Melissa Takes Gregory Ch. 1

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My first submission, in two different senses of the word. Comments would be well received at the email address in my profile.

Chapter One: How It Began

I came home from work one Tuesday to find my wife, Melissa, sitting in the center of our living room sofa. Her arms were spread across the back of the sofa, and her head was tilted back, with her long, straight black hair cascading down the sofa’s back. Her eyes were closed.

I kissed her on her forehead and greeted her, “Hi, darling.” She purred softly, but said nothing. I hung up my coat, and came to sit by her side. “How was your day?”

“Mmmm, I don’t want to talk about it,” she complained.

“That rough?”


We’re both attorneys in Washington, and certainly, we’ve both had our share of difficult days at the office, so I completely understood. I comforted her, stroking her right arm gently. “I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to make it better?”

“Hmm. Maybe,” she replied. “Could you get us each a glass of wine?”

“Of course. I’ll be right back.” I went to the kitchen and took down two plain wineglasses. In the fridge was a bottle of a very nice viogny, which I uncorked. I poured two glasses, and returned to the living room. Melissa was sitting up now, with her legs crossed. “Here we are,” I said, handing her a glass of the clear white wine.

“Thanks, Gregory.” She smiled. “Sorry I was so terse when you came in. I really had a rough one today.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No. I want to forget about it! Just a long day.” Melissa sipped her wine. “Can I have a foot massage?”

“Of course. You just sit back and relax.” I sat down on the floor, crossing my legs, and took a sip of my wine. I looked up at my wife.

“She’s so pretty,” I thought to myself. As always, she looked terrific when she got home from work. Melissa was dressed in an eggshell blue wool jacket, with skirt to match, over an ivory blouse. It set off her blue eyes nicely. Ivory stockings and eggshell pumps completed the outfit. Her slim, petite body looked almost dainty for a moment. I removed her shoes and set them aside.

I took her left foot and gently patted the arch. “You poor thing,” I said, as I began to gently Sahabet massage her stockinged foot, just behind her toes. She smiled and sipped her wine, watching me. I moved, very slowly, back towards her heel and spent a minute on every half inch. When I reached her ankle, I massaged it gently before returning to her toes. She purred as I began to gently work the muscles of each little toe. After about ten minutes, Melissa asked me for some more wine. I took a sip from my own glass, replaced it on the carpet, and brought her glass into the kitchen for a refill.

“Feeling a little better?” I asked, and gave her a soft kiss on her lightly painted lips.

“Mmmm, yes,” she cooed, and I resumed my position sitting on the floor. I spent as much time on her right foot as I had on her left, gently but firmly rubbing away tension and bringing relief to her. When I was finished, I lightly kissed her well defined arches and looked up at her.

“How about now? Still better?”

“Yes,” Melissa said. “One more glass of wine?”

“Certainly, darling.” I stood up, kissed her pretty forehead, and took her glass to the kitchen for a third helping.

When I returned, her stockings were by her side on the sofa. “You may resume,” she said with a wicked smile and a touch of slyness to her voice that I hadn’t heard before. I returned her filled glass to her, and sat down once more. I took her now bare right foot in my hand and began to gently stroke her instep. Unlike me, Melissa isn’t ticklish at all, and she just purred softly at the attention.

Very smoothly, she stretched out her left leg and dipped her toes into my wine. She brought her left foot before my face. “Lick,” she said, again with a tone I had not heard before. I gave her an inquisitive look. “Go ahead, lick the wine,” she repeated her instruction, and sipped her wine while she stared into my curious eyes.

Timidly, I took her dainty foot in my hands and brought it to my lips. I parted my lips and brushed some wine off of her big toe with my tongue. I repeated the motion and cleaned the wine off of Melissa’s foot.

No sooner was I finished when she dipped her right foot into my wineglass. “Now suck,” she said, with a voice that was no longer so sly Sahabet Giriş as lightly directive. I opened my mouth a little wider and took her toes in, one by one, gently sucking and swirling my tongue around each. She moaned softly.

