Megan Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 – Away

While Megan was away I had time to finalize my exams and also work out on my overall condition so I attended Big Joe’s gym regularly trying to buy those few extra seconds with Megan before I pass out. I haven’t gained as much strength, just enough to be able to lift and play with my girlfriends breasts. At about 50 pounds each, they were a very hefty and since they came in a pair I would usually get tired after just a few seconds. I would love to be bale to play with her thighs and legs, but as each of her legs weighed about as much as my entire body that was not a very probable outcome.

My endurance however has literally shot through the roof. I hadn’t noticed earlier since Megan was my only reference. Any endurance I could muster would be gone like a moth in her flame, fuelled by her immense physique and endless sex drive. But apparently that could also count as training, when I got to the gym Big Joe did some measurements to set up a starting point and he was once again shocked. He told me I could probably do an Iron man challenge with the condition I had right now.

I also used that time to move into her apartment. It seemed much easier for me to adjust to somewhat oversized furniture than to have Megan stomping around my tiny apartment where she could already now barely fit. And besides I was relatively certain that at over a 1000 pounds she might just fall straight through the floor.

In the months before her departure Megan had shot up another 6″ making her 9’7″ tall. Due to her new size we decided to do some remodelling on the house. The floor was reinforced on the bottom floor, while the upper floor was mostly removed except one room and a bathroom in the corner. Those were supposed to be my corner of the house. The only parts with normal sized furniture. Off course Megan wouldn’t let me have any stairs insisting that she would help me get up when I needed to go there.

The first floor walls were left in place at their original 8 feet height. This meant that Megan was always a head taller than the walls, as if the rooms were cubicles.All of the furniture was replaced by special order double sized ones, designed to handle loads up to 2000 pounds. The extra huge furniture meant that for me everything was outside of reach. I invested in several 2 to 3 step ladders and distributed them around the house. I would need about three of those stacked to reach Megan for a Kiss, but for my toothbrush and similar utensils they were enough.


During her absence we often talked on the phone, except when she was in the research institute. But a few weeks after she got there I got a phone call from her…

“Heeeyy..Where is my favourite hunk.” Megan said

“Hey Meg. How’s my favourite amazon” I replied…

“Oh, I’m having a blast. It’s quite nice hear, they have a whole team of little guys running around me doing all sorts of tests, bringing me food, drinks, clothes. I feel just like a princess.” Megan said excitedly..

“Well, you are a princess Meg.”

“Oh.. thank you Joey, I really miss you and that little monster of yours. I wish you were here so I could hug you until you beg me to let go.” She said teasingly…

“How about the people there, made any friends” I asked

“Oh, some yes, but mostly I just love teasing the guys, girls to. You should have seen the expression on their faces when they saw me first time. Or when my itsy bitys muscles tore right through the clothes they gave for training. It was hilarious….” Megan said chuckling… I could just imagine my young super muscled Amazon surrounded with an army of people in white lab coats with shocked expressions clutching their crotches

“Oh..oh.. and the other day…” she continued excitedly… “We got this new guy the other day. And we agreed with the others that we should try to prank him. I was supposed to pretend to be really angry when he came in, but I guess I took it a bit too far. I put on a tight outfit, and got really pumped. You could see every single muscle on my body outlined and still pulsing from the workout. And when he came to do some test I got up pretending to be really pissed off, I was so pumped that just getting up was enough for the clothes to start tearing. Probably should have stopped there, but he was so tiny and cute it reminded me of when I first cornered you in the bathroom, and I got a bit excited”

“Oh.. I remember that..That was really scary…” I said in a shaky voice, remembering the hulking Amazon walking towards me cracking the tiles with each step and pumping her body to extreme.

“So I started walking towards him, more clothes was falling off with each step. Bostancı escort And I started growling at him. The poor thing backed into a corner. He was so much like you at that time I got really exited. Not for him off course I was just thinking of you.”

“Jesus Meg, you were about two feet shorter then and I still almost shit my pants…” I said

“Yeah.. two feet, something like that maybe a tiny bit more…” she trailed off..

“What do you mean more, don’t tell me you wore heels also…” I asked, thinking of the sight the poor guy was faced with…

“yeah.. heels, that’s it definitely heels..” she answered unconvincingly, and then continued… “So, Anyway. There I was standing above the little thing pumping my thighs almost zoned out about to start touching myself thinking of you, when I noticed he was crying. I finally noticed I went too far and crouched over to see if he was OK, but seeing me crouch near him made him even more afraid. Then I noticed a large puddle around him, the poor thing’s was so scared he pissed and shit himself.”

“Wow..” I said, not really surprised as I almost did the same with a much smaller Megan…

“So I brought the poor thing close to me hugging him, telling him I won’t hurt him. And then he started shaking even worse, he came and then passed out. Just like the guys at the gym, can you believe that.” Megan finished…

“Jesus..” was all I could say, the poor guys’s nervous system must have gone completely haywire being scared almost to death and then immediately excited to unconsciousness.

