Michael’s Humiliation in the Pool

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It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon at Westbury High School and Michael Anderson was entering the cafeteria to buy his favourite burger. “One chicken burger and fries” said Michael rudely to the lunch lady.

“Coming right up, Mr. Anderson” the lunch lady replied rolling her eyes. Michael was the new English teacher at Westbury and was getting a reputation for being condescending to everyone there.

“Over here, Michael there’s a free seat!” he heard coming from the other side of the cafeteria.

“Oh, great” he thought to himself. It was Gary, the history teacher. Michael didn’t know why but there was something that he didn’t like about Gary. He quickly glanced around the cafeteria looking for a better option but it was packed full of grubby looking students. Feeling dejected he grabbed his tray of food and walked over to sit with Gary.

“Hey Gary, how’s it going?” trying to feign interest.

“Oh, you know the usual, kids up to no good” Gary chuckled.

“Yeah, same” Michael tried to smile but he instantly regretted sitting with Gary.

An awkward silence followed but was broken by the arrival of Yang, the math teacher and Mrs. Thomas, the principal. “Hello, Gary, Michael I was looking for you actually.” Gary smirked and Michael winced, he knew this wouldn’t be good. Mrs. Thomas continued “Unfortunately due to budget cuts the school isn’t able to afford a swimming teacher this semester.” Michael, rolled his eyes wondering what any of this had to do with him. “I just asked Yang who he thought I should ask to fill in and he suggested you.” She paused for a second before continuing “I know you are new here, Michael but I think it’s time you stepped up for some extra curricular activities.”

“M-m-me?” Michael nearly choked on his burger. If there was one thing he wanted to avoid it was swimming. The thought of the public changing room and the tight shorts made him shudder with dread. Despite his calm façade there was one thing Michael was seriously insecure about, his penis. Despite being 26 years old he had recently measured himself at 2 centimetres (0.7 inches) soft and 9 centimetres (3.5 inches) hard. He had always known he was tiny but not even being able to make double digits had been soul destroying. To the best of his knowledge no one knew about his little secret as he had always been extremely careful in urinals and forged a sick note to avoid PE classes.

“Michael?” Mrs. Thomas interjected startling him out of his daze.

“But Mrs. Thomas, you know I’m new here. I’m still learning the ropes for my classes” Michael argued meekly.

“Michael, how can I put this succinctly? We need team players at this school. If you are not a team player you wont be around for much longer.” Mrs. Thomas spat before smiling. “In fact. in the interest of team spirit, Yang and Gary will help you with the first few weeks until you get into the swing of things. The first session is next Tuesday afternoon at 5pm after school. The kids will make their own way there, anyway lots to do. I’ll have to get going. See you in the staff room, boys.” she shot before jumping up and striding out of the cafeteria.

The second she was out of earshot Michael groaned “this is so unfair!”

Gary looked up at him smiling, “well, welcome to the public school life! Look, if you want we can go on ahead to get some practice in before the first class. It might not be that bad!”

Yang smiled and nodded “It’ll be a chance to get to know each other better too!”

he added cheerfully.

Michael sighed and reluctantly agreed, thinking to himself it would give him a chance to be out of the changing room before it filled up with 30 students.

That night Michael went home and and bought some boardshorts online. He found a perfect pair that were black, long and loose enough that no one would suspect his lack of bulge. They were pricy but definitely worth it to keep his secret hidden.

The next few days Etiler Escort went entirely without incident until Monday when he received a message. His shorts had been held up en route, a fact he mentioned to Yang at lunch time.

“That’s no problem, I actually bought two pairs of swimming shorts last year because I wasn’t sure of the size. One of them was too big for me but I bet they’d fit you well. So I can bring an extra pair tomorrow, just in case! I got your back man!” Yang declared.

Michael sighed there really seemed to be no escape from this. “Yeah, OK, thanks” Michael grunted.

Tuesday afternoon finally arrived, after finishing up his classes Michael quickly rushed home hoping his boardshorts had arrived. He got back only to discover a ‘sorry we missed you, we will try again tomorrow’ note under the door. Frustrated he exclaimed “typical, don’t these people think someone might have to work?”

He looked down at his watch and noticed that it was already 3:20. He’d arranged to meet Gary and Yang at the pool at 4 so he’d have to hurry. He threw his towel in a bag along with his sandals and rushed over to the pool.

He arrived just in time. Yang and Gary were already waiting for him. “Sorry I’m l…” he started before Gary interjected “No problem, let’s get in before the kids turn up”.

