Midnight Encounter

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Laine climbed back into bed for the third time. She nervously sat up, brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She wanted to go to him. The knowledge that he was in the room next door was too much for her. All she could think about was the kiss they had shared earlier that evening. What would’ve happened if they hadn’t have been interrupted, she wondered. She smiled because she knew exactly what would’ve happened. And she knew that she wouldn’t be alone at 2 A.M. in the room next to his.

She imagined how delicious it would feel to have his arms wrapped around her. The memory of his mouth on hers was enough to turn her on more than any man had before. She shivered. She’d never felt that rush of pure adrenaline and passion from a single kiss. The way his mouth had slanted over hers and the feeling of his tongue delving deep made her delirious and, like an addict, she needed more. Taking a page from her best friend Sheila’s handbook she made up her mind, she was going to his room.

As she reached his door she felt a wave of panic. Her body was alight with a tingling excitement and a sudden fear that he would reject her advances. She looked down at her tank top and shorts. Why did she think he would think this is sexy? Ruefully, she stopped before turning the knob. ” Just do it!” she said to herself. “If you want it, go get it,” she whispered quietly. She straightened her shoulders and shook her head to erase her anxiety. As she reached again for the doorknob, it opened from within. There he was, all 6’3″ of him, half naked, sleepy and oh so sexy. She had to fight back the urge to scratch her finger nails down his chest and abs and pulled her hand back to her side.

Noticing her small retreat Kyle hesitated. He could hear the footsteps each time she had come to his door. Each time he waited patiently for her to knock, for her to open the door and jump into his bed. Each time he had been increasingly disappointed when he heard her eventual retreat. He was determined not to let her go again. This time when he heard her footsteps in the hallway he quietly got out of bed and stood behind the door. He could hear her rapid breathing, and heard her whispered admonishments to herself. “If you want it, go get it.” Now that was a motto he could get behind! He knew this was the time to open the door. He wanted it, so he was going to go get it.

At the sight of her in skimpy tank top and short shorts, his cock strained against his boxers. The angle of the door allowed him to maintain this mystery as he peered out at her, enjoying her embarrassment for having been caught outside his door.

“Can I help you, Laine?” He cajoled. “Is there something you WANT?”

Her cheeks and chest turned a shade darker, with the realization that he had heard her whispering to herself. She stared into the center of his chest and didn’t make a sound. Then suddenly, she looked up at him with a gleam in her eyes and said simply, “I want you.”

Immediately, Kyle stepped forward into Laine’s personal space. Instinctively, she stepped Sakarya Escort back until her back was pressed up against the wall. The cool surface of the wall was worlds different from the heat radiating from Kyle’s body. He placed his forearm above her head on the wall and leaned over her. She was tall but he still towered over her, forcing her to look up into his face. He continued to move into her space until their bodies pressed together. She put her hands on his arm in a weak attempt to gain control but his stance and the desire in his eyes overpowered any hesitation she may have had. In an attempt to gain some power in the situation she swayed her hips slowly from side to side, making sure that her thighs rubbed his and her hips rubbed suggestively against his erection.

Kyle reached around her, placing his hands onto her ass as he ground his hips into hers. She moaned and opened her legs to give him room. Her back arched and her head fell back, inviting his mouth to explore her neck. He licked and sucked and swirled his tongue over her neck, up to her ears and back down between her breasts. He reached his hands further down onto the backs of her open thighs and lifted her body so that her face was level with his. He immediately and hungrily took possession of her mouth, kissing her with the same hunger he had earlier. His fingers dug into the sensitive flesh of her thighs so she wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned her shoulders into the wall, arching her back to press herself closer to his body. She kissed him back with reckless abandon. She raked her nails up his muscled back and shoulders and grabbed his hair to kiss him harder. Their tongues moved together sensually. She bit his lower lip as she pulled his hair and he growled his appreciation. He rested one knee onto the wall so his free hand could explore her body. First, he placed his hand on her face, stroking her cheek softly and sweetly before he moved his hand back into her hair and pulled her head back to expose her neck to him fully once more. His mouth explored the exposed skin with fervor. He couldn’t get enough of the way she tasted. She made his cock throb and she wiggled her crotch against his body.

Kyle groaned as he picked her up, turned and walked into his bedroom. Finally he had her exactly where he wanted her. And he wanted her. She giggled as he glided over to the bed and dropped her playfully onto his massive bed. She quickly righted herself, up onto her knees, facing him on the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed as she moved toward the edge. She let her hands roam over his broad, muscled shoulders, down onto his chest and further down over his rippling abs. He breathed in quickly as her hands didn’t stop their descent. Laine looked up into his eyes with a confidence he hadn’t expected but relished.

