Mia’s Transformation

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Mia walked down her school hallway with a spring in her step. This was her college, and she was not only the Cheer Captain, but also a straight-A student with all honors classes, and had a good shot at being valedictorian upon her graduation. She was a nineteen year old blonde with green eyes, pouty pink lips, tan skin, and a button nose. Life for her was good, simple. She worked hard on her school work, had cheer practice three days a week, and attended yoga classes every thursday morning. On the outside, she was a perfect model citizen…but she lived a double life.

Every friday night after her last class, she would pack a suitcase and ride the subway from her campus to the city. Instead of her usual jeans, she wore a too-short tennis skirt that exposed her entire plump, muscular ass when she bent down. Instead of her everyday sweaters, she wore a tight strappy bralette that pushed up her C cup breasts, with the occasional pale pink nip-slip. Instead of a pair of Vans or Converse, she wore six inch stilettos that showed off her long, slender, toned legs and dainty size 6 feet. The blonde went through a head-to-toe makeover that caused every man (and woman) in the city to lust after her.

Working long hours at school caused Mia to build up a lot of tension that simply had to be released, or she would go mad. So for two days a week, she threw out her respectable reputation and became a sex-crazed slut. Sometimes she would blow strangers in the glory holes of run down gas station bathrooms for fun, sometimes she would work as a high-class prostitute to pay for her tuition. The point was: for 48 hours every week, she let go of all reservations and fucked every man and woman she could get her hands on.

This particular weekend, she was changing clothes in the bathroom of the subway after finishing the long ride from her university to the city. She slipped off pink cotton GAP full-coverage panties, and put on a lace red Victoria’s Secret thong with a little black bow in the front. She threw off her bra and put on her tight top. She was ready. After she had all her belongings stashed in her duffle bag, she dropped it off at the hotel she was staying at and left for a night on the town. Merely in anticipation of the fun she would have, her pussy dripped delicious juices in her panties before she even made it into her cab. “Where to?” The driver asked. Mia, thinking idly about sucking him off right there in the yellow car, gave him the name of the club she planned on looking for partners in. “Okay, ma’am.” The driver said, and the cab sped off.

The car arrived in front of the nightclub, but to Mia’s dismay, the neon sign in the front read “closed for renovations”. She stepped out of the cab anyway, the driver taking a sneak peek at her ass on her way out. She walked down the street, hoping to find something to do and somebody to fuck. Surely there must be another club or a bar or something close by. As soon as Mia was out of sight, the cab driver whipped out his four-inch dick and rubbed it furiously until he came all over the steering wheel of his cab. He drove off, leaving Mia wandering around town, hopelessly horny.

The whole street was deserted! Mia was extremely annoyed that she got out of the cab. She should have had the driver take her to a different club! She could have had sex with him in the car to pay for her cab fare! She doubted that the fat little man could have satisfied her, but it could have been a little bit fun. It at least would have been something! With nobody in sight, Mia sat down in an alleyway, pulled down her panties, and began to masturbate in order to relieve some of the tension in her lower abdomen. Her pussy was so wet from going the week without sexual activity of any kind that she left a puddle on the concrete where she was playing with herself. Somewhere down the alleyway, she heard a person approaching.

“Finally!” She thought to herself. She kicked off her soaked thong and got up, walking toward the stranger. A brilliant actress, she made up a quick story and conjured up some fake tears. “Please!” She cried towards the figure approaching her. “Help me! I was mugged! Some guy pulled me into the alley, fucked my ass, then left me for dead!” She yelled, putting on a performance that she hoped would get her fucked.

But the stranger was not amused. As they approached, Mia realized that the person wasn’t a man, but a woman! “Oh, well.” She thought. “She might eat me out, or at least play with my breasts!” As the woman got closer, Mia could make out enormous breasts that sagged all the way down to her crotch, wide hips, and long legs. She was wearing a black cloak that reached the floor, and nothing else. Escort Bayan Her entire front side was exposed. Mia could see the woman’s grapefruit-sized brown nipples and hairy pussy. The sight was very erotic for Mia, and her already dripping pussy became even more wet. Her juices were leaking from her vagina all the way down her legs to her calves. She was ready to be fisted!