“I mean it’s not the first time one of those guys came in my presence, it happens all the time especially during training. I get really hot during that time, and just flexing at the little geeks is sometimes enough. After that I usually feel like a total goddess. I mean if a wink and a flex makes them cum, what would happen if I tried having sex with them. But with this guy I really felt bad, and he couldn’t even come back to work. He tried but the poor guy would just break up whenever I was around, trying to hump my leg like a dog. They had to fire him.”

“Jesus..” I was repeating like a broken record, thinking of the effect she had on people, and how aware of that she was becoming.

“And don’t even get me started on the girls. The other night I woke up with one of them buried head first into my cleavage, she was lucky I didn’t turn over on my stomach like with you. She’s nowhere as strong as my little Joey I would just crush her.”

“But why.. how.. ” I tried..

“Well.. after she apologized she told me that she really wanted to try and touch my breast, and then she got carried away and started sucking my nipple. Apparently I made her lick me until I came and then simply held her between my breasts. The poor thing was struggling the whole night but couldn’t get away.”

“Aha…” I muffled remembering a similar experience…

“But we became good friends then, she comes to visit in the nights, she brings her nurse friends too. And normally it’s enough for them to touch my muscles to orgasm. I hope you’re not too jealous.”

“No.. um.. of course not Megan… I said rubbing throbbing erection in my pants.”

“Oh.. that’s so nice to hear. Because sometimes I play a bit more with them.. hi..hi.. I tried fucking them with my nipples, they’re 4″ long now, almost like a mini-cock. You should see the little things gripping my breast with their legs while i Pound their tiny little pussies. But they still love my tongue the most, you know how big that thing is. Once I show all of it inside them they usually come so many times they fall unconscious and cannot talk properly for a a while.”

“I think I might try the thing with my nipple on Cindy when I come back. But only If my big man won’t mind.”

“ Meg, no problem. But.. I forgot what I wanted to say….Yes.. what about the actual research, have they discovered anything useful about you.”

“Oh yeah that.. Well apparently I will be growing a while longer. they said something like 12 or 13 maybe even 14, something like that…”

“12 or 13 what? Months?.. not inches.. that would make you 10 and a half feet, you would be huge.” I said shakily

“No silly, I could grow to 12 or 13 feet tall. Can you imagine, me 13 or maybe even 14 feet, you would be at face level with my thighs, I cannot even imagine how big they would be. You could stand on the second floor and I would still be looking down on you. And imagine the heels I could have then, probably a foot and a half. I would be a fucking goddess, 15 and a half feet tall, my boyfriend barely as tall as my knees. I could easily Anadolu Yakası Escort carry you around in my bra. Firmly trapped between my my giant boobies, unable to escape under their pendulous weight fighting for every breath as they slosh heavily over your tiny body. I would be over 3 or 4 thousand pounds, if I ever stepped or sat on you that would be it for you. Oh this is making me so horny Joey, I can’t wait to see you.” Megan was saying, now already almost hissing in excitement. My hands were visibly shaking, and I already shot a massive load into my pants during this talk, but my cock was already hard listening to it’s mistress, ready for more.

“Focus Megan.” She spoke sternly to herself.

“I’m learning self control a bit, I still get carried away mostly when thinking of my little Joey. Second thing is the research they’ve done. So what they found was that my body is secreting some kind of hormones. They are still researching the effects but apparently they are firstly acting as a powerful pheromone increasing sexual desire and capability. This much actually makes sense. That’s why everyone goes bonkers near me.”

“Bonkers” I asked puzzled at this new word

“Oh that’s the term the head researcher is using. She’s a very weird old lady.. “But anyway that’s apparently also the reason you’re also hard however long I need you to be. There are similar cases recorded but nothing even remotely as strong as the one I am experiencing. Apparently this has started happening after I became sexually active.”

“But that was…”

“Yep, I told her about you and she said that that’s why you might be less affected, because you were always present and exposed. So that’s why your little monster is constantly growing, and why you have such good stamina. My body is changing you to fit it’s needs. How big is my little monster now anyway….” Megan said affectionately…

“It’s grown, it’s 23″ now, I cannot wear shorts any more.” I said with resignation. “But then what about… I mean… can you control it.”

“It’s tricky, it activates whenever I am horny, so if I learn to control that, I could be OK. The biggest problem is when I’m growing, I’m always horny when I’m growing and I just want to jump and bounce on top of my little Joey, and luckily you cannot say no.”

“Um.. yeah. OK. But what happens when you go out into the public, like in the gym.” I asked.

“You mean asides from the shock of seeing a 10 foot giant. Well I shouldn’t really go into public when I’m horny or the same thing might happen again. And she said the bigger I get the stronger the effect will be. But that’s why I have my little Joey, so you can fuck me until you cannot stand any-more, and then I can take over and rape your hot little body. And thanks to these lovely hormones you don’t even need to be conscious.”

“Um.. “

“Oh.. I miss those little sounds that you make when I intimidate you. That’s why I love growing bigger and bigger for my little one. And that bunny look when I put on my heels to tower even more over your frail little body, and you know I am going to fuck you for hours. But most of all I adore the little gasp you make when you see my muscles in action, when I’m destroying things around me.”

