Meghan Ch. 07

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It was time for him to get a lot of practice in. Up to now I’d really been focusing on getting his mind-set away from the awful things he’d ingested through this family and schooling, to get him relatively comfortable with the idea that sex is meant to be fun – not the first stop on the road to purgatory. He needs to work in The Lotus.


I got one of the typical Meghan phone calls: “come over to my place, now.” Miss Manners at her peremptory best.

When I got there Elizabeth was stretched out on one of the sofas, barefoot in jeans and a t-shirt . Meghan, who’d shown me in said: “photo session,” and led the way out onto the balcony. There she proceeded to take photos of me, with no explanation of course. That done she went back into the condo and said: “strip.” By now, I was used to her odd ways and relatively comfortable with taking my clothes off around her and Elizabeth. And, of course, I knew better than to argue. I stripped.

“Do him,” said our mistress, and Elizabeth obligingly stood in front of me and started to fondle by cock. I, of course, promptly got hard. “OK, back off.” Elizabeth moved away and as I stood, slightly red-faced and rigid, Meghan knelt down and took photos of my cock. This was pretty weird, even by her standards. That night was clearly all business because instead of involving me in some sex play Meghan simply told me to go to the bathroom and jerk off – and make sure I didn’t leave any mess. At least she let me jerk off. After that, she told me to leave and that she’d be in touch.


The Lotus is an exclusive, private club for women that my late husband bought about fifteen years ago. I inherited it. In essence, it’s a sex club, but that’s too crude a description. It’s a club that offers wealthy women the opportunity to have discreet and fun sexual adventures in comfort, safety and style. I stress ‘wealthy’ because the club is not cheap – the membership initiation fee is $100,000 and the monthly dues are $8,500. There is a member limit of one hundred and fifty and we have a long waiting list.

Club employees are split into two groups. The first does the administration and service roles – book-keeping, cleaning, bartending, that kind of thing. The other group, who we call our ‘escorts’ are there to provide sex and are chosen for their attractiveness and sexual skills. We change the escorts fairly frequently to provide the members with variety. To ensure our supply – and we never have less than fifty on the books at any one time, we have arrangements with agencies in Bangkok, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome, Los Angeles and New York. They are all wannabe actors and actresses who have no problem fucking for money.

Members can also bring in their own guests – male or female – provided they can vouch for their manners and their health. For this they have to pay an additional fee.

The club is housed in a four storey brownstone townhouse, plus a basement for the admin and service types, with each floor having, roughly, some theme or purpose. On the first, or ground, floor there are four suites each of which has a small complex of massage, sauna, steam, table-wash and changing rooms. Here individuals or couples can have any variation they can think of in terms of a massage spa experience – this was where I had taken Jeremy soon after I met him.

On the second floor is the main bar, which has both a regular bar, for people to schmooze and drink. The bar also has a row of four-person booths. Also on the second floor are four bedrooms, featuring king-sized beds, and ensuite bathrooms.

On the third floor are two mini-theaters, designed to allow an audience to watch sexual acts on a central stage – this is where we took Jeremy when Armando put on his act with Elizabeth. In addition there are four more bedroom suites and, finally, a small movie theatre, seating may twenty, that shows the live footage of people in the various rooms of the house. This is so people can watch others having sex in the club. The common areas are all live footage and each bedroom and sauna room has a live, multi-angle camera set-up which members can turn on or off depending on whether or not they like to exhibit – which is, probably, about twenty percent of the members.

The top floor consists of large room with numerous couches and cushions and, surrounding it, ten small bedroom suites. This is the cruising zone. People who want sex go here and either use the large room, if they want to exhibit, or the small rooms if they don’t.

On both the second and fourth floors – the bar and the cruise zone – club employees, known as ‘escorts’ are available for members. The mix and type varies, but in general, on any one night, we always have ten to fifteen men on hand and about up to ten girls, of which Elizabeth was once one before I Tekirdağ Escort took her for my private use. The members decide what the mix is. Each of those escorts is available for sex with members and each is rigorously and frequently tested for STDs. Members can, and frequently do, book and reserve favoured escorts – like I did with Armando. The escorts are paid by the club and no tipping is allowed.