The strange busty woman glared at Mia. In a booming voice, she roared “How DARE you lie to the Goddess Karina, you slut!” Mia was shocked. “I’ll teach you to respect me!” The woman continued, raising her hands into the air and shouting something in a foreign language. Mia screamed and tried to run, but she slipped and fell in the slippery puddle of her own vaginal juices. The goddess continued to walk toward the college student, chanting. Mia felt a weird bubbling coming from her lower belly and inner vagina. The feeling was not unpleasant, and Mia arched her back and moaned loudly in pleasure.

Mia also felt something in her breasts, like somebody had poured a fizzy soda into them. They began to expand! Mia was shocked, watching her tits go from their typical C cup to a D cup, then increasing in speed to a DD cup, tearing open her bralette. Mia hated that she was enjoying the feeling of her boobs growing to enormous size. She screamed out in ecstasy and grabbed her rapidly expanding tits. The transformation kept going until her boobs were the size of watermelons, and her petal pink nipples the size of her palms, with white milk leaking out of each one. Mia was left panting on the concrete, recovering from the sensation, and squeezing her new breasts. What would the girls at school say? She’d have to tell everybody that she had a boob job, or they’d all call her crazy! And she’d probably have to quit the cheer squad-there was no way she’d be able to jump around and do flips with two giant weights on her chest holding her down.

The Goddess Karina smiled, impressed with her handiwork, but not yet finished. The bitch began to chant a new spell! Mia was immediately hit with the feeling that her clit was being stimulated. She leaned her head back and moaned. The pressure in her belly began to build, and a three inch tube shaped lump appeared on her stomach. It was growing! The lump got thicker and continued to reach up. Soon it was four inches long, then five inches, then eight, then eleven! It kept going until it reached all the way up between her watermelon tits at a whopping fifteen inches. Mia sat up, pulled her breasts apart, and looked down at her stomach to get a good look at what was happening to her. The tube shape began to move down, and Mia felt something hard pushing out of her pussy. It was the head of a cock! The thing was five inches thick, and so far it was sticking two inches out of her fuck hole!

“Oh my God!” She shouted, both furious at the Goddess and turned on by the sight of her growing a penis from out of her pussy. The cock kept moving out, until a fifteen inch penis hung between her legs. Mia stood up. It was enormous! Extremely horny, blood started to pump into the thing, making it hard. It began to grow even more and point upward, over Mia’s short skirt. It felt amazing. Soon, the monster cock reached below just below her chin, so she could suck the tip of it just by looking down. Unable to resist the urge, she took the huge head into her hot wet mouth and bobbed her head up and down. The feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before…it was amazing!

“That’ll teach her not to lie!” The Goddess cackled. Finally happy with her punishment, she laughed and disappeared into thin air, leaving her black cloak crumpled on the ground. Mia, too distracted by her new growths to notice Karina, briefly took her penis out of her mouth and examined her body. Standing, her breasts were perky despite their size. She finally noticed her new balls! They were as big as two oranges, and firm. Mia could tell that they were full of potent semen, and she wondered if she was able to get a woman pregnant in her new form. She shifted her attention to her throbbing cock again, and took it back into her mouth, taking it as deep as she possibly could. It was her first time sucking her own dick, and it was way better than just flicking her clit as a woman.

After a minute and a half, Mia sped up her bobbing and felt her balls tighten. Before she knew what was happening, the cock erupted cum like a volcano. The thick white sticky liquid had filled Mia’s mouth in a second, and she was forced to remove her cock from it. The thing kept spewing it’s seed, Mia enjoying pleasure like she’d never felt before and wondering when her orgasm would end. She moaned Bayan Escort loudly, throwing her head back as buckets of semen left the tip of her cock and showered her. Finally, one last string of cum left her balls, leaving Mia soaked from head to toe in the stuff.