“That is so very nice,” my wife said when I finished. “Do you want some more wine?”

“Yes,” I replied softly.

She dipped her left foot into the wineglass and raised it to my face. “Here you go, sweetie,” she said, as I took as much of her tiny foot into my mouth as I could, at this point positively slurping the wine from her toes and the spaces between. In this fashion, we continued until my glass was almost empty. She poked her foot into my groin gently, and for the first time I noticed how aroused I had become.

“Do you want to lick a little higher?” she giggled.

“You know I do, love,” I answered.

“Then please do!” she said, and I began to suck her ankles, kiss her calves, and kiss her knees. I made love to her toned legs with my mouth, face, and hands for five full minutes before she stopped me. “Sweetie,” she said.

I looked up. “What’s that, darling?”

“Look.” She rolled her skirt up slightly and parted her legs. She was naked underneath. I looked at the stockings next to her on the sofa and for the first time noticed her ivory lace panties underneath them.

“Mmmm, that looks good, too,” I said. “Does she want to be kissed?”

“Yes, she does,” Melissa replied, and the devious smile returned.

I knelt, leaned in and tucked my head between her legs. I kissed her thighs and kissed up and down the length of her slit. I kissed the small triangle of black hair just above my wife’s pretty pussy and pressed my lips to it hard for emphasis. “Oh, that feels nice,” Melissa cooed. I began to lick her slit with broad, bold strokes, gently parting her lips with each pass. Soon enough, I had created a wonderful entrance into her private space. I thrust my tongue in, albeit gently, and for a moment felt around inside her. I’ve always loved the feeling of her smooth walls on my tongue. After a moment of this, I began to thrust in and out of her, tongue-fucking my wife’s beautiful pussy. She moaned again, slightly louder this time.

“Sweetie, I Sahabet Güncel Giriş have another idea,” she said, and gently pushed my head away.

“Oh, and that is?” I asked, with a slight grin.

She stood up and crossed the room to one of our armchairs, and took from it a firm, 9-inch square pillow. She placed it on the floor. “Lay down on your back,” she encouraged. Still fully dressed, I did as she asked.

A brief word about our sex life: I love giving oral pleasure. And I love tasting, smelling, seeing, feeling, and sensing my wife’s pretty little womanhood. But Melissa has never been able to reach orgasm this way, although she is pleased and aroused by my efforts. In other words, licking her has always been foreplay, and never the main event. So, I was greatly surprised when Melissa stood over my face, smoothed her skirt, and lowered herself onto my mouth. She lowered her skirt around my head, trapping me without light but with her scent and taste. It felt wonderful. My mouth attacked her pussy with reckless abandon, licking and sucking and kissing and slurping.

And after five minutes of this, I got my second surprise of the night. Melissa began bucking on my face. My mouth struggled to keep up as my wife ground her pussy into my chin, my lips, my tongue, and my nose. I nearly choked on her sweet fluids twice, and I had to try to anticipate her movements in order to breathe. Together, we brought her to a violent orgasm. But she didn’t move. She remained on my face while I licked her gently, tasting every drop of her juices. I love the way my wife tastes. I love it.

After a couple of moments, Melissa rolled off of me and stretched out next to me. “That was SO wonderful, sweetie!” she said. She kissed me on the lips. “Sweetie, your face is all red! Did I do that to you?”

“I think you did, darling,” I said, and blushed. “And now I think I’m redder.”

She laughed and we kissed deeply. She undressed me and we made slow, tender love on the floor.

When we finished, and we finished holding each other, Melissa said, “Sweetie, I want a bath. Would you run one?”

“Of course, darling.” I scooped up her five-foot-one frame and carried her up the stairs. I gently set her on the bathroom floor, and began to run a warm bubble bath.

“I could get used to this, sweetie,” she whispered. “Having my way with you; having you to pleasure me and pamper me.”

“You have me, Melissa,” I whispered in her hear.

To be continued with chapter two…

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