Mia in Tokyo Pt. 02

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Mia double checked the documents in the folder she was carrying before knocking quietly on the hotel room door. Her boss, Mr. Tanaka had worked for weeks to get Mr. Zhao to agree to let their factories handle manufacturing his company’s new line of products.

After negotiations lasting all night, they had finally came to an agreement and signed the contract just a few hours ago. Given the long talks, Mr. Zhao’s concentration must have waned as he forgot to take the newly signed documents with him when he left the office. With Mr. Zhao flying back to Hong Kong tomorrow, and everyone busy at the office with finalizing details, Mia was called on to deliver the confidential documents to him.

She had met Mr. Zhao a few times over the past week. Usually accompanying her boss and Mr. Zhao for a late supper, she found he was a pleasant man. Very confident and unyielding when it came to work matters, but he was unfailingly considerate to her.

Though a full minute had passed, no one had answered the door. Mia knew from Mr. Zhao’s secretary he had no plans for the rest of the day, so he should be resting in his room. She knocked on the door again, the knock echoing through the room on the other side.

After 30 seconds, the door opened just a crack and she could see Mr. Zhao cautiously peeking at her. Though the opening was only an inch wide, she could see his eyes open in surprise when he identified her.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Zhao. I’m sorry to bother you, but you seemed to have left your copy of the agreement at the office. I’ve come to return it to you.”

Mr. Zhao cleared his throat. “Oh! I see. Thank you!” He opened the door slightly wider and stuck his hand through so she could hand off the documents.

Mia glanced at his hand and shook her head. “I’m sorry, but there is something Mr. Tanaka wanted me to confirm with you.”

“And that is…?” he asked though the 2 inch gap.

“I’m sorry, sir. As you know, this agreement is highly confidential.” She looked both ways down the seemingly endless corridor. “Discussing anything of a sensitive nature in this environment would be highly imprudent.”

He glanced back at the room hidden behind him, as though he was hiding someone from her. “Can you come back later. I’m not really fit to receive guests at the moment.”

“I really can’t, sir.” She didn’t have all day to waste on delivering Mr. Tanaka’s contract.

He looked back at her, his eyes pleading. “Just 30 minutes. Please?”

Mia was quickly loosing her patience. “It will only take a minute. I have another appointment I need to keep.”

“But…” he was cut off when Mia suddenly pushed at the door, sending him stumbling backwards into the richly carpeted entryway.

Taking a few steps into the room, Mia turned back towards Mr. Zhao. She could now see why he was so reluctant to open the door. His usual smart business suit was gone and replaced with a white hotel robe. Using the excuse of closing the door, he turned away from her. He tugged at the fabric of his robe, unknowingly pulling it taut across his backside and revealing that he wasn’t wearing anything under it.

“I really am sorry to barge in like this, Mr. Zhao, but this matter will only take a minute.” She looked around the suite, noticing a comfortable looking sitting area. “I’ll wait over there if you want to put on something else.”

Before he could respond, she was walking towards the sofa.

“No!” He shouted, running after her. Her head turned upon hearing his voice, and she saw exactly what he was desperate for her not to see. The TV.

After the endless hours of negotiations, Mr. Zhao had looked for something to relieve his stress, and he found it by watching an erotic film. Though he had muted the volume, Mia didn’t need sound to figure out exactly what was going on.

Mr. Zhao rushed to stand in front of the TV, spreading his arms to cover as much of it as he could. Unfortunately for him, it was a 50 inch screen and his attempts were futile. His efforts to block the screen had another consequence he didn’t foresee, it caused the folds of his robe to open enough for his cock, at full mast, to nudge its way into view.

“Please don’t look.” Mr. Zhao pleaded with her, still unaware he was exposing himself to her.

“You should be worried about covering yourself up, not the screen.” He looked down and immediately dropped his hands to cover his crotch. Mia walked up to him and gently pushed him to the side. She was a little surprised to see the full scene playing out on the TV.

Mr. Zhao seemed defeated, she was aware of everything now, there was no use in trying to hide anything from her. Mia turned to him.

“Is this what turns you on?” She pointed to the screen. He nodded silently and turned his head away from her in shame.