Her cock slowly began to soften, and completely unerect it hung down between Mia’s knees. There was no way her skirt would cover it, and her new boobs would never fit back in her shredded bralette. Mia needed to find some clothes, fast. But how? The street she was on was completely abandoned. Then, she remembered the Goddess. Her cloak was left in a pile on the concrete! Mia ran over, her cock swinging and her boobs bouncing. Mia picked up the cloak and wrapped herself in it. If she held it shut, it completely covered her new parts.

Mia walked out of the alley way, her cum covered heels clicking on the ground. She walked up the street for what felt like forever until she reached the more populated part of the city. Cars packed the street, and people walked up and down the sidewalks. One particular woman caught Mia’s eye: she was a short brunette with a fat ass, long skinny legs, perky A cup breasts, and beautiful blue eyes. Mia felt a twinge in her balls, and felt her cock begin to throb and point upwards. Desperate to hide her erection, she adjusted its position so that it was snugly positioned between her gorgeous tits. In their full glory, Mia felt like her balls were going to burst if she didn’t fuck the short brunette soon.

Mia adjusted her pace so that she was walking fast, her barely-covered tits bouncing up and down as she did. Before long, she was right behind the object of her desires. The young woman looked about Mia’s age, maybe a couple years older. She tapped the girl’s shoulder. When she turned around, Mia smiled. “Hi, I hate to ask this of you, but my clothes got all…wet, and I really need to change. I can’t be wandering around the city like this! Could you help me out?” She asked innocently, hiding her boner between her boobs. “Sure, it’s probably stupid of me to trust you like this, but you seem nice. My apartment is just around the corner, why don’t you come on up and I’ll find something for you to wear. I’m Allison, by the way.” The girl said sweetly.

Mia felt like she had hit the jackpot! In a few minutes, she could have her cock jammed up the little bitch’s cunt, finally enjoying the sweet release of intercourse. She’d been waiting for this since she went back to school last week! Of course, she never imagined that the next time she’d had sex, she’d do it with a monster cock, but the thought was exciting. Even though she had came only twenty minutes ago, she was ready to have a real fuck session already. Her balls seemed swollen and heavy, and they needed release.

Allison’s apartment was very close. After a very tense elevator ride, the two women walked into the small one bedroom place. “Why don’t you wait in the kitchen?” The brunette asked. “I’ll grab something for you from my closet. I hope I have a top that’ll fit over your…you know…” She looked down at the fabric stretched over Mia’s new boobs, embarrassed.

“My milk jugs,” The blonde finished Allison’s sentence.

“Yeah.” She giggled. “You’re quite a bit bigger than I am.” With that, she left into her bedroom.

Once the other girl was out of sight, Mia dropped her cloak, leaving her completely naked. She smiled in anticipation and walked into Allison’s bedroom. The brunette was rummaging around in her closet until she heard the shemale approaching. Allison turned around, holding up an oversized hoodie. Her jaw dropped as she took in the magnificent sight infront of her. An enormous hard cock reaching up between the biggest boobs she’d ever seen…the blonde girl grinning erotically at her…she couldn’t help but become a little aroused at the sight. “No!” She told herself. “You can’t let yourself be turned on by this…this…monster!” Even though her mind said no, her body said yes. Finally, she found her words and looked at the sex beast in front of her. “W-what are you doing?” She stuttered, trying to conceal the desire in her voice.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Mia said confidently. With one hand, she reached up to one of her swollen breasts and lightly squeezed the nipple. White liquid immediately shot out, landing on Allison’s face. “Drink.” Mia ordered. Horny and in no place to argue, the brunette walked up to the hermaphrodite and took her left nipple in her mouth. She suckled on it like a newborn calf, drinking up the sweet milk. It tasted sweeter than ordinary cow’s milk, it was delicious. Allison loved it, and moved to the other breast to drink Escort more. Mia was enjoying it as well. “Stop.” The shemale instructed. “Now my cock.”

