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I was in some town in Southern Texas, near the Mexican border, for business. I had flown in that morning, done the boring work thing all day, had dinner with clients, and was then mercifully allowed to get checked in to my hotel just before 8:00 pm. It was mid-July.

I had no beer in my room, and didn’t really want to go out, but hey, the company was covering all expenses, so I headed down to the hotel bar.

The bar was attached to the lobby, a large opening across from the front desk. I walked in and stopped to survey my surroundings. The bar itself was to the back right, and ran parallel to the bar entrance and front desk. There were tables of various sizes and seating formats in a bit of an “L”, running down from the right wall and then across the left wall past the end of the bar. Darkened windows lined the left wall, producing a falsely dark apparition of the world outside.

“Hello sir, will it be just yourself this evening or will someone be joining you?”

“Hello, sorry, I was day-dreaming. Just me thanks. I’m not gona eat, though. I think I’m just going to slide up to the bar and have a beer or five.”

“Sounds good! Just go ahead and sit anywhere at the bar!”

“Thank you.”


The bar curved around at the end, and the bathrooms were in the back corner. There were a couple of stools around the curve, which would let me see down the bar, outside, and have a good view of the entire restaurant, so I decided to take up residence on one of these stools at the end.

There were a few tables occupied with diners, and nobody else at the bar when I pulled up. It was a Tuesday, which was evidentally not a particularly busy night at this haunt. It looked like there was one waitress, doubling as a hostess when she had greeted me, and the bartender. He was young, looked latino, likely Mexican-American I figured, judging by the locale. I had just finished adjusting my stool.

“Hello. How are we today signor?”

“Thirsty! But I think you’re going to help me solve that problem.”

“I think I have the equipment to service you. What are you looking for?”

“What do you have on tap? Anything local?”

“Yeah, we have one from here in town. Los Cuernos del Toro. An IPA.”

“That sounds right up my alley! Shoot me a pint please.”

As he smiled and turned away, I realized that he was a gorgeous specimen. Deep tan complection, smooth skin, a finely drawn face, not a hint of stubble, silky black hair, short and wavy, beautiful lips and a great smile. His top was quite tight, and I had been able to see the lines of his chest muscles through it easily. His sleeves were rolled up to his biceps, where it looked like they would cut off circulation, as his strong arms rippled and seemed to be trying to tear free.

Now as he was walking down the bar towards the taps, I could see the definition of his ass through his pants, which were not of a particularly tight style, he was simply extremely well built for his height. As he grabbed a glass and turned to start pouring my beer, my eyes focused on the front of his pants, and it looked like they were having trouble containing whatever goodies lay under there as well.

I had gotten myself pretty excited by the time that he came back with my beer. He set a coaster down and plunked my pint on top. It looked amazing, a nice deep amber colour, clear, with a thick, creamy looking head. I picked it up and it smelled even better, earthy and dank with a hint of citrus fruit. I took a big gulp, and then a second swig which I swirled around my mouth. It tasted fantastic! The next taste was even better.


“That is a fantastic IPA!”

“I thought you’d like it.”

“What’s the alcohol content on that?”

He went back down the bar quickly, looked at something and said, “Six point nine.”

“Cool, thanks.”

He made his way back down to my end and leaned against the counter behind the bar. I was having a tough time not staring at his chest, or the front of his pants.

“I’m Miguel.” he said, reaching his right hand towards me.

“I’m —. Nice to meet you.”

I reached out and shook his hand. His shake was gentle but firm. I found my eyes lingering on his bicep, and when I went to pull my hand away was surprised to feel his grip still holding me there. I met his eyes, and he smiled. I matched this and thought, busted, so whatever.

“Your arms look like they are going to tear their way out of those sleeves.”

He let his grip lapse and pulled his hand back, sliding his fingers along my palm.

He chuckled, “You think? Yeah, I guess it is a little tight.”

“It looks great…um…the shirt, your arms…sorry.”

“No, no… don’t worry, thank you.”

An order had come up and he headed down to make the drinks.

Interesting introduction, I thought to myself, a little excited. I had a good angle of his crotch while he was getting the current drink prepared, and was thirstily draining my pint glass admiring this, when he looked over at me, caught my eye, smiled and winked. Büyükesat Escort I smiled back and then diverted my attention, looking around the room, then through the window to outside.

