Metamorphosis Ch. 01: The Glistening Tip

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The following is a true story although the names have been changed. If you don’t like the idea of cheating girlfriends/wives, please don’t read on. This is my first story, and I thought it would be best narrating something that I experienced and keep thinking about.


Mark is the sort of boyfriend everybody wished they’ve had, until they realised that they’ve had enough of him. And, like most of his former girlfriends, I was starting to have had enough. Well, my case was a little different. I didn’t actually hate anything about him. In fact, I loved most things about him. What I couldn’t stand was his choice of company; whether it was that skank, Tina, who was constantly trying to get a hand down his pants, or his obnoxious ex-roommate, Jim, who was always trying to get his hands down mine.

The problem was that I loved mark too much and couldn’t tell him to stop hanging out with very same people he grew up with. And the more I loathed them, the more they seemed to get close to me. In the last 4 years that I’ve been dating Mark, there must’ve been no more than 2 days in a row that I didn’t have to see Jim. Jim practically lived in our house, emptying our fridge or hogging the couch. Then, one day, I reached the end of my fuse.

After a gruelling day at work, all I wanted to do was get into my bath with a full glass of red wine and leave the day behind. But the moment I entered the apartment, I knew from the mess that Jim was around. What I saw as I walked into our room was enough to make me yelp in shock. There was Jim, standing buck naked on the other side of the bed right in front of the dressing table, staring at his crotch in the mirror. His right hand was a blur as he continued pleasuring himself, unaware of my presence.

I was about to turn away and call Mark to complain about this freakshow when I suddenly noticed something very familiar. Wrapped around his bulge was what looked a lot like my favourite pair of underwear. Losing control of my anger, I finally spoke up.

“You asshole! What the fuck?!”

“I…I…I…” Bostancı Escort he stuttered, now frozen, his hand still holding the panties against his crotch while he stared blankly at me.

“What’s wrong with you? Those are MY fucking things!” I shouted, still unable to believe what was happening as I involuntarily walked into the room.

“I was…just…uh…please don’t tell Mark” he begged, now turning to face me.

“Tell Mark? I’ll freaking kill you myself, you fucking bastard”. All that rage was starting to make me feel light headed. Not wanting to let him think I was letting him off, I sat down on in front of the bed, facing him. Even though I was sitting down, my being dressed while Jim stood there naked, made him feel vulnerable and intimidated.

“Look, Jessica, I didn’t mean to…” he stammered, taking a step back from me.

“Didn’t mean to go through my stuff? Didn’t mean to play with my panties?” I cut him off. “Give them back to me”

“What…I…” he was now in even more shock, not sure what to do.

“Give me back my fucking underwear, Jim!” I repeated, this time firmly enough for him to comply. As he reluctantly pulled the pantied away from his crotch, I finally saw what he’d been stroking. Popping out of his shaved crotch was what still is possibly the smallest penis I have ever seen. It was no more than the length of my index finger, and not very fat either.

Grabbing my panties from his hand, I held them open with both my hands, immediately noticing the unmistakable spot of precum. Standing barely a foot away from me, his little cock was still at full mast, staring up at the ceiling, the little glistening pink head half sheathed by the taut foreskin. My rage was now being taken over by a sense of naughtiness. I finally had the chance to humiliate him, and I was going to do just that.

“Let me guess, you’re a virgin?” I looked up into his eyes, intimidating him further.

“No, I’ve…” he replied, swallowing hard.

“Don’t lie to me! You think Mark doesn’t tell me anything?” Ümraniye Escort

“I mean I’ve done stuff…”

“You mean like that time at Andrew’s bachelor party when you came in your pants from a lap dance?” I continued taunting him. “Oh yeah, Mark tells me every-thing”.

Jim looked like he was about to cry, almost defeated. “Look I just want to go. I promise I’ll never…”

“Never what? Jerk off? Sniff other people’s panties? Jerk off in their houses? I snapped, the rage slowly coming back.


“No! You’re going to finish what you started. Or I’m just gonna tell Mark there’s an emergency” I said, smiling at him as I watching him realised what he was supposed to do.

Probably wanting to put all this behind him as soon as possible, his hand hesitantly went back to his crotch. As he picked up pace, I leaned forward to get a closer look, only to realise that my face was now inches away from the tip of his cock. I was so close, I could not only hear the wetness that coated his cock head, I could even get the distinct smell of his precum.

I watched intently as he held the head of his cock between his thumb and index finger, sliding the foreskin to the tip before peeling it back down against the head. A thick bead of precum could be seen oozing out of the slit.

“Stop!” I ordered, my eyes still firmly fixed onto his cock. “Squeeze it”, I said and he followed my instruction once again, pressing down firmly on the head. The sight of that blob of precum as spectacular. The way it made its way to the ground, leaving behind a silky string. I fought the temptation to lean in and lick it. “Take your hands of your cock and keep them on your sides”.

Jim was now standing there like an obedient soldier. Using my feet, I pushed between his ankles and spread his legs wider. He was now standing with his legs on either sides of my knees. As I stared at his cock, I watched it twitch in anticipation of what was to come next, something only I knew.

“Did you like playing with my panties? Ataşehir Escort Did enjoy the feel of the satin rubbing against your sensitive cock?” I asked teasingly, cutting him off before he could answer. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Me, so close to your cock…” I leaned in even further, my mouth barely an inch away from his cock head which could probably feel my breath on it. “…inches away from my wet mouth”. I stick out my tongue which was now so close that if he even flinched, it would come in contact with the tip. “Can you picture how nice it would be if you could coat my tongue with all that thick cum of yours?”

Jim looked like he was going to have a seizure. Not only was he so turned on, he was also scared of moving, lest it look like he was trying to get me to lick him. I could tell he was about to come, judging from how high his large nuts were. More precum oozed from his swollen cock, dripping in delicious strings.

Like a lioness, I had caught my prey, taunted it, and now I was going in for the kill. I was determined to make him blow his load with nothing but my words. Nonetheless, there is nothing like a little contact-less teasing to make this even more fun.

“For a sleezeball, you smell surprisingly nice”, I commented, leaning and taking a deep sniff along the length his cock. My mouth now millimetres away from his nut sack, I continued, “I only hope you taste as good”, my breath now making his nuts tingle. With that he grunted, his hips now buckling, signalling the inevitable.

I moved back in time as rope after rope of thick, milky white semen shot out of his little cock, landing on my chin, neck and even between my cleavage. Unaided, his cock twitched as it continued to dispense a few more shot of cum, this time landing on my thighs. When it was finally over, the little thing started its slow descent to its original state, a string of cum still hanging off the tip.

Pushing him away from me, I stood up, our eyes now at level once again. I reached out with a hand and tightly grabbed the now limp cock, feeling the wetness coating my fingers. “I’m going to go get changed. And when I’m back, I want to see you on the bed on all fours, your head on the bed and your ass facing the sky.” With that, I let go of his cock and sniffed my hand as I walked away.

To be continued.

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