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Mike parked in the driveway and walked up the front stairs and through the door. As he opened it, he found the house in silence, as it usually was. Where Debbie, his girlfriend was, was anyone’s guess; he supposed that Jennie, Debbie’s eighteen year old daughter, was out with friends. He smiled absently, thinking to himself that everything was just as it should be.

Debbie was Mike’s girlfriend, but she didn’t act like most girlfriends did. She slept on the couch at least four times a week, usually more. It was obvious that she did not like sharing a bed with Mike; he wondered if she had ever enjoyed it or if it had been just some ploy of hers to get someone to pay the bills for her. She didn’t sleep with Mike often but she was home even less. Every day she found a reason to disappear for hours on end, frequently not coming home until the wee hours of the morning. Why she even bothered to come home at all Mike didn’t understand. He wondered why she didn’t just bow to the inevitable and move out, leaving him in peace and free to live his own life just as she was obviously living hers.

Mike smiled at his own reasons for continuing to live with Debbie. It certainly wasn’t her looks or her sweet nature. He chuckled out loud at that thought. No, his reasons for staying were rather uncertain until a few weeks ago. Up until then, he wondered why he bothered to stay, telling himself that Jennie needed a steadying hand in her life. However, three weeks ago, all that changed when Mike and Jennie had gotten high together.

They had shared a bowl of pot. Mike reasoned that she was eighteen years old anyway, and she and her friends were already doing it together, so he didn’t see any real harm in sharing his personal stash with her; it was what happened after they got high that changed everything.

He could still remember his feelings of anxiety and trepidation when it came out that they were both attracted to each other. He remembered how his hands shook as she lay across his lap and lifted her T-shirt to reveal her panty-covered bum and asked him to rub it for her. He got hard just thinking about it. That night they had fucked each other’s brains out on the living room couch. They did it like rabbits and the memories from that night still made him smile.

Then just a week later they did it again, this time in her bedroom. He had licked her until she screamed and then they fucked again.

Of course both those events paled in comparison to last week. Jennie had come home with her friend Cathy and asked him to share some pot with the both of them. Well of course that wasn’t all they shared that night. By the time the night was done, Mike had fucked them until they were both sore and he had watched the two girls make each other cum a couple of times. Neither of the girls had realized until that night that they would enjoy something like that, but enjoy it they did! He could see it in his mind as if it were happening all over again; Jennie sliding her fingers in and out of Cathy’s well lubricated and swollen pussy, Cathy sucking the cum out of Mike’s cock and then sharing it with Jennie during a deep passionate kiss. It was quite the experience.

Since then nothing else had happened but Mike didn’t worry about that. Even if they never did it again, his thirty-four year old mind had enough memories to last him for a long time.

He took off his shoes and marched up to the bedroom, stripped his work clothes off and threw them into the laundry hamper. He then pulled on his favorite pair of track pants and a loose fitting shirt. Then he went back downstairs and started preparing something to eat. He heard the door and saw Jennie walk in. She was smiling, but there was something odd about her demeanor; something that told him that she was upset, or had gotten some bad news.

“Hey there,” he said as she walked in and sat at the table. She frowned and stared at the table for a moment, pondering.

“What’s up?” he asked her with concern. “Is something wrong?”

She frowned again and then looked up at him.

“I have something to tell you,” she said uncertainly, “and I don’t think you’re going to like it.”

Mike narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. He wasn’t sure where this was going but he wasn’t sure how he was going to take it either, considering how she was acting.

“Okay,” he said slowly. “Well, the best way to deliver bad news is to just say it. There’s no point in holding it in any longer than necessary,”

She sighed heavily and frowned deeply then steeled herself.

“Okay,” she said. “I kind of… have a date tonight.”

Mike raised his eyebrows in surprise. Whatever he might have been expecting, that certainly wasn’t it.

“Really,” he said. “Okay, I’m glad it’s nothing serious, but why would you think I wouldn’t like that?”

She blinked and the look of surprise was now on her face.

“You mean, you don’t mind?” she said.

“Why would I mind?” Mike said.

