Meeting Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Thank you to my good friends, BaileyL and Squarey, for reading, correcting, suggesting, pushing, and encouraging me.


April and Evan enjoyed a day of typical tourist sightseeing. They rode the cable cars and explored Fisherman’s Wharf in the morning, then spent a lovely two hour cruise around San Francisco Bay, Angel and Alcatraz Islands, the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge, while enjoying a delicious lunch. In the afternoon they walked around Golden Gate Park and all of its attractions, including April’s favorite, the aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences, before returning to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Evan allowed April to choose the restaurant for dinner, and then laughed at her choice.

“All the five star restaurants in San Francisco and you want to go to a little Mexican dive?”

“How often do you eat at fancy restaurants in New York?”

“A lot,” he told her with a grin.

“So this will be a nice change of pace for you,” she laughed. “Besides, Vejars is my favorite Mexican restaurant and it’s not a dive.”

April looked at herself critically in the mirror as she pulled the brush through her short blond hair. She was dressed simply; white, button down shirt with three quarter length sleeves, straight black skirt that was just clingy enough to show the outline of her buttocks, and ended in flippy pleats that skimmed the tops of her knees. She smiled and unbuttoned one more button to reveal a bit more cleavage, her breasts hugged by a wisp of a diaphanous white lace bra that did little to conceal her nipples. A small black onyx pendant lay against her skin, on a short silver chain. Her shapely legs were clad in black stockings, their lace tops held in place by the black lace garter belt that Evan loved so much. According to his orders, her sheer black panties were worn over the garter belt. Not a terribly revealing outfit, but exactly the way he liked her to dress in public. The three inch heels he insisted on were higher than she was comfortable with, but she did like the sexy wiggle it gave her walk, not to mention the look in his eyes when she wore them.

She was pulling on her heels when Evan walked into the bedroom. She straightened and let him look her over, waiting for his approval. Feeling a bit giddy and flirty, she held her arms out and twirled. Chuckling, Evan caught her around the waist, kissing her until she was breathless and clinging to him.

“You look fantastic, love,” he whispered in her ear, his deep voice sending shivers down her spine. “But you aren’t quite ready yet.” She looked at him curiously as he pulled a small box out of his pocket. “You need this.”

She opened the box and stared at the black bullet vibrator inside, glancing up at him. She knew that he knew how much she loved her little silver bullet vibe. This one had a short cord attached…to make it easier to remove when it was inserted in her pussy. That was something she had never done with her silver bullet. She frowned suspiciously when he pulled a remote control from another pocket. Her eyes widened in horror when he told her to put the vibe in.

“Evan, no! You can’t be serious!”

He didn’t answer, simply folded his arms across his broad chest and waited, his dark brown eye boring into her.

“Please, Evan….”

Still he watched her wordlessly. April shifted uncomfortably and considered going into the bathroom and hiding the thing, letting him think she had obeyed….and taking her punishment later. But she quickly discarded that idea. She couldn’t lie to Evan. It wouldn’t have worked anyway. As she sighed in defeat and turned towards the bathroom, he told her to put it in there in the bedroom while he watched. Blushing with embarrassment, April pulled her panties down and pushed it in, surprised to find she was already wet. She pulled her panties back up, holding the vibe in place. Evan smiled approvingly and picked up her coat, holding it for her.

When they got to her car, he held out his hands for her keys, telling her that he would drive. She was tense and on edge during the drive to the restaurant, her giddy and flirty mood gone, waiting for him to turn the vibe on. When he did, while waiting for a red light, she jumped and squealed, unprepared for the sensation even though she thought she was expecting it. She gripped the armrest on her right and the console between them and moaned softly, head down and slowly grinding her hips against the seat. Evan left it on until the light turned green…she thought there had never been a longer red light. When the vibrations stopped and the car moved forward, she looked up and noticed the man in the car next to them looking at her strangely.

“Evan,” she gasped. “Please don’t do that in the restaurant.” When he didn’t answer she repeated, “Please.” But she knew. She knew….

They ordered drinks after settling into a booth and she had only taken a few sips when the waitress came to take their food order. Before she could speak, the vibrator in her pussy sprang to life. She gasped and Sahabet grabbed the edge of the table, turning to look at him, eyes pleading.