Once done his duties for the moment, he grabbed a pint glass and started pouring another Los Cuernos del Toro. He carried it towards me, a little head pouring down the sides in the process. It looked like a beer commercial.

He grabbed my empty, set the new one on the coaster, and the empty on the back counter, then resumed the lean.

“I figured a thirsty hombre wouldn’t be satisfied with just one beer.”

“Thanks Miguel! You figured correctly. God, it pours with a beautiful head doesn’t it?”

“Everybody likes head.”

I looked up to his devil may care smile and into his eyes.

“Isn’t that the truth?!”

My eyes involuntarily meandered down to his bulge. I took a deep breath and tried to focus on my beer. Taking three big swigs.

He laughed, “So what are you here for? Work?”

“Yep. All business, no pleasure.”

“Well, you are helping liven up my night. Pretty dead in here, even for a Tuesday. Hopefully I can add some pleasure to your business trip.”

“I’d say you are right now. What time do you close?”


According to the clock behind the bar, it was 8:58. I had probably come into the bar just after 8:30.

“Not too much more time to kill then.”

He was staring intently at my face.

“Something wrong?”

“Hmm? Oh…no…sorry…you have some of the head in your moustache. But no, nothing wrong, I was just admiring your beard. You’re very handsome.”

I wiped my moustache with my hand, my mind thinking, this can’t be for real.

“Um…thank you. I’m surprised a good looking young fella like yourself would think that.”

“Come on?! You’re not that old!”


“I’m 27.”


Things continued like this for a bit, he would go do a bit of work and pour drinks when orders came in, and he’d bring me down a fresh pint whenever mine was empty almost seamlessly. We would chat, flirtatiously, candidly.

He had lived in this town all his life, and still lived with his Mother. His Father had left before he was born. He had no siblings. I had let him know more about me, what my job was, family back home, where home was, etc.

I think I was just over halfway done my fifth pint when Miguel came back down the bar and asked if I wanted one more to carry back to my room. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:56.

“Sure. I didn’t think you could do that, but sounds great.”

“I can bend the rules a little.”

I finished up my current pint while he was pouring my last one. He came back with that beer and the bill. I signed the bill to my room, but wanted to give Miguel a bigger tip than my work would see, so added 15%, and planned to grab him a twenty as well. As I slid the bill back to him and started opening my wallet to put my copy in to and grab the cash out of, I hear him say:

“So, I guess you must be pretty tired —?”

I meet his eyes and smile.

“No, not really. I’ll probably just go back to the room and sit there wishing that I could still be down here…”

I chuckle a bit at this. “Ahh! And, shit, I don’t have any more beer in my room either.”

“Well, I can’t really help with more beer, but wine maybe?”

I look at him smiling at me, and my brain is going to blow. This can’t be happening.

“Red wine would be great! Where are you headed after work? Big plans?”

“Hopefully, but not yet. My Mom will be asleep. I’d just be going home, playing video games or watching some Netflix or something. I don’t have to be back here until 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I could always send my Mom a text if I wasn’t going to be home for a while for some reason.”

“Um…well I have to be honest…I am having a little bit of trouble believing that this is happening right now…but Miguel, I’ve had a great evening chatting with you, and…I mean…if…uh…you know…you wanted to come up to my room, hang out or whatever, that…would be, well, awesome.”

“I would love that. I just have to clean up down here, and I’ll be up in a bit.”

“Cool. I’m in room -.”

“I know, it’s on the bill.”

We both laugh. I toss the twenty on the bar.

“What’s that for?”


“You already tipped.”

“I know, but I didn’t want my work to see the tip I wanted to give you.”


I get up to leave, Miguel turns to finish work.

“Hey Miguel. What’s Cuernos mean?”

“Horns. The horns of the bull.”

I look down at his crotch.

“Does it now?”

I look up and we smile at each other. Miguel winks.

“See you in a bit.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

And with that I head out of the bar and turn left towards the elevator.


Just after getting into the elevator, I realize two things: I am a good way on the road to tipsy, and I have to piss Elvankent Escort like a race horse. Luckily, I am riding by myself, and I manage to do a little pee-pee dance without spilling my last beer. When I get to my room, thankfully, the key card works on the first try. I push my way in, turn right into the bathroom, place my beer beside the sink, and hurriedly undo my belt and unbuckle and unzip my jeans. I just let them drop to the floor as I start to unleash my piss. I swear it is the most satisfying piss I have ever taken in my life.