“Well,” she began, a little unsure how to say it, “with what we’ve Avrupalı porno done… you know, since we… you know… did it, I kind of thought you’d be jealous.”

Mike smiled and went to her, pulling her close and hugging her.

“Now why would I be jealous?” he said still grinning. “You’re young! I’m not! Look at you. You’re eighteen and beautiful and you should be out having fun! Not trapped inside with a man twice your age. Besides, I am kind of attached you know; to your mother.”

Jennie grimaced and gave a derisive snort.

“Yeah right!” she said with distaste. “She obviously doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it. You’re right here under her nose and she’s never home!”

Mike snorted too and released her from his hug.

“You never mind about that.” He said. “Now, if you have a date, I’m happy to hear it and I just want you to have fun; and don’t try to fit your life around mine. It’s your life and you should do what you want with it.”

Jennie smiled and hugged him back, nuzzling her head into his big chest.

“You’re the best!” she said. “Do you want to hear about him?”

“Sure!” Mike said. “Although I’m more concerned what you think about him.”

Jennie grinned again and then sat at the table.

“His name is Mark and he’s twenty years old.” She said, her eyes lighting up as she said it. “I met him when I was at the mall with some friends and he was so nice. We like the same kinds of music, we like the same foods, he’s perfect!”

Mike smiled and rested his hand on her shoulder.

“He sounds great.” He said. “Now listen; I don’t care what time you come home, but I do want you to come home tonight.”

Jennie smiled and agreed; then she was running up the stairs to her bedroom to get ready.

Mike smiled and continued making some dinner for himself. After about twenty minutes it was ready and he walked to Jennie’s bedroom door and knocked.

“Hey,” he said. “I just made some dinner. Are you hungry?”

Jennie opened the door and Mike’s eyes went wide. She was naked except for a towel wrapped around her hips. It was tied at one side of her hip and hung open from her upper thigh down, making it obvious that she was naked underneath the towel too.

“Wow!” he said as he stared at her. “I hope the outfit you’re wearing tonight has something more to it than that!”

Jennie gave Mike one of her winning smiles and posed provocatively in the doorway for him, shaking her shoulders slightly to jiggle her tits and placing a hand on one hip.

“No one gets to see me like this until they deserve to,” she said. “Except for you; you deserve to already.”

Mike smiled but he couldn’t help the hard-on that developed in his track pants as he stared at her; her 34B tits hung from her chest like fruit from a tree. Her nipples, bright red and puckering from his staring, looked just like strawberries and he wanted to taste them. Her hips were well formed and her legs were works of art. They made him want to fall at her feet and worship her body with his lips and tongue.

Jennie smiled as she watched him salivate over her body. She didn’t mind him staring with naked lust at her because she couldn’t help looking at his body with naked lust either. She had a date tonight she knew, but so far, Mark was an unknown quantity. Yes, she thought he was terribly cute and there was a good chance she might have sex with him, but how far he got with her tonight depended largely on how he behaved throughout the night.

Mike on the other hand she knew intimately. She knew how he behaved with and without his clothes on and he had always treated her with respect; the exception being when he had spanked her a couple of years ago but he had done that because she was acting the brat. So all things taken together, she had probably deserved it.

He had been a good person to her all the time he had been with her mother. After they’d had sex together the first time, he had treated her as an equal. He had never talked about having sex with her the way some of her boyfriends had bragged about it to all their friends and he had never touched her without her permission or willing participation; not like one or two boys she’d known in the past had tried to do. So as far as she was concerned, Mike could ogle her naked body as much as he wanted to. It even got her excited to see his reaction to her.

She pulled him by the hand into her room and sat him down on her bed. She knelt in front of him between his knees and rested her hands lightly on his groin.

“It looks like you have a problem here.” She said with a grin.

Mike smiled and agreed with her. She started rubbing his cock through his track pants and giggled as he sighed. His breathing became a little heavier and he returned her lust filled gaze eagerly.

“Don’t you have a date tonight?” he asked.

“I’ve got time,” she said with a giggle, continuing to stroke his cock through the material of his pants. “Besides I want to practice some Video porno of what Cathy taught me last week.”