“Are you alright?” The waitress looked at her with concern.

April didn’t dare look at her, keeping her eyes on Evan as he calmly ordered their food. She tried to control her breathing and prayed that no one was looking at her. She surreptitiously rocked her pelvis, craving some stimulation to her clit as the vibrations rolled through her. When the waitress walked away, she grabbed Evan’s arm.

“Evan, please! Please stop!”

“Hmm…” He leaned over so that his mouth was close to her ear. “You don’t look like you want to stop. Are you sure?”

Obviously she had not been surreptitious enough. Did she want it to stop? She was appalled, humiliated, terrified that people would see her, would realize what was happening. But God….it felt so, so incredibly good!

“I’m sure,” she whispered. “Please….”

He sighed regretfully and reached into his pocket. The vibrator stopped and April resisted the urge to beg him to turn it back on. Her hands shook as she reached for her Margarita and sipped it. She glanced around the dining room but to her relief, no one seemed to be paying any attention to them. Evan casually put his arm across the back of her chair and began to chat about trivial things as though nothing had happened. As though he hadn’t just turned her into a quivering mass of need. The waitress brought their food and he dug into his enthusiastically. She took a few bites of her taco, pushed the chili relleno around the plate, not hungry anymore….at least not for food. She could feel that her panties were soaked and her pussy was swollen and aching. She finished her Margarita and ordered another one. She tried to drink it slowly, but the tension of wondering when the vibrations would begin again caused her to drink it more quickly than was wise. She was almost finished with the second Margarita when it happened.

Her hand gripped his thigh and she bit her bottom lip, a faint whine escaping. She wanted to beg him to make it stop, but she couldn’t catch her breath. She wanted to touch herself but was terrified that she would be seen. She lowered her head and focused on being quiet as the vibrator sent waves of pleasure through her. Her nipples were hard and aching. Her grip on Evan’s thigh tightened and her other hand clenched into a fist on top of the table, afraid she wouldn’t be able to resist plunging her hand between her legs. She rocked her pelvis, trying for friction to her clit, and began to pant softly. She was going to come. She tried to resist, but the vibrator was relentless and she edged closer and closer. Evan put his forearms on the table and leaned his head next to hers, his dark curls brushing her face. To anyone watching they made a romantic picture of lovers whispering sweet nothings to one another. But sweet nothings were definitely not what he was whispering.

“You are so fucking hot, baby. Are you going to come? Is my little whore going to come in the middle of this restaurant with all these people watching?”

She choked back a soft cry. Then Evan was straightening and the vibrations stopped suddenly. She groaned in disappointment and rocked her pussy against the seat. But she realized why he stopped as the waitress stepped up to their table and asked if she could clear the dishes. April swallowed and looked at her dumbly, unable to make sense of the question she was asking.

“Do you need a box,” she asked, gesturing to April’s plate, still full of food.

When April didn’t answer, Evan asked the waitress to box the food. She took the plate and cleared the dishes. She asked if they wanted dessert and Evan told her no, they would just finish their drinks. As she walked away, he leaned over and asked if April did want dessert.

“I want you,” she said, close to tears. “Please Evan…take me home and make love to me. Or the car….just hurry please!”

He chuckled and kissed her ear. “I think you need to go to the ladies room, first.”

“Wh…what?” She took some deep breaths, trying to slow her racing heart, and looked up at him confused. Her hand was still on his thigh and some part of her brain made note of the fact that he was hard beneath his jeans and her hand was near his erection.

Speaking slowly as though she wasn’t very bright he said, “I want you to go to the ladies room…and wait for me to knock on the door.”

She gasped and looked at him, eyes wide. “You don’t….we can’t….not here!”

“Sure we can,” he told her calmly.

“No,” she shook her head emphatically. “I won’t do it.”

“OK,” he shrugged and reached into his pocket. “Then Vejar’s is about to have their first dinner show.”

“No!” She sat up straight, tensing in anticipation. Her hand moved from his thigh to grasp his shirt. “Please don’t, Evan! Please….”

