Microscopic Transsexuality

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Microscopic Sexuality and Lily’s Plastic Cock

Lily had been told that there was something ‘masculine’ about her desire. She often thought about what this meant. In an age where we are all over the idea of ‘essentialising’ and attributing certain traits exclusively to men or to women, is there a sound basis for saying that certain desires belong to a certain gender? Also, much of modern philosophy, and feminist thought had said that there is a ‘microscopic transsexuality’, meaning that the act of sex, for instance, can contain as many male movements, as there are female, such that the act itself becomes the very instantiation of non-binary sex. Lily wondered whether the suggestion that her desire was in some way masculine referred to the notion that men were the ones who fuck, and women are the ones who were fucked.

Perhaps it was because she wanted to fuck sometimes was what worried people. When Lily thinks of people, who might be worried about this, she thinks of men. It is men who are worried about being fucked, but strangely, they also kind of like it, which assured her that there was really nothing wrong with her desire at all.

George and Lily had always been able to talk freely about sex. George could listen to Lily’s desires without taking them too seriously, and instead seeing them for the playful invitations that they were. Lily had confessed to George that she had always wanted to have a penis, just for a bit, so she could experience penetrating George. Although George had not done it before, he was happy to talk about it.

Lily liked the idea that it would be George’s first time. For once, she could be the one who ‘de-flowers’. She would be the one slipping herself into some virgin hole, claiming it for herself, rather than before on the repetitious occasions where she had been the one to be possessed simply because a man was the first one inside her, or the first one to fuck her in the arse, or the first one to fuck her outside in the forest, or on the beach, or whatever. She wanted to understand what it meant to be first.

George was nervous, but when Lily removed the duvet (soft and fragrant with their intimate smells) from George’s body, she saw his cock was already stiff, red and keen, leaking some pre-fuck sticky fluid. George’s cock twitched as she stared at it, moving steadily forward to lick the fine pearl of moisture that was leaking as a string from the eye of his dick. Lily commanded George to turn over on his front, and started rubbing the crack of his arse, stopping to feel his twitching anticipating butt hole, as he ground his erect cock against the bed and presented his bottom for her.

Lily told George to get up on his knees, so he was on all fours and not to move. While George remained in that position, Lily got up from the bed, her clit swelling in anticipation and her thighs already sticky with her fluids. She reached under the bed to the strap-on that she had put there earlier in the day, in anticipation of George’s early return home from work. She climbed Anadolu Yakası Escort into the device and secured the black leather harness tightly.

It was a beautiful thing, and the leather that reached underneath her pressed pleasingly on her aching clit. Her cock was black and shiny, quite thick, though not too big, since it was George’s first time – she didn’t think it would be fair otherwise. She twanged her cock, and looked at it waving pleasingly in front of her, like an extension of her clitoris – indeed when she touched her cock, the feeling came through it and stimulated her pussy. She looked inside her bedside table draw and found a bottle of lube. She was about to start squeezing it on to her hand, ready to smooth it on her new cock, but she hesitated. Instead, she knelt on the bed and said to George, “suck me, suck my cock before I push it up your bottom, make it wet and slippery, so it slides nicely inside you.”

George hadn’t sucked a cock before, and he had never ever even seen a woman’s cock. George got even more excited to see how much Lily was enjoying have a cock for the first time, and he felt his glans swelling, the delicate skin stretching and causing more fluid to seep out the end of his cock. His cock was so hard that it felt like it was extending beyond itself, getting harder and harder and bigger and bigger, so in need of touching and fucking that it felt like he would orgasm all over himself. George concentrated on the task Lily had set him.

He moved himself so he was facing Lily, and leant towards her cock, with his lips just touching it – he could smell her soaking cunt. George started to enjoy the feeling of submission, pushing his bottom further in the air, letting out a little groan, imagining what it would be like if someone came and took him behind, while he was exposed and sucking on Lily’s cock.

This thought made him hot, and he opened his mouth and started licking the tip. George was curious to feel the sensation of his mouth being filled with cock for the first time, which made him salivate. He almost ate it, feeling the smooth hardness inside his mouth excited him, and he started sucking it as if it was real, as it was feeling each lick of his and each time his lips slipped across the tip. He was now sucking Lily off properly, blowing that dick like a proper whore.

Lily was always turned on by powerful men in the bedroom – it wasn’t that she wanted to be dominated or treated rough or something like that, like what people might assume, more it was that she liked how authority would slip away and melt into intimacy. It turned her on when they let their guard down. This was what made Lily more turned on that she had ever felt in this moment, looking at George sucking her plastic dick. It was like he was sucking off her clitoris. That it clearly turned him on so much drove her crazy – she could see this shy powerful man’s dick twitching, and his bottom begging to be fucked by her. She could not believe her luck.

Lily decided it was Kartal Escort time to fuck George in the arse, “OK George, you’ve sucked me pretty well. Now show me your arse. Show me that you’re ready for a cock inside it.” George obediently turned around for Lily, “thank you. Now reach back and pull your butt cheeks apart for me so I can see your dirty arse hole properly.”