The film showed a white woman, eerily similar in looks to herself, abusing an Asian man. Fully dressed in a provocative secretary outfit, she was using her high heels to prod at the man as he lay nearly naked on the floor. Rize Escort

“She looks a bit too much like me for this to be a coincidence.” Mr. Zhao remained silent, now looking at the floor. “Did you imagine that was me? That I was doing that stuff to you?” After a moment, he nodded once.

Mia advanced towards him slowly, “You came back to your hotel after we met to watch movies like this and think about me while you pleasured yourself?” Mr. Zhao didn’t bother to answer her anymore, his guilt was clear.

“You imagined me abusing and controlling you? Did the thought make you cum? How many times have you masturbated thinking of me?” His face was flushed as he stood in front of her, protectively cupping his groin.

Mia ran her hand down the soft lapel of his robe before wrapping her hand in the fabric. “Take this off. I want to see what you do when you’re fantasizing about me.” She retreated a few steps, allowing him room to take off his robe.

His hands shook as they untied the knotted belt. He hesitated briefly before opening the front of the robe and allowing it to slip from his shoulders. He stood before her, completely bare, his hands clasped over his groin to shield himself from her view.

Mr. Zhao was just over fifty years old, and like most middle aged married men, had begun to pack on some weight. Though not fat, he was decidedly barrel chested, a sturdy build that Mia liked. His short, black hair had begun to thin, and she could see the beginnings of a bald spot on his crown. As he hung his head down, his round glasses began to slip down his nose and with no spare hand to push them back, their position caused him to resembled a school teacher.

Mia walked to the couch and sat down, her already short dress sliding up even further, exposing her upper thighs. “Come over here.” Mr. Zhao no longer tried to fight her requests and he cautiously made his way to stand in front of her.

“Move your hands. Show me what happens when you think about having sex with me.” He took a deep breath and moved his hands to his side, fully exposing himself to her.

His cock was at her eye level, rising proudly from its thick patch of dark hair. The shaft was much darker than the rest of his skin, stretching 6 inches towards her. As she inspected it, it involuntarily jerked and swayed, growing longer and curving upwards towards his belly.

Mia looked up and met his downcast eyes. “You like it when I’m telling you what to do, don’t you?” He nodded. “You like when I’m in control.” Mia shifted, deliberately letting her skirt ride up, exposing the lace tops of her stockings. She could see his eyes widen as the hem stopped just short of exposing her panties.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes.” His voice was hoarse.

“Do you want to see more?”

“Yes.” His cock jerked as the thought crossed his mind.

“Well, if you want to see more, you’ll have to earn it.”

“How do I earn it? What do you want me to do?”

“Firstly, you’ll call me Miss.”

“Yes, Miss.” He gave he his full attention, determined to earn his reward.

“And now I want you to wrap your hand around your cock. Show me how you were pleasuring yourself earlier.”

Mr. Zhao followed her command, his hand closing around his erection. Slowly, his hand began to move up and down his cock, the foreskin covering then revealing his glans. He reached below his cock with his other hand, rolling his balls against eachother.

Mia rewarded him by inching her skirt up further, the fabric lifting to reveal her black thong which barely covered her essential bits. He groaned and his hand moved faster.

“Do you like me watching you masturbate?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“Soon, Miss.” He squeezed his balls.

“No. You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” She spotted the tie he had left on the sofa when he had undressed earlier. She reached for the red silk strip, running it through her fingers as an idea formed. “Come here.”

When he was within arm’s reach, she reached out to stop him masturbating. Carefully, she began to wrap the tie around each of his wrists and then around his cock, with a snug loop around his sac as well. When she was finished he looked like a present, ready to be unwrapped. His hands were tied close to, but unable to jerk his cock off. The silk fabric wound around the base of his erection, keeping it hard, and around his balls, making it difficult for him to cum.

“That should keep you from cumming without my permission. Now, kneel down.” Mr. Zhao carefully dropped to the floor, kneeling between her parted legs. “I want you to lick my pussy as I watch your movie.”

“Yes, Miss.” He eagerly dove between her legs. Even through the fabric of her thong, she could feel the strength of his tongue as he explored her.

Mia looked beyond the dark haired head between her legs and tried to focus on the TV, but Mr. Zhao wasn’t making it easy for her. Her panties soon became soaked with his saliva and her juice. Rize Escort Bayan The blond secretary on the screen definitely resembled her, the haircut was nearly identical, as was her build. Her attention was broken again when Mr. Zhao’s tongue found its way under her panties and touched her bare flesh.