“OK.” Michael swallowed he reran his plan in his head. One; get the shorts from Yang. Two; feign a stomach bug, tell them to go on ahead. Three; get changed in the toilet cubicle.” It all seemed simple.

As they entered the changing room it was everything Michael had dreaded. It was packed full of hung guys walking around nude without a care in the word. Michael couldn’t help but feel a surge of resentment thinking about his own pathetic excuse for a penis.

“Hey guys there’s a space over here” said Gary.

“Cool” replied Yang.

They all walked over and began getting changed. “Hey, Yang, you forgot to give me the shorts” Michael whispered.

“Oh, yeah right, give me a second” Yang replied. The next second Yang took off his pants and revealed his red briefs. Michael couldn’t help but notice a prominent bulge in the front as Yang began rummaging through his bag and pulling out a pair of black speedo briefs with yellow lightning bolts on the sides.

“Here.” Yang said extending his arm towards Michael.

Michael took the briefs from Yang and exclaimed “you’re joking right, I thought you said they were shorts” barely maintaining a false aura of calmness.

“They are, that’s what everyone wears in China.” Yang replied with a smirk.

“These are briefs not shorts”. Michael retorted barely retaining his composure.

“You’re the English teacher, you’ll have to teach me the difference soon”. Yang chuckled before pulling down his briefs to reveal a long thin cock surrounded by a thick black bush.

Michael estimated it was about 12cm even in this state. Michael blushed beet red. “Damn, he’s bigger soft than I am hard” he thought to himself resentfully.

Yang slipped on his speedo which was identical to the one he’d lent Michael and there was no mistaking how full his briefs were.

“Hey, this is the changing room, not the loitering room, get a move on” he heard Gary moan. Turning around he saw Gary already fully changed into a pair of tight jammers. Glancing down Michael instantly knew that he was yet again no comparison.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom, you two go on ahead” Michael weakly blurted out.

“OK, hurry up though the kids will be here soon” Gary said scathingly.

The second they disappeared he went into the cubicle. He quickly undressed and looked down at his sorry excuse for a penis. Michael kept himself shaved but now looking down he realised how pathetic and pre pubescent it looked compared to Yang’s thick bush. He sighed again and put on the swimming briefs. To his horror the front had obviously been designed for a bulge. It Escort Bayan was loose over his micro-dick and tiny balls and it wasn’t a perfect fit on the waist either. “Yang, you stupid fucker, how can you not know the difference between shorts and briefs?” He muttered to himself before tying the drawstring tight but it still didn’t look right. Impulsively he grabbed one of his socks and stuffed it in to his briefs, and then tried to smooth it out and make it look as natural as possible. It was a trick he’d tried before when he wanted to look bigger in jeans. It wasn’t perfect but he would pass as long as people didn’t get a chance to stare. Satisfied with his solution he stuffed the rest of his clothes into his locker and walked out in to the pool.

Gary and Yang were already in the water doing laps so Michael rushed over trying to limit the amount of people able to see him in these ridiculous briefs. He got into the water only to discover that it was freezing cold. “Jesus!” he exclaimed it was like an ice bath. He swam over towards Gary and Yang and said “aren’t you frozen, guys?” shivering as he spoke.

“That’s why we are swimming. Come on let’s do a little race to warm up” Gary shouted. Michael nodded. Anything to warm up, he was utterly frozen. The three of them swam to the end of the pool.

“On three we swim two lengths, 1-2-3”. Yang quickly shouted and the race was on. Michael was definitely competitive and he wanted to win this race so he pushed off the wall with all his might and streaked into a lead. He swam the two lengths finishing in first with Gary second and Yang bringing up the rear.

“Now I know why Mrs. Thomas asked me to be the leader here guys, you are so slow.” Michael said for the first time today regaining some of his old bravado.

“Yeah, yeah” Gary replied sarcastically before swimming off with Yang once again.

That’s when Michael realised something was wrong. He put his hand down to feel his briefs and they were gone, they must have slid off during the race. What was worse the sock was missing too. If Gary and Yang saw the evidence they would surely put two and two together. He knew he had to find them before Gary and Yang came back. He looked around the pool but he couldn’t see his briefs anywhere. They had just swam the length of the pool so they could literally be anywhere. That’s when he saw it, the sock was floating on the water about 10 feet away from Gary and Yang. He rushed over there and grabbed it. Thankfully they didn’t notice him. He now had the sock but he didn’t have his briefs. “Hey Gary can I borrow your goggles?” He called trying to stay nonchalant.