I just gulped and let her continue…

“You know they already had to change 4 beds, I tend to hug and hump the beds while dreaming of you. And usually, in the morning, I wake hugging the crumpled remains. The part between my thighs is always the most destroyed. Oh! wait here a second I have something for you, I forgot.”

After a moment of silence, I can hear something clicking, then the sound of plastic breaking followed by a lot of crunching and metal twisting sounds.

“Have you heard it..”

“What was that…” I asked

“You’ll know soon enough.. Anyway I have to go now. I’ll be unavailable for a while as I have some tests at another location, then I’m going to my aunts. She doesn’t have a phone but I’ll try to keep in touch. Bye, see you soon”

“Bye” I said weekly, I was looking at a pair of slipper on the floor. Megan’s cute bunny slippers which looked perfectly normal until you get close and realise they are twice as big as you’d expect. I thought about what she just told me there was something in the tone of her voice, she was speaking of the little people almost as if she wasn’t even a part of the same species as they were. And in most aspects she wasn’t. Her physical strength was beyond any reason, professional strongmen were like little children to her and the rest of us, well we’re probably more like like ants to her. At over 1000 pounds, it is enough for her to accidentally Kadıköy Escort sit on someone to break bones. And as if physical power and size was not enough, the mere sight of her body causes fear and lust in equal amounts. This paired up with the hormones she could use to incite pure mindless lust made her more like a goddess than human. The story with the guy she scared was proof of that, it took her less than a minute to completely break a grown man.

I wasn’t doing much better, despite being somewhat resistant to the hormones. She recently had me reduced to going down on my knees and begging her to let me cum. it was easy to forget that this was a 19 year old girl which had just a few months back had her first sexual experience. A girl which was shy and hiding her body before that..


One week later I got a package. Inside was a mess of steel plastic and electric components all crushed to a flat unrecognisable mess. After a short inspection I recognized some parts, this used to be a scale, exactly like the one we had in our apartment. A 1000 pound scale. Then I remembered the phone call and a whimper escaped from my mouth. Megan had crushed and flattened a 1000 pound scale between her thighs over the phone for me.

That gave me an idea, I really needed to see her crush and pulverize something else. The scale really showed off her power, but I was certain her thighs could do more than a mere 1000 pounds after seeing her crunch the massive tree log. After a few phone calls I managed to get my hands on an old car. A Volvo, a large steel monstrosity which looked like she might actually fit inside. I managed to get it into working order at least for how much I needed it, to pick her up from the city when she got here. I would usually use an oversized van which we had for this, but this would be more fun.

But on top of that I managed to get a hold of a friend who worked for some TV show which used human body replicas made of ballistic gels and printed poly prop bones. They had really details body models including organs and cartilage and all at the right strength. I explained that I wanted to do some testing with high powered machinery on humans. He explained that this should be just what I needed, and since the show was cancelled I could get them really cheap. I bought about a dozen of those storing them until Megan arrives.

I was just about ready with all the preparations when I got a call from Meg.

“Heeyy sweetie, how’s my little man.”

“Fine Meg, are you coming back soon, I miss you..”

“Oh, you bet I’m coming soon. I miss you too, I can’t get you out of my mind. These last few days are going to be a torture. I cannot wait to crush that tiny little body of yours in my arms. God, just the thought of it is making me wet.”

“Um.. so.. where do I pick you up. When do you get here.”

“Next week Wednesday, I’ll be at the train station… Oh.. and you better be well rested I have a special surprise for you. I didn’t want to tell you anything but the guys at the lab told me to restrain myself from having any orgasms for at least three weeks before sending them a urine sample. This way they could get a really strong reading on all they need. So I decided to do it at my aunts on the farm and then surprise you when I get home.”

“Wow.. cool, so how does it feel to restrain yourself…”

“I feel like a ticking bomb I am almost constantly horny now. The tiniest things make me want to grab the nearest tree and grind it until into sawdust. And it’s not just me, aunty says the animals are going insane fucking each other. The postman almost fainted the other day and he hasn’t even seen me. “

“So does it expire soon.”

“Next week Wednesday evening…”

“But… um”

“Yep Joey. You better be ready when I get there, for the ride of your life. I’m not even sure how good an idea this is, after four months without you and three weeks of self-control I might just loose it completely.”

“Do you want to come later, or do you want me to come on Thursday.”

“Don’t you dare, I haven’t seen you in four months, if you’re not there on time I think I would really go insane. And imagine if I took the public transport to the city on my own.”

“Oh..” I just seed weekly.

“Oh Joey, you know I would never hurt you. But you just get well rested and stock up on food, energy drinks and maybe you should get some painkillers as well. I think I will fuck you for several days straight, and I cannot promise I won’t hurt you a bit. My thighs miss you something incredible.”

“OK.. so.. do you need me to pick you up. And… oh but how will you travel like that, what about other people on the train. Hormones and all.”

“Courtesy of the lab, I travel by cargo train. It’s not the most pleasant but I’ll survive and it is more roomy.”

“OK, I’ll be there” I said

“You better, don’t even try to run tiny.” she said with a giggle and left.

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