Michelle Pt. 01

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This is story fictitious, and all characters are over 18.


My Name is Eric Red, Michelle name has been changed to protect her.

Some time ago one of my daughter’s friends made the comment that she found me “attractive”. Since she is very attractive herself, I pondered more than once on how and why we might have a relationship, and when she showed some pleasure in a couple of playful swats, well this series just sort of took off. It tells of how we developed our relationship. I Hope you enjoy it. It seems to be going places I didn’t expect, but I like it.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” My daughter’s friend Michelle asked me one afternoon after university while she took a break from studying in our kitchen. She lived with her mum and dad and her 2 sister and 2 brothers, so it was quite hectic at home, so she used my house because it was quite

“Well, yes, you’re a very pretty girl, Michelle.” I told her. The truth was, since I’d lost my wife in a car crash some months before, I’d noticed Michelle, as much as any of my daughter’s friends. She was a very lovely girl, just under five tall, with big blue eyes, dark blonde hair, full lips, a cute little nose, and a well developed and nicely rounded body. But she was only eighteen, and one of my daughter’s best friends, so there was no way this was going further.

“I mean really pretty?” She asked again, “Not just like a cute little girl, but like a woman you might like to know better?”

“Michelle, you’re very pretty, and someday you’ll be a very beautiful woman, for someone near your own age.” I knew I had to nip this quickly.

“But I don’t like guys my own age, they’re so immature, and silly, and they don’t know what they’re doing.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I was already afraid of where this might take me.

“Well, sexually, of course.” She told me. “And even worse, they just don’t know what to do to make me feel good, or anything. I bet you know a lot.”

“Michelle, all that might be true, but we’re not going there. I’ve had a lot of experience, but you need to find a teacher that you truly love and care about and that you can grow up with.” I explained.

“But what if the person I truly care about is older and experienced, shouldn’t he teach me?” She asked.

“Not if it’s me.” I said, “And more important, not if you’re not at least twenty and finished university.”

“Oh bugger, then tell me about what you like. Tell me some things you enjoy doing that might give me a place to start.” She asked.

I decided to start off easy with her, figuring Michelle didn’t have much experience, so I told her, “Well, I really love oral sex, both giving and getting it. For me it’s best when the woman swallows all my cum and enjoys it. And of course when I’m giving her oral sex I want all her pussy hair shaved off so I can really stay with my face deep in her pussy without getting hair in my mouth, and she has to enjoy me doing it, and cum, and be vocal about it.”

“Wow!” She exclaimed. “I’ve given a couple of guys blow jobs, and it’s OK, they made me swallow, but I’m not sure I like it. And no one has ever gone down on me. I haven’t ever really had an orgasm with a boy ever before.”

“Well, you see. That’s part of experience. How many boys have you had sex with?” I asked.

“Well, without naming names, I’ve given blow jobs to three guys, and had actual sex with two of them” She explained.

“That’s all?” I asked. “How many times?”

“Well, about maybe, ten times total, not counting the blow jobs.”

“Ever try it with any girls?” I inquired.

“Well, once. With a friend of mine,” she blushed and ducked her head, “not Lizzy of course, we fingered each other’s pussy and rubbed each others tits, and rubbed our tits together, like that. You know?”

“So I take it your orgasms have been by masturbating?”

“Well, yeah. I really like that. It feels so good when I cum. I do it almost every day, sometimes more than once if I’m having a really bad day.”

From then on Michelle and I would continue our discussions, but I made it clear that nothing was going to happen, especially until she had her degree. We discussed every variation of sex that I’d tried, and that was a lot. She got quite an education, regardless, even if second hand. Then one day she had an idea.

“So, would it be OK if I tried out some of the stuff you’ve told me about? I mean, like bring some guys over, or some girls, and try the stuff you’ve told me about so I can see if I enjoy the things you do? That way I’d get experience for when I’m twenty, and you can have sex with me.”

“Michelle, I never said I’d have sex with you, I just said it wasn’t even an open topic until you were tweenty. But yes, I know you can’t do much at home, so if you want to bring people here when I’m at work, and practice the things we’ve talked about, then feel free. Just stay out of the liquor cabinet and clean up after yourself.”