For members’ eyes only, there is an online database of escorts. This contains photos, of course, both clothed and naked and details about the person – age, place of birth, education, etc., together with commentary on their sexual and sensual skills and specialties and, finally, the dates and times they are available. Members can use this directory to select an escort, either by direct reservation or as an aide memoire if they are cruising. The photos I took of Jeremy were intended for this database.

Finally, each member’s interests were carefully recorded and tracked so that escorts could be properly briefed on what was expected.


“Come over here, now,” says she-who-must-be-obeyed. And I did.

“Have you enjoyed our little sessions?” She asked.


“Of course you have,” she responded with a slight, somewhat sarcastic, smile, “would you like to explore a little more?”

Knowing her propensity for the bizarre, I thought that at some level I would undoubtedly regret my decision but, nevertheless, said, again, “yes.”

“Good. Then let me tell you what we’re going to do.” And she proceeded to explain what The Lotus was all about. At the end she said: “we’re going to let you try being an escort for a while, so you gain experience. What do you think?”

What I thought was that I was horrified. I had visions of me having to loll around naked and have a bunch of elderly women check me out and demand weird sexual things from me. But, on the other hand, the idea of being a sex object was kind of appealing. Jeremy the stud. “Um, would I, like, have to, like cruise the halls or something?”

“Very witty. No, what I have in mind is training you. I want to build your confidence and improve your pathetic skills, so ‘cruising’ is not on the cards. At least not for a while. What I see you doing is being made available for reserved appointments only. We’ll see where you go from there.”


I could see that he was clearly interested but also scared. I guess it’s quite a step going from being a mousy little accountant to being a boy-toy. At least he wouldn’t be a prostitute; nobody was going to pay him a dime.

My thought was to put him in the database with limited availability and stress that he was almost a virgin, had little or no sexual experience but, as they could see from the photos, was physically attractive and the owner of a splendid cock and set of balls. Several of the members would go for the equipment alone, but many would relish the idea of innocence. There is something wonderful in the concept of corruption.


Four days later Meghan called and told me to be at The Lotus at eight the following evening and to use the employees entrance at the rear of the building. This I did and, upon announcing my name, the door clicked open and a pretty oriental girl bowed and said, very softly “please to follow.” That I did, along a corridor and then up two flights of steps then through a door which opened into the bar. There were several people at the bar, an equal mix of men and women, but the girl led me to an empty booth and indicated I should sit down. I did so.

A few minutes later a woman slid into the booth opposite me. She was older than I expected; she looked to be about my mom’s age but with a very expensive air to her that my mom had never had. Weird. “Jeremy, right?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ma’am. I like that,” she said, smiling pleasantly. This was a marked contrast to the cool indifference of Meghan and even Elizabeth’s slightly warmer but still distant manner. “Have you come here before?”

“Um, yes ma’am, a er.. friend of mine has brought me here, twice.”

“Oh, how sweet. And what did you do with your friend when you came here?”

“Um, well the first time we had like a sauna thing.”

“Ah, and did you also have a massage?”

“Yes ma’am we did, I did I mean.”

“Oh, you were together for this?”

“Um, yes ma’am.”

“And did your massage have a happy ending?”


“Did you experience a sexual release? Were you masturbated? Did you come?”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered, by now having lost my initial confidence and reverting to my blushing, stumbling self of old. I thought I’d got beyond that.

“Mmmn. And what about the second time?”


“The second time you came here, Jeremy – no pun intended.”

“Oh, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan yeah, well that time there were three of us, or, actually four, and um… we, that is my friend and I, sat and watched the other two um… you know, do it.. um.”

“Do it. You mean you watched them fuck?” This said in a quiet, sweet voice as if she were asking if I had enjoyed a trip to the beach or something. This was definitely weird, I mean here I was talking about sex with a woman twice my age. She was pretty good looking though – where did that thought come from?

