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I remember the first time you spread my legs open wide and pushed that huge rubber dildo into my pussy. You were gentle but firm and the more I squirmed and squealed the more you pushed me, mentally. You knew I had never felt the touch of anything but skin… and maybe a few idle phallic-like objects I had found around the house. Only later did I learn that the dildo was branded with “Bronco”. I still haven’t learned to squeeze that entire thing into me. What a cuntfull.

You had my heart and now you had my body, twisting and thrashing, overwhelmed with fresh pleasure.

I remember the first time you pushed the head of your cock against my asshole. My fingers had probed many times in the past, but I’d never forged beyond. You were careful, and lubed… patient as I tried to relax. You only managed to get the head of your shaft into me that day, but better days were on their way.

And I’ll never forget the day you came home with those rubber-tipped nipple clamps. The cold chain between the clamps caused a chill to run down my spine, making my nipples even harder inside those clamps. You screwed the clamps tighter than I thought I could tuzla escort handle and told me to relax and trust you. The pain did eventually turn to pleasure… until they were removed. I’ll never forget that throbbing either – not that it meant the end of fun times with those.

It makes me wet to recall the night you snuggled up behind me, spooning my body. I was used to feeling your cock press against my ass, but instead you surprised me. Rolling me over onto my stomach and demanding that I spread the cheeks of my ass open, you pushed a butt plug into my asshole. I played along, sleeping in it several nights, learning to accept it and enjoy it, knowing it was stretching me just wide enough to accept your cock. I still sleep in it some nights, though putting it in me isn’t easy… or as fun.

You took Polaroid pictures of me one afternoon, if my memory serves me correctly, too. Where are those pictures? I remember your jaw dropping when you realized I was able to suck on my own nipples. I must have sucked on them for hours that day. They were sore the next day… and so was your cock and right hand. Over pendik escort and over again you stroked your shaft, shooting your hot loads of sperm across my long nipples. That got both of us going.

Remember going around town and looking for swingers magazines, wondering if we’d ever be brave enough to follow through? We weren’t. At the time, it was me. I wasn’t brave enough. Now? Well you seem all settled down.

I do remember the time we weren’t dating, but had decided to just be friends. I was dating that redhead girl, Libby. She was quite a bundle of energy. Her face was buried in my twat through our entire relationship, I think. If I could learn to suck cock the way I learned to shove my tongue inside her deep holes, I’d keep a man thrilled for years. We thought we’d tease you a little that weekend we had all gone away together. You came back to the hotel room to find Libby and me naked and in the middle of some compromising positions. You weren’t quite as bold in reality as you were in fantasy. You actually left and gave us privacy. We never did orgasm that day; we were so baffled and distracted maltepe escort by your reaction.

I laugh at the times we fucked at your place. You had so many roommates and so little privacy. I thought the house was big enough for three guys to share, but with everyone having girlfriends and other friends at the house all the time, there was never a dull minute. Each time we’d fuck, we’d make a production of it – or rather, we’d just not worry bout the taunting people outside the locked bedroom door. After hours on my hands and knees and you fucking my brains out, we’d leave the room and be welcomed with rounds of applause and Olympic-like ratings.

There was the time that the museum security ran us off on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Spread out on a blanket, you were painting and I was napping while half-ass reading through the latest Cosmo. I moved over to you and laid my head on your lap and the next thing I knew you had your fingers twined in my hair and your dick whipped out. The second I took a breath to protest, your dick was shoved to the back of my throat. The more I gasped and gagged that day, the deeper you humped my face. As the security cameras caught our philandering, they asked us to leave. Only after you were satisfied with the amount of cum you had shot into my mouth while they watched were you content to let me breathe again.

Mmm…. So many memories of your hot cock, and my hot curves. I miss you, wherever you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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