“Oh wow, thanks. I promise you’ll hardly know I was here, but I’ll get really good at the stuff you like, and I’ll get Sahabet lots of practice. Did I tell you I’ve decided I do really like the taste of guy’s cum? I’ve been practicing that. Some of the guys say I give the best blow jobs they’ve ever had. And oh yeah, I shaved all my pussy hair smooth. Wanna see?”

“No Michelle, I don’t want to see. I’ll take your word for it.”

From then on Michelle got as much sexual experience as she could. She’d leave me notes about what she’d done each time she brought someone, or several someone’s to the house. Sort of a journal that I kept in a drawer in my home office. She described each experience as she ticked off a mental list of the things we’d talked about that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Threesomes, two guys with her, her and a couple, two girls. Oral sex, anal sex, double penetrations, Licking a cock clean after it had been used to fuck her, or someone else. Learning to eat pussy. Learning to cum and enjoy sex, whether it lasted minutes or hours. Then she went beyond. First three guys, then four. Then she added girls for her to satisfy while the guys fucked her. Then there was the day I came home and she was still there, with seven guys. I heard the noise from the spare bedroom. When I walked in Michelle was on all fours on the bed, one guy was fucking her from behind, almost ready to shoot into her, and one guy was fucking her mouth, also nearly cumming. The rest were standing around the bed, pulling on their cocks and cheering her on, and their buddies.

The guy in her mouth, grunted and stiffened, and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and cried out, “Oh gawd! I’m cumming! Suck my cum down! Suck it all down!” And Michelle did. Every drop. When he finally pulled his limp dick from her mouth and flopped on the bed he just said, “Next.”

Meantime, the guy behind her was still pumping away. Michelle saw me standing there, but a huge orgasm shook her before she could say anything. They were both yelling and cumming together, slamming their hips together while he pumped every drop he could deep in her pussy. That was when I realized that Michelle’s knees were actually in big wet puddles of cum. There was cum trailing down her arms and legs, across her back, dripping from her nipples, and her chin. There even appeared to be stings of cum in her hair. She grinned up at me, “Wanna join in? There’s plenty for everyone!”

“No, Michelle, I will not join in. Enjoy yourself, all of you, and clean up when you’re finished.”

Sometime later I heard the guys leaving. Michelle came into my office wearing one of my old robes. It wasn’t tied, and her body was clearly visible, neatly shaved and streams of cum still trickling down her belly and her legs. She smelled as strongly of sex as anyone I’d ever been close to. She stood next to me and opened the robe for me to look.

“Do you think I’m getting enough experience for you?” She asked. “Would you like a taste? Or a smell?” She giggled. Then she slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed her fingers deep in her cunt. She moaned, then pulled them out covered in cum and put them in her mouth.

“Luscious! Want some?” She poked one finger my direction.

“No.” I told her. “You need to have some clothes on when we’re together. And you need to get a shower.”

“Oh, party pooper! Wanna help me shower?” she asked. Grinning from ear to ear.

“No. And No, again.” I barked. “Close the robe, go get a shower, by yourself, and get dressed. And I want you always dressed when we’re together.”

“Until I’m twenty?”

“At least until you’re nineteen, and we won’t even discuss it unless you start to understand what the rules are.”

For the next few months we continued our discussions, but Michelle was always dressed, if not always properly, when I was around. One, summer afternoon I was sitting at my desk, working on a project when sunny Michelle walked in. “Hey, guess what I got today?”

“No clue.” I answered.

“This!” And she held out a new Universaty degree

“Nice, ” I answered.

“Look closely its in Business Sturdies a first with honours”

I knew without even looking what she wanted me to see, but I looked anyway, and I was right. “So, you’re twenty now.. That’s very nice.”

“And you’re going to give me my best present ever, right now.”

“And that would be?” Thinking I might know the answer. By now she had moved around the desk next to me. She leaned over my chair, put one hand on the back rest, kissed me on the lips, and rubbed the other hand along my already hardening cock.

“You’re going to give me this.” She said it with some confidence. “I’ve waited long enough, and I know enough now, this is my cock, and I want it.” She licked around my ear, then trailed her tongue into my mouth searching for my tongue and drawing it to her.

How could I deny, I wanted her too. I stood up and started to pull my shirt off.

“No, I will undress you, then I’m going to give you a show.” She stated. “Then you’re going to give me this.” and she slid her hand along my cock again.