George obeyed again, displaying for Lily his dark red hole, surrounded by soft hair, and giving Lily a sniff of his bottom. Lily could not resist a taste of it, and licked it a few times, pushing the tip of her tongue as far inside as possible, tasting the bitter sweet smell of George’s hole. Lily took pity on George though and thought she would be kind enough to put some extra lube on her cock to accompany the spit that George had left behind from his excellent sucking.

Lily retrieved the bottle of lubricant from earlier and squeezed a large pearl of it into the centre of her right palm. The gel felt cold on the hot skin of her palm and she began to rub her palms together to coat them both with lube. She took her right hand and began masturbating her cock with her lubed hand, with each downward stroked stimulating her clit and her mons as she pumped away; with the other hand she started rubbing lube across George’s arsehole. She then started slipping her index finger inside him.

At first his hole felt tight, with his rectum resisting her penetration. She concentrated harder and changed hands, using her right instead, leaving her cock to twitch and glisten ready for its turn in that hot hole. His arsehole was so hot and tight, as she penetrated deeper, he started to groan and moan and breath heavily, wiggling his arse, pushing against her finger, willing it deeper. She finally felt it start to relax and she was able to slip her finger in more easily; so she started to speed up. She put her left hand on his lightly hairy full buttock, and slipped in another finger.

Lily began to penetrate more deeply and quickly and George’s noises started to become more and more deep and loud and desperate with stinging pleasure. “Put it in me, Lily, fill my virgin arse with your cock!” Lily quickly withdrew her fingers, to give him a sudden sting of pleasure.

She lined herself up, just stroking her cock around his butt hole, pressing against it but not yet penetrating. She couldn’t hold back any longer – just look at him wanting to be fucked – she had never heard him make such pleasure noises before and she had never seen his dirty prick so stiff. Lily pushed the tip of her cock against his butt hole, and it yielded immediately for her; letting the tip slip inside. George yelped and groaned, “wank my dick for me, jerk me off while you fuck me!”

Lily reached around to George’s poor dick – it was so stiff, sticking up and desperately seeping. She wanked him in mercy, while she inched her cock up his arsehole slowly but surely. George was moaning so loudly by the time her full length was inside him, from his bottom being Maltepe Escort so full, from being so embarrassed at his full bottom and his prick sticking up in the air, being wanked for him. Lily’s clit was really swollen and she noticed that every time she thrust inside him she felt a wave of pleasure, and each time, George’s arse seemed to accept her cock more and more willingly.

Lily let go of Georges dick and grabbed hold of his hips and really started to hump at his arsehole, she fucked him well and good and was feeling like she was going to come all over herself. George shouted “my arse is so full, it feels so good to have my arse full of dick for the first time, I love your cock Lily.” She thrusted and humped, feeling the tightness of his dirty hole, she was sweating and feeling like she was having the longest most intense orgasm.

George had never felt anything like it. Feeling his arse full for the first time was exposing and humiliating for him – he felt like he might accidentally shit himself or something, though he knew that probably would not happen. But as he became more used to it, the pleasure was incredible – there was this full feeling, with this stinging pleasure/pain that went through him each time she thrust and almost withdrew. His dick was waving around as Lily humped, causing it to smack against his stomach, which now felt wet from the fluid he had been leaking.

Better still, she felt that she was hitting his prostate, his own G-spot, meaning his whole bottom and penis area were simply on fire with pleasure. It was getting so intense, and he knew he was making lots of rude noises and grunts and groans, that he was really showing himself to be a pleasure whore. It started to become so much, the pleasure was so intense, that he felt he was going to ejaculate his dirty fuck fluid everywhere – without even any stimulation by Lily wanking him.

Lily began to fuck more furiously as she began to get close to coming, and with that, George’s dick waved around more and more wildly. He was grunting and now shouting out, “its coming, my dick is coming, my stiff hard cock is about to squirt.”

When Lily heard that George was about to come, she withdrew very quickly, to give him a wild and nasty sensation in his arse, just as he was coming. She then lay down quickly to watch the spunk show; George’s balls were tight against him, and he was orgasming white sticky liquid everywhere, it was squirting and swirling everywhere, as his dick was jerking wildly. George immediately reached down with his own hand, to give himself some relief and to get the last drops of spunk out of his naughty prick.

George was totally breathless and truly fucked, so Lily gently licked the end of his dick, massaging it with her tongue. George held her tightly and Lily held George tightly, in their post-orgasmic glow together. “I love you so much. How did it feel to be fucked, for once, for the first time?” asked Lily.

George thought about it. “I think I’d like to do it again, said George, “now I’m not a virgin. I do feel like I belong to you now though, now I feel like I’m yours, I feel like I can experiment with anything – I feel safe to be unsafe, for my sperm to be sought by your egg, if you know what I mean.” Lily did know what George meant, and she agreed, too.

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