She grasped the hem of his track pants and pulled them downward, exposing his genitals. She smiled as she knelt down and tenderly wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Mike sighed as she swabbed her tongue all around it. She took the shaft in one hand and slowly started to stroke it up and down. She took her mouth off the head and smiled brightly, her teeth gleaming and her lips glistening.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” she whispered seductively.

She bent forward, taking his cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. She then went back the other way, sliding her lips along the shaft of his cock until just the head was still inside. She sighed to herself as she started the sucking rhythm, moaning softly as she slipped her mouth over his cock, back and forth, up and down. Mike gasped and tilted his head back, savoring the sensations as she took him into her mouth. He looked down and watched her as she sucked. Her breasts shook slightly with her movements and on a whim he reached down with both hands to cup her tits. She smiled around his cock as he touched her and kept up her back and forth motion. Mike realized then that Jennie had learned well what Cathy had taught.

When they’d had their threesome the previous week, Cathy had proffered Mike’s penis to Jennie and encouraged her to suck a cock for the first time in her life. With great patience she instructed her in the different motions, in how to hold the shaft and how to slide her lips up and down while gently stroking it with her teeth or her lips to simulate fucking.

Now Mike was groaning and writhing his hips as Jennie sucked. She was obviously not a pro, but what she lacked in technique she made up for with enthusiasm. She was moaning and sighing softly, enjoying the sensation of having Mike’s cock in her mouth. Mostly she was excited that she was making Mike feel so good. Making him feel good was making her feel incredibly good. Her pussy was dripping wet and, Mike couldn’t see, but she had been fingering herself with her free hand since she started.

Mike started mumbling incoherently and he put his hands lightly against the sides of her face, thrusting his hips forward as he did so. From the way his cock was growing in her mouth and his testicles were puckering and withdrawing up inside him, Jennie knew he was close to cumming.

She wrapped both hands around his shaft and began a stroking and twisting motion, just as she had seen Cathy do to make Mike cum last week. At the same time she kept her mouth wrapped around the head and moved her head back and forth slightly in concert with the motions of her hands. Mike cried out and his cock swelled.

Jennie was surprised at how the cum spurted out so strongly; she was grateful that Cathy had told her to make sure her throat was closed at the moment the guy cums in her mouth. If she hadn’t closed her throat she was sure she would be gagging and choking at this very moment instead of watching Mike’s face as he came. She smiled as she watched him and then giggled as a stream of cum poured from her mouth and down her chin to her neck and chest.

When she smiled, the seal she had created around the head of his cock was broken allowing the errant stream to flow out. She sat up, still giggling and tried unsuccessfully to stop the sperm from escaping. She put her hands up to her mouth and cupped her chin to prevent it from dripping all over the place. She giggled again as she realized what an effort it took to contain it all.

‘Good thing I’m not wearing my outfit for tonight!’ she thought to herself and then grinned again as she looked down at her cum stained chest; the white fluid was flowing all over both her tits and down to her belly through the valley between them.

After finally getting it under control, she swallowed what was left in her mouth, thinking that she had probably lost at least half of it.

‘I think I’m going to need more practice at this,’ she thought. ‘I’m sure Mike won’t mind being my guinea pig.’

At the moment Mike was lying back on her bed and breathing heavily. He tried to sit up and groaned as he realized how drained he was.

“Wow!” he said. “That was incredible!”

Jennie smiled and joined him on the bed.

“Really?” she asked. “You liked it?”

“Oh yeah!” Mike said with a heavy sigh. “No one would ever know you only learned how to do that last week.”

Jennie smiled again and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

“Good!” she said. “Now you can leave so I can get ready to go out.”

Mike looked at her with some surprise; he was sure she would expect some sort of reciprocation. Seeing the look in his eyes, Jennie chuckled.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said as she kissed him on the forehead again. “If Mark gets lucky tonight, I don’t want him to find your cum already inside me. And if not, I can always find you later. I know where you live.”

Mike laughed and pushed himself off the bed. He got up and returned to the kitchen to eat his dinner. He wasn’t sure what to make of her comment about Mark maybe getting lucky. He wasn’t jealous. He didn’t really know what he was. He thought about it as he ate and eventually shrugged it off. As he had said earlier, she was young and she needed to be with guys her own age.