Yes, her cock! That was the main attraction, that was what Allison was really interested in. It was the biggest one she had ever seen! It looked absolutely delicious, and she wanted nothing more than to suck it like a lollipop. Allison didn’t even need to get on her knees to suck it like she normally did. She even had to stand on her toes to get the thing in between her lips. She had to open her mouth as wide as she could to get it in. She sucked up Mia’s precum and stroked the rest of her dick with her hands. Allison loved the taste. It was musky, sweet, and salty all at once. She wanted more. She needed more.

“Now undress!” Mia shouted. Allison obediently took her mouth off of the amazing cock and took her top off, exposing her cute little blue bra. She slowly eased off her tight jeans, then wiggled off her panties, and unclipped her bra. Her small breasts had cute pink nipples, and her pussy was neatly waxed. The brunette was gorgeous, and Mia was thoroughly enjoying the show. The hermaphrodite took note of how wet Allison’s fuck hole was, dripping down her legs just like Mia’s had been earlier that night. The shemale was completely ready to stick her dick inside a pussy for the first time. They were both excited, to say the least.

Now, it was Alison’s turn to give the orders. “Fuck me.” She said with one hundred percent certainty. “Fuck me real good, like the whore I am. Fuck me until you cum. Fuck me until I’m so full of your semen that it’s leaking out of my stretched pussy. Fuck me until you’re completely satisfied. I’m yours.” She said in her sexiest voice, playing with her cunt at the same time.

“Get over here, filthy slut!” Mia yelled as she layed down on Allison’s neatly made bed. The brunette got on the bed so that she was standing above Mia with her legs apart. Slowly, she pulled Mia’s cock towards her pussy so that it was pointing straight at the ceiling. Cautiously, Allison squatted down, taking just the tip of the enormous cock in her wet fuck hole. She groaned. The thing was too big! It would never fit inside of her, but Allison was determined to take as much of it as she possibly could. She slid down a little further. She made it down to three inches, then four, then five, but nine was her limit. The monster cock had painfully stretched open her pussy, more than it had ever been. “I…can’t…take…any more.” Allison sighed in defeat.

“I’m your master, whore. And I say that you need to go deeper, so that’s what you’re going to do. Understand?” Mia said sternly. Allison nodded uncertainly and eased herself down a little further. She sucked up the pain, and closed her eyes to hide the tears forming in them. In one swift movement, Mia grabbed the brunette by the waist and pushed her all the way down to the base of her cock. Allison screamed as a little bit of blood leaked out of her stuffed vagina. Mia moaned, completely pleasured. She lifted Allison up about a foot, then slammed her down all the way to the base again. She kept this motion, with the brunette screaming out in pain with each thrust, and Mia grunting like the sex crazed animal she was.

After another five minutes of Mia doing her best to hold back her orgasm, what seemed like gallons of thick white cum exploded from the tip of her cock, deep in Allison’s cunt. The semen just kept coming, it was much more than when Mia had came in the alley way after sucking it. All the seed wouldn’t fit in the brunette’s stretched vagina, and it came pouring out all over Mia and the bed as she lifted Allison off the bursting dick. Allison passed out next to the shemale from both pleasure and pain, her fertile pussy completely stuffed with potent cum. Mia rubbed out the last few strings with both her hands, then leaned back in the sticky mess and sighed with satisfaction.

After briefly resting, Mia got out of bed, took a quick shower in Allison’s bathroom, took some clothes from her closet, and left the exhausted slut lying in a pool of cum. The sight made Mia smile. “Thanks for the clothes, whore.” The hermaphrodite teased the sleeping brunette and left the apartment, never to return.

Mia dropped out of college the next day, and devoted all her time to keeping her cock satisfied. It proved to be a full time job, as every few minutes her soft cock stiffened up again, ready for action. Every woman she ever came inside was impregnated, even if they were on birth control, because her seed was so strong. She made her money making porn films and working as a freak prostitute. She often thought back to her fuck session with Allison fondly, but never checked up on her again. If she had gone back to see her former sex slave, Mia would have seen that the brunette had given birth to twins nine months after their encounter. Two hermaphrodites. Mommy was so proud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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