“Of course!” came the reply from Gary before tossing them over to him. “Don’t lose them!” he shouted. Michael didn’t have the time to register the irony as he put the goggles on and started to frantically search for his briefs underwater.

After a few minutes of frantically diving up and down into the water he spotted them. They were on the ground near the deepest part of the pool. He dived down in haste without even going up to refill his lungs with air. He was getting towards them and this ordeal would finally be over. He swam down further and further and his briefs were in touching distance and then. He felt it. Some water had entered his nose. He instinctively opened his mouth to breathe but that just allowed more water to gush in to his mouth. He panicked and tried to swim back up but the adrenaline was rushing and he could only flail without really moving much. His movements gradually got weaker and weaker as he tried desperately to swim back up but he couldn’t breathe; he was going to drown here, nude and humiliated. Suddenly he felt a tug under his armpit before blacking out.

He awoke feeling a strong push down on his chest, it was Yang giving him CPR. He spat out the remaining water and slowly regained consciousness. Yang was kneeling over him but Gary was nowhere to be istanbul Escort seen. “Are you OK, Michael?” He heard Yang say.

“I’m OK” he spluttered trying to get up.

“Don’t move, little guy” Yang urged pinning him down.

“L-l-little guy” Michael spluttered then it dawned on him. He was still naked. He looked down, the cold water had shrunk him down to nothing, his balls had retracted into his body and his dick was half a centimeter at best. He was exposed in public. He wanted the ground to swallow him up. He immediately reached down to cover himself.

Yang stopped him by pinning down his arms once more, “Michael don’t move you nearly drowned out there, you could have damage to your muscles, lay still” Yang uttered.

“Yang, I’m naked I’m gonna be arrested, you need to cover me up” Michael whispered dejectedly.

“Don’t worry I’m sure no one can see from this distance, not that there’s much to see” he smiled. Michael blushed. His colleague knew his most shameful secret.

“Please Yang, cover me up” Michael begged desperately appealing for mercy.

“Let me make sure you are OK first, Michael.” Yang retorted.

At that moment Michael heard Gary’s voice. “Hi, students we will start the class soon it’s just your teacher Mr. Anderson has had a little accident that needs attending to, please be patient.” He heard a murmuring start up.


“Oh my god, I wonder what happened.”

“Is that him?”

“Why is he naked?”

“He hasn’t got a dick!”

“No wonder Mr. Anderson is always moody, he must never get laid with that baby dick!”

The students erupted with laugher. Michael blushed, he knew it. It was over. His life was over. His career was over. His secret was out. He was naked, exposed at barely 1cm in front of 30 18 year old students. Every single one of them laughing rapturously at his tiny dick. How could he ever face them again?

“Just ignore them, they are being immature” Yang said calmly.

“Cover me up!” screamed Michael.

“Michael, calm down we are all men here.” Yang replied.

“Easy for you to say you aren’t the one with your junk on display” Michael whined.

“Come on Mikey, they can’t see anything, they can’t wear their glasses at the pool.” Yang looked up and inspected Michael’s crotch. “You know what, I was wrong we aren’t all men here, are we Mikey?”

Michael burst into tears. The shame was too much for him to bear. He was naked and being held down by a colleague in front of 30 18 year old boys. He was defeated and emasculated. All of those students surely had bigger dicks than him. If not why would they find his shame so hilarious. Completely overtaken with shame he lost control of his bladder. He started pissing all down his legs and left a wet puddle all around his body. Yang jumped back repulsed. “Michael, what are you doing” he screamed.

One of the kids screamed back “baby dick needs a diaper, he’s pissing!”

“And he’s crying!” Shouted another.

“What a big baby!” A third exclaimed.

“Well if you look at that clit, more like little baby” the first derided.

The rapturous laughter reached a crescendo.

Michael finally free of Yang’s grip immediately covered himself and tried to get up. He groggily got up ran past the students and into the changing room.

He caught a few sentences as he ran past:

“He runs fast, for a little kid.”

“Look at his ass jiggling”!

“Why is he using 2 hands to cover up when a finger would be enough?”

“Is that a sock in his hand?”

The raucous laughter reverberating in his mind. He rushed to the locker grabbed his clothes and didn’t wait for another second before hastily running out of there.

He went home and immediately resigned, changed his phone number and found a new apartment out of state. He knew he could never face Yang, Gary or the kids again.

After being in his new apartment for a week a letter appeared through the letterbox. It was handwritten. “Hey, babydick, why did you run away. I’m not through humiliating you yet” signed Yang. Suddenly it hit him. The assignment, the ill-fitting briefs… Yang had planned all of this and now knew exactly where he lived…

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