‘So long as I get to play with her from time to time,’ he said to himself, ‘I guess I can live with that.’

He settled in to the living room to watch hockey after dinner. It was the playoffs and he knew he’d have at least two games to flip between tonight. He barely noticed as Jennie flew through the living room to announce she was on her way out. For the next two hours, Mike was completely absorbed.

As the first game of the night was coming to an end he heard the doorbell. Frowning, he stood up and walked to the door, almost tripping a couple of times because he was looking over his shoulder at the TV as he went.

He opened the door and saw Melanie standing there.

“Hi Mike,” she said with a smile. “Jennie’s expecting me.”

Mike creased his brow in confusion.

“Jennie’s not here,” he said. “She had a date.”

Mike heard loud cheering from the TV and dashed to the living room to see what had happened; it was a goal. A late goal that had tied the game and it looked very much like overtime was coming. He grinned like a child at Christmas and then remembered Melanie at the door. He turned and was surprised to see her standing beside him. He looked past her to make sure the door was closed and then nodded to himself.

“Who’s winning?” Melanie asked.

“No one; It’s tied.” He said.

“Oh.” She said blandly.

Mike looked at her curiously and sat down on the couch. Melanie sat beside him and settled in, making Mike even more curious.

“Jennie’s not here,” he said again. “She had a date.”

“Yeah I know.” She replied, not taking her eyes off the TV.

He shrugged and settled into the couch himself, wondering what was going on with her.

Melanie didn’t have nearly as much success with the guys as Jennie and Cathy did. While their faces could easily be described as beautiful, Melanie was more plain. She had long wavy light brown hair that frequently just hung from her head without any styling. Her face was pleasant, her eyes brown and her nose being the best feature she had. Mike thought she was cute, but he wasn’t eighteen and it was easy to see that the young guys she and her friends knew were completely overlooking Melanie as they chased after the more exotic looking girls in their social circle.

She was wearing a loose pull over shirt with blousy sleeves that hung down almost to her thighs and black jeans, the kind of non-descript thing she usually wore. Mike could tell though that Melanie was far more gifted in the breast department than most girls her age. Her tits were round and ripe and he had found himself in the past trying to discern the outline of her nipples when he took the girls to the beach. It was hard to tell through the loose fitting clothing she was wearing now, but he knew from seeing her in a one-piece bathing suit that she had nice hips and a well formed ass too.

The truth was Melanie despaired of finding many boyfriends because the better looking girls were always getting the guys. Even the ones who had paid attention to her ended up being lured away by Cathy sometimes; one of Cathy’s favorite pastimes was to see if she could make guys cheat on their girlfriends. Cathy told herself she did this to prove to her friends that their boyfriends were cheaters. In actuality she did it because she could; it made her feel superior and she liked the attention. Melanie wondered if there was anything Cathy wouldn’t do to get a guy’s attention.

They sat together watching the game for awhile with Mike glancing her way from time to time. Her face was hard to read because she kept things bottled up so well most of the time. He thought he could detect something wrong with her though.

“So what’s happening?” he said somewhere in the middle of the period.

She looked at him and smiled, but Mike could see it was a hollow smile.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

She bit her lower lip and glanced at the floor. She didn’t return his gaze and so he turned back to the TV.

“Guy trouble huh?” he said quietly, keeping his eyes on the game.

Melanie turned to him sharply, obviously surprised that he had guessed her problem.

“Guys suck.” He said equally quietly.

She bit her lower lip again and turned to the TV for a moment; then she turned back toward him.

“How did you know?” she asked in a voice that trembled slightly.

Mike shrugged without taking his eyes off the TV.

“I recognize the symptoms.” He said. “Jennie looks just like that when she’s lost a boyfriend.”

“He wasn’t my boyfriend!” she snapped. “I’d never want him to be my boyfriend! He was a prick!”

“He cheated on you?” he asked.

She looked at the floor and quickly swiped at a tear that had slipped from her eye. She looked as though she was more angry at herself for shedding a tear than she was at him.

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