I have a long, steamy shower, giving my self a good scrub down, and then just enjoying the hot water and drinking my last Los Cuernos del Toro. Once I turn off the shower, I dry off thoroughly, and slip into the hotel robe. The bedside clock says 11:26. So now, I wait. I think about turning on the tv, but can’t be bothered. I pick up a book, but am too excited to concentrate. So, I just sit on the couch, and wait.

It feels like forever, but the clock says 11:35. I am conviced that I missed him while showering. No chance. I chuckle to myself; there is no way he is coming. I wait. 11:39. I begin to question if I have misread the situation; I shouldn’t answer the door in a robe.

I am just standing up to change, when…knock, knock, knock. My heart thuds in my chest. I walk over to the door; look through the peephole, and there is Miguel. I fumble to open the door.

“Well, hello. Come on in.”


He has two bottles of red wine, a corkscrew, and two wine glasses. He has a backpack on, and he’s still in his work outfit.

“How drunk are we getting?”

He laughs. “I didn’t want to run out, and, you’ve had a head start.”

I chuckle. “This is true.”

He comes into the room, places the wine and wine paraphernalia beside the tv, and drops his bag on the floor.

He turns and looks at me. He looks down.

“I…I just want you to know. I’ve never done something like this before, okay?”

“Been with another man?”

“No, no, I’ve been with other guys. This, at the hotel. I just want to let you know, I don’t, like, regularly go up to guests’ rooms with them or anything.”

“Oh, I hadn’t even thought about that to be honest, but thanks for telling me.”

“There was just something about you, I suppose.”

“Well, I got to tell you, I don’t know what that is, but I am awefully glad about that something, and about you being here. Are you okay with me in just this robe?”

“Of course.”


“Do you mind if I have a quick shower?”

“No, of course not. Go for it.”

I uncork one of the bottles of red wine to let it breathe, and then go back to sitting on the couch, waiting.


I hear the shower turn off, and not long after, Miguel walks out, completely naked. He is a thing of beauty, smooth, tanned skin everywhere, no hair on his chest, shapely, sculpted muscles all over, just a little patch of hair over his package. His balls are hanging loosely after his shower, and his flacid, uncut cock extends over and below them. It’s all the same beautiful deep tan. His thighs are thick and strong like the rest of his body, and I can see why he has trouble keeping that all tucked in to his pants.

He looks over at me smiling, and casually walks over to the wine and pours two glasses. He brings them over and hands me one while standing in front of me.

“Good thinking to uncork a bottle. Thanks.”

“Just thought I’d let it breathe.”

I’m just staring, mesmerized, at his crotch.

“There was only one robe.”

We clink our glasses and have a swig of wine. It tastes good, a litle spiciness. The two bottles are the same kind. A cab sauv from a winery in California. I set my glass on the coffee table. Miguel, drains his and goes back to pour more, then brings it back, has a couple of sips and sets it on the table. He sits on the couch beside me, cozying up against my left side.

“I would join you in my birthday suit, but I’m a little frumpy compared to you.”

“Hey, like I said, I think you look great, I bet you have a sexy body.”

“Somebody here certainly does. I have more of a Dad bod.”

“Perfect, exactly what I like.”

He reaches over and undoes the robe belt. I lay my left hand on his thigh. He pushes open the sides of the robe and doesn’t seem put off by what he sees. My little beer gut, my oddly shaped patches of chest hair. My little guy already throbbing hard, and barely bigger than his flacid beauty, which I notice is not so flacid anymore. I stand up and let the robe slip off and throw it across the room towards the bathroom.

I sit back down beside him, and he tucks his right arm behind me as I do. He turns toward me and his left hand starts to explore my left thigh. My left hand is back on his right thigh, and I turn towards him. He is looking into my eyes. I move my hand higher and begin loosely carressing his balls and shaft. He moves his head towards mine. I involuntarily do the same Beşevler Escort in return. Our lips meet, and we kiss open mouthed a few times.

“I’ve never done that before. Kissed another man.” I say.

“And?” says Miguel, his eyes penetrating mine lustily.

I dive back in for a couple more, and then our tongues start to intertwine. It is blissful. I feel his cock hardening. His hand moves up to my shaft, and I am instantly on the verge of orgasm. I pull away, and push his hand away.