He said nothing but tilted his head towards the bar, where the bathrooms were located. She sighed in defeat and released his shirt. She picked up her Sahabet Giriş glass and drained the rest of her Margarita. Setting it down, she stood slowly, not sure her legs would hold her. As she crossed the dining room, she passed the waitress heading back to the table with the bill and her box of food. At the entrance to the bar, she paused for a moment and looked around. It was busy and noisy, as usual. There was a football game on the big screen TV and people were laughing and cheering on the Fortyniners. She turned left and walked to the alcove with the bathrooms. A man was just going into the men’s room and when she turned the knob for the ladies’ room, it was locked. She leaned against the wall and waited. A few minutes later a woman came out and April entered, closing and locking the door behind her. She wasn’t sure what to do while she waited. She considered using the toilet but was reluctant to wipe away any of her juices just yet. She could feel the wetness of her panties and on the tops of her thighs. She looked at herself in the mirror, noting how flushed she was and wondered if anyone noticed. She could feel the beat of the loud Latin music piped in from the dining room. She jumped when a soft knock sounded on the door. As she reached to open the door, she had a terrible fear that it wouldn’t be Evan, but another woman wanting to use the bathroom.

He slipped into the bathroom and locked the door, his eyes dark with desire. She took a step back, overwhelmed by his excitement and lust, but he pulled her into his arms for a hungry kiss. One hand tangled in her hair and the other grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against him. She could feel the restrained power and rage in the muscles that rippled beneath the fabric of his clothing. She felt his erection pushing at her and it made her hungrier.

“Hurry, baby, hurry…” Was she trying to rush him because she was anxious to have him in her, or because she was afraid someone might come in? He pushed her away and told her to open her shirt, which she did with trembling fingers. Once it was open he squeezed her breasts, rubbing your thumbs over her lace-covered nipples, eliciting a soft, “Ohhhh…..” He pushed her blouse off her shoulders and continued playing with her breasts, leaning down and biting them through her bra.

At the sound of the doorknob being jiggled her eyes flew open and she looked at him in alarm. It stopped and he put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up.

“I guess you better hurry,” he told her.

He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down. She knew what he wanted and she sank to her knees as he unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. She tenderly pulled his cock out and cupped his balls. Giving a nervous glance at the door, she leaned down and licked his balls. Oh God….in spite of the surroundings and her worries about being caught, how she loved this! He was already dripping precum and she licked it off gently. She kissed and sucked his balls, giving a soft sigh of satisfaction. She licked her way up his cock and sucked him into her mouth, closing her eyes. She put her hands on his thighs for balance and leverage and felt his fingers gently playing in her hair. She tasted his precum and moaned again, bobbing her head up and down more quickly. His hips began to move, thrusting lazily into her mouth, his fingers tightening in her hair. Her pussy was clenching and wet and she felt the vibrator still in there, lying quietly. She wanted to touch herself but hadn’t been given permission, so she tightened her grip on his thighs, sucking harder. He was thrusting harder now, faster and she was trying to breathe through her nose, saliva and precum dripping from her mouth. His grip on her hair tightened and she could hear his ragged breathing. She moaned and rolled her hips, loving him in her mouth but wanting him in her pussy.

The door knob jiggled again and her eyes opened in alarm. She tried to pull away, but he was holding her too tightly and pumping into her mouth furiously. One hand released her hair and suddenly the vibrator began to hum. Her cry was muffled by his cock, her fingers dug into his thighs, and her pussy clenched. And then she was coming, spasms spreading through her body. His cock was unbelievably hard as he continued to thrust and then hot streams of cum were shooting into her mouth. Still spasming with her own orgasm, she couldn’t swallow fast enough and cum, mixed with her saliva, leaked from her mouth and dripped off her chin and onto her breasts. She gagged slightly, trying to catch her breath and swallow. His thrusting slowed, then stopped….and so did the vibrations in her pussy. She licked his cock and balls clean, wiping his cum off her cheeks and chin and licking it off her fingers. His hands were gentle in her hair now, and she closed her eyes, resting her cheek against his belly.

The doorknob jiggled again, shocking April back to the reality of where they were. Evan helped her to her feet and kissed her gently. He zipped his pants and buckled his belt.

“I’ll wait for you in Sahabet Güncel Giriş the bar,” he said, kissing her again. “And April,” he said, tilting her head up to look at him. “Don’t take it out.”

