you think I am letting you go until you feel one hand move under your shirt while the other slides down the front of your jeans. Your bra is no obstacle as my hand reaches beneath it and finds your firm, supple breast. It is so Sinop Escort warm to my touch and your nipple is hard and wanting in the palm of my hand. I can feel your breathing quicken as my other hand finds no obstacle until it brushes the light hair atop your pussy.

You can feel my weight lean into you as I reach lower, using my middle finger to spread your pussy lips as I continue to fondle your breast and pinch your nipple. You spread your feet slightly and your wetness makes it easy for me to slide my finger inside you as you stand, leaning against the truck. You feel a second finger inside you as I begin to move them in and out, as I have told you to do for me so many times in our chat sessions.

“Unlock the truck dear,” I whisper as I kiss your ear. You feel my weight leave your body as my hands move away. You start to turn but I hold your shoulders firmly. “Just unlock the truck, my love.” When I hear the lock click, I open the back door. Steering your shoulders, I move you to the opening and bend you forward. Your hands and shoulders are on the seat as I reach around you again and undo the snap of your jeans. You feel my hands on the waistband and quickly notice the feel of the cool evening air on your skin. You are naked from the waist down, your jeans now around your ankles, Sinop Escort Bayan as you feel my lips planting kisses on your beautiful ass.

You feel my arms slide down your legs as I drop to my knees behind you. In this position, I have perfect access to your swollen pussy and waste no time moving my lips to it. The light kisses make you squirm and you feel my tongue making an occasional appearance as it darts along your lips. You moan what sound like words but they are muffled the seat against your face.

You feel my hands move to your hips as I stand and wonder what I am up to now. It does not take long for you to find out as you feel the head of my cock against your pussy, spreading your lips open as it slides gently inside you. From our chats, I know it has been a while for you and you can tell I am trying to be gentle with you, treating you like a virgin making love for the first time. You can measure my penetration by inches and by seconds as I slowly enter you; pausing to be sure you are okay and continuing when you gently push back onto me. For what seems like minutes, I penetrate your wonderful pussy for the first time, moving slowly forward until I feel the end of you on the tip of my cock. I don’t move… just wait there for you to get comfortable with the Escort Sinop feel of me… knowing you will let me know when you want more.

When your hips move forward, I know it is time and pull slowly back from you until only the head of my cock is still inside you. I move forward again, this time more quickly and with every motion my pace increases. My hands guide your hips, although they really don’t need any help as you find my rhythm and join me. With the first full hard thrust of my cock inside you, you cum. You cum like a young woman who has not experienced this feeling with anyone else before. You cum like a woman who has waited a lifetime for her dream lover to come and take her. You cum like a woman in love.

Feeling your wetness increase around me and the walls of your pussy close over me, I make no effort to hold back my own orgasm. With one hard thrust, I am impaled inside you as I feel nirvana. You can feel the force of my cum as it spurts inside you, over and over… feeling like it is never-ending. We stand joined as we tremble in ecstasy.

As the calmness of consummated love overtakes us, I lean forward onto you…kissing up your back as I do. The sound of the car horn from the street and the shout of “Way to go!” bring us back to reality as we quickly reassemble our clothing. You turn to finally see my face and we kiss, not with passion but with tenderness. As we look to the street adjoining the parking lot, the passenger in the car gives us two thumbs up.

I kiss you again and look into your eyes. “Nice to meet you Carol,”I say softly as you smile at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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