She was starting to have trouble catching her breath and he nuzzled her pussy, pushing her panties to the side however he could. She needed to distract him. “What do you like most about the actress?”

He stopped for a second. “I like her breasts. They’re big, like yours.”

“Do you want to see mine?” She asked.

Mr. Zhao lifted his head immediately, his mouth and nose glistening with her juice. “Please. Please let me see them.” Mia reached behind her back and under her shirt, quickly unhooking her bra. Mr. Zhao watched fascinated as in a series of quick movements she took off her bra and pulled it from under her shirt.

“I’ve always wondered how women can do that.” He whispered, more to himself than to her. Mia pulled her shirt off and let him look at her topless. His mouth dropped open slightly when he got his first look at her D cup breasts. Mia reached for the cell phone in her pocket.

The shutter sound of her camera broke Mr. Zhao’s trance. An expression of horror raced across his face as he realized the situation he was caught in. His hands were bound to his erect cock, and to his shame he noticed it was leaking a stream of precum. She flipped the phone to show him the picture. She had framed it so he was between her open legs, and the flash lit up the string of precum dripping to the floor from his cock.

“No! Please, no! No pictures, please!” He begged her. He tried to stand, but his balance was unsteady. Any time he tried to move his hands to adjust his balance, the silk tie tightened around his aching shaft.

“I couldn’t help myself. You looked so sexy between my thighs.” She helped him to stand. “OK. No more pictures, but we have to make a deal. Come with me.” She grabbed his erection and used it to pull him in the direction of the bedroom, he had no choice but to follow.

A white satin comforter covered the king sized bed, a mound of pillows of all shapes and sizes extended half way to the foot of it. Mia quickly stripped off her skirt and panties and sat down on the end of the bed, spreading her legs so Mr. Zhao could see everything.

“Do you want to fuck me, Mr. Zhao?”

“Oh God, yes!” he couldn’t get the words out fast enough.

Mia beckoned him with her finger. “I’ll untie you then.” She quickly unwrapped the silk tie from his cock and hands, letting the red fabric flutter to the carpet. The moment his cock was freed, it slapped up against his stomach.

He stood still after she finished, clearly unsure what to do next. Wrapping her fingers around his cock, she pulled him closer to her opening, stopping just as his tip touched her damp entrance.

“Tell me what you want to do to me. I won’t let you fuck me unless you tell me.” She slid his tip up and down her slit. The sensation of her hard clit rubbing against his sensitive flesh made his cock jerk in her hand.

“I want to fuck you. I want to bury myself deep inside you, so deep I can’t reach any further. I want you to feel pleasure as I move inside you, slowly at first, then faster until you cum.” His voice was unsteady and he seemed to have trouble catching his breath as she squeezed his cock slightly.

“I want to film as you enter my pussy.” She stoked his cock, distracting him. “It’s just for me. Is that OK?” He nodded, she doubted he had any idea what he had just agreed to. She grabbed her phone with her free hand and hit record. She got the perfect angle, clearly showing his cock lined up with her entrance, she even managed to pan up to show his face, pained with pleasure.

“I have a deal for you, Mr. Zhao.”

“A deal?” Sweat had broken out on his forehead, dampening the hair at his temples.

She shifted her hips so his cock just barely slipped inside her. “A good deal. Don’t you want to hear it? You aren’t allowed to move until you agree.”

His struggle to retain control was clear. She could see his knuckles turn white as he clenched his fists, trying anything to distract him from the feeling of her around him, and the impulse to thrust into her completely. “Please tell me, Miss. I’ll listen.”

Mia sat up and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him close enough to her so she could whisper in his ear. He shivered at the first touch of her breath on his damp neck. “If you please me, I’ll delete all the pictures of us together. But, if you don’t…” She trailed off.

“What happens if I don’t please you?”

Mia’s fingers found one of his nipples and flicked it, the pain mixed with pleasure making him contract his stomach, hunching over slightly. “If you fail to make me orgasm, I will show the pictures to your wife.”

At the mention of his wife, Mr. Zhao pulled back in shock. “My wife?! But..but…I didn’t tell Escort Rize you I was married.”