As she maintained sultry eye contact and smiled at him she bit her lower lip as she reached into his boxers to stroke him. She licked her lips, working Kyle into frenzy. Her hands found his impressive cock. She stayed on her knees Sakarya Escort Bayan before him, stroking him with both hands, kissing him passionately. She stopped suddenly to strip off her tank top, giving him a perfect view of her ample breasts. He reached his hand out to touch but she slapped his hand away. She moved her knees back on the bed and placed both hands on the bed in front of her. She lowered her body down onto the bed, so she was lying face down on the bed and resumed stroking his cock. Her mouth was inches from the head as he stood in front of her and his brain burned with desire.

She looked up at him with that playful gleam in her eyes and asked him what he wanted her to do, stroking him faster and harder until his vision went blurry and he closed his eyes to stay standing. She smiled and slowly licked the tip of his cock. His hands buried themselves into her hair as she nuzzled his package and repeatedly licked his dick from the base to the tip. He was going to quickly lose control if she kept torturing him this way.

He finally answered her question, begging her to suck his cock deep into her mouth. She did as she was told. She kept one hand firmly at the base of his dick and swirled the other around his shaft in tandem with her mouth. Her pace switched constantly, keeping him on his toes, never knowing what she would do next. He reached over her back and squeezed her ass. He hooked both thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down so he could torment her as much as she was tormenting him.

She spread her legs, giving him space to feel how wet her pussy was for him. He groaned when he felt how turned on she was and his cock twitched, itching to cum in her mouth. But he was determined that he would fuck her. He turned his mind to mundane things to keep from losing his cool: taking out the garbage, puppies, dusting, hats.

His mind ran out of topics when she swirled her tongue and flicked the underside of his cock and he pushed two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She moaned onto his dick and he rammed his fingers in deeply, swirling his fingers around the walls of her tight cunt and sliding in and out as she pushed back onto his hand and pumped her hips in time. He knew he had to have her. Breathing hard he told her,”I need to fuck you.”

He withdrew his hand from between her thighs and grabbed her hair with one. He rolled her over onto her back, grabbed her ankles and twirled her to face him. Her knees were bent, her hair was splayed over the bed and her eyes were dark with passion. He leaned over her, placed his shoulders just underneath her knees, grabbed the top of her thigh and pulled her body closer to the edge. He knelt on the floor so he could taste her pussy before he fucked it.

Her legs opened automatically as he kissed her inner thighs. His stubble grazed her sensitive skin as his lips and tongue made their way to her clit. His mouth found her centre and his tongue lapped her sensitive nub. She gasped, arching her back and reaching her hands Escort Sakarya down to hold his head where she wanted it. Brazenly, she gripped his hair firmly to hold his head so she could rub herself into his mouth. He loved her enthusiasm and moaned into her skin. He licked and sucked, loving how sweet she tasted and how sincere the noises she made in her throat sounded. His cock ached to be inside her and he stroked his cock as he delved his tongue inside her. He loved eating her out. He could do this for hours. He loved how she moaned his name, how her hips moved up and down and how much she enjoyed his work. He placed his two fingers back inside her and she groaned and begged for more. His tongue again found her clit. As he noticed her breath catch in the back of her throat, he smiled. He wanted to make her cum. He worked his fingers in and out faster as her breath quickened and her body began to tense. She came hard. Her orgasm rippled through her body, tightening her pussy on his fingers and making him very nearly lose control. To regain composure, he moved his mouth slowly up her body, stopping at her breasts and the valley between them before his mouth found hers. She tasted herself on his lips, mixed with the sweat of his arousal and the mix was incredible. She begged him to fuck her.

Again he placed his shoulders underneath her legs and bent his body over hers. She placed one leg to the side slightly and allowed him to press the other forward until her ankle rested on his shoulder above her. In one motion he grabbed his member and guided it to her center. He rammed his cock inside her tight pussy and began to pound into her.

“Oh god, oh god,” she moaned as she felt his cock deep inside her, hitting her in just that spot to make her come over and over. He pressed himself as deep as he could inside her, making her scream and causing her eyes to roll back. Her nails scorched his back and he loved how her pussy gripped him tightly.

She came for the second time. This time she looked into his eyes and squeezed her muscles tightly to reward him for his hard work. He grinned and captured her mouth in a hard, violent kiss that made her immediately ready for more.

“You’re going to make me cum,” he whispered into her ear. His breath on her neck felt incredible. She felt empowered. She wanted to make him lose control. This incredibly sexy man was inside her, fucking her and making her cum. She wanted nothing more than to give him the same pleasure. She lustily reached down to grab his ass and pull him in deeper and harder and told him to cum. Each time she spoke during this encounter he was more and more amazed by how dirty she was speaking to him. He knew she wasn’t a prude, but knowing how properly she behaved in public he was delighted to find how naughty she could be in private. He groaned with satisfaction as he came inside her, collapsing onto her, their bodies slick with sweat.

He rolled onto his side, shoved an arm underneath her body and pulled her back up against him. She enjoyed the full body contact this snuggling provided. It kept her warm and made her feel unbelievably safe. She relaxed her body and allowed herself to lean backwards into his. He wrapped his arm up around her shoulder and rested his other arm along the side of her body, his fingers wrapping around her hip. They fell asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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