She Sahabet Giriş undid my pants, slipped off my shirt, ran my pants and underwear down my legs and tugged my socks off too. In seconds she had me naked, kneeling on the floor in front of me, my cock inches from her face. She sucked just the head into her mouth and held it for a few moments. Then she planted a kiss on its head and stood up.

“You taste as good as I expected, but first, this.” And she led me around the desk to the couch. She pushed me down. “Sit!”

I sat. She slowly started to sway her body, then loosened her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped it off, the bra beneath was tiny, lacy, and cut so that her nipples on the globes of her breasts nearly poked over the top. She loosened her skirt and dropped it to the floor. I noticed the high heels, and the garter belt and stockings. No panties. “Do you like it?”

“What do you think?” I realized my hard cock was in my hand. I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help myself, and clearly she intended to have me. She knelt in front of me and took me deep in her mouth this time. I gasped. She certainly knew exactly what she was doing.

“Would you like to taste me too?” she asked. I nodded and she stepped up on the couch, straddling my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I started licking. Suddenly I couldn’t get enough of her juice. She was so sweet, and wet, and I wanted her so much.. I slid my hands to the backs of her thighs and pulled her to me, licking deeply into the sweet split peach of her shaved pussy. I grabbed the cheeks of her round ass, and forced my mouth deep into her pussy, licking and nibbling everywhere. She grabbed my head and held it tightly against her as she shook with a small orgasm.

Gasping, she pulled my head back by the hair and looked into my eyes. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “That was good. And fast! No one ever made me cum like that and so easily.”

She slid down and pulled my face between her breasts. “Now it’s my turn.”

And she slid her body further down, reaching between us to grab my cock out of my hand, she started rubbing it against her dripping pussy lips. When she had it wet, she lowered herself again, slipping the head between her lips, “Ready?” she asked.

I groaned and nodded and she dropped quickly down onto me, taking the full length of my cock inside her in one motion. I gasped, as did she. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful? Just sit still and let me hold you inside me a little while. I’ve wanted this for so long I want to make it last.”

How could I argue, for a guy my age to have his cock inside a tight, sweet pussy like hers, and only twenty years old, and so beautiful, I didn’t want to hurry and leave her either. Slowly she started to rock her hips. Just a little at first, then more and faster. She locked her mouth on mine, sucking my tongue into her mouth and nibbling on it. Then she was panting, and I knew she’d cum again shortly. I started to move a little with her rhythm. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me and pulled me into her more deeply. “Oh god, I’m cumming again!” she cried.

“Wow! Two times already. Usually it takes a lot longer for me to cum, and I’ve never cum twice like that.” She panted in my ear. “You really are the best ever!”

“I’m very glad you think so.” I said. “have you had all you want?” I was hoping she wanted quite a lot more, but didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Oh no!” She cried. “You silly. I want you to do all the things you’ve described to me, one at a time, and I don’t want you to stop until we’ve done them all.”

“That doesn’t seem quite possible. How about we do a few then rest a while?” I asked.

Now she was rocking her hips again, massaging my cock with her tight pussy muscles. She had obviously practiced a lot, and truth was, she had gotten very good at what she was doing. “Do you like it when I do this?” She asked.

I was so into what she was doing, and getting close to coming, that I could barely speak. “Yes, I like it a lot.” I gasped. “You’re going to make me cum very quickly like this, though. Are you sure you don’t want to draw this out a bit?”

Her legs were stilled locked tightly around my hips, and I couldn’t move or even draw back at all, she was in complete control, unless I just pushed her off onto the floor. And that wasn’t likely to happen.

“No. I want you to fill me with you cum, then I can lick you clean and taste yours. I bet yours is just the yummiest cum ever!”

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. She trailed kisses down my chest and licked my nipples. She was moving harder and faster now. She had me right on the edge. She grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers. She jammed her tongue into my mouth and sucked on mine. “Oh god! I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwddddd!” She wailed.

“I’m cumming too!” I cried. I could only hope she heard me over her screams. I pushed my hips up, so I could shoot as deeply as possible into her. She dropped herself down at the same time, locking my hips in a death Sahabet Güncel Giriş grip with her legs. Our pubic bones were grinding into each other so hard it was nearly painful. We moaned into each other and ground our bodies together. It was by far the best sex I’d had in a long time. I was panting and could hardly breathe, and Michelle wasn’t doing much better. Finally she caught her breath and leaned back to look at me.