“Holy shit! I am going to go already.”

Miguel laughs, “We have lots of time to play. How do you want to go the first time?”

“With you inside me. Let me help you get ready first.”

I slip down to the floor and move in front of him. I slide my hands up his thighs, and wrap my left hand around his shaft. He’s probably just over halfway hard, and the tip is still covered by foreskin. I want to feel it get hard in my mouth.

“Slide forward a bit.”

Miguel moves his ass a bit forward so that he’s sitting closer to the edge of the couch. I’m still holding his dick in my left hand, and I start fondling his balls with my right. I slide my mouth over his foreskin and suck and lick the shaft. I’m able to get the whole thing in for now, and pretty quickly I can feel the tip poking out a bit. I lick and suck on it as it emerges further and slide my mouth up and down the shaft. I move my head back and pull the foreskin down his shaft to reveal the full head. It’s just as gorgeous as the rest of him. Not quite as dark, but still tan, with pink edges at the back of the head. I pop it in and out of my mouth a few times, then release my hand and find that now the foreskin just barely slides over the pink edge. I go back to work sliding my mouth up and down. I try to deepthroat him now, and can only get about three quarters down. I repeat this a few times. Miguel moans contentedly. I start sucking rapidly about halfway down his shaft and pumping the other half with my left hand. He’s moaning and writhing.

“Oh! Mmmmm! Woah! Now I’m the one about to go.”

I pull my mouth off and look up at him smiling. I lick some precum off of the tip and try to milk out some more. He stands up, and reaches down urging me to do the same. I kiss my way up his abs, over his pecs. I alternately lick and suck his nipples, then kiss his neck and the side of his chin. And then we’re locked together again. Kissing passionately and rubbing against each other.

“I want you inside of me.”

“I want to cum inside of you.”

“Mmmmm! I want to feel it.”

We both know what we’re talking about.

“I’ve never done this without protection before. I bought two condoms out of the washroom vending machine before coming up.”

“Me neither. I have some too. But I know I am clean, and this feels so right.”

“I know I am too. Do you have lube?”

“I have coconut oil.”

“Get it.”

We kiss again a few times, and I head to my bag to dig out the oil. Miguel downs his wine once again. Once I have the oil, he takes it from me and tells me to lay down. He’s arranged the bed so that I could lie down the middle of it, three pillows stacked against the middle of the headboard, and one about halfway down the bed. I walk around the bed and have some wine then put my glass on the nightstand. I climb up onto the bed and lay on my back with my head propped on the pillow stack. Miguel climbs up on the bottom of the bed, and helps adjust the pillow under my ass to prop up my waist a bit.

He starts rubbing oil onto his cock, and mine as well. He starts rubbing them together, sort of jerking them off as one, my little, cut, average six incher being dwarfed by his beauty. A good seven and a half inches, and probably two and a half times as thick as mine. It feels great. He rubs a bit of oil on the insides of my ass cheeks and down my crack. He pushes my legs apart and moves his body back. He kisses his way down the inside of my right thigh, licks my balls, and kisses beneath them. His arms push my legs back further, and I feel his tongue against my asshole. He licks and kisses on and around my asshole, eating me out. I moan and writhe pleasurably. He works his way back up and licks and kisses my balls, then I feel his tongue slide up my shaft and his mouth slide back down it. He moves up and down a few times, easily taking me all in. It’s too much. I have to push his head away.

“My god! I can’t take it.”

He smiles at me and digs out some more oil. I feel his fingers work it into my asshole. He digs out some more, and rubs a bit more into my asshole while also coating his shaft again.

He places his hands on my calves and pushes them back. He slides his greasy shaft up and down my crack, it pushes its way over my balls at the end of each motion. Each time it gets near my hole I try to wiggle my ass around and hope it slides in. It kind of catches on it and I eagerly try to push against it. He reaches down with his right hand, holds his cock in place and pushes forward.

I feel the head start to penetrate and try to relax. He is so thick, I feel like I am going to pass out.

“Oh god! Go slow.”

He continues to move slowly forward as I concentrate on handling his girth. He stops and smiles down at me.

“You’re so tight.”

“Ohh! You’re so big. How far in are you?”


I’ve relaxed pretty good by now, and his cock feels great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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