“Er, yes we um watched them.”

“And did you enjoy that? Did it excite you?”

“Um, yes … it did.”

“And what happened after you’d watched the other two? Did you fuck your friend?”

“Er, not really.”

“No? Hmmn, so what did you do? You did get off didn’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I did. I did get off.”

“So how? Did she suck you off?” Fuck, how can she sit there and ask these questions while looking like such a nice middle-class lady? I mean, I was like really embarrassed by now. But, on the other hand, my cock was hard. Fuck me.

“Um, well, er no, no she didn’t do that. She doesn’t do that.”

“Hmmn, interesting. So you don’t fuck her and she doesn’t suck you off. What do you with her?”

“Um, she lets me … um, play with myself. That’s what we did, what we do, when she lets me.”

“So, Jeremy, do you like that? Wouldn’t you like to fuck her, have her suck your cock you know, like normal people do?”

“I guess, but she doesn’t do that.”

“So, if she doesn’t fuck who do you fuck?”

“Well, actually, I .. er, don’t. Well, I did once. She let me um … do it with someone else.”

“Oh me oh my. You poor thing. So, Jeremy, you’re blushing. Are you also hard? Is your cock hard from all this talk Jeremy?”


“Would you like to fuck me?”


“Why don’t we take a little walk?” And she slid out of the booth and, without saying another word, walked past me out of the bar. I quickly followed, in some serious discomfort. I need to start getting some pants that are looser around the crotch.

She opened a door and I followed her into a bedroom, rather like a very upscale hotel room. “Do you come very quickly Jeremy? Are you going to disappoint me and come too soon?”

“Um, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Well, why don’t we take care of you now and allow you to recover so we can take our time? Would that be alright?”

I wasn’t really sure what she meant, but I mutely nodded. With that, she came close to me and put her hand on my cock. “Oh my, you are ready, aren’t you?” And, standing very close to me now, she unbuckled my belt, slid down my pants and shorts and allowed my cock to spring out in its usual stiff, rigid way. “Ooh, this is nice, Jeremy,” she said and slid down my body until she was kneeling in front of me. Without another word, she put her right hand around my cock, opened her mouth and slid it in. Within a very short time the warmth and wetness of her mouth, coupled with her hand sliding up and down my shaft caused me to come. I managed to stay upright but definitely felt like crumpling to the ground as I thrust and twitched and pumped my come into her hot, sucking mouth.

She kept sucking and swallowing until I was totally spent, then gently pushed me onto the bed as she stood up. “Well, aren’t you a naughty boy, messing up my lipstick like that. Take off your clothes, darling.” Exhausted as I felt, I managed to pull off my clothes and lay on my back watching her. My cock began to subside and she idly fondled it for a second as she lay down alongside me, kicking off her shoes as she did so. “Was that nice?” she whispered.

“Yes, it was wonderful.”

“Aren’t you sweet,” she murmured, “so, would you like to make me happy?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well start by playing with me a little, Jeremy.” She was still fully clothed, wearing some kind of wrap around dress made of some incredibly soft material of a grayish sort of colour. Tentatively, I began to touch her shoulders as she looked at me then, slowly, I slid a hand down to her breast and started to rub that. “Gently, darling, nice and soft and slow.” I did as commanded, moving from breast to breast. “Kiss me,” she said, and I did, feeling her tongue open my lips and slide around the inside of my mouth. I did the same back to her and it was kind of like dueling tongues. This was getting pretty good, hot even, and I could feel my cock starting to liven up. While I was kissing her she took one of my hands and slid it down her dress to the hem, pushed it under the skirt and pulled it up her naked thigh. This without a word.

I took the hint and, remembering Meghan and Elizabeth’s limited instruction, and her admonition to be soft and slow, Escort Tekirdağ gradually slid my hand up until I felt the silk of her panties. Without diving under them, as was very much my inclination, I ignored them and slowly and idly stroked her thighs, her hips, the stomach above her pubic area. One thing I immediately noticed was that her skin was softer than Meghan’s or Elizabeth’s, less firm, maybe. Not unpleasant at all, just somewhat different.