Her eyes widened as he grinned at her, and then released her. He slipped out of the bathroom, relocking the door behind him. She looked at herself in the mirror, finger-brushing her hair into some semblance of order and buttoning her blouse. “Don’t take it out.” That meant he wasn’t finished playing with her. Sighing, she opened the door and walked out into the foyer. A woman standing outside the door looked at her with a knowing expression.

“He went into the bar,” she told her with barely suppressed laughter. April blushed and nodded wordlessly. In the bar, she found him near the door, holding her box of food. Evan smiled and kissed her forehead, then helped her on with her coat. Gently taking her arm, he guided her out the door.

If she had been nervous in the car before they got to the restaurant, she was even more anxious on the way back. April kept glancing over at his hands, her own hands nervously smoothing her skirt or gripping the armrest, waiting for him to turn the vibe back on. But his hands stayed on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road ahead, not looking at her at all. In spite of her orgasm in the bathroom, she was still aroused and now the uncertainty of when Evan would turn her vibrator on again only made her hotter. The vibe stayed quiet inside her, confusing her.

When Evan parked the car and opened her car door to help her out, she plastered herself against him, trying to kiss him. He didn’t kiss her, instead tucking her hand through his arm and escorting her into the hotel and across the lobby to the elevators. If they had been alone in the elevator, she would have tried to kiss him again. But they were not alone; several people got on with them, so she was forced to stand still, her hand still on his arm, while her body hummed with sexual energy and equal parts anticipation and fear that he would turn the vibe on. Still the vibrator lay silently within her. By the time Evan opened the door she was beside herself. As soon as the door closed, she pressed herself to him again, rubbing against him desperately.

“Please, Evan,” she whispered, frantic for his touch.

Setting down the box of food, he grasped the lapels of her coat and pulled her to him, kissing her savagely. She moaned and melted into him.

“What do you want, April?” He pulled his head back and glared down at her. “Do you want me to fuck you? Huh? Is that what you want?”

“Yes!” Her voice was desperate as she ground her hips against him. “Please, Evan!”

“Please what?”

“Please…make love to me.”

“No,” he growled, giving her a slight shake. “I want the words…what do you want?”

“Please,” she whined. “Please…you know what I want.”

“The words, April.”

She stared up at him, her blue eyes dark with need, lips red and swollen. He gazed back impassively, still firmly holding her against him by her coat…waiting. She swallowed and opened her mouth, willing the words to come, but they wouldn’t. She simply couldn’t say what he wanted to hear.

“Alright,” he said finally, pushing her away and releasing her coat. “Then you know what happens.” He pulled her coat from her shoulders, hanging it on a hook near the door. “Go in the bedroom and remove the skirt, blouse, bra, and panties. Leave the vibe in. Then put on your cuffs and collar. I want you ready and standing next to the bed when I come in there.”

With that, he turned his back on her and walked to the kitchenette. She walked shakily to the bedroom and followed his direction. By the time Evan strode purposefully into the room, she was standing next to the bed as ordered, trembling with pent-up frustration and apprehension. She watched him warily as he seemed to ignore her for the moment. He went to the bed and piled the pillows in the middle of the bed. Her eyes widened and her breath quickened when he picked a flogger up from the dresser and laid it on the bed, stroking the soft leather thongs. Next he picked up four short chains and laid them out on the bed, alongside the flogger. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of his bare chest as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then kicked off his shoes and socks. The bulge in his pants showed that he had recovered from his earlier orgasm. He left his pants on, but unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops. A soft groan escaped as she watched him wrap the belt around his hand and snap it before discarding it.

His gaze went to her and he looked her up and down appraisingly. Stepping to stand in front of her, he reached out and crushed her breasts with both hands, noting her gasp and the way she thrust her chest at him. Taking each nipple between a thumb and forefinger he squeezed, gradually applying pressure until she whimpered and rose up on her toes. Bending down he drew a nipple into his mouth, nibbling, then licking. One hand trailed down and slipped to paddle in the wetness of her pussy. She moaned and resisted the urge to tangle her fingers in his hair, knowing that would not be allowed. He straightened and, with one hand still slipping and sliding in her juices, he put his other hand behind her head and kissed her tenderly.

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