“Wow. I’ve never felt anything like that!” She said. “I love sex, but I never knew it could be like that. I want more of that. How soon can we do it again?”

“It’s going to be a little while, maybe a half hour at least.” I admitted.

“But you’re still hard. I can feel it inside me. Can’t we just go again?”

“It doesn’t work that way. I’m not eighteen anymore. We’ll have to wait a little while for me to recover. We can sit here and talk if you want.”

“First I want to taste your cum.” Michelle slipped her hand between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. “Oh damn! It’s leaking out.” She rubbed her fingers in the cum dribbling around my cock then put them in her mouth and sucked. “Yummy!”

She slipped her hand back onto her cunt and lifted herself off my cock. She cupped her hand and caught the cum that gushed out and let my cock flop against my belly. I watched while she scooped her fingers along her pussy lips to retrieve as much of our cum as possible and brought her hand to her mouth. “You taste so good.”

She looked at my cock and dropped off the couch and swallowed me in one gulp. I could feel her tongue rolling me around and getting all the juice off. When she had enough she slipped her lips off my cock and held it to see if she’d missed any. It looked clean to me. And, due to her attention, I was still at least half erect. “Would you get hard faster if I held it in my mouth for you?” She grinned.

“No. Not really. You’ll just have to give me a little recovery time.”

She reached back between her legs for another taste and found some. She brought her hand to her face. Then she grinned at me and held out her fingers. “Want some?”

“Not now, thank you.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” And her fingers went in her mouth. “You really should try some. You’re delicious you know.”

“I have tried some and it’s okay, but not my favorite flavor.”

“Well what is your favorite flavor then?”

“I prefer the taste of a clean young pussy to anything else.”

Michelle blushed. “Oh. I should have known.”

“That’s okay, I’d never told you and you hadn’t asked before.” I reassured her. “Why don’t you climb up here with me and we can talk a while.”

Michelle smiled and jumped back up on the couch, straddling my hips and rubbing her lovely breasts on my chest. She threw her arms around my neck and put her face next to mine. “Okay, what did you want to talk about?”

“How about a lack of discipline in a certain young lady?”

“Do you want to discipline me? I read about that on the internet. Sometimes they talk about bondage too. Are we going to do that? Are you going to tie me up and discipline me? I think I might like that.”

“I’m almost afraid you might.” I admitted.

“I could be your sex slave. I’d be there whenever you wanted sex, all you’d have to do is just put your wonderful cock inside me. Anytime, anywhere. I’d be yours to use all the time. And if I’m bad you can spank me. Even tie me up if you want. Tie me up and spank me. That would be pretty fun. Don’t you think?”

“Do you have any idea what a sex slave really is?”

“Well.” Michelle paused for a moment. “Not really. But it sounds all neat and sexy and lots of sex for both of us. I really do want to be your sex slave. Can I? Hmm?” At this last she wiggled her crotch against my cock. Of course he responded.

“Being a sex slave is a lot more than just the sex parts. As a slave you’d be obligated to serve me, and not just sexually. Your body wouldn’t be your own it would be mine. Mine to use and mine to command. I might want you to service others besides just me. I might tell you to have sex with my friends, male or female. I might deny you sex if you disobey me. I might beat you if you disobey me. What would you think of that?”

Michelle sat quietly and considered for a long minute. “I still want to be your sex slave.”

“Alright then, let’s go to the computer and we’ll draw up a “Sex Slave Contract”. We’ll call it “The Rules” and that will describe what you’ll do as my sex slave, and what I’ll do for you in return. We’ll describe how you’ll behave, and how I’ll punish you if you misbehave. If you think you really want to do that you can sign it and I’ll sign it and you can move in here, and you’ll be my little sex slave. But first you need to think seriously about what we write here.”


I sat in my office chair at the computer and started typing out “The Rules”. Michelle climbed into my lap and did her best to tease and distract me. I was able to ignore her enough to set out what we both decided were fair and equitable rules for her as my sex slave. I honestly didn’t think she’d accept it after thinking it over, but if she wanted to, I could use her. Besides, she wanted to learn my trade from me, she would be able to be my assistant by day and my slave by night, or something like that.

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