After several minutes doing this, and kissing her at the same time, I let my hand rub across the front of her panties. They were wet. I could feel the wiriness of he hair underneath them and, slowly, slid one finger under the panties then rubbed her upper thigh with that finger, touching now her hair with hand on the outside of the panties. I did that for a while, gradually feeling all around her cunt and gradually handling all of her bush as she opened her legs wider and wider. When she started to hump my hand, I withdrew it. Again, this was something Meghan had told me to do: “touch and withdraw, do it again and again, never, ever go straight to the nipple or her cunt – always tease her, get her excited then stop, excited and stop; you want to get to the state where she is going to beg you to finish her off.” And, of course, whatever Meghan says, I do.

I brought my hand out from under her skirt, moved it to her breasts and started the same kind of movements. Touching, withdrawing, sliding inside her dress to feel the top of her chest, sliding sideways to feel the swell of her breast, once sliding all the way inside her bra to feel the soft breast and the hard nipple. All the while, we were kissing and, again, at Meghan’s direction, I was breaking away from time to time, to lick her neck and her ear, to softly blow into her ear after I had licked it. She seemed to like what I was doing, even if I really had no idea whether I was doing it right or wrong. WTF, just keep trucking.

After a bout of playing with her breasts, I left one hand in that area and slid the other down her body to rub her stomach and her pubic area – all through her dress. As I started that, I felt her hand on my cock – my very naked cock – which was now hard again. She played with me for a second then sat up, unwrapped her dress somehow and threw it off the bed. Still sitting up, she unhooked her bra then lay back. Her breasts were much larger that either Meghan’s or Elizabeth’s and, again, noticeably softer, less firm. She pulled my head down to a breast and, getting the idea, I began to lick and suckle the nipple. “Bite it,” she said in a whisper, “gently.” I did, biting it softly then releasing it, licking it, sucking it then biting it again. Her nipples were, again, larger than M&E’s, a dark brown colour with large aureoles. Pressing my face into them only emphasized the relative softness of her body.

“Take off my panties”, she said. And I did, sliding down the bed to kneel over her, my cock sticking out as she lifted herself to allow me to slide them down her legs and off. Now we were both naked. “Play with my pussy,” she whispered as I knelt over her. She was really wet, even the tops of her thighs were wet; I could smell her wetness. “Taste me, put your mouth on me.” This was something I’d never done, but I’d seen M&E do it to each other so I had a pretty good idea. And, of course, Meghan had made me taste and lick Elizabeth’s cunt once. I put my face into that hairy wetness, inhaling the strong, attractive smell, and began to lick her. I knew, from Meghan of course, about the clitoris and how it should be sucked and played with so I started doing that. Not for long.

I’d barely begun nibbling on her clitoris before she pulled my head away and said, urgently: “get on your back.” I did so, my cock sticking up hard and proud and, without another word, she straddled me, just as I’d seen Elizabeth do with Armando that time. She put her hands on my arms, pinning me to the bed, and began a fast, thrusting motion with her hips. I could barely feel her cunt it was so wet and so much looser than the one time I’d been inside Elizabeth. But I could feel her bush as she shoved and grunted back and forth, her hair rubbing hard against me, which gradually got wet from the juice coming from her. In a short while her breathing got really heavy, she was grunting like an animal, then with one last push she gave a sort of wail and slowly, shudderingly, slowed down and then stopped. After a while she slid off me and lay on her back, alongside me, panting. I lay there, too, my glistening cock still sticking up.

“You didn’t come,” she said after a while, idly feeling my cock. “Would you like to fuck some more so you can come inside me? Or shall I suck you off or maybe just use my hand on you? What would you like?”

“Use your hand.” And she did, leaning close to me as I lay on my back, masturbating me with a slow, gentle firmness. I came pretty quickly, lying there and watching the semen dribble over her fingers. She smiled at me, licked one of her fingers clean and then put the others up to my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked my come off her hand.

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