Mia continued to play with his sensitive nipples, they hardened to points under her care. “Mr. Zhao, the company likes to know who they do business with. Knowing you are married is basic information.” Laying back on the bed, she shifted her hips, allowing him to slide a full inch into her moist pussy.

“Now, do you want to take up my challenge? I think I’ve given you sufficient motivation to make sure I orgasm. Are you confident? Or do you want to take the coward’s way out and end this by pulling out of my tight pussy right now?” Mia’s hips moved side to side, the cock that was barely inside her following her movements.

Mr. Zhao slid a hand down his face, wiping away the sweat and looked at her spread out before him. Naked, except for stockings, Mia was ready for him. Though his dick only barely penetrated her, he could feel her moist heat beckoning him. Her breasts, full and soft, called to him with their light pink hardened nipples.

She could see the struggle on his face, but she knew when he made his decision. Slowly she felt him push further inside her, tunnelling deeper into her warmth.

“I will make you cum.” He declared confidently as he sunk his erection into her.

His thrusts started off slowly, but he quickly picked up his pace as her moist pussy adjusted to him. He kneaded her full breasts in perfect time with his thrusts, the combined stimulation driving her wild.

After only a few minutes, Mr. Zhao wasn’t content with merely kneeling between her thighs. Coaxing her onto her side, Mr. Zhao swung one leg over hers, straddling it while pulling the other up to rest against his shoulder.

The position left her open to him, allowing him to thrust deeper and deeper inside her while gripping onto her leg to keep her from being pushed back under his assault. Mia struggled as he provided more stimulation to her already overloaded senses when he began kissing her leg. He found a spot just behind her knee that when he kissed it, sent jolts of pleasure though her body. Thrilled with his discovery, he lavished attention on the spot, each jolt of pleasure in her body caused her to unconsciously tighten around his cock.

Mia’s moans filled the room, but still Mr. Zhao wasn’t done. Letting her leg go, he helped her onto her stomach before parting her legs so he could fit between them.

Inspiration struck him as he saw the mass of pillows at the head of the bed. Though their activity had scattered some of them to the floor, a few remained in place. Reaching for one, Mr. Zhao simultaneously lifted Mia’s hips. Sliding it between her and the bed, he had managed to lift her hips up several inches.

Slipping his cock back into her, there was an instant change in sensation. His cock entered her at the perfect angle to brush against her g-spot with each stroke. Hooking his hands around her hips, he pulled her back against him, fusing their bodies together with each thrust.

It was too much for Mia. Her body began to shake as his constant assault on her senses brought her to orgasm. Her nails dug into the bedding as a rush of pleasure surged through her body.

Though he felt her pussy spasm around him in orgasm, Mr. Zhao didn’t slow his rhythm, he increased it. Forcing his way into her even tighter pussy, his cock massaged by the clenching muscles that surrounded its hard length.

His breathing grew laboured as his pace quickened. Mia’s body shook with the power of his thrusts, her fingers digging into the bedsheets to keep from moving as he brought her to another orgasm.

The feeling of her cumming around him a second time was too much for Mr. Zhao. He pulled her hips flush against his and sunk his aching cock deeply into her accepting pussy. With a groan, his body rushed to fill her with his seed.

Mia could feel each pulse of cum that he let loose inside of her. His hips jerked against hers, her bottom providing some cushioning as he crushed his groin against hers repeatedly. His fingers dug into her hips with bruising strength to lock her in place against him while he filled her with his cum.

Finally, as his strength left him, Mr. Zhao’s body collapsed on top of her. The heat from his body hot against her back as he continued to pour his hot cum inside her. As the final pulses of pleasure coursed through his body, his muscles spasmed and his hips flexed to drive his cock deeper into her as he released his load.

It took a few minutes until she could feel his breathing return to normal. His cock was softening inside of her body, slowly shrinking back from the moist tunnel it had stretched and molded to fit it. As it retreated, she could feel the first trickle of cum leaving her pussy and make its way down over her clit and eventually drip onto the pristine white sheets.

“Mr Zhao?” She caught his attention.

“Yes, Miss?”

“You’re crushing me.” With a stream of apologies, he rushed to shift his weight onto his arms and cautiously pushed himself off of her body. For the first time in minutes she could take a full, deep breath. The more air she breathed in, the more her body shifted and the more cum began to slip out of her. Soon a milky white